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Frances Morton TSir Hugh Middleton, 3rd Bart. In 1664-5, February and=Mrs. Jane Gorges of St. Martin's- Elizabeth, da. of
of Croydon, mar- March, he was Gentleman Usher in Ordinary to James II. in-the-Fields, widow, married 25 proved her
ried at Croydon (then Duke of York). Will dated 13 November 1675 ; May 1657 at St. Paul's, Covent husband's will 8
10 October 1650; proved 8 January 1675-6.

Garden. 2nd wife.

January 1675-6. buried there 3

3rd wife. July 1655. 1st wife.

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Hugh Middle- Susanna Middleton, bap-
ton, baptized tized at Croydon 19 Sep-
6 April 1653 tember 1652; legatee of
at Croydon; her father 13 November
buried there 1675. She was alive and
22 June 1655. “of St. Martin-in-the-

Fields, spinster, 1684," as appears by deed.

, . Sir Hugh Middleton, 4th Bart., sworn Burgess of Denbigh=Elizabeth, da. and coheir of 31 August 1681 ; he was “ of Oakebam, Surrey,” 1684, as Henry Hall of Burton appears by deed ; married 6 March 1682-3 at Westminster Coggles and Gretford, co. Abbey ; Gentleman of the Privy Chamber 1685 (Carlisle) ; | Lincoln, Esq., by Elizabeth, buried 2 February 1700-1 at St. Mary's, Nottingham. da. of Sir Edward Hartopp, Le Neve in his " Baronets” expressly states him to have

expressly states him to have 1st Bart., of Freathby, co.
been son of Elizabeth the 3rd wife.

Leicester, widow of Monta-
gue Cholmley of Easton,
co. Lincoln, Esq. ; buried 7
March 1732-3 at St. Peter's,
Nottingham. Will dated 30
April 1731 ; proved 8 Janu-
ary 1735-6. (See Gent.
Mag.,' 1792, p. 1100.)

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Sir Hugh Middleton, TAnne Comyns of Elizabeth Middleton, eldest da. Charlotte Middleton, mentioned in Margaret Middleton,
5th Bart., Captain Chigwell, buried “of Sir Hugh Middleton, Knt. will 30 April 1731 as intended mentioned in her
R.N., married at St. there 31 Decem- & Bart., of Nottingham,” died Executrix ; buried at St. Mary's, mother's will as Co-
Benet's, Paul Wharf, ber 1764. (See 6 January 1724-5, in her 43rd Nottingham, 2 December 1735. executrix 30 April
8 May 1716; buried Gent. Mag.,' year ; buried in St. James's,

1731; proved the will
at Chigwell 16 No- | 1792, p. 720.) Clerkenwell, 9 January following Anne Middleton, mentioned in will 8 January 1735-6,
vember 1756.
“from Newcastle House, Clerk- 30 April 1731.

the other Co-execuenwell.” M.I. (Malcolm.)

trix, her sister Charlotte, being dead.

Hugh Middleton,
baptized 31 July
1719; buried 26
March 1722 at

James Middleton, Hugh Middleton, Sir Hugh Middleton, 6th Bart., baptized at Chigwell
buried 26 March baptized 21 Octo- 1 December 1723 ; "an object of common charity at
1722 at Chigwell. ber 1722, buried Chigwell ;” died about 1757, sans issue. (“Gent.

8 April 1723, both Mag.,' 1792, p. 720, and Chester's Registers of
at Chigwell. Westminster Abbey,' p. 22.)

Anne Middleton,
baptized 21 Fe-
bruary 1717-18
at Chigwell.

James Middleton, bap-
tized 12 Jan. 1605-6
at St. Matthew's, Fri-
day Street; dead before

Henry Middleton, baptized 14 May 1607 at St. Matthew's, Friday Street ; TAlice
owner of a share in the New River ; Student at Gray's Inn 16 May 1628 ;
sworn Burgess of Denbigh 5 September 1630; Sergeant of Mace attending

the Great Seal 17 February 1647 ; dead by 1678.

John Middleton, bap-
tized 13 October 1611
at St. Matthew's, Fri-
day Street ; dead by

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William Middleton, Anne, da. of PhilipTHenry Middleton, born about 1662 ; settled as a Surgeon 1684 in the Elizabeth, da. of
mentioned as alive Starkey of London (his parish of St. Olave's, Hart Street, and attended Robert Harley, Earl Joseph Rolfe of
in his uncle Simon's will dated 18 Decem- of Oxford (who had married his cousin), when he was stabbed by Stepney, Silk
will 25 July 1678. ber 1675); probably Guiscard 8 March 1711 ; his first marriage took place 16 May 1687 Throwster. Will, ,
the Philip. Starkey at St. Dionis Backchurch ; died 14 May 1745.

"of Holy Trinity,
who sold the Manor [It is a mystery why his descendants did not claim the Baronetcy Minories,” dated
of Halstowe, Devon, after the death of Sir Hugh about 1757. A correspondent of the 5 March 1745 (sic,
9 Nov. 1650 (Close “Gent. Mag.,' 1792, p. 891, contended that they were under the probably 1746);
Rolls). She was buried mistake that Simon (wbose birth certificate was wanting) was older proved 29 March
at Bromley St. Leo- than his brother Henry ; but even in this case the only male heir following. 2nd
nard's 30 Nov. 1691 ; Hugh had already died (it is true, in obscurity). His fate was pro- wife.
her father was buried bably unknown to Henry's descendants, and Sir William the 2nd
there 25 May 1677. Baronet's branch had ended in a scarcely less mysterious manner.
1st wife.

Simon's branch was probably not in a position to elucidate these questions.]

Benjamin Middleton,=Elizabeth 3rd son, baptized 30 alive April 1695 at St. 1745. Olave's, Hart Street ; died sans issue before 1745.

Thomas Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 1 September 1696 ; Surgeon in the Royal Navy, of H.M.S. “ Newcastle.” Will dated 19 March 1733-4 ; proved 18 January 1739 by his father.

Joseph Middleton,
baptized 1 Sep-
tember 1696 at
St. Olave's, Hart
Street; twin with

Elizabeth Middleton, baptized 11 June 1698 at St. Olave's,

; Hart Street ; buried there 22 March 16991700.

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Susanna, buried=Starkey Middleton, Surgeon, eldest son, baptized 3 April 1688 at St. Olave's, 5 Dinah=Sarah already mar15 July 1718 at Hart Street ; entered at Merchant Taylors' School 10 September 1697 ;

ried by 12 February
Bromley St. Leo- died at Bath, and buried in the Abbey there 24 June 1755. Will dated 2nd 1744-5; alive 9 July
nard's. 1st wife. 12 February 1744-5 ; sworn to 9 July 1755, and Adm'on granted to Henry wife. 1755. Stepmother to her
Middleton the son, Sarah the widow renouncing, 9 July 1755.

husband's children, as
appears by his will. 3rd

Starhry Inyddultos


HI M.D.,

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Henry Middleton, William Middle- Starkey Middleton, Martha Middle- Anne Middleton of=Rev. George Jubb, D.D., born

Surgeon, ton, baptized at baptized at Abing- ton, baptized 2 Windsor, baptized at Oxford 1718 ; Canon of
died in Cateaton Abingdon, Berks, don, Berks, 16 Sep- September 1726 13 November 1729 Christ Church, Oxford, and
Street, London, 4 28 Feb. 1722-3; tember 1724 ; died at Abingdon, at Abingdon, Berks; Regius Professor of Hebrew ;
September 1759, alive 12 February in the West Indies Berks.

married 6 March died 12 November 1787; buried
sans issue (“Gent. 1744-5.
1768 (“Gent.

1784 at Oxford. 2nd in Christ Church Cathedral. Mag.'). Mag.').

wife (see ‘Dict. Nat. Biog.,' xxx., 222).


Henry Middleton of West Ham, 2nd son, baptized 20 July 1691 att.
St. Olave's, Hart Street; died 30 November 1726 ; buried at of.
West Ham.

Anne Middleton, baptized at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 25 June 1690, and buried there same day.

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Starkey Middleton, born at West Ham 7 June 1719; bap-=Sarah Roberts, martized there 3 July following ; started life as a Bell Founder, ried at St. Luke's, but became a Minister in connection with George Whit- Old Street, London, field ; died at his house in Hoxton Square 1768. Will 2 March 1741. dated 23 August 1768 ; proved 22 October 1768. Of this gentleman there is an engraved portrait.

Anna Maria=William Middleton. Grandpré,


Elizabeth Middleton, legatee of her stepgrandmother Elizabeth Middleton 1745.

Mary Bard, born 21 February 1752 ; TJoseph Middleton of West Ham, Essex, born 16 January 1742 ; T Mary Shephard, married at married at West Ham 9 May 1774 ; | buried 24 May 1787 at West Ham.

West Ham 22 September buried there 1 April 1778. 1st wife.

1778. 2nd wife.

11 Starkey Middle- Joseph Grylle Middleton, ton, born 3 No- born 17 December 1776 ; vember, baptized baptized 15 June 1777 ; at St. Andrew's, died 24 September, buried Holborn, 3 De- 1 October 1778 at West cember, and died Ham. 30 Dec. 1775 b; buried in the Mary Middleton, born 27 burial-ground of March, baptized 29 March, St. George the and buried 15 September Martyr.

1778 at West Ham.


Joseph Richard Middle- Susanna Mid-TJoseph Mary Anne Middleton, born
ton, born 7 June, bap- dleton, born | Plummer. and died 8 November 1781 ;
tized 22 June 1786 at 28 May 1779 ;

buried at West Ham.
Barking ; alive 1792. married 8
April 1798 at

Mary Anne Middleton, born
John Middleton, born St. Andrew's,

8 March, baptized 30 March
1787 ; died young be- Holborn.

1783 at Barking.
fore 1792.

Elizabeth Middleton, born 7
John Ambrose Plummer, born 17 August 1820. November, baptized 28 No-
Stated his mother to be last of this branch.

vember 1784 at Barking. JK

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, Jabez Middleton, lived at No. 224 High Street, Christian Short Elizabeth Middleton, James Smith, Martha Middleton, unmar

| Hoxton, and had a pension of £52 from the who was aged 15 proved her father's died prior to ried. In 1794 the CorpoCorporation of London in consideration of his at the time of will 22 October 1768; | 1792. ration of London granted

; descent; he was married prior to 29 May 1774, her marriage. living 11 September

her a pension of £20, which and was only aged 17 at the time ; died 27


in December 1801 was inMarch 1828.

creased to £50.


1 Henry Smith, born before 14 May 1775; alive, a minor, 1792.

Elizabeth Anna MariaF. Jane Middleton, petitioned the Corporation of London=....
Middleton, Middleton. Kerri- for a pension in 1828, stating her father to have been Boyers, ,
alive, a

"the last male representative of Sir Hugh Middleton ;" died

died a widow 23 March, aged 78, and buried in Bow 1792. Cemetery 26 March 1863.

issue. Georgiana Kerrison, living a widow at Peckham 3 April 1891=. . Cooley.

Smith, a daughter, born 12 Jan. 1784.



died sans

Katherine,=Simon Middleton of Bush Hill, Edmonton, and Mary, da. of Elizabeth, da. of=Mary, da. of Sir Samuel Luke of Wood .

da. of Tho- Hackney, Citizen and Goldsmith of Paris Yard, John Soame Thomas Smithsby, End, co. Bedford, Knt.; marriage
mas Grey ; London, born about 1612; admitted to Gray's of Burnham Saddler to King allegation dated 6 April 1672, she aged
married Inn 28 November 1653; owner of the King's Market, Charles I. (who about 24, he about 50; died about
June 1642; Moiety in the New River Company, of which Norfolk, entered his pedi- 1 May 1718. 4th wife.

he was some time Treasurer ; buried at Edmon- Esq.; died gree in the Visi- She married 2ndly Ellis ; 3rdly,
issue. 1st ton 24 September 1680. Will dated 25 July 25 Novem- tation of London, Arthur (youngest son of Sir Nathaniel
wife. 1678 ; proved 29 November 1680.

ber 1656 ; 1634); married Barnardiston of Kedington, Suffolk,
buried at

at St. Leonard's, by Jane, da. of Sir Stephen Soame,
Edmonton. Shoreditch, 27 Knt., of Little Thurlow Hall, Suf-
2nd wife. July 1657. 3rd folk), widower ; he was buried at Ked-

ington 7 January 1691-2, having probably married Mary Ellis on his death-bed ; 4thly, Samuel Blackerby,

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