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Agnes, da. Fulke Middleton TAlice, da. of William Holland, David William Middleton, thus mentioned in Sir Thomas Middle

of Richard of Archwedlock, Esq., of Abergele, by his 2nd wife Middle- ton's Account Book : “My cousin jerman and sonne to my
ap Robert. Llansannan. Will Katherine, only da. of Thomas ton. uncle ffulk Middelton. Lent him Xxxli to levee his
1st wife. 17 January 1599. Davies, Bishop of St. Asaph

company of soldiers for to go wth Donn Antonio for Portu(who died 16 October 1573).

gall wherein I pray God blesse him,” 7 January 1588.


Anne=Robert Salusbury of Middle- Plâs Madoc, and had ton. issue a da. Alice,

married to Robert Lloyd of Astrad.

John, her cousin, eldest son=Margaret=Edward Lloyd of Richard Middleton, Middle- of Llysallet in Governor of Denbigh Castle. ton. 1629. 2nd 1st husband.


Jane Middle-=Ririd Middleton, her ton.

cousin, 3rd son of
John Middleton of

Lucy Middleton. Will=William Catherine=Hugh Anne Middle-=Rowland Eleanor Evan Morris.=Alice Middle-=Hugh ap
“of Denbigh ” 10 Nov. Clough. Middle-

ton, alive 4 Barker of Middle- 1st husband. ton.

1664; proved 17 March

ton. January 1655. Denbigh. ton.

2nd hus1664-5.


David Middleton, TMargaret, da. of Robert Middle- Jane=Richard
Alderman of Ches- | David ap Howell ton, Sheriff of Middle- Matthew
ter 1513 ; Mayor of Wrexham. Chester 1518. ton.

of Llew-
1523 and 1528. (“Powell " in

Chester, 1580.)


| Ellen=Piers Elizabeth=Harry Anne-Maurice Middle- Hol- Middle- Heaton Middle- Gethyn ton. land ton.

of Plâs ton. of Voelas,




1 Jane Middleton, TSir John Salusbury, Knt., of Llewenny, Den- Elizabeth Middle-=Thomas Massy, Anne Middle-=Sir William Norda. and coheir, bigh, Chancellor and M.P. for Denbigb ; ton, da. and co- Esq., of Brox- ton, da, and reys of Speke, died 1588. Knight of the Carpet 1 Edward VI.; died 1578. heir.

enny • Visitation of

ton. coheir.


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Sir John Salusbury, Knt., of Llewenny, by reason of his great=Ursula, natural da. of Henry strength surnamed “ The Strong ;” matriculated at Jesus i Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, College, Oxford, 24 November 1581, aged 14 ; Student at K.G. (who died 25 SeptemMiddle Temple 1594 ; M.P. for County Denbigh 1597-8, ber 1593). and again 1601 ; died 1613.

Thomas Salusbury, a Roman Catholic.
Executed, together with Anthony
Babington and others, for conspiracy
in favour of Mary Queen of Scots 20
September 1586.

Margaret=William NorSalus

reys of Speke, bury.


Hester, da. of Sir Thomas Middleton, Lord Sir Henry Salusbury, Bart., of Llew-TLady Elizabeth, da. Mayor of London ; died 26 January 1614; enny, so created 18 November of John Vaughan, buried at Stanstead Mountfichet, Essex. 1619; died 2 August 1632. Will 9 Earl

Earl of Carbery. She was his cousin. 1st wife.

July 1621 ; proved 3 July 1634. 2nd wife.


Sir Thomas Salusbury, 2nd Bart., of Hester, da. John Ursula Salusbury,=Edward Eliza-
Llewenny, educated at Jesus College, of Sir Ed- Salus- married 21 De- Lloyd. beth
Oxford; D.C.L. 1 November 1642; M.P. | ward Tyr- bury. cember 1630 at

for Denbigh 1640; died 1643. He pub- rell, Bart.,

St. Mary Alder

bury. lished a poem, 'The History of Joseph of Thorn

mary, London, (now very scarce), dedicated to his ton, Bucks.

6. from Sir Thograndmother Lady Middleton. (See

mas Middleton's.' Wood's 'Athen. Oxon.,' iii., 55.)

AnneFHon. Arthur Stanhope Salus- of Mansfield, Notts,

M.P. for Nottingham, youngest son of Philip, 1st Earl of Chesterfield, by his 1st wife Catherine, da. of Francis, Lord Hastings.

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STANHOPE, Earls of Chesterfield.

Sir John Salusbury, 3rd and last=Jane, da. of Edward Hester Salusbury, TSir Robert Cotton, Bart., Bart., of Llewenny, M.P. for Williams, Esq., of sole heir of her of Combermere, Cheshire, Denbigh, died sans issue 23 May Wigg.

Hence COTTON, Viscounts Combermere.

Edward=Martha, da. of Salus- Bartholomew bury,

Hugh Salus-=Anne, da. of bury of Hen- Sir

George llan, 5th son. Stradling,

Rev. Robert Salusbury of Jesus College, Oxford ; B.A. 77 Margaret, da. of April 1565; D.C.L. 23 February 1578-9; Rector of | Edward Stanley Llanhychan 1565 ; Vicar of Ruabon and Corwen, Den- of Ewlow, Flint. bigh, 1578; Rector of Great Holland, Essex, 1580.

Knt. ; s.p.


M.P. 1684.

Dodd of Lon4th son.

don ; s.p.

Roger TAnne, da. of Sir Richard Clough, Knt. of St. John John Salusbury of=Elizabeth=Sir Henry Jones, of Jane=Sir John Han

of Jerusalem, by Catherine, da. and heir of Tudor Ruge,co. Denbigh. SalusSalus

Knt. Salus- mer of Han

bury. Robert of Berain.

1st husband.

bury. 2nd husband.

bury. mer, Flint.


Hence Hester Lynch Salusbury (wife 1st of Henry Thrale, and 2ndly of Gabriel Piozzi), the friend of Dr. Samuel Johnson.

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Richard Middleton, eldest son, was of Wepre, TJane, da. of John or Thomas Jones of Wepre ; living, a=Rev. John Edwards, Vicar of
co. Flint, jure ux. Adm'on of his effects 29

Adm'on of his effects 29 widow, 16 April 1628, when she settled lands in Ewlo, Llansannan 1617—22. 2nd
January 1587-8. 1st husband.
co. Flint, on Roger Middleton her son.


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| Leonard Middleton, Roger Middleton, Captain (so called in TAnne, da. and heir of Citizen and Dyer of Sir Thomas Middleton's will, 1631), George Cure of NewLondon ; sworn Bur- of Plâs Cadwgan, Wrexham ; sworn ington Surrey, Saddler gess of Denbigh 20 Burgess of Denbigh 20 August 1605 ; to Queen Elizabeth ; August 1605; died was aged 44 in 1622 ; buried at Wrex- | buried at Wrexham ham 29 August 1642.

14 December 1638.

died s.p.


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William Middleton, Merchant, Thomas Citizen, and Goldsmith of MiddleLondon ; sworn Burgess of ton. Denbigh 20 August 1605; one of the original Adventurers mentioned in Charter of the New River Company 1619.

Richard Middleton, Merchant of London ; TJane, da. of John Westray or Westraw of he was a Freeman of the Grocers' Company | London, widow of James Wiche and Jacob and lived in Leadenhall Street; one of the Proctor; buried in St. Peter's, Cornhill, original Adventurers mentioned in Charter 14 December 1647 next Thomas Westraw, of the New River Company ; married at Alderman and Sheriff of London (who was St. Dunstan's in the East 24 January 1619 ; | buried 18 December 1625). One of her buried at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 9 September daughters, Susan, by Jacob Proctor, was 1652.

buried 12 July 1625 in St. Peter's, Cornhill. A sister of Mrs. Richard Middleton's, Elizabeth, married Robert Bateman, Chamberlain of London.

Birhaned modelfoon

Jane Middleton, baptized=William Williams, Merchant of London.
7 February 1621 ; mar-
ried 26 November 1639,
both at St. Peter's, Corn-


Elizabeth Middle-TJohn Langley, Alderman of London,

, ton, married 15 born 17 March 1612 ; baptized at September 1640 at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 28 March 1613; St. Peter's, Corn- alive February 1678. hill.

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Sir Richard Langley,=Cecil, da. of Andrew Ellis of Abrey, knighted 6 March 1672; Flint, Esq., by Frances, 2nd da. of died s.p.; buried at St. James Fiennes, 2nd Viscount Saye Peter's, Cornhill, 19 and Sele ; married at Westminster February 1678. Will Abbey 13 March 1673; died 22 July dated 8 Feb., proved 1715 at Bath ; buried at Broughton, 30 October 1678. co. Oxford:

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Lucy Middleton, married 1st, John Alice Middleton, Jane Middleton, living Margaret Middleton, mar- Catherine Middleton, ap Je’ny ap Owen of Llanraiader married Rees ap 1594 ; married John ried John Foulke ap Rich- married Thomas Lewis Ymochnant ; 2ndly, Rees ap John Hugh ap Thomas ap William

Hugh ap Thomas ap. William ap Mere- ard of Llansannan; he Griffith of Llansanap William Morris. of Nantglyn. dith ap Grono.

living 1617.


Simon Middle-TLettice, da. of ton, B.A., Ox

...:; living, ford, 9 July a widow, 5 Oc1568. 2nd son. tober 1594.

William Middleton, 3rd son, Captain R.N. In 1591 he sailed to warn Lord=Mary, da. of Stado Thomas Howard and Sir Richard Grenville of the approach of the Spanish Brucksell of BrusFleet off the Azores, in consequence of which Howard retired, but Grenville sels ; mentioned in remaining, perished on the “Revenge." In 1593 he published a Welsh Sir Thomas MiddleGrammar, and in 1603 a metrical version of the Psalms in Welsh. He is ton's Account Book said to have been one of the first to smoke tobacco in London. (Sebright as alive 30 May MSS.) He was a Roman Catholic, and died 27 April 1621 at Antwerp, 1582. where he was buried. (See Dict. Nat. Biog.,'xxxix., 444.)


william my Letto

Elizabeth Middleton, only da.,
living 1613.

William Middleton of Denbigh, Haberdasher, aged 50 in 1622.

(For conjectures as to the posterity of this William, who is there styled Fulke,

see Notes on the Middleton Family,' by W. D. Pink, 1891, p. 60.)

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