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Sir Thomas Middleton, Knt., of Stanstead Mountfichet, baptized 21 April 1654 at Mary, only da. and heir of Sir Stephen Bromefeild
St. Antholin's, London ; M.P. for Harwich 1679, 1681, 1688, 1690, 1695, and Langham of Quinton, Northants, by Middleton,
1698; High Sheriff of Essex 10 Charles II. ; knighted at Whitehall 14 December Mary, da. of Derrick Hoste, Esq.; born 29 May
1675 ; died 11 June 1702 ; buried 14 June following at Stanstead Mountfichet. widow of Thomas Style, Esq., eldest 1659; bap-
Will dated 16 July 1694 ; proved 30 July 1702 by son Thomas.

son and heir of Sir Thomas Style, tized 7 June
Bart., of Wateringbury, Kent, by following at
Elizabeth, da. of Sir William Armine, Stanstead
Bart. ; buried 27 December 1686. Mountfichet;

Thomas Middleton

died young.

Thomas Middleton of Stanstead Mountfichet, The Hon. Elizabeth,=Samuel Baldwin of London, died at Lymington, Hants, 12

born 1676 ; baptized at St. Giles-in-the-Fields da. of the Right Hon. May 1736. Will 22 March 1735 ; Codicil 7 April 1736 ;
12 September 1676 ; married at Hammersmith Sir Richard Onslow proved 26 May 1736 by Francis Ayscough, D.D. In this
14 July 1696 ; M.P. for the county of Essex of East Clandon, Sur- the words are, “My will is that after my decease that my
in the second, third, fourth, and fifth Parlia- rey, 1st Baron Onslow Body shall be put into a Leaden coffin and Buried in some of
ments of Queen Anne; died 29 April 1715 at (so created 25 June the deepest sands of the Sea near adjacent without any
the Vicarage House, Stanstead Mountfichet ; | 1716), sometime Ceremony “He ordered his corpse to be buried in the sea
buried at Stanstead Mountfichet 7 May 1715. Speaker of the House amongst the Rocks called the Needles, at the West End of
1st husband.

of Commons, Chancel- the Isle of Wight; the Body being put into a leaden Coffin,
lor of the Exchequer, was conveyed in a large Boat to the place appointed, attended
and a Lord of the by a Clergyman to read the Funeral Service; but to the
Treasury, by Eliza- Surprize of the Spectators, when the Corpse was put into the
beth, da. of Sir Henry Sea, it would not sink, which occasioned various conjectures
Tulse, Knt., Lord among the superstitious ; but several Holes being bored in
Mayor of London ; the Coffin, to let in the Water, it sunk.” (“Gent. Mag.,'
marriage licence 13 1736, p. 293.) 2nd husband.
July 1696, she aged
19, Thomas Middle-
ton aged 20; she died
15 January 1742.


Tho: Middletos

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Mary Middleton, TJohn Molesworth, 2nd Viscount Elizabeth Mid- Constance = Williams Conyngham, Esq., of Slane, co. Meath,
eldest da. and co- | Molesworth, Ambassador at the dleton, married Middle- Mount-Charles, co. Donegal, and Minster in
heir, died in Hill Courts of Tuscany and Sardinia Richard Hocken- ton. Died Thanet, Kent, elder brother of Henry, 1st Earl
Street, Berkeley 1710 and 1720; baptized 4 hull, Esq., of the in Dublin Conyngham, and son of Major-General Henry
Square, London, December 1679; died in Lon- Custom House. 1767. She Conyngham of Slane, M.P. for Donegal, by
12 August 1766; don 17 February 1726.

Mary, da. of Sir John Williams, Bart., of Min-
buried at Edling-


ster, widow of Charles Petty, Baron Shelburne. ton.


was his

The Hon. Mary Molesworth, posthumous and only=Frederick Gore, Esq., M.P.; Provost-General of child, married 1751 ; died s.p. September 1761.

; Ireland ; remarried, 27 October 1762, to Mary, da. of Sir Ralph Gore, Bart., by Elizabeth, da. of St. George Ashe, Bishop of Clogher, and sister of Ralph Gore, 1st Earl of Ross, who also died


Williams Williamina
Conyngham, Conyngham,
died aged 14. born 1732 ;

died young

M mabpwonch.

Diana Mid-Sir Thomas Trollope,
dleton, sur- 4th Bart., of Case-
vived her wick, Lincolnshire ;
husband. died 7 October 1784,

in his 93rd year, at
Casewick. Will dated
20 June 1779; Codicil
18 April 1781 ; proved
3 November 1784.

TROLLOPE of Casewick, of whom the
Lords Kesteven, and the Authors,
Thomas Adolphus and Anthony

Anne Middleton, married 1730 ; TDenzill Onslow of Drungswick, Sussex, her cousin ; one

; died at Eltham 6 January, buried of the Commissioners of the Salt Excise ; died 15 Nothere 13 January 1772. Will, vember 1765 ; buried at Mitcham, Surrey. Will dated 6 of John Street, Hanover 18 February 1762, “ of Kevingtown in St. Mary Cray, Square," dated 11 January Kent, Esq."; proved 27 November 1762. 1766 ; Codicil 20 April 1771 ; proved 4 February 1772.


Den zill Onslow




Middleton Onslow, T. da. of Trevor Borrett, Esq. (son of John Borrett, Esq., of Preston in married 24 August | Shoreham, Kent, Master of the Inner Temple and Prothonotary of the Court of 1769.

Common Pleas, by Elizabeth, youngest da. of Sir John Trevor, Knt., Secretary of State to King Charles II.).

. Captain Richard Onslow; proved his mother's will 4 February 1772.

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Hon. Anna Catherine, da. of Robert Edward,=Major-General Denzil Onslow of Sophia, da. of Sir Stephen
9th Lord Petre, born 8 March 1769 at In- Drungswick, Sussex, and Great Lushington, Bart., of
gatestone Hall, Essex ; baptized there next Staughton, Hunts; High Sheriff Southill Park, Berks; mar-
day; died s.p. 23 September 1798 at Ufford of Hunts; served in the 97th ried 20 September 1800 at
Hall, co. Lincoln ; buried 3 October follow- Foot; married 7 August 1796

ing at Ingatestone. (Portrait of her there by at Thorndon, Essex ; died 20 March 1860 ; buried at
Romney.) 1st wife.

August 1838.

Kensal Green. 2nd wife.


Stephen Middleton of Quinton, co. Northampton, and Bishopsgate Street, London, born 27 September, baptized 28 September 1681 at Stanstead Mountfichet; died 4 May 1716 in Covent Garden, London (the last male representative of the Middletons of Essex); buried at Stanstead Mountfichet 12 May 1716. Will dated 10 January 1715 ; proved 4 June 1716 by grandmother Dame Mary Langham, widow.

Mary Middleton, baptizedTJohn Cater of Kempston, Bedfordshire, Esq. ;
25 May 1678 at Stan- | alive January 1715. Probably the subject of

stead Mountfichet; mar- the following notice in Gent. Mag.': “Deaths.
riage allegation 6 July March 16, 1734. John Cater of Kempson in
1694, she aged 17, he 23; Bedfordshire, Esq.; He was Representative for
alive January 1715. Bedfordshire in the two last Parliaments of

Q. Ann, and for Bedford town in the next Parliament.”

Stephen Mi Dleborg

Edward Cater, legatee of uncle Stephen Middleton January 1715.


Sir Roger Burgoyne, 4th Bart., TConstance Middleton, TChristopher Wren, Esq., Architect, son of the celebrated
of Sutton, Bedfordshire, and born 28 December | Architect, Sir Christopher Wren; born 16 February
, Warwick ; marriage 1682 ; baptized fol- 1675 ; M.P. for Windsor 1712 and 1714. Constance

allegation 21 June 1703, when lowing day at Stan- was his second wife. He was of Wroxall, Warwick, and
he was aged 22 and she 20. stead Mountfichet ; Author of The Parentalia'; died 24 Aug. 1747 ; buried
Will dated 2 November 1710 ; died 23 April 1734. in Wroxall Abbey. Will dated 10 February 1745; proved
proved 29 March 1716. 1st

31 August 1747 by his son Stephen. 2nd husband. husband.

Elizabeth Middle-
ton, mentioned in
her uncle Charles'
will 1702,

brother Stephen's
1715, as unmar-


Sir John Burgoyne, 5th Bart., survived his father only six weeks, and died unmarried 1716. He, with his brother and sister, was a ward of his uncles Thomas Middleton and John Cater.

Sir Roger Burgoyne, 6th Bart., married The Lady Fran- Constantia Captain
1 January 1739 ; died 1780. Will dated | ces Montagu, Maria Bur-John
19 February 1755 ; Codicils 5 July 1757, da. of George, goyne, born Pigott.
1 May 1759, 5 November 1759, Decem- Earl of Halifax; 3 Novem-
ber 1760, 4 September 1764 ; proved 22 died 24 July ber 1705 ;
January 1781 by relict and Executrix. 1788.

died 26
July 1739.

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BURGOYNE, Baronets
of Sutton Park, Beds.

Fanny Pigott, legatee Constance Pigott, legatee
of Sir Roger Burgoyne of Sir Roger Burgoyne
19 February 1755. 19 February 1755.

PEDIGREE D. (See page 221.)

Sir Hugh Middleton, 6th son, of London and Bush Hill Elizabeth Olmstead. 2nd wife.

Thomas Middleton, Hugh Middleton, baptized 20 September Sir William Middleton, 2nd Bart. of this creation, T Eleanor, da. of Sir
baptized 11 March 1601 at St. Matthew's, Friday Street ; baptized 10 April 1603 at St. Matthew's, Friday Thomas Harris of
1598-9, buried 29 mentioned in the New River Charter Street ; Governor of Denbigh Castle; succeeded Shrewsbury, Bart.
May 1600, both at 1619 ; styled son and heir 1620. Granted his father as Governor of the New River. Will,

St. Matthew's, Fri- a pass 10 November 1623 “to travell" of Hoddesdon, Herts," dated 12 May 1651.
day Street.

into forraigne parts for 3 years with 2 Adm’on to son Hugh 26 March 1652. (There is
servants & provisions not prohibited. a portrait of him at Cobham Hall, Kent.)
Proviso not to goe to Rome.” (Privy
Council Registers.) Dead by 1631.

Hry. We Dolly

John Middleton, called of Beddington, Elizabeth Middleton, TJohn Grene of St. Rebecca TSir George Bing- Sarah Middleton,
Surrey, Gent., 19 Feb. 1663 (Close owner of four New | Andrew's Ward- Middle- | ham of Castlebar, married Humph-
Rolls); killed on board Sir Edward River Shares; died 9 robe, London, and ton. Ireland, Bart. rey Okeover; both
Spragge’s ship in the sea fight in Sole Dec. 1673, aged 43 ; Enfield, Clerk to

living 11 Febru-
Bay 3 June 1665, and died in the buried in Enfield the New River

ary 1658 (Close Earl of Rochester's arms. He was Church, where there Company. Will



is a monument to her dated 27 January Earls of Lucan.
memory. let wife.

1702 ; proved 10 May 1705.


Giles Grene, married Margaret, William Jane, da. of Hamey Elizabeth T. Catherine Grene; marriage=Thomas Atkins
da. of Edmund Soame, his Grene. Burwell of Enfield, Grene. Hunt. allegation dated 13 Febru- of London, aged
cousin ;
died sans issue.

ary 1682-3, aged about 18. about 23 in


Jane Grene, only child and heir, TRev. Richard Ellacombe of Balliol College, Oxon, owner in right of died 1786.

his wife of four New River Shares ; died 1778.


Hence ELLACOMBE Family (1895).


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