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Four sons,

all died in
early in-

Edward Rich,=Charlotte Middleton, only da. and heir. Her first marriage TThe Right Hon. Joseph Addison of BilEarl of War- | allegation 15 February 1696-7, aged about 16, at disposal of ton, Warwick, the famous Essayist and wick and Hol- Dame Mary Bridgeman, both parents being dead. Her Statesman, son of Lancelot Addison, Dean land, born second marriage took place 3 August 1716. She died 7

She died 7 of Lichfield, by Jane, sister of William 1673; died 31 July 1731. (There are two portraits of her at Bilton.) Gulston, Bishop of Bristol ; born 1 May July 1701.

1672 ; died 17 June 1719 at Holland 1st husband.

House, Kensington ; buried in Westminster Abbey 26 June following 2nd husband.

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Edward Henry Rich, Earl of Warwick and Holland, born
January 1698; Lord of the Bedchamber to George, Prince
of Wales, 1718, and to King George I. 9 May 1719; died
unmarried 16 August 1721.


Charlotte Addison, only child, of Bilton, Warwick, born 30 January
1718-19 in London; baptized 26 February 1718-19 at St. Martin-
in-the-Fields ; died unmarried at Bilton, and buried there 10
March 1797. (There is a portrait of her at Bilton.)

Richard Middleton, 3rd son, of Llys-Elizabeth, da. of Sir William Ryder, Knt., of Bethnal rasi, and of London, Merchant ; born Green, Middlesex, by Priscilla Twedy his wife. 4 May 1631 ; died about 1700.

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Robert Middleton of Chirk Castle, to which he=Anne, da. and coheir
succeeded on the death of his cousin Sir Wil- of Sir James Reade,
liam 5 January 1718 ; baptized 14 June 1678 Bart.,of Brocket Hall,
at St. Olave's, Hart Street; M.P. for Denbigh Herts, by Love, da.
Borough 1722–33, and Recorder of Shrews- and coheir of Robert
bury ; died without issue 5 April 1733.

Dring of Isleworth,
Middlesex, Esq., died

John Middleton of Chirk Castle, F.R.S., 7Mary, da. of
M.P. for Denbigh Borough 1733—41, Thomas
and Denbigh County 1741-2 ; baptized Lyddell of
at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 21 October Bedford
1685; died 9 April 1747 at Knights- Row, St.
bridge; buried at Chirk. Will dated 31 Andrew's,
March 1742. Adm'on 20 May 1747. Holborn, by

Mary his
wife. In-
denture of
26 February

Robert Modoalton Jo-Mlynulitz

Mary Middle-=Lieut. - General Tayler,
ton, died 4 Colonel of the 24th
March 1790.

Regiment, died Octo-
ber or November 1793.
(‘European Magazine.')

Anne Middleton, buried=Robert Townsend of Christleton, Elizabeth, da. of William
at Christleton, near Ches- thirty-five years Recorder of Farrington, Merchant,

; ter, 16 May 1766. 1st Chester, died at Liverpool 1 May of Chester; married 21 wife. 1791 in his 83rd year.

November 1782. 2nd wife.

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Euphemia Crawford "of Pall=Richard Middleton of Chirk Castle, only son and heir, Lord=Elizabeth, eldest da. of Sir Mary,
Mall,” married at St. George's, Lieutenant of co. Denbigh ; M.P. for Denbigh Borough John Rushout, 4th Bart., of Lloyd,
Hanover Square, 12 March 1747—88 ; a Knight of the Holy Roman Empire 13 April Northwick Park, Worcester, mar-
1789; died in Queen Street, 1785; died in Grafton Street, London, 2 April 1795 in his by Lady Anne Compton, 4th ried

Pimlico, 19 May 1825, aged 76. 70th year; buried at Chirk 18 April 1795. (Portrait by da. of George, Earl of North- 1778;
3rd wife.
Cotes at Chirk.)

ampton; died 7 November died
1772 at Calais on her way 1788.
to Italy; buried at Chirk 18 2nd
November following. She wife.
was sister to John, 1st Lord
Northwick. (Portrait at
Chirk.) 1st wife.


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E Rushout

Maria Middleton, 4th da, and coheir, Hon. Frederick West, 3rd son of
married 31 May 1798; died in Upper | John, 2nd Earl De la Warr ;
Grosvenor Street, London, 23 Octo-died 22 March 1852.
ber 1843. 2nd wife.

Harriet Middleton, 5th da. and coheir, of Ruthin Castle, died unmarried. Left her share of the estates to her nephew Frederick Richard West, M.P.

Hence CORNWALLIS-WEST of Ruthin Castle, Denbigh.

hych Harriet Augedelton

Anne Middleton, 2nd da., buried at Chirk 16 July 1781.

Charlotte Middleton, 3rd da. and co-Robert Biddulph of Ledbury,
heir, succeeded to Chirk 1796 ; mar- | Hereford, and Cofton Hall,
ried 24 December 1801 ; died 1843. Worcester, Esq., died at

Cheltenham 30 August 1814.

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Hence MYDDELTON-BIDDULPH of Chirk Castle, Denbigh.




Richard Middleton of Chirk and Casterton Parva, near Stamford ; M.P. for the Borough
of Denbigh ; died unmarried at Chirk Castle 20 December 1796.

Elizabeth Middleton, eldest da., buried at Cbirk 26 January 1781.

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William Middleton, 3rd son, baptized
at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 6 April

Richard Middleton, baptized
at St. Olave's, Hart Street,
4 August 1671.

1 Priscilla Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 30 November 1669 ; buried at Chirk 30 September 1734.

Ricbard Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 24 March 1667; buried in St. Andrew's Undershaft 19 July 1668.

Charles Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 25 July 1681.

Priscilla MyStelton

Elizabeth Middle- Mary Middleton, mentioned in her grandfather
ton, mentioned in Sir William Ryder's will 9 June 1668; lived at
her grandfather Sir Kevenywerne with her sisters Priscilla and
William Ryder's

Ryder's Anne ; buried at Chirk 15 August 1735.
will 9 June 1668.

Anne Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Martha Middle-
Hart Street, 21 August 1674 ; buried at ton, baptized at
Chirk 24 September 1760.

St. Olave's, Hart
Street, 3 April

Mary Middelton


Inne Misdelton

Charles Middleton, 6th son, of Plâs Bodsley, born 16 July 1635 ; TJane, da. of Sir Robert Needham of Lambeth, Knt., by Jane, da. married at Lambeth 18 June 1660; died 1691, and buried at and heir of William Cokayne. The famous beauty of Charles Lambeth, but unrecorded in the Register.

II.'s Court. Pepys calls her “the fair Madam Middleton,” and
Evelyn "that famous and indeed incomparable Beauty."

Evremond wrote an epitaph on her, and there is mention of her

in the Memoirs of de Gramont. One of her sisters was Eleanor,

mistress to James, Duke of Monmouth, by whom she had, with other issue, Henrietta, Duchess of Bolton. (See Dict. Nat.

xxxix., 439.) Buried at Lambeth, but unrecorded in the Register, 1692. (Her picture by Lely is at Hampton Court.)

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Elizabeth Middleton, legatee of cousin Sir Richard 19 February 1711.


. Jane Middleton, baptized at Lambeth=. 21 December 1661; died 1740.

Timothy Middleton, 7th son, born Anne, da. and=Thomas Powell, Esq., son and 28 February 1640; married 1665; heir of Cap- heir of Sir Thomas Powell, lived first at Plâs Cadwgan, but in tain Walter Bart., of Horsley; born 1650; 1668 purchased the estate of Panty- Cook of Step- High Sheriff of Denbigh 1684 ; ockin, where he died July 1669 ; ney. Adm'on died 9 April 1689, having reburied at Chirk. 1st husband. 24 July 1675. married; buried at Gresford.

2nd husband.

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Anne Middleton, only child and heir, baptized at William Robinson of Gwersylt, parish of Gresford, co. Denbigh; High Sheriff of
Wrexham 29 March 1668; died 14 August 1693. Denbigh 1690 ; died 15 November 1717, aged 49; buried in Gresford Church.

William Robinson Lytton of Knebworth, Herts, buried 27 November Elizabeth, da. and sole heir of Giles Heysham of London,

' ; 1732 at Knebworth. He took the name of Lytton on succeeding to the Merchant; buried 10 August 1737 at Knebworth.

Knebworth Estate.

Hence BULWER-LYTTON, Earls Lytton, Barons Lytton and Dalling, etc.


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