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Hester, da. fElizabeth, da. and FSir Thomas Middleton, 4th son, of Chirk Castle,=Elizabeth, da. of Richard=Anna, da. and coheir
Sir Richard coheir of James Da. Denbigh, and Stanstead Mountfichet, Essex, Brooke of London, Gold- of Gerard Vanacker
Saltonstall, vers of London, by born circa 1550 ; admitted to Freedom of the smith, widow of (1) Miles of London and Ant-
Knt., of Lon- Elizabeth, da. and Grocers' Company 14 January 1582, and to the Hobart, Clothworker werp, widow of Jacob
don and coheir of Hugh Livery 21 March 1592 ; appointed one of the (dead by 25 November Wittewronge, Esq. ;
South Ocken- Hatton of London three Surveyors of Customs " in all parts of 1603), by whom mother married Sir Thomas
don, Essex, and Cheshire, Mer- England except London ” 17 February 1591-2 ; of the celebrated Sir Middleton 18 Decem-

chant; remarried M.P. for Merionethshire 1597-8; Lord-Lien- Miles Hobart, M.P. for ber 1623 at St. Mary
Lord Mayor

to Robert Taylor, tenant of the same 1599; knighted 26 July Great Marlow; (2) Rich- Aldermary's; buried
of London

; Alderman of Lon- 1603 ; Sheriff of London 21 June 1603; Lord ard Thorpe of London, at Harpenden, Herts, 1597-8, by

don, who died Mayor of London 1613-14 ; M.P. for the City Vintner ; died 1 Febru- 21 January 1646. Susan, da. of 1596. James Da- of London 1624-5, 1625 and 1626, and Colonel ary, buried at Stan- 4th wife. (For her Thomas

vers was son of of the City Militia. In 1630, in company with stead Mountfichet 24 issue by her first
Poyntz of Nicholas Davers. Heylyn, he caused the first Welsh Bible to be February 1619. 3rd husband see WITTE-
North Ocken- She was sister and printed at great expense. Died 12 August wife.

WRONGE Pedigree.)
don, Essex; coheir of Jeremy 1631, aged about 81; buried 8 Septeinber fol-
died about Davers, and widow lowing in Stanstead Mountfichet Church. Will

of John Olmstead, 20 November 1630 ; proved 15 August 1631.
ARMS.- by whom she had
Or, a bend two children;
between two married to Thomas
eagles dis-

Middleton about
played sable. 1587. 2nd wife.
1st wife.

mna Misdieron

of meermal my settion



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Charles Middleton, 5th son, of Haverfordwest ; succeeded his father as Governor of Denbigh ; TCatherine, da. of Richard Bateman died at his son-in-law's house, Plâs Chambers ; buried at Whitchurch 3 April 1621.

of Haverfordwest.

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William Middleton, only son, Citizen and Merchant of London, born at Anne Middleton, married TJohn Chambers, Gent., of Plâs
Haverfordwest ; a Factor under several English Merchants in Spain 27 December 1614 ; died Chambers, Henllan; buried at
1622 ; buried in All Hallows' Church, London Wall, 19 February 1630. 28 April, buried 2 May Henllan 17 June 1635.
Will dated 12 February, proved 18 February 1630.

1643 at Henllan.

Cicely Chambers.

Anne, da. of=Sir Hugh Middleton, 6th son, Goldsmith and Banker of Basinghall Street, London, and Elizabeth, da. and sole heir
Richard Bush Hill, Edmonton, the Projector of the New River, born at Galch Hill, Henllan, of John Olmstead, Esq., of
Collins of Denbigh, circa 1560 ; Alderman of Denbigh 1596 ; Recorder of Denbigh, and M.P. for Ingatestone, Essex, by Eli-
Lichfield, Denbigh 1603, 1614, 1620, 1623, 1625, and 1628. In 1609 he undertook to supply zabeth Davers, afterwards
widow of London with water by means of a canal called the New River, and in 1613 the great remarried to Sir Thomas
Richard Ed- work was completed. On 21 June 1619 the Company of the New River was incorporated Middleton; died 19 July
wards of by Royal Charter, with himself as Governor. `In recognition of his enterprise and 1643, aged 63, at Bush Hill

London ;

engineering skill created a Baronet 19 October 1622, and the King confirmed to him the Edmonton ; buried in Ed

lease of the mines royal exempt from paying royalty. Statues have been erected to his monton Church. Will dated
11 Januarymemory at Islington Green, on the Holborn Viaduct, and in the Royal Exchange. Died 8 January 1639; Codicils 12,
1596; buried 10 December 1631, aged 71, in Basinghall Street ; buried in St. Matthew, Friday Street, 16, and 19 June 1643 ;
in St. Mat- 10 March 1631-2. Will dated 21 November 1631 ; proved 21 December following. A proved 15 September of same
thew, Fri- portrait of him by C. Janssens at Goldsmiths' Hall, and another by same painter, year. (A portrait of her by
day Street.

formerly in possession of Rev. J. M. St. Clere Raymond. (See Dict. Nat. Biog.,' Cornelius Janssens, formerly
18t wife. xxxix., 436.)

in possession of Rev. J. M. St. Clere Raymond.) 2nd wife.

died s.p.

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Hongly Gerly





Margaret, da. of John Robert Middleton, 7th son, Merchant, of Mincing Lane, St. Dun-=Anne, eldest da. of Sir Richard Saltonstall,
Mansell, Esq.,

of stan's in the East, London ; one of the original Adventurers in Knt., Lord Mayor of London, sister of
Weymouth and Mel- the Virginia Company, and in the East Indies and North West Sir Thomas Middleton's first wife; mar-
combe Regis, Dorset; Passage Companies ; M.P. for Melcombe Regis 1603-4 ; for the ried 24 February 1611-12 at St. Dun-
buried at St._Dun- City of London 1614 ; buried 13 June 1616 at St. Dunstan's in stan's in the East. She was widow of
stan's in the East 4 the East. Will dated 15 January 1612 (10 Jac. I.); proved John Hardy, Citizen and Skinner of Lon-
September 1610. 1st 25 June 1616.

don, who died 15 April 1610. Will dated wife.

17 August 1626. 2nd wife.

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IIIII Peter Middleton, Mer-=Mary, da. of... John Middleton, Hugh Middleton. chant, of St. Catherine widow of Fulke

widow of Fulke baptized at St.
Colman, London ; M.P. Parry, Citizen Dunstan's in the Thomas Middleton.
for Weymouth and Mel- and Merchant of East 23 July

combe Regis 12 April London ; refused 1609; mentioned Simon Middleton.
1660 ; buried at St. adm'on of her in brother Peter's
Dunstan's in the East husband's goods will, but refused William Middleton.
24 Dec. 1661. Will 13 January 1661. adm'on of his
dated 19 June 1650;

effects 13 Janu- Henry Middleton.
proved 13 Jan. 1661.

All died young.

ary 1661.

Jane Middle-=William Bateman (son Margaret Thomas Symonds, Joan Middle-=Joseph Elizabeth Middleton, FStephen
ton, married of Anthony Bateman), Middle- 3rd son of Giles Sy- ton, baptized Keble,

Keble, baptized at St. Dun- | Charl-
at St. Dun- Citizen and Grocer of ton, mar- monds of Hillesley, at St. Dun- Fish- stan's in the East 26 ton, of
stan's in the London ; Governor of ried 19 co. Gloucester, by stan’s in the monger. Aug. 1610; married London,
East 4 Au- St. Thomas's Hospital, April Anne, sister of Sir East 10 July

there 26 May 1631 ; Mer-
gust 1612; Southwark; named in 1620 at John Browne, Knt. 1608 ; mar-

mentioned in will of cbant ; buried there the New River Charter St. Dun- ARMS.- Argent, a ried there 18

Elizabeth, widow of entered
1 April 1630. 1619. Will dated 2 stan's in bend engrailed azure, April 1626 ;

Robert Bateman, his pedi-
June 1648 ; proved 17 the East. | between two fireballs buried there

Chamberlain of Lon- gree
November 1649 ; de-

sable, fired proper.
4 June 1628.

don, as cozen 5 | 1634. sires to be buried in St.

January 1659 ; proved Dunstan's in the East.

8 March 1663.

Robert Charlton, mentioned in Visitation of London, 1634,' but buried at St. Dunstan's in the East on 25 June of same year.

abeth Elizabeth Charlton, mentioned in · Visitation of London,' 1634.



Fulke Middleton, 8th son, of Llansilin ; High Sheriff Gwenhyfer, of Denbighshire 1619; aged 63 in 1628 ; died da. and heir 6 Charles I.

of Richard Wynne of Llansilin.

Peter Middleton, 9th son, of St. Donstan's in the East, Merchant. Will dated 3 December 1594 ; proved 12 October 1596.

Jane Mid-=Fulke ap dleton. David of

in Cin-
Alive 5

Mid- Prichard,
dleton. Sworn

of Den-

Loublemy Walking



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parish of Llansilin, aged over 28 at bis of Allenlanat, Jus- dleton, nynog, Den

1 Richard Middleton of Plâs Newydd, Bodlith, TAnne, da. and coheir Hester=John Middle- Elizabeth=Humphrey Lloyd of Berse,


ton of Gway. Middle- Wrexham, Attorney-atfather's death of Denbigh

ton. Law ; he remarried Ellen, 15 April 1622 ; High Sheriff of the county tice of the Peace ; mar

bigh, her

da. of Captain Roger Mid-
of Denbigh 1650 ; buried at Llansilin 2 Au- buried at Llansilin ried cousin.

dleton of Plâs Cadwgan. gust 1667. Adm'on 20 August following. 4 October 1664. 1621.

Will dated 15 Dec. 1573.

Richard Middleton of Plâs Newydd.

Elizabeth Middleton, only da. and heir Thomas Meredith of Pentrebychan, Wrexham.

Hence MEREDITH of Pentrebychan Hall.

Margaret Middleton,
married 1st, Thomas
ap Thomas ap Ievan

of Gellivawr, Llan-
ganhafal, co. Den-
bigh; 2ndly, Thomas
ap Robert of Den-
bigh, Glover.

John Dol-=Alice Mid-=William Walter of ben of dleton. Haverfordwest, Haver

Sheriff of Haverfordwest.

fordwest 1578 ;
1st hus-

died 18 June

1611, aged 70.
His first wife was
Alice, da. of Hugh

Barnet. 2nd hus-
• I


Ellen Middleton. On=Hugh Barbara Middleton, married 1st,
26 November 1616 ap Humphrey, 2nd son of Edward
she was paid £3 12s. Ellis, Hall of London, Draper, Master
by her brother Wil- Tan- of the Bridge House ; sworn a
liam “for his diett ner, of Burgess of Denbigh 20 August
during the tyme he lay Den- 1605; 2ndly, Edmund Walden
sicke at Denbigh. bigh. of London.
Alive, a widow, at
Denbigh 1622, aged

Grace Middleton, married Mat60.

thew Hibister ; she died s.p.

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The Rev. William Dolben, D.D., only son, Rector of Elizabeth, da. of Captain Hugh Williams Jane Dol-=Richard Wogan of Bol

. Stanwick, co. Northampton, 8 November 1623 ; Prebend of Coghwillan, co. Carnarvon, and niece ben. ston, Esq., by whom a

i of Lincoln, Bishop Designate of Bangor; buried 19 Sep- of John Williams, Archbishop of York ;

da., Elizabeth, alive untember 1631 at Stanwick. Will dated 1 September proved her husband's will 25 October

married 1 September 1631 ; proved 25 October following. (See · Dict. Nat. 1631.

1631. Biog.,' xv., 194.)


Citizen=Elizabeth Rev. Thomas Jeames, D.D., Fellow of All Souls', Oxon ; and Mer- Dolben. Rector of Lydiard St. Lawrence, Somerset, 1660; Vicar chant of Lon

of Taunton St. Magdalen 1662, and Canon of Sarum; don. 1st

Warden of All Souls' 1665 till his death ; died 5 Januhusband.

ary 1686-7 ; buried in Chapel of All_Souls' College. Will dated 27 February 1684; proved 5 February 1686-7 by relict. (His mother's will, in which she is styled Alice Jeames of the parish of St. Mary's, Oxford, dated 15 Feb. 1670, was proved 29 Jan. 1671.) 2nd husband.

Dorothy TRev. Samuel Lodington, S.T.P., Dolben. Rector of Carlton Scroope and

Potter Hanworth, co. Lincoln Prebend of Lincoln and Archdeacon of Stow ; baptized at Leadenham, co. Lincoln, 22 July 1610 ; died 7 February 1676-7, and buried 10 February following at Carlton Scroope.


Right Rev. John Dolben, D.D., Archbishop of York, eldest son, born TCatherine, da. of 25 March 1625 ; as a Royalist Volunteer, wounded at Marston Moor | Ralph Sheldon of 2 July 1644 ; ordained 1656 ; Rector of Newington-cum-Britwell, Stanton, Esq., Oxon, 1660 ; Archdeacon of London 11 April 1662 ; Dean of West- and niece of Gilminster 5 December 1662 ; Bishop of Rochester 25 November 1666 ; bert Sheldon, Archbishop of York 28 July 1683; died at Bishopsthorpe, York, Archbishop of 11 April 1686 ; buried in York Minster the day following. (See Canterbury ; • Dict. Nat. Biog.,'xv., 189.)

married 1657 ;

died 1706, aged J 85.

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