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Pedigree of Dunch of Dunch of Little

of Little Wittenham, Berks.*

ARMS.-Sable, a chevron between three tripled towers argent.
CREST.-Out of a ducal coronet or, an antelope's head azure, maned, armed, and attired of the first.

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William Dunch, Auditor of the Mint tempore Henry VIII. and TMary, da. of William and sister and heir of John Barnes Edward VI.; Esquire of the Body to Queen Elizabeth, who granted alias Barons of London, Gentleman Porter of Guynes, near to him the manor of Little Wittenham, Berks ; M.P. for Walling- Calais ; marriage licence granted in the Faculty Office of

ford in 1563; Sheriff of Berks 1569-70 ; died 11 May, and was the Archbishop of Canterbury January 1547-8; buried by
buried by the Heralds' College at Little Wittenham 22 June her husband 13 May 1605.
1597, aged 89.

Arms of BARNES : Argent, two bars between six mascles,
three, two, and one, sable.

2. Walter Dunch of Avebury, Wilts ; of Deborah, da. and coheir of James Pilking-=Sir James Mervyn, Kt.,=Amy, da. of Valentine Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law; M.P. for ton, Bishop of Durham, by his wife Alice, of Fountmel - Giffard, Clark, and widow of Dunwich 1584-5 and 1588-9; died 4 da. of Sir John Kingsmill, Kt., of Sid- Wilts ; Esquire of the Edmund

June 1594, aged 42 ; buried at Little manton, Hants.

Body to Queen Eliza- Sarsden, Oxon. 1st


beth. 2nd husband. wife.

William Dunch of Avebury, only=Margaret, sister of Sir John Sir Henry Modye, T Deborah Dunch, eldest da., married at St. , ;

, son, baptized 8 May 1594 ; of Cooper, Bart., of Wimborne Bart., of Garsden, | Mary Aldermary, London, 30 November 1605; Gray's Inn February 1610-11; St. Giles's, Dorset ; married Wilts ; died 23 marriage settlement dated 3 November 1605; buried at Little Wittenham. before November 1610. April 1630. brought £2000 ; survived her husband. Living 1636.

Living a widow in 1639.



* Communicated by B. W. GREEN FIELD, Esq., F.S.A.

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Sir William Button, Bart., of Ruth Dunch,

, | Tockenham Court, Wilts, 2nd da., mardied 16 January 1654.

ried 1620.

Swayne.=Mary Dunch,=Sir John Philpot, Kt., Thomas Lam-Anne Dunch, 1st husband. 3rd da. of Compton, Hants. bert of Boyton, | 4th da.

2nd husband.


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1. Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenbam; M.P. for Wallingford Anne, only da. and heir of Nicholas Fettiplace of Kentwood, Berks ; 1571, and for Wootton-Bassett 1572 ; Sheriff of Berks 29 married 30 July 1576 ; died 19 January 1627-8, aged 71; buried at Eliz. and 1 Jac. I.; died before May 1624.

Litte Wittenham. M.I.

Arms of FETTIPLACE: Gules, two chevrons argent.


Samuel Dunch of Pusey, Berks ;TDulcibella, eldest da. and coheir of John Moore of North Baddesley, Hants, Serjeant-at-Law, by
M.P. for Wallingford 1620-21 | Dulcibella his wife, widow of William Pawlet, Esq., of Paultons, Hants (who died January 1595-6),
and for Berks 1653 ; Sheriff of and da. of James Paget, Esq., of Grove Place, Hants (she buried at Eling, Hants, 26 May 1602);
Berks 1629-30; of North Bad- licence of marriage granted by Bishop of London 28 May 1617, to be married at Brentford, then
desley jure ux.; of Magdalen aged 17; died 10 July 1664, in her 65th year ; buried at Baddesley. M.I.
College, Oxford, November 1608, Mr. Serjeant Moore purchased the manors of North Baddesley and Chilworth, with the
æt. 15; of Gray's Inn Novem- advowson of the church of Chilworth and rectory of Baddesley, and the appartenances in Romsey and
ber 1611 ; died 20 October, and elsewhere of Sir Thomas Fleming, Kt., of North Stoneham, Hants, Lord Chief Justice of England
buried at North Baddesley 5 No- in the reign of Elizabeth. Mr. Moore, who was Recorder and M.P. for Winchester, died while on
vember 1668, in his 77th year. the Western Circuit 15 August 1620, and his body was brought for sepulture to Baddesley. His

only son John Moore, a Student of University College, Oxford, died of the small-pox at Oxford
2 August 1621, in his 21st year, and was buried at Baddesley, s.p.




=, William Winchcombe of Buckle-=Mary Dunch, eldest da., baptized=Sir Edward Clarke, John Isham of=Elizabeth Dunch, 2nd bury, Berks; married circa 1598; 18 September 1579 ; died 18 Oc. Kt., of Ardington, Pytchley, co. da., died 6 August died 29 July 1614, aged 37, s.p. tober 1646 ; buried with her ist Berks ; died circa Northampton,

1657 ; buried at Little 1st husband. husband at Wittenham, s.p.

1630. 2nd husb. Esq., died 9 De- Wittenham. M.I. 2nd

cember 1626. wife.

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Sir William Dunch of Little Wittenham ; 7 Mary, da. of Sir Henry Walter Dunch of Newington, Oxon ; Sheriff of Mary Hungerknighted at Sir John Fortescue's 19 July Cromwell of Hinchin- that county 1625 ; baptized 31 May 1584 ; of ford.

1603; M.P. for Wallingford 19 March brook, Kt., and aunt of Exeter College, Oxford, 14 May 1602; of Gray's 1659.
1603-4 to 1611 ; B.A. of Balliol College, the Protector ; buried at Inn 1605; B.C.L. of Gloucester Hall, Oxford, 21
Oxford, 19 February 1595-6; of Gray's Inn Little Wittenham 26 May April 1631 ; died 6 January 1644-5. M.I. at
1596; baptized at Little Wittenham 25 May 1617. Administration Newington.
1578; died 22 January 1611-12. M.I. granted 26 May 1617.

Walter Dunch, died 11 January 1648-9; buried in St. Peter's Church, Oxford,

1 Thomas Kirketon of Mary Dunch, Edmund Phillips TAnne Dunch.

Edmund Phillips TAnne Dunch. Thomas HawtenCatherine Dunch
Thorpe - Mandeville, married in of London. Liv- | Living 1634.

of Cothrope,

married before Northampton, April 1621. , ing 1634.

2nd wife.


baptized 20 June


1599. Living 1643.


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1 Sir Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham ; made a Bart. TBridget, only surviving da. and

by the Protector circa 1656, and Baron Burnel of Wit- of Sir Anthony Hungerford, Kt., of
tenham 26 April 1658 ; M.P. for Berks 1624, 1625, Down Ampney, co. Gloucester (died
1626 ; M.P. for Wallingford 1628, and again in March 1645), by his 1st wife Elizabeth, da.
and October 1640 ; M.P. for Berks in 1654 and 1656 ; of Sir Thomas Lucy, Kt. Lady
Sheriff of Berks 1633-4; of Gray's Inn November 1621; Dunch inherited a fortune of £60,000.
born 1602 ; buried at Little Wittenham 4 August 1678.

1 William Dunch Henry Dunch of of Oriel College, Oriel College, OxOxford, October ford, 18 June 1624, 1621 ; baptized æt. 17 ; B.A. July 4 March 1604-5; 1625 ; of Gray's

Inn 1626; died s.p.

died s.p.


Oxon ;


Hungerford Dunch of Little=Catherine Oxton of Hermes Dunch, Henry Dunch of Christ TAnne, da. of Wil- . Lucy Dunch.
1st Wittenham and Down Am- St. Martin's in Gent., Com- Church, Oxford, No-liam Dormer of
wife. ney; of Christ Church Col- Fields, Middlesex ; moner of Christ vember 1662, aged 13; Ascott,

lege, Oxford, in 1655 ; M.P. marriage licence in Church, Oxford, of the Inner Temple died 13 May Dunch.
for Cricklade 1660 to 1680; in Vicar - General's November 1662, 1673; born 1649 ; died 1690, aged 34 ;
1660 had an income of £2000 Office 18 April aged 14 ; died 1686 ; buried at New- buried at New-
a year ; born 1639 ; died 9th 1677 ; she then 13 April 1667, ington, Oxon. M.I. ington. M.I.
and buried at Little Witten- aged 16. 2nd wife. aged 20.
ham 13 November 1680.

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1 Anne Dunch, born 13 November 1682 ; died 29 August 1683; buried at Little Wittenham. M.I.

. Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham and Down Amney; MasterFElizabeth Godfrey, a Maid of Honour of Household to the Queen 6 October 1708 and George I. 9 Oc- | to the Queen, da. and coheir of Col. tober 1714 ; M.P. for Cricklade 1700 to 1713, Boroughbridge 1713, Charles Godfrey, Clerk Comptroller of and for Wallingford 1714 to his death ; joined the Revolution of the Green Cloth and Master of the 1688 as a Whig ; wasted his fortune by gaming, being in debt at Jewel Office, by his wife Arabella his death to amount of £26,000 and more ; born in Jermyn Churchill, sister of the great Duke of Street 14 December 1657 ; baptized 1 January following; died Marlborough ; married 2 May 1702 ; 31 May and buried at Little Wittenbam 4 June 1719. The died at Whitehall 4 November 1761, manor and estate of Down Amney were sold on his death. aged 89.


Elizabeth Dunch, only surviving child and heir ; married circa August 1698 Sir Cecil Bisshopp, fifth Bart., of Parham ; he died 1725.


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PEDIGREE A. (See page 44.)

Samuel Dunch Dulcibella Moore.

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Anne=Gabriel Beck of Lucy Dunch,=John Twisleton of
Dunch, Westminster, 5th da., died Horseman's Place,
4th da. Solicitor to the

Council of State. buried at created a Bart. by
Living 1656. Dartford, s.p. Oliver Cromwell.

2nd wife

Kent ;

Dulcibella Dunch, Edmond Wiseman of Elizabeth John Pitt-
2nd da., died 10 Steventon and Spar- Dunch, man of
November 1656, sholt Court, Berks ; 3rd da. Quarley,
aged 37; buried at Sheriff of Berks 1669;

Steventon, Berks. died 1689, aged 68.

and was

Edmund Dunch, John Dunch of Pusey and North Baddesley, TAnne, 2nd da. and coheir of
1 son, of Magda- only surviving son ; M.P. for Berks 1654 Richard Maijor of Hursley,
len Hall, Oxford, to 1659; of Gray's Inn April 1648 ; died Hants ; married there 2 July
17 May 1639, 30 October, and was buried at North 1650 ; died 30 November
aged 15; died

Baddesley 5 November 1668, in his 38th 1665, in her 34th year ;

buried at N. Baddesley. M.I.

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. 1. Maijor Dunch of Pusey, Sheriff Margaret, 2nd da. of Sir Thomas Seylyard, Bart.,=William Ross, 2. William Dunch Sarah of Berks 1677 ; born 9 August | Philip, Lord Whar- of Boxley Abbey ; buried Esq. 3rd of Red Lion Street, Lawyer.

London ; born 26 1651 ; died 27 September 1679, ton, by his 2nd wife ; at Edenbridge 4 May 1692. husband.

in his 29th year ; buried at Pusey. married 2ndly circa Will proved 12 May 1692.

September 1652.
M.I. 1st husband.

2nd husband.


Wharton Dunch of Pusey, M.P. Jane or Mary Dunch, TFrancis Keck of Great Sarah Dunch,=Edward Haylock TAnne
for Appleby December 1701 and heir to her brother. | Tew, Oxon ; died 29 died 14 Fe- of Sawston, co. died 1 May
Richmond, Yorkshire, May


Had "a vast fortune." | September 1728. bruary 1773, Cambridge ; died 1743, aged 1705; of Pembroke College, Ox

t in her 77th 17 November

43. ford, 27 March 1697, aged 15 ; The manor of North Baddesley was sold by the

1782, aged 81.

wife. died September 1705, aged 24, Keck family, and is now the property of Mrs. wife, s.p.

Chamberlayne of Cranbury Park, Hursley.


year. 2nd




year. M.I.




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