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Mary Middleton, Sir John Witte2nd da., born 26 wronge of RothNovember 1620; amstead, Herts, died 4 April and Stanton 1639. 1st wife. Barry, Bucks,

1st Bart.

Anne Middleton,=Edward Herbert, 3rd Lord Herbert of Cherbury, died 9 December 1678,
4th da., born s.p. ; buried 16 December following in Westminster Abbey.
at Luton Hoo 24
February 1626-7.
1st wife.



Roger Grosvenor of Eaton, Cheshire, Esq., eldest Christian Middleton, 5th da., born 5 November=John Edisbury, Esq., of Erthiog. son of Sir Richard Grosvenor by Sydney, da. of 1629. The dates of her own and brothers' and 2nd husband. Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. ; baptized 9 August sisters' births are from a MS. in her hand1629 at Mostyn, Flint; married about 1650; writing. killed in a duel 22 August 1661. 1st husband.


: Rezen: Grosvenor Christian Eriforener Kroksler

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GROSVENOR, Dukes of Westminster.


Margaret Middleton, 3rd da., born 22 August 1622. In all pedigrees this lady is stated to have died unmarried, but Le Neve, in his “Knights,' states that she married Randle Birkenhead of Northwich, Chester, Saddler (Nuncupative will 24 March 1635-6 certainly mentions wife Margaret, who proves will as executrix), by whom she was mother of the famous Sir John Birkenhead, author of the Mercurius Aulicus' and Satirical Poems (Dict. Nat. Biog.,' v., 81). The date of the latter's birth, 1616, however, is sufficient to disprove the statement.

Sarah Middleton, 6th da., born 28 November Sir Richard 1636; died 16 June 1671 ; buried in Wynne of Llanrwst Church, where there is a very fine Gwydyr, brass to her memory, engraved by W. Bart. Vaughan.

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Mary Wynne, only child,=Robert Bertie, Lord Willoughby married 30 July 1678; de Eresby, afterwards 4th Earl died 26 July 1723. of Lindsey and ist Duke of


Margarett Wyddelton

(To be continued.)

Four Tempest Bookplates and their Owners.*

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The William Tempest of the Inner Temple 1702, whose Bookplate is here depicted, was the only son of Robert Tempest, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, by his wife Mary, daughter of .... Hornblow, Confectioner of London, and was baptized at St. Vedast's, Foster Lane, 21 October 1660. Robert was the youngest son of Thomas Tempest of Whaddon (second son of Michael Tempest of Holmeside, attainted 1570) by his wife Martha, daughter of William Wylmote of Charleton, co. Berks. The will of Thomas Tempest of Whaddon, co. Cambridge, is dated 7 October 1644, in which he desires to be buried in the chancel of Whaddon Church, which was done on his death 17 October 1644. In his will he names his sons Thomas, Edward, Francis, Nicholas, Alexander, and Michael, but neither William, who was admitted to Lincoln's Inn as his second son 19 November 1639, nor Robert, who witnessed the will, which was proved 22 June 1648. (P.C.C., 110 Essex.)

. , Robert was, according to a letter written by his descendant in 1770, the youngest son, and was “apprenticed with Alderman Perrin, Goldsmith and Banker in

, Cheapside ; he succeeded his master, acquired a good estate, and died in 1674" [sic]. He made his will as Citizen and Goldsmith of London 11 November 1673, naming his dear and loving wife Mary and his children William (born 1660), Martha, and Mary (born 23 May 1670), all under age, also his brothers Michael, Alexander, and William, and his two sisters. He speaks of his house in “Lumber Street," and bequeaths money to the “poor of the parish of St Foster's where I now dwell," and to those of “Wooden ” (Whaddon), co. Cambridge. The will was proved 19 December 1673 (P.C.C., 165 Pye), and he was buried at St. Vedast's, "in the south angle of ye Chancell under yé 3 and 4 pewes Nor' ye 12, 1673.” (Parish Register.) Mary, the widow, made her will 14 July 1683, “ of the parish of St Bridget's alias si Bride’s.” She desired to be buried in this church of St. Vedast alias Foster's in London. She bequeathed to the Goldsmiths' Hall a piece of white plate to weigh 100 oz. ; and the poor of Christ Church parish, “where my father and mother are buried,” are remembered. The will was proved by her son William 21 August 1684 (P.C.C., 108 Hare), and she was buried at St. Vedast's “ in the North Chancell in the Church the 18th day of Augt 1684, from Goldsmith Hall, a sermon being preached for her [? by] Dr Pour of S' Bridgett.” (Parish Register.)

William, the only surviving son, became a Barrister of the Inner Temple. His marriage licence is dated 24 January 1679-80, and describes him as William Tempest of the Inner Temple, London, Gent., Bachr., about 19, with the consent of his mother Mary Tempest, widow, to Elizabeth Cooke of St. Dunstan's in the West, London, Spinr., about 19, with her father's consent. Alleged by Robert Fowle of St. Bride's, London, Goldsmith. To be married at St. Bride's Church (Vol. XXX. Harleian Society's Publications, Marriage Licences,' p. 19), where they were united 27 June 1679-80. (Parish Register.)

This match was doubtless a useful one to the young man, as his father-in-law was John Cooke of Swifts Place in Cranbrook, and also Prothonotary of Common Pleas, in which Court William Tempest in 1688 became third Prothonotary. He died possessed of a considerable fortune, for besides the property in Cranbrook left him by his father Robert, he bought up numerous fee farm rents and mortgages, as a list of these rents due to him in 1705, to be found in the Lansdowne MSS., (No. 895, part vii., Art. 29, fol. 252) shews. His will is dated 3 December 1702, wherein he describes himself of the Inner Temple. He desired to be privately buried at Whaddon Church. He mentions his manors, tithes, and hereditaments in Yorkshire (Hull, Pontefract, Marske, etc.), and his fee farm rents in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, and Staffordshire. He makes provision for all his children, and remembers bis uncle William Tempest, etc. His son William was sole executor, who proved the will 4 January 1702-3 (P.C.C., 123 Degg). He was buried at


* Communicated by Mrs. TEMPEST, of Broughton Hall.

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