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Sir Gilbert Dolben, Bart., eldest son, born Anne, eldest John Dolben, baptized at Christ Elizabeth, 2nd da. and co- Catherine Dol1658; M.P. for Ripon 1685; Peter- da. and co

Peter- da. and co- Church, Oxford, 1 July 1662 ; | heir of Tanfield Mulso of ben, only da.,
borough 1688 and 1689 till 1707 ; Yar- heir of Tan- M.P. for Liskeard 21 November Finedon, Northampton, died 6 Decem-
mouth, Isle of Wight, 1710 and 1714; field Mulso 1707 ; died 29 May 1710; buried Gent., sister to Sir Gilbert ber 1671; bur.
Judge of Common Pleas in Ireland 1701; of Finedon, at Finedon. Adm'on, pendente Dolben's wife; died 4 11 Dec. follow-
created a Baronet 1 April 1704. Nuncu- Northamp- lite, 23 September 1710, with March 1736-7. Will dated ing in St. Bene-
pative will of no date ; adm'on to son Sir ton, Gent. will, May 1713. (See · Dict. 9 January 1736-7; proved dict's Chapel,
John 21 March 1722.

Nat. Biog.,' xv., 192.)

9 April 1737.




William Dolben, Merchant, eldest Elizabeth Dol

Catherine Samuel Whitelock Anne Dolben,

Gilbert Affleck,
son, of ship“ Heathcote"; unmar- ben, residuary Dolben, 2nd of Chilton Foliot, 3rd da., mar-

Esq., of Dalham
ried. Adm'on to father (de bonis legatee and da., married Wilts, grandson ried in West- Hall, Suffolk,
non) 19 December 1709; adm'on executrix of in West- and heir of the minster Abbey M.P. for Cam-
to mother (de bonis non) 23 Sep- her mother's minster celebrated Sir Bul- 3 November bridge 1722 to
tember 1710, the father being will, which she Abbey 6


strode Whitelock; 1705 ; died 17 1727, died 12 dead.

proved 9 April February baptized at Chil- December November 1764,

1737, being 1702-3; ton Foliot 23 De- 1744, aged 58 ; aged 79 ; buried John Dolben, 2nd son. Will, "of then unmar

dead before cember 1675 ; buried at Dal- at Dalham 22 Westminster, being designed for ried.

9 January buried there 23 ham 24 De- November fola voyage to the East Indies in

1737. April 1743.

cember follow-lowing. the 18th year of his age,” dated

ing. 27 March 1708 ; proved. 22 December 1710 by his cousin John

Two sons and nine daughters, Dolben.

alive January 1736-7.

Baronets of Dalham.

1 Mary Dolben, mentioned in her brother John's will 27 March 1708; died 24 June 1710, aged 8.


Rev. Sir John Dolben, 2nd Bart., S.T.P., only son, born at Bishopsthorpe Palace, York, Hon. Elizabeth Digby, 2nd da. of William, 12 February 1683-4 ; Rector of Burton Latimer, and Vicar of Finedon, Northampton, Lord Digby; died at Aix in Provence, 1719; the friend and benefactor of Atterbury; died 20 November 1756; buried at Finedon. France, 4 November 1730.



James Dolben, died
an infant; buried
in Cathedral of Aix,

11 Frances Dolben, died unmarried.

1 Judith, da. and heir of Sir William Dolben,=Charlotte, his cousin, da. of Somerset English, Esq., 3rd Bart., F.R.S., Gilbert Affleck of Dalham by Judith, da. and co- born 23 January Hall, Suffolk, Esq. ; widow heir of Hugh Reason of 1726 ; was of Christ of John Scotchmer, Esq. ; Hampnet, Sussex, Esq.; Church, Oxon, M.A.; married 14 October 1789; married in Westmin- High Sheriff of died sans issue 12 March ster Abbey 17 May Northampton 1760 ; 1820; buried in St. James's 1748 ; died 1771, aged died at Bury St. Ed- Church, Bury St. Edmunds. 40. 1st wife.

munds 20 March 2nd wife. 1814.

Elizabeth Dolben, married, 21 February 1745, John Nicholas Raynsford, Esq., of Brixworth, co. Northampton.

Gilbert Dolben, died an infant; buried in Cathedral of Aix, Provence.

Anne Dolben, born 1 September 1725; died unmarried.

Sir John English Dolben, 4th and last Bart., F.S.A., born Hannah, da. of William Hallet, 4 March 1750 ; educated at Westminster; Student of Christ Esq., the younger, of Cannons, Church, Oxon, 1768; D.C.L. 1788 ; died 27 September Middlesex; married October 1837 at Finedon.


Anne Juliana Dolben, only dau., born 1764 ; died 25 December 1804 at Southgate, Middlesex, unmarried.

William Somerset Dolben, FFrances, only son, died at Finedon | da. of 1 February 1817, in his Captain


11 Juliana Dolben, eldest Caroline Dolben, dead Charlotte Dolben, marand last surviving da., before 1829.

ried, 1806, Rev. Sadied at Finedon 24

muel Woodfield Paul, May 1866, aged 82. Harriet Dolben, dead Vicar of Finedon.

before 1829.

Louisa Dolben, died in Gloucester Place, Portman Square, London, 24 July 1844.

37th year.

Anne Juliana Dolben, died unmarried.

Frances Dolben, only surviving da., William Harcourt Isham Mackworth, son of Sir Digby Mackworth, Bart.; born heir of her grandfather, whom she 3 September 1806 ; married 1 July 1835 at Finedon, and assumed the name and succeeded at Finedon.

arms of Dolben by Royal Licence; died 2 November 1872. Adm'on to Frances the relict 9 January 1873.

| William Digby Mackworth Dolben, R.N., eldest son, Commander Herbert English Mackworth Dolben, born 8 FeH.M.S. “ Investigator "'; was drowned in the Bay of Lagos, West bruary 1848 at Guernsey ; died unmarried 19 Africa, 1 September 1863, aged 24. Adm'on 3 July 1873 to November 1870 at Bournemouth. Adm'on to mother.

mother 3 July 1873.

Ellen Mackworth Dolben of Finedon, da, and heir.

PEDIGREE B. (See page 220.)

Hester Saltonstall. 1st wife. TSir Thomas Middleton, 4th son, of Chirk Castle, Denbigh, etc.

Richard Mid- Margaret, da.=Sir Thomas Middleton, Knt., of Chirk Castle, Denbigh, the Parlia-TMary, da. of Sir Robert Napier, 1st
dleton, eldest and heir of mentarian ; born about 1586 ; matriculated at Queen's College, Bart., of Luton Hoo, Bedford, by
son and heir, George Savile Oxford, 22 February 1604-5, aged 18; entered at Gray's Inn 1607; Mary Robinson his 3rd wife ; mar-
born about of Wakefield, knighted 10 February 1617; M.P. for Weymouth and Melcombe ried 18 February 1616-17 at Luton
1585 ; matri- Esq. Mar- Regis 1624-5, for County Denbigh 1625, in the Long Parliament Hoo; died 1674, aged 76. Her
culated at
ried 1612,

1640—48, and again in the Convention Parliament 1660 ; appointed sister Magdalen married Thomas
Queen's Col- and had one Major-General of the Parliamentary Forces in Wales 11 June 1643; Mytton, the Parliamentarian (see
lege, Oxford, son, Thomas, relieved Oswestry 1644, and crushed the Royalists at Montgomery Dict. Nat. Biog. xl., 16), and
7 May 1602 ; who died in 18 September same year, for which he received the thanks of the her other sister Christian married
died unmar-
his infancy.

House. By 1648 he, however, sympathized with the Royalist Sir Thomas Ersfield of Denne,
ried before Died about reaction, and in 1651 he was bound over for £10,000 not to disturb Sussex. (Portrait at Chirk.) 2nd

1615. 1st the Peace. Having declared in favour of Charles II., Chirk was wife.

besieged and pillaged 1659. Will 6 August 1666; Codicil 6 Dec. 1666 ; proved 29 March 1667 by widow. There are two portraits of him at Chirk. (See Dict. Nat. Biog.,' xxxix., 441.)

Mary myddetton

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Mary, da. of Tho-TSir Thomas Middleton, Bart., of Chirk Castle, TJane, da. of John Trevor, Esq., of Brynkinalt, Robert Mid-
mas Cholmonde-born 2 November 1624; matriculated 20 March co. Denbigh, by Margaret, da. of John Jeffreys, dleton, 2nd
ley of Vale Royal, 1639-40 at Oriel, aged 15; besieged by Lambert Esq., of Acton, co. Denbigh, and sister of the son, born 26
Chester, by Eliza- in Chirk Castle Angust 1659 ; created a Baronet Right Hon. Sir John Trevor of Brynkinalt May 1628 ;
beth, da. of John 4 July 1660; died July 1663, aged 39. Two (knighted 29 January 1670), Master of the living 1631,
Minshull of Mins- portraits at Chirk.

Rolls and Speaker of the House of Commons. and died be-
hull, Esq., and

2nd wife.

fore 1660,
Jane, da. of Sir

Lionel Tolle-
mache. 1st wife.

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Thomas Middleton, posthumous son, born 1663, named like his elder brother, in whose will he is mentioned 1679. He was of the Inner Temple, London ; sworn Burgess of Denbigh 29 September 3 Jac. II. ; Alderman 1688 ; Coroner 1689. Will 21

; January 1692 ; proved 18 May 1696 ; unmarried.

Theis Mydlella

/*John Bennett

Mary Middleton, buried at Melton Mowbray 7 June 1690 St. John Bennett, Esq., of Welby, co. Leicester, married 1673.

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Thomas Bennett, left lands in Cheshire by uncle
Sir Thomas Middleton 1679.

Elizabeth Bennett, legatee of cousin Sir William Middleton 1717.

| Mary Bennett.

1 Robert Middleton, died young.

John Middleton, 3rd son,
matriculated at Brasenose
College, Oxon, 21 Octo-
ber 1670, aged 16. Car-
ried off by fever at Col-
lege on 1 January 1670-1
and buried in the cloister
of his College, where there

monument to his memory.

Sir Richard Middleton, 3rd Bart., of Frances, eldest da. and coheir of Sir Thomas Chirk, 4th son, born 23 March 1654 ; | Whitmore, K.B., of Buildwas, Salop, and widow of matriculated at Brasenose College, her cousin William Whitmore, Esq., of Balmes, Oxon, 21 October 1670, aged 15 ; | Hackney, Middlesex ; died 24 June 1694, aged 28, M.P. for co. Denbigh 1680 for thirty- | at Shrewsbury; buried 27 June following at Chirk. two years; married at Twickenham Her funeral inscription calls her “virtuous and 19 April 1686; died 9 April 1716; beautiful lady.” (Her portrait by Kneller is at buried at Chirk. Will 18 and 19 Hampton Court.) She is not to be confounded February 1711 ; proved 27 August with her cousin Jane Middleton née Needham. 1716.

is a

Kick: Myddel for Ira Myddelton,





Sir William Middleton, 4th and last Bart., of Chirk, born 25 February 1693-4 ; died unmarried 5 January 1717-18, aged 24, when the Baronetcy became extinct. Will dated 14 September 1717 ; Codicil 1 December 1717 ; proved 27 February 1717-18 by his sister Mary.

Mary Middleton, appointed trustee and guardian to her cousin Richard Middleton of Chirk 1742 ; died 8 April 1747; buried at Wrexham. (Monument by Roubilliac.)


F . Frances Middleton, died an infant.


Will: My ddelton


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Elizabeth, one of the three surviving daughters TSir Thomas Middleton, 2nd Bart., of Chirk, matri-=Charlotte, da. of Sir Orlando
and coheirs of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, Bart., of culated at Christ Church, Oxford, 24 June 1668, Bridgeman, Knt. and Bart.,
Woodhay, Cheshire, by Elizabeth, da. and heir of aged 16; M.A. 9 July 1669; refused the offer of Lord Keeper of the Great
Edward Mitton of Weston under Lizard, co. Staf- a Peerage 1674 ; M.P. for Denbigh County 1678 to Seal of England, by his 2nd
ford ; of the two others, Grace married Lionel 1681 ; died 5 February 1683 in the 33rd year of wife Dorothy, da. of Dr.
Tollemache, Lord Huntingtower and Earl of his age. Will 24 February 1679 ; proved i7 May John Saunders, Provost of
Dysart, and Mary married Richard Newport, Earl 1684 by relict and executrix. (There is a portrait Oriel College, Oxon ; widow
of Bradford. 1st wife.
of him by Riley at Bilton, co. Warwick.)

of George Cradock, Esq., of
Carswell Castle, co. Stafford;
married in 1677. 2nd wife.


Wilbra lan

Thomad Mydlelan


Thomas Middleton,

Middleton, died aged 3 days.

Charlobe Middeltin


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