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Philadelphia, daughter of Thomas Knollys (Esq., of Grove Place),

November 5 (she was second wife of Dr. John Speed, M.D., senior).


Peter, son of John Speede, Med. Dr., of Southampton, was buried here

August 15 [third son by his second wife Philadelphia).


Samuel, son of John and Hannah Speed, August 7.




John, son of Dr. John Speed, junior, of Southampton, October 5.


1592 Larunce Whassington, precher, and Mawdlyn Oldecote, wydow, were

wedded October xi. 1595 Roger Landdone and Doratie Sped, married August xvij.* 1629-30 Joane, daughter of John Speed, baptized March 18.* 1630 Richard Speed and Elizabeth Bowlde were married October 28.* 1632 James, son of John Speed, baptized December 7.* 1633 John ye son of John Speed, baptized April 24.* 1634 Susana ye daughter of John Speed, baptized April 8.* 1642 Mary ye daughter of Jo. Speed, baptized May 9.* 1645-6 Charles ye son of Richard Speed, baptized January 14.*


1685 1701-2

The widow Speed of Itchen buried at Jesus Chapel (Pear-tree) April 11.*
Mr. John Speed and Mrs. Anne Cross were married at Jesus Chapel

January 19.

* Their place in the Pedigree has not been ascertained.

Pedigree of the Huguenot Family of Amyot.*

(The French descent is from information obtained by T. E. AMYOT, Esq., from M. GRESY, of the Société des Antiquaires de France, in 1862.)

ARMS (French line) : Azure, a chevron between two trefoils slipped in chief or and a mullet pierced argent in base.

(English line) : Azure, three bars or, over all a bend ermine,

Marguerite Lamour, died=Jeban Soyer, died 2 December 1548.

before 1545,

Perrine Lamour,=Jehan Charpentier. died after 1545.

Nicolas Amyot, died Marie Lamour, died before 1546.

Jeanne Amyot Jean de Bourneaux,

Serjent de Cheval au
Châtelet de Melun.

before 1546.

Philippe Amyot,FMarie Fer-
Merchant of rand.
Melun ; died
before 1558.

Jacques Amyot, Bishop of Auxerre, Grand Almoner of France, Commander of the Order of Saint Esprit; Tutor of Charles IX. and Henry III. of France ; Translator of Plutarch, and a celebrated Greek scholar ; born 30 October 1514 ; died 2 February 1593. "Je donne avecques raison ce me semble la palme a Jacques Amyot sur touts nos ecrivains Francoises. (Montaigne’s • Essays,' i., 4.)

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Jean de Bourneaux, Chanoine d'Auxerre ; Archidiacre de

I Loys de Bour-S.... neaux, Avocat.

Marguerite de Bour=Pierre Regnauld, Procureur du Roi neaux, died May au Châtelet de Melun ; died May 1602.



Nicolas Amyot,=Jeanne Fouborn at Melun 6 geretz. August 1552.

Jean Amyot, Auditor of the Chambre des Comptes, Paris; died at the Rue de la Cerisaie, Paris, 24 September 1594 Marguerite Guerin.

1 Anne Amyot, died before 1630=Alexandre de Lande.


. Jean Amyot, Ecuyer, Seigneur de Courtampierre Marie de Santeuil.


Communicated by the Rev. Canon CHARLES ROBERTSON MANNING, M.A., F.S.A.

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! Francoise Amyot=Eustache, Seigneur de Bellay.

Jean Amyot, Conseiller, Secretaire du Roi, born 1626 ; died 17147Marie Lotte de Chevilly.

de la Ferté.

Antoinette FAbdosle, Senes- Marie Pierre Edine=Marie de Neiges, A da., Madame Matthias Joseph Parfait Amyot, FMadame A da., Madame
Eleonore chal de Morsan, Amyot, Amyot, born Lectrice de la de Quesney. Amyot, Chev., “ Seigneur de i de Magen- Barrey de
Amyot. Chev. de Motte a Nun. 1742 ; died Reine Marie An.

Abbé. Courtampierre, court. Theil.
(her cousin).

1825. toinette. A da., Madame

Crielle, etc., Mousde Fresnoy.


1 Armand Amyot.

Albana Amyot.

| aged 25.

at the age of 35; died at the Château de Fontaine 20 December 1859, Fontaine. aged 65.

Alfrede de Formigny.

Jacques Amyot, Seigneur de Courtampierre ; Physician to Louis XIII. ; died before 1630. (Ancestor of the English line.)


plish line..T


1 Susanne Marguerite FStephen Rousselet. Amyot.

Thomas* Amyot, eldest son, came to England in 1685, onşJudith Cavaliere. the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Peter Amyot,

TSusanna Mary second son.


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Charlotte Gervaise. Lucy Gervaise=Thomas Maude. Maria Gervaise. Mary Ann Gervaise=Captain John Maude, R.N. Elizabeth Gervaise. Harriet


Thomas Amyot, eldest son, died 2 February 1767, aged 69; buried at St. Peter's, TElizabeth Hitchcock, died 25 December 1768, aged 72; buried at St. Peter's,
Mancroft, Norwich, 4 February.

Mancroft, Norwich, 1 January 1769.


Charlotte=Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Amyot, FMary George. Peter Amyot, second son, TSusanna Judith Ann Amyot, baptized at St.
Ann Susan Cockrell. Amyot.

eldest son.

died 6 May, buried at St. Garrett. Amyot. Peter's, Mancroft, Norwich, Amyot. Amyot.

Peter's, Mancroft, Nor

24 October 1738. (This is Jane Sophia Amyot. wich, 10 May 1799.

the only entry of a child of

these parents.)
Isaac Gervaise Amyot, Edward Whittingham Richard Garrett Amyot, Lieutenant=Mary Basbam, Susan Elizabeth Amyot, Charles William Hallett,
born 16 July, baptized Amyot, born 9 Decem- Royal Marines, born 7 March, bap- died 1 Janu- born 12 February, bap- | Navy Agent, of Abing.
at St. Peter's, Man- ber, baptized at St. tized at St. Peter's, Mancroft, Nor- ary 1863, aged tized at St. Peter's, Man- don Street, London; died
croft, Norwich, 6 Au- Peter's, Mancroft, Nor- wich, 23 March 1783 ; died at Hal- 79.

croft, Norwich, 12 March 24 December 1860.
gust 1780; died 24 wich, 23 December liford, Chertsey, 25 April 1860.

1786 ; died 14 SeptemApril 1843. 1781.

ber 1860.

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* The name occurs at a much earlier period in the List of Norwich Freemen. Thomas Amyot was apprenticed Barber in the 7th of Henry V., and Henry Amyot to the same 24th Henry VI. (* East Anglian Notes and Queries,' First Series, vol. iv., pp. 164, 172.) At a later date the following curious entry appears among the deathe in the 'Gent. Mag.' for March 1782, vol. lii., p. 151 : “At Canterbury, aged 103, Claud Amyot, a weaver, and a French Refugee, who has resided in that city upwards of 80 years.” In the next number, April, p. 205, is this correction : “ No such person as Claud Amyot (see p. 151) hath lately lived or died at Canterbury."



| D

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Thomas Amyot, eldest son, of James Street, Buckingham Gate, TJane, only da. of Edward Col- Peter Amyot, born 27 Fe.
London, F.R.S., V.P.S.A. ; Private Secretary to the Right Hon. man, Esq., Surgeon, of Nor- bruary and baptized at
William Windham, Prime Minister, and Editor of his "Speeches” wich; married at Norwich St. Peter's, Mancroft,
(London, 1812): Treasurer of the Society of Antiquaries ; born 10 April 1806; died 24 April Norwich, 8 March 1776.
7 January, baptized at St. Peter's, Mancroft, Norwich, 15 Jan. 1848, aged 64; buried at
1775 ; died 28 September 1850, aged 75; buried at St. Mar- St. Margaret's, Westminster. John Edward Amyot, born
garet's, Westminster. (Memoir and Portrait in 'Gent. Mag.,' Arms: Azure, on a pale rayon- 6 January, baptized at St.
1851, i., p. 4; see also · Dict. Nat. Biog.,' i., p. 368 ; 'Literary nant argent a lion rampant Peter's, Mancroft, Nor-
Gazette,' 5 October 1850 ; · Athenæum,' same date.)

gules. (See Monument of wich, 25 January 1778.
E. Colman, 1739, at Brent
Eleigh, Suffolk. "Topog. and

Geneal.,' i., p. 162.) /


Cecilia Jane Amyot, born l=Henry Heffill, Jane Amyot,* born 12 April,=Charles Millard.† Esq., of Susan Amyot, * born=Rev. Brereton Edward Dwar-
September 1807, baptized at Esq., Solicitor, baptized at
St. Margaret's, Westminster,

St. George's, Norwich, son of Rev.c. F.S. 16 Oct. 1812 ; bap- ris, M.A., son of Sir Fortu-
Diss; died 26 Tombland, Norwich, Octo- Millard, Minor Canon of tized at St. Peter's, natus Dwarris, Knt.; born 12
30 April 1808 ; married at St. April and ber 1810; married at St. Mar- Norwich Cathedral ; born Mancroft, Norwich, October 1816; Fellow of Uni-
Margaret's, Westminster, 8 buried at Ce- garet's, Westminster, 28 April 15 June, baptized at St. April 1813; mar- versity of Durham ; Vicar of
September 1835; died 10 July, metery, Diss, 2 1835; died 29 November Luke's Chapel, Norwich ried at Diss 23 Au- Byweil St. Peter, Northum-
buried 15 July 1889 at the May 1870, aged 1892 ; buried at the Ceme Cathedral, 5 September gust 1855. 2nd berland, 1845 ; Hon. Canon of
Cemetery, Diss.

Julia Augusta Amyot, born Thomas Edward Amyot, F.R.C.S., FElizabeth, I da. of Rev. Francis
4 February, baptized at of Diss, born 28 January 1817; Howes, Minor Canon of Nor-
St. Margaret's, Westmin- baptized at St. Margaret's, West- wich, Translator of Persius,
ster, 5 May 1815; died 18 minster, 24 April 1818; died 15 etc.; born 30 May 1811; mar-
August 1893 ; buried at December, buried at the Cemetery, ried at St. Luke's Chapel, Nor-
Diss Cemetery.
Diss, 19 December 1895.

wich Cathedral, 20 October
1847 ; died 3 July, buried at
Diss Cemetery 7 July 1887.

By a Family Bible it appears that these were baptized at Norwich, but "registered at St. Margaret's, Westminster."
† See MILLARD Pedigree in • Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' New Series, Vol. III., p. 445.
| See Pedigree of Howes of Morningthorpe in Burke's 'Landed Gentry.'

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