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ton, died

Hezekiah Middleton, Merchant, drowned at Blackwall coming from on board ship 5 May 1688. See “ Elegy on the Memory of Mr. Caleb Skinner and Mr. Hezekiah Middleton, Merchants, who were

ton, eldest

son, alive

25 July
1678; died

drowned at Blackwall
coming from on board a ship the
5 May 1688, by a Schoolfellow
of Mr. Skinner's, 1688.” Ad-
m'on to brother Sir Hugh July

Elizabeth=John Lane
Middle- of London,


a widow

by whom
1690 ;

a son Myd-
buried at delton


Rebecca T William Barnham, Hosier and Alderman of
Middle- Norwich ; afterwards of Beeston by Nor-
ton. wich ; Sheriff 1648, and Mayor of Norwich

1652 ; he was M.P. for Norwich 1660 ; son
of Sir Francis Barnham, Knt., and brother
of Sir Robert Barnham, ist Bart. William
Barnham had previously married Margaret,
da. of William Wyndham of Stokesby, by
whom he had a son William. After Rebecca
Middleton's death he married a third wife
Rebecca Bacon, and fourthly Mary Flower-
dew, by all of whom he had issue.

Sarah Barnham=Charles Wood of London.


Sir Hugh Middleton, Bart., of Hackney and Twickenham, eldest son, Dorothy, da. of Sir

William Oglander of Nunwell, Isle of created a Baronet 6 December 1681 ; squandered his estate and dis- Wight, Bart., by Dorothy, da. of Sir Francis Clark of appeared. He was most probably the Hugh Middleton who resided in Hitcham, Bucks ; married' before 1678; she obtained a the parish of Kemberton, Shropshire, under the assumed name of decree of separation, confirmed by Act of Parliament, “William Raymond.” (See Burke's 'Extinct Baronetage.') .

2 May 1690; died 8 January 1701-2 ; buried in Long “ William Raymond, gentleman, so called, otherwise called by the Melford Church, Suffolk. Will dated 20 March 1699name of Hugh Middleton, died 10 March 1702.” (Register of Shifnal, 1700, desires to be called “ the unhappy wife of Sir Hugh Salop.)

Middleton ;” proved 9 February 1701-2 by her daughter.

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Dorothy Middleton, only surviving child ; marriage allegation dated=Henry Berkeley, son and heir of Henry
22 December 1702, she aged 23 ; died November 1735. Will dated Berkeley of Ironmonger Lane, Merchant,
10 February 1710; proved 2 October 1749.

of the younger branch of Berkeley of
Salop; admitted to the Inner Temple
4 July 1690 ; called to the Bar 22 No-
vember 1696 ; aged 26 in December
1702; proved his wife's will 2 October

Mary Middleton, buried at Twickenham 15 September 1680.

Veroth Berkley

Simon Middleton of London, Merchant, died at Constantinople January 1678. Will dated 15 September 1675; Codicil made at Galata, Constantinople, 12 December 1677 ; proved 4 April 1678 by brother Hugh.

Mary Middleton, TEdmund Soame of St. Gregory's, London, marriage allega- | 8th son of Sir William Soame of Thurlow tion dated 6 July Hall, Suffolk, by Bridget, 4th da. and 1664, when she coheir of Benedict Barnham, Alderman of was aged 18. London ; aged 30 in July 1664.

.. Sym Mydetton

Colonel Edmund Soame of Dereham Grange, Norfolk ; M.P. for Thetford ;
a devoted adherent of King William III. ; fought in Ireland, and given a
Regiment by Queen Anne ; he was on his way to Spain, when he died in
Torbay, Devon, 8 September 1706, aged 37; buried in West Dereham
Church, Norfolk.


Margaret Soame=Giles Grene, her cousin, grandson only da., died 10 of Sir William Middleton, Bart. ; August 1710; buried at West Dereham. buried at West Dereham.




Sarah Middleton, 2nd da.,=The Right Hon. Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, Baron Harley of Wigmore, Hereforddied sans issue 17 June, shire, K.G., born 5 December 1661 in Bow Street, Covent Garden ; High Sheriff of co. Hereford 1689; buried 25 June 1737 in M.P. for borough of New Radnor 1690—1711 (23 May), when raised to the Peerage ; Speaker of the All Saints, Edmonton House of Commons 10 February 1701, and twice after; one of the Commissioners for the union with Will, “ of Great Russell Scotland 10 April 1706 ; his life attempted by Guiscard 8 March 1711; Lord High Treasurer of Street, London,” dated 26 England 29 May 1711 ; Knight of the Garter 25 October 1712 ; imprisoned in the Tower by George I., April 1733 ; proved 21 and impeached and acquitted 1717 ; died at his house in Albemarle Street, London, 21 May 1724; June 1737.

buried at Brampton Bryan, co. Hereford.

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Hannah Middleton ;=John Matthews of marriage allegation St. Olave's, Hart dated 28 April 1680, Street, Merchant, when she was aged widower. 30.

Rebecca Middleton, youngest da., buried at All Saints, Edmonton, 6 September 1650, aged 8 months.

Anne Middleton, buried 3 September 1690 in TBennett Swayne
All Saints, Edmonton (Register of St. Botolph, of St. Botolph,
Bishopsgate). Adm'on, as late of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate,
Bishopsgate, dated 12 November 1690. London, Mer-


Bennett Swaine, an infant, buried 26 June 1689 at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate.

Robert Middleton, baptized 9 May 1616 at St. Matthew's, Friday Street.

Eliza Elizabeth Middleton, baptized 17 August 1600 at St. Matthew's, Friday Street; died 1605.

Jane Middleton, Peter Chamberlen, born 8 May 1601 ; M.D. 1619; F.R.C.P. 1628 ; baptized 2 Sep- entered his pedigree 1634 as son of Peter Chamberlen, M.D., by tember 1604 at Sarah, da. of William De Laune, M.D. ; died 22 December 1683 at St. Matthew's, Woodham Mortimer Hall, Essex ; buried there. He was twice

Street; married, and had in all 14 sons, 4 daughters, 65 grandchildren, and married at All 14 great-grandchildren. Of these, 11 sons and 2 daughters were by Saints, Edmon- the first and 3 sons and 2 daughters by the second wife, of which ton, 17 June | latter only 1 son was alive at the time of his death. (See Dict. 1630. 1st wife. Nat. Biog.,' x., 14.) T



Bartholomew Middleton, died an infant.

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Hugh Chamberlen, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., TDorothy, da. of born 1634; attended the Queen of James II. | Colonel John on the birth of the "Old Pretender," and Brett; married sent an account thereof to the Electress 28 March 1663 Sophia, “most important evidence against at St. Paul's, the popular theory of the Prince being a Covent Garden. supposititious child.” He retired to Amsterdam, and was alive 14 November 1720. (See Dict. Nat. Biog., X., 10.)

Paul Chamberlen, M.D., Mary Disbrowe,
born 22 October 1635 ; of the family of
celebrated Obstetrician ; Major-General
died in Great Suffolk John Disbroke
Street, Haymarket, 3 Dec. (Desborough),

1717; buried at St. brother-in-law
Martin's-in-the-Fields. to the Protector
Will dated 24 May 1713; Oliver Cromwell;
proved 19 Dec. 1717.

died 1718.

Other issue.

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11 Middleton Chamberlen, 3rd son.

Paul Chamberlen, only son.

| Peter Chamberlen, R.N., Commander of H.M.S. “ Milford.” Adm'on to brother Hugh (father renouncing) 14 November 1720. He was unmarried.

Hugh Chamberlen, M.D., F.R.C.P., of King Street, Covent Garden,

; born 1664 ; attended Atterbury in the Tower 1723. He was the intimate friend of the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham, and died in Buckingham House 17 June 1728. A monument was placed to his memory by Edmund, Duke of Buckingham, in Westminster Abbey. He married thrice, and had three daughters. (See · Dict. Nat. Biog.,'x., 12.)

Dorothy Chamberlen.

Elizabeth Middle-
ton, baptized Octo-
ber 1608 at St.
Matthew's, Friday

Street; died un-
married 1643.


Anne Middleton, baptized Hester Middleton, baptized=Sir Richard Price, Knt. and Bart., of
13 May 1610 at St. Mat- 10 January 1612-13 at St. Goggerdan, co. Cardigan ; created a
thew's, Friday Street; Matthew's, Friday Street; Baronet 9 August 1641. He after-
died unmarried. Will,

married 3 August 1628 at wards married Mary, da. of Patrick,
" of Edmonton,” dated 22 All Saints, Edmonton. Lord Ruthven, widow of Sir Anthony
October 1635 ; proved 9

Van Dyck the famous painter. He
March 1635-6.

was buried 21 October 1651 in Westminster Abbey.

Mary Middleton, 6th da. and 12th child, buried at All Saints, Edmonton, 12 Aug. 1620.


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Browne Wills.*


WILLIAM BROWNE, mercer, was Sheriff 1491 ; Lord Mayor 1507 ; died during his mayoralty, being succeeded in that office by Laurence Aylmer. He was a “cousin ” of Sir John 1480, not "son," as stated by Stowe in his 'Survey.' Arms (vide

‘ “Arms of the Lord Mayors of London from the first Mayor to the year 1618," Harleian MSS. 1349, fol. 3): Per pale indented or and azure a chevron between three escallops gules.


Extracted from the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate.


In the Name of God Amen The xxth day of March' the yere of of Lorde mlvc and seven and the xxiij yere of the reigne of Kyng Henry the vijth I William Browne the Elder Citizen and Alderman of the Citie of London beyng hole of mynde and in good memory lawde and praysing be vnto Almighty God make and ordeigne this my p’sent Testament of suche moveable goods as God hath lent me conteyning theyreinne my laste Will As to the disposic'ion of all my mesuag's lands and ten’ts here vnder written in maner and forme folowing that is to wite First I bequeth and recomend my Soule vnto Almighty God my Maker and my Redemer to the most glorious Virgyn bis Moder and Lady Seynt Mary And to all the holy company of Heven And my body to be buried in the p’yshe Church of or Lady in Aldermanbury of London And I bequeth to the High Aulter of the same Church for my tythes and oblacions forgoten or necligently wtholden if any soo bee in discharging of my conscience xx®. It. I bequeth to the High Auler of the P'yshe Church of Seynt Mary Magdeleyns in Milke Strete of London for like entent xxs. It. I bequeth to the High Aulter of the P'yshe Church of Stebon'hith in the Countie of Midd. for like entent xxd. It. I bequeth ynto the P'yshe Church of Seynt Mary Magdeleyn my best gilte cup wt a cou'e gilte enameled wt grene to make a chalers withall or sum other jewell suche as the Church Wardeyns and P'yshers ther' sball thinke most convenyent to bue in the same Churche And I will that my body be brought into either wtoute any pompe or pryde of the world And I will that myn' Executors herevnder written prouyde and ordeyne xvj honest torches and iiij honest tap’s to convey my body ynto the erthe and to brenne aboute my body during the tyme of myn' exegnyes and masse of Requiem to be done for me And that xx poore housholders beyng noo comers beggers holde the same svj torches and iiij tap's And that eu'y of theym haue for his labor in that behalf xija And I bequeth iiij of the said xvj torches to the saide P’yshe Church of Stebon'hith. It. ij torches thereof to the said P'yshe Church of of Lady in Aldermanbury. It. to the P'yshe Church of Mordon in the Countie of Surr' a torche thereoff. It. to the P'yshe Church of Seynt Mary Matselon [? Magdalen] withoute Algate of London another torche therof. It. to the p'ishe Church of Seynt Mary Stanyngs of London another torche therof And to the Chapell of Stratford to have another of the saide torches And after my body buried in some abouesaide then I will that all suche detts as I owe to any p'sone or p’sones of right or of conscience be truely paied. It. I bequeth in the honor of God and of our blessed Lady Seynt Mary towards the bieldyng of a Chapell for of blessed Lady in Aldermanbury of London xli. It. I will that my saide Executors as sone as they may goodly aftir my decesse pr’ide and ordeyne an honest

* Communicated by J. R. Brown, Esq., F.R.G.S.—continued from p. 246. In Sir John Broune's will, pp. 243 —246, at end should have been added (18 Horne).

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