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1 William Pincke, eldest Edward Pincke of St. Matthew's, Bethnal Green, London, Esq., 7Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Graham of the City son, born 26 June born circa 1688 ; inherited land at South Stoak and Ipsden, co. of Westminster. Marriage Licence 10 May 1679; died 25 Novem- Oxford, under his father's will, also the “ George in Finch 1715, he of the parish of Christchurch, Lonber 1691 ; buried at Lane, London, under his mother's will ; buried at Tottenham don, aged 27 ; she of St. James, Westminster, Winslade. (M.1.) High Cross, Middlesex, 20 September 1757.

aged 18. To marry at St. James, Westminster.

Thomas Alured Pincke of Fort St. George, East Indies, only child, named in the will of his uncle Alured
Pincke in 1754 ; died unmarried in 1771. Will dated at Fort St. George 5 March 1768. Administration
(with will) in P.C.C. 30 May 1771 to uncle Daniel Graham, next of kin, the Executors Charles Bourchier,
Esq., Governor of Fort St. George, and his brother James Bourchier, Esq., having renounced. (223 Trevor.)

Jane Edward Hinton.

Elizabeth TAnthony Kingsley of London.

Anne, married 25 November 1708 at TAnselm Beaumont of
St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, Christ Church, Lon-


Mary Margaret.

Both named in
the will of their
Anne Pincke of





1 Anthony Kingsley, matriculated at Mer- Thomas Pincke Fotheby

ton College, Oxford, 18 March 1716-17, Kings- Kings-
aged 17 ; B.A. 1720; M.A. 1725; B. ley.
and D. Med. 1731.

All named in the will of their grandmother Jane Pincke of Enfield.

William Beaumont.

Named in will of his grandmother Jane Pincke.


Alured Pincke of Lincoln's Inn, London, Esq., born circa 1692 ; TElizabeth, widow of George, 14th Lord Abergavenny, and da. and comatriculated at Balliol College, Oxford, 31 August 1709, aged 17; heiress of Colonel Edward Thornycroft of the City of Westminster (by entered Lincoln's Inn 11 November 1728 ; inherited lands at Mary, da. of Sir William Delaune of Sharsted Court, Kent (Note 2), Ingatestone, co. Essex, under his mother's will ; buried at Totten-Knt., and sister and heiress of William Delaune, Esq., M.P. for Kent); ham High Cross 6 December 1755. Will dated 3 September died 4 March 1778, aged 85; buried at Tottenham High Cross 12 1754 ; proved in P.C.C. 9 December 1755 by his son Alured. March. Will dated 26 October 1770 ; proved in P.C.D. 14 March (323 Paul.)

1778 by her son Alured.

Alured Pincke of Sharsted Court in the parish of Dodington,

co.=Mary, da. of Thomas Faunce Jane, only TRev. Henry Shove of Doding-
Kent, Esq., only son ; born 1733; admitted to Lincoln's Inn of St. Mary's Hill, co. Kent, da., mar- ton, co. Kent, matriculated at
20 January 1748-9; became heir male of Pincke of Kempshott Esq. ; she succeeded to Shar- ried 1 Fe- Wadham College, Oxford, 4
in 1770 ; inherited Sharsted Court in 1791 upon the decease of sted under the will of her bruary March 1747-8, aged 16, as son
his aunt; died 14 April 1822, aged 91, s.p.s. ; buried at husband, whom she survived 1759; died of Rev. Henry Shove of Christ
Dodington. M.I. (Note 3.)

until 9 October 1833 ; died in 1779. Church, Canterbury; B.A.
Arms: PINCKE and ALURED quartering DELAUNE and “aged 99 years and 9

1751; M.A. 1755 ; Vicar of THORNICROFT.

months” (Parish Register);

Dodington ; died in 1771. bur. at Dodington. (Note 4.)

1 Edmund Alured Pincke, bap- Thomas Pincke, baptized at Dodington A da., died

tized at Dodington 23 Sep- 31 March 1761 ; matriculated at Hert- in infancy ;
tember 1759; died 18 Decem- ford College, Oxford, 9 May 1781, aged buried at

ber 1762 ; buried at Doding- 20 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn 1781; Doding-
ton 24 December. M.I. died unmarried 11 February 1783; ton.

buried at Dodington 17 February. M.I.

Alured Henry Shove, Esq., only son, matriculated at Lincoln College, Oxford, 21 March 1776, aged 16 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn 7 December 1776 ; called to the Bar 1782; Recorder of Queenborough, and Commissioner of Bankrupts; died 11 October 1807, aged 48, unmarried ; buried at Dodington. M.I.


NOTES TO PEDIGREES OF PINCKE OF BIGHTON, ETC. Note 1. It has not been found possible to trace these lines out very satisfactorily. Both were certainly closely related to Pincke of Kempshott, but in each case the precise connecting link is wanting.

Note 2. William Pincke, M.Ă. He was the Author of 'Trial of a Christian's Sincere Love to Christ,' etc. Some particulars of him will be found in Wood's

Ath. Oxon.,' i., 463, and in the ‘Dict. Nat. Biog. A brass to his memory and that of his brother John is still to be seen in North Waltham Church, with the inscription in Latin, of which the following is a translation :-“Here rest two brothers, born from the honorable and ancient family of Pinck, of whom the elder William was Master of Arts, Theological Associate of Magdalen College, Oxford, teacher of Philosophy both of Sciences and Languages. He became illustrious both for his learning and remarkable piety. He died Anno Domini 14 Dec. 1628 in the 27th year of his age. But the younger of them, John, a modest and upright youth, died Anno Domini 1 March 1629 in his 23rd year.”

Note 3. That there should have been four daughters all bearing the same Christian name seems unlikely. It is possible that there may have been two John Pinckes at Bighton, the fathers to these ladies and their brothers, but, if so, the Parish Register does not enable us to distinguish. The burial of none of them is recorded.

Note 4. John Pinck of West Stratton. By his will, dated 14 January 1642, gave £200, and directed that his Executors should purchase either lands or tenements of the clear annual value of £10 10s., or else a rent-charge of that amount, to be given to the poor of the several parishes of Milcheldever, Medstead, Bighton, Bishop Salton, oid Alresford, Overton, New Alresford, St. John-in-the-Soke, St. Peter Cheesehill, and St. Bartholomew Hyde, the last three (all in the City of Winchester) were to receive the sum of £2 annually. This Charity is still paid, being known as “ Pink's Gift."

NOTES TO PEDIGREE OF PINCKE OF SHARSTED. Note 1. For a pedigree of Alured of the Charterhouse, York, vide the Yorkshire Genealogist,' vol. i., pp. 1-11. The Alureds quartered the Arms of Twyer, and were entitled to quarterings from several other Yorkshire families. Portraits of the Regicide and his wife are said to exist at Sharsted Court.

Note 2. The manor of Sharsted or Sahersted in early times was possessed by a family that took their name from it. In the reign of Edward III. it passed from the Sharsteds by marriage to one John de Bourne, in whose posterity it continued until the reign of Charles I., when James Bourne, Esq., sold it to Abraham Delaune of London. On the death of William Delaune, Esq., in 1739, s.p., the manor devolved by an intail in his will upon his nephew Gideon Thornicroft, Esq., who, dying s.p. in 1742, devised it to his mother, and she at her decease in 1744 gave it to her maiden daughters Dorcas and Anne. In 1759 Dorcas Thornicroft devised her moiety to her sister Anne for her life, remainder intail to her nephew Alured Pincke. Anne Thornicroft, becoming thus the sole possessor of the manor, survived until 1791, when the entirety came to Alured Pincke.

Note 3. With the death of Alured Pincke in 1822 the whole of the male descendants of Henry Pincke, who purchased the manor of Kempshott temp. Elizabeth, would seem to have failed. Having survived his own sons and also his nephew Alured H. Shove, Mr. Pincke, it is said, did not know of any near relatives. His next of kin would certainly bave to be sought for among the descendants of his aunts, while for his nearest relations in the male line it would probably have been necessary to go back to the descendants of Robert Pincke of Candover, brother to the first Henry of Kempshott.

Note 4. The Author of Greenwood's History of Kent,' p. 265, mentions with some degree of pride the very polite interview with which he was honoured by this venerable lady when in her 98th year. Upon the death of this aged widow in 1833 the manor of Sharsted passed by bequest to her brother's grandson, the late Edmund Barrell Faunce, Esq. (who died in 1861), and is now held by his son Chapman Delaune Faunce-Delaune, Esq., which last name he assumed in 1864 in compliance with the will of Alured Pincke. (Vide Burke's 'Landed Gentry.')


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To all nobles and gentles these present L'res reding hering or seing Sr Gilbert Dethick Knight al’s Garter principall King off Armes Sendeth dewe and humble comendacions and greting Equitie willeth and reason ordayneth for as muche as aunciently from the begyning yt hathe byn ordayned that all vertuous p'sons of comendable dispositions and honorable lyving shoulde in respecte of there dymiretes and good fame be comended to the worlde by sondry and dyv'se monumentes and remembrances of there good desertes among the wch one of the chiefest and most vsuall hathe byn by bering of Signes and tokens on sbildes called armes vch are no other things then evidences and demonstrances of prowesse and vertue diversly distributed according to the qualities and desartes of the persons and from them to their posterite and succession considering that as well by my owne kn’wlege as by the lawdalle reporte and testymony of credible personnes I am assartayned of the honorable and Vertuous lyving of the lady Margaret Buttler daughter of Rychard Buttler grocer of London and wyffe to the late Si Edward Northe Knight Barron of Cartelage in the Countie of Cambridgeshire to be suche as she hathe well demeretted and desarved to be in all places of honor accompted accepted and taken into the number and company of other auncient nobles and gentles I the saide Garter in consideracion of the p'misses for a contynuall remembrance of her vertues and goodnes so muche apparent to the worlde have by the authoritie and power off my offyce anexed and graunted vnto me vnder the greate seale of England and also by the consent of the righte highe and mighthie prince Thomas Duke of Norfolke Erle Marshall of England have ordayned assigned and set furthe given graunted vnto the said Ladie Margaret Northe these Armes hereafter following That is to saye Silver in a fece checke Assure and Sables a rose two anuletes golde betwene vj crosse crosseletes buttonnes sables as more playnly apperethe depicted in this margent to


have and to holde the saide Armes vnto the saide Lady Margaret and to her posterite for euer wthowte impediment let or interruptions of any personne or persones and they it to vse and invest at there pleasure In witnes whereof I the saide Garter principall King of Armes have signed these p’sentes wth my hand and sett therevnto the seale of my Armes wth the seale of my office. Geven and graunted at London the firste daye of february in the vijth yeare of the raigne of our sou’aigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god quene of england ffraunce and Irlande defender of the faith anno 1564.


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The following are copied from a Bible and Book of Common Prayer, bound in one volume, dated 1702 ; on the outside of each cover are the initials E. N. The representatives of the families mentioned can have the originals, should they desire them.

ARTHUR SCHOMBERG. Thomas ye sonne of Edmund was Born Dec. 13th, 1707.

Edmund ye son of Edmund & Mary his wife was Born August 22nd 1703, And dyed March 11th, 1719-20.

Thomas Knight his Book Sept. 5, 1720.

September 19th, 1744, Mary the Daughter of Thomas & Rachel Knight wase Born it being wensday at about twelve a Clock at night & wase Baptized October 11th at St Peter's Church in Marleborough being Thursday.

Thomas the Son of William Fuidge and Mary his Wife was Born Thursday the Sixth of Februarye 1777 abt the Hour of Eight in the Morning.

Richard Fuidge born March 30, 1778.

Meus Pater W. K. discedit hanc vitam vicesima die junii A.D. 1793, between 10 & 11 in the morning.

From a leaf torn out of an old Bible. W. G. Gardiner.

John Gardiner, Son of John Gardiner & Mary his Wife was born the twentyfifth Day of March a quarter of an hour before ten A.M. & baptized in St Michael's Church, Bath the fifth Day of June 1800, Godfathers, his Grandfather & Mr Foster, Godmother Mrs Roberts.

Charlotte Annabella Daughter of the Above was born 25 Minutes after one A.M. on the 26th Day of May 1801. Privately baptised the 17th of June following by her Father. Received into the Church Dec 29th, 1801. Godfather & Godmothers, Col Brure (?), Mrs Roberts & Mrs Henderson.

Annabella Mary Daughter of the Above was born ten Minutes after one A.M. on the fifteenth day of August 1802, Privately baptised on Monday the 6th of September following by her father. Rec. into the Church Febry 25th, 1805. Sponsors, Mrs Fuart (?) Bell Prince (?) & Mr Upton.

William, Son of the above was born twenty five minutes after Ten at night on Friday December 9th 1803. Privately baptised by his Father on the 13th of the same Month. Sponsors, Mrs Roberts, Mr Cole & his Father. Rec. into the Church Feby 25th 1805.

George Gregory, Son of the Above was born at nine o'clock P.M. on Good Friday April 12th 1805. Privately baptised by his Father on May 14th, 1805. Sponsors, Mrs Roberts, MRoberts & Jeffy Prince (?). Rec. into the Church March 28th, 1806.

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