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Aug. 6 Richard Cocke and Marie Berricke.
Sep. 10 John Reeve and Marie Neuberie, wyd.
Sep. 14 Robert Rennolds and Katherin Lennard.
Sep. 17 Gabriell Greene, one of the Jurats of this Town, and Joane Duncken,

Sep. 17 Rychard Goldsmyth and Margaret Odiam, wyd.
Oct. 1 John Potkins and Anne Roberts, widdow.
Oct. 1 Beniamine Wyborne and Elner Maynard.
Oct. 8 Nicolas Symons and Anne Min, wid.
Oct. 23 Evangelist Goldsmyth and Rebecca Wilkenson.
Oct. 30 Thomas Barram and Marie Kinge.
Nov. 13 John Holland and Elizabeth Brenchley.
Nov. 19 Robert Perce and Joane Langley.
Dec. Edward Crips and Marie Goslinge.
Jan. 21 John fford and Marie Person, widdowe.
Jan. 21 Abraham Blushe and Margaret hunt.

May 12 Raffe Gynner and Margaret Hils.
May 27 Thomas Burt and Agnes Greene.
May 27 William Bucher and Marie Whitman.
June 3 Roger Gynner and Alce Hils.
June 4 Edmund Stringer and Alce Smyth.
June 10 Thomas Whetstone and Elizabeth Bassocke.
June 17 Henrie Goodlad and Margerie Preble.
June 30 James Goddred and Adria Borrege.
July 15 Henrie Willard and Sara Andrews.
July 28 Wymprosse ffarnando and Joane Thomas, wyd.
July 28 Wyllyam Gasken and Agnes Watkens.
July 28 Robert Bennet and Amy Basden.
July 28 Robert Melford and Joane Allen.
Sep. 16 Edmund Hope and Jane Hall.
Oct. 7 John Okle and Joane Hardinge.
Oct. 13 James Stone and Sarah Peters.
Oct. 15 Daniell ffoster and Joane Tomson.
Oct. 25 Wylliam Sumner and Anne Winston.
Oct. 27 Henrie Gardner and Joane Heis.
Nov. 3 Richard Grosier and Joane Michell.
Nov. 11 John Underton and Alice Renolds.
Nov. 21 Allen Howse and Joane Swinerton.
Dec. 9 Henrie Smyth and Agnes Smyth.
Jan. 13 Wylliam Podmer and ffrauncis Medler.
Jan. 15 Thomas Mascole and Joane Oxenhowse, wyd.
Feb. 10 Wylliam Boone and Elizabeth Goslinge.
Feb. 10 Richard Harnden and Ellen Hardear.
Feb. 10 Richard Dodge aud Dorithie Watkens.
Feb. 24 Henrie ffreeman and Marie Swone.
Feb. 24 John Goslinge and Alce Goslinge.
Mar. 3 John Hubberd and Margaret Kemsley, widdow.
Mar. 3 Edmund Wilson and Marie Marshall.

May 5 John Baker and Dorythie Elmeston.
June 2 John Rant and Marie Maye.
June 8 Thomas Crowcher and Joane Varnam.
June 30 Lawrence Robinson and florence Basset.
July 7 John Tytt and Elizabeth Braod.*

* Cant. Transcript, “ Broade.”

July 23 Robert Austen and Jane Alcerne.
Aug. 23 Thomas Tomson and Mercie Pie, widdowe.
Aug. 30 Roger Goodson and Jane Martten, widdow.
Sep. 16 William Chamberlane and Agnes Bowder, wyd.
Sep. 24 Raffe Goldsmyth and Jane Potter.
Oct. 27 Robert bowden, of boxley, and Dennis Haule, of this Parish.
Oct. 27 Pawle Davye and Elizabeth Becher.
Oct. 28 Thomas English and Marie Hewes.
Nov. 4 Wylliam Brydger, of Hettcorne, and Ann Potkin, widdowe.
Nov. 4 Henrie Williams and Alce Wever, wyd.
Nov. 9 Thomas Lake, gent., and Ann Emiot ;* with a Lycense from Canterbury.
Dec. Wylliam Ellis and Dorithie Knight.
Dec. Arthur Stevenson, cooke, and Jane Powlter.
Jan. 197 William Vigian and Patience Malyme. I
Jan. 207 John Jonson and Elizabeth Horne.
Jan. 25 George Towne and Maria Shorte.
Jan. 26 Gabriell Knyght and Elizabeth Hope.
Jan. 26 John Cutberd and Pacience Becher.
Mar. 18 John Waller, gent., and Annie Pix ; by Lycence out of the Court of



April 19 Nicolas Bensted and Elizabeth andrewes.
April 19 Edward Stile and Ruth Welles, widow.
April 26 Wylliam Haslam and Joane Bowle.
May 3 William Crocke and Elizabeth Orger.
May 21 William Baker, of boxley, and Sylvester Hicks, wid.
June 14 Stephen blinde and Sandryne Austin.
June 14 Thomas Warreu and Elizabeth Peneale.
Aug. 16 Lawrence Robenson and Susan Comber.
Aug. 16 Robert Lynsey and Margaret chamberlaine.
Aug. 24 Vincent Allen and Ellen Herington, widdowe.
Sep. 13 Robert Post and Rose Clocke.

4 Samuel Lampert, of Tunbridge, and Margerie Parkes, wyddowe. Oct. 18 Robert Lane and Alce Elsworth. Dec. 26 William Harrison, of London, and Katherin Downe, of this Towne ;

with Lycence.
Jan. 3 Lawrence Robinson and Sara Car.
Jan. 3 Edward Ware and Agnes Harryson.
Jan. 17 Robert Wooderotte and Samewell Erley, wyd.
Jan. 23 Thomas Smyth and Jone Bridger, wyd.

1597. April 18 Thomas Wanden and ffrauncis Persse. April 25 Wylliam Darby and Marie Vyny. May 9 Robert Hazell and Sara Mosse. May 9 Roger Lane and Susan Lorkinge. May 20 Peter Browne, of Canterburie, and Ann Esden, wyddowe, of this towne. May 30 Robert Goldinge, gent.,|| and Elizabeth Westnes. T June 20 William Evans, of barminge, and Elizabeth broke, da. of Robert Broke,

of this towne.


Spelt “ Emyot” in the Cant. Dioc. Reg. of Licences. † These two are transposed in the Register. # In Cant. Transcript, “ Maylem.”

" $ In Cant. Transcript, “Stephen Blynde, shoemaker, to Sandrian Astyn."

Of Sevington, near Ashford.
Berry (Kentish Pedigrees,' p. 160) calls her Wastnes, as da. and coh. of William Wastnes.
July 18 William Henman and Bennet Rich,* wyd. ; by a Lycence from Canterburie.
Oct. 6 Anthonie Blunden and Joane Ellis, Widdow.
Oct. 9 William ffreman and Katherin Tayler ; with a Licence from Canterburie.
Nov. 21 Stephen Beach, of Thurnam, and Elizabeth Apes, of this parishe.
Nov. 14 William Austin and Margaret Tayler, wyd.
Nov. 7 Edward Browne and Rachell Marshall.
Nov. 7 Wylliam Beard and Ellen Hookes ;t by a Licence.
Nov. 17 William Lake and Ann Clarke, of Leigh.
Dec. 28 Rychard Kinge and Agnes Wrest.
Jan. 30 Thomas Skelton and Sara frederich, wyd.
Feb. 6 Robert Lawrence and Alce lane, wyddow.
Feb. 20 Wyllyam Wythe and Elizabeth Hunt, wyd.
Feb. 20 David Ellise and Jane Underhill.
Feb. 26 Pawle burges and Agnes Perse.

April 18 Ambrose Bealef and Katherin Mapelsden.
April 30 Thomas Thomson and Anne Godwine.
April 30 John Vigian and Marie Argor.
May 8 Wylliam Bassocke and Micoll Ramsden, of Cranbroke ; per testimonium

Roberti Newman, Rectoris de Staplehurst.
May 8 Thomas Buttresse and Joane Sparrow, widdow.
May 21 Jervis Whitbread and Elizabeth Person.
June 4 Richard Wilkens and Marie Christfeild.
June 26 Robert Mallard and Margaret Giles.
July 16 John Stare, gentle., and Luce Goare.
July 24 Robert Stephens and Mildred Philpottc.
Sep. 18 William Woodgate and Sislie Hills.
Sep. 18 Robert Reve and Marie Chesman.
Sep. 24 Gylbert Joye and Elner [blank].
Sep. 25 Humfrey Brodnocke and Katherin Austen.
Sep. 25 John Turner and Elizabeth Gille.
Oct. 1 Thomas Downe and Elizabeth Heywode.
Oct. 16 John Ward and Anne Smyth.
Oct. 23 Thomas Goslinge and Joane Henricke.
Oct. 27 Edward Shininge and [blank] Briger, $ wedowe, of Staplehurst ; per

licentiam Georgii Newman.
Nov. 12 William Goall and Anne ffowle, weddow.
Nov. 13 Henrie Howse and ffrauncis Peyrt.
Jan. 1 Anthonie Graye and Ann Lorkin.
Jan. 2 Stephen Philpotte and Tomson Ore.
Jan. 15 Thomas Ore and Dorothie Howe.
Jan. 20 John Rainger and Elizabeth Wimperose.

April 4 Stephen Chaplesden [? Maplesden) and Anne Junter.
May 1 Wylliam Butcher and Elizabeth Webstare.
May 6 James Cleve and Alce courtis.
May 11 William Benson and Elizabeth Russle.
May 13 Anthoine Blundele and Elizabeth Bowrough.
May 17 Nicholas Dogge and Elizabeth basden.
May 28 Thomas Averill and Margaret Tarnell.

(To be continued.)
* “Birche" in the Cant. Dioc. Reg.
† Entered in the Cant. Dioc. Reg. as "William Beare, of Herne, and Ellina Hookes."

Mayor in 1624 and again in 1637.
In Cant. Dioc. Reg., " Edward Sheman and Joanne Bridger.”

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Louis Gervaise," hosier (marchand linger) in Paris. TMarguerite Dufresne, abjured Ancien of Charenton Church.


Marie Dufresne, Charles Berchet of m. 1653.

Paris, painter.

1 11

11 Louis Gervaise, bapt. at TJacqueline, Marguerite,=Isaac de Mon- Paul, b. 1653. Peter Berchetti of London,=Mary Suzanne, Charenton 25 Oct. 1653 dan.of Isaac abjured, nier, Secrétaire

painter, b. 8 Aug. 1658 ;

(Sponsor Benjamin Ger- Mariette, m. 1671. des

. .

Finances Daniel, b. 1656. d. 1 Jan. 1720. Will dated vaise). Ancien of Tbread- wine mer

to Duke of

9 Jan. 1719-20 ; proved 9
needle Street Church. chant.
Orleans. Francis, b. 1657. May 1720. (P.C.C., 100

D. in St. Giles in Fields

Shaller.) c. 1722.



b. 1686.

Peter Gervaise of Hammersmith, gent. Will dated 25 Sep. 1745, and proved 27 Oct. 1748 by the sister in law, Gabriel Fonace, woollen-draper, renouncing. (P.C.C., 298 Strahan.)

Isaac Gervaise, TJudith Mary, dau. of Thomas Amyot dead in 1739. and Judith Cavalier. Will dated 16

Nov. 1757 ; proved 10 Jan. 1758. (P.C.C., 12 Hutton.)


Isaac Gervaise of Par. of Mary Ann, dau. of Lewis Mettayer, goldsmith, of Olympia, m. 14 June 1748 (with John Arthur, St. Gregory's. St. James, Westminster. Living 1794.

£5000," Gent. Mag.).

For continuation v. ante, p. 28.

Olympia Arthur.
1 Banished in 1685 to Gannat ; in 1686 imprisoned in Château d'Angoulême ; rejoined his son in London c. 1688.
2 The name also appears as des Fraines.

3 He had safely reached London in or before 1682, in which year permission was accorded to his wife to join him in England for a
space of three years, but occasionally revisited Paris to confer with his father on Church policy. 1686, the year in which his son Jaques
Auguste was born, found him interned in the Oratoire ; and in 1687, after imprisonment in the Abbaye de Lagny, he was finally expelled
from France.

- Peter Berchett was employed by William III. to paint his palace at Loo, in Holland, occupying, according to La France
Protestante, 15 years in the task. His best known work in England is the chapel ceiling at Trinity College, Oxford.

* Communicated by HENRY WAGNER, Esq., F.S.A.



The following has been copied from an illustrated “ Book of Common Prayer, 1768 ; on the flyleaf: “M. Bettey, The gift of her affectionate Mother December 17th -/64 ;” inside the cover, printed in capitals, on a small leather label : “ M. Dafforne, May gih J772." I shall be pleased to return the original to any representative of the family wishing it.


George Jarritt was Born September 24, 1779, and Baptized at Maryleborn Church. John Elliott Jarritt was Born April 19, 1782, and Baptized at Maryleborn Church. Robert Jarritt was Born December 17, 1784, and Baptized at St. George's Church,

Hanover Square. Robert Jarritt was born at Spring Grove House, Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire,

29th November 1827, and Christened at Old Sodbury Church. Sponsors,

Mr Thomas Iles, Mr Robert Collins, Miss Elizb Iles. Maria Jarritt born at Betty's Hope, Antigua, 25th July 1830 and Baptized at Par

ham Church, Mary Ann Jarritt born as above, 20th September 1832, Christened at Parham. Margaret Eliza Jarritt born on Whitsunday 18th May 1834, Christened at Parham. Henry Jarritt born 15th October 1835, Christened at Parham. Robert Jarritt Sen' Departed this Life 30th December 1835 at Betty's Hope Este.

Genealogical Potes and Queries.

SCATTERGOOD. I should be glad to hear of any original MSS., or parish registers, or of any old books which contain anything beyond the accounts given of him in the Biographical Dictionaries, bearing on the descent, history, or family of Dr. Anthony Scattergood (1611–1687), theologian and Greek scholar. He is stated to have published a Bible (folio, Cambridge, J. Hayes) in 1678 or 1683, but I cannot bear of a copy. Can any one say where such a Bible is to be found ? Dr. Scattergood married, about 1641, or at any rate some time before 1646, Martha Wharton of London. Has any one come across the entry of the marriage in any of the church registers in London? A son of this marriage, John Scaitergood, was living in 1700, probably at or near Market Harborough, and the name may possibly be found in the church registers there. I should be glad to have any references to the occurrence either iu MS. or print (previous to 1800) of this somewhat uncommon name of Scattergood.

B. P. S. Leeds.

From a copy of THE BIBLE (Geneva Version), London, Robert Barker, 1602, folio :-

Edward Justice and Jane Kinward | Maried att St Lawrence Church | in Reading on ye 14:1
Day of August | 1697.
Edward Justice Son of Edward and Jane Jus | tice Born the 6 D | ay of June | 1698.


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