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Pedigree of Priaulr."

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ARMS: Gules, an eagle displayed or.

CREST: An eagle displayed or.

MOTTO : César Auguste.' Peter Priaulx of Southampton and Tffrances, da. of John Mercer of Southampton, who of the Salt Works, Lymington. died 4 and was buried 7 September 1631.

Marie Elizabeth Priaulx, born 8 March 1607 at Southampton.

Forby (merchant).


Peter Priaulx (merchant), of Mary Seale, born 12 February 1614, baptized 19 FeSouthampton, Gent., son and bruary ; da. of Peter Seale of Southampton and of his heir.

wife Catharine, née Goupil.

Anne T-Sir E. Desbouverie, Jane Sir John Hol- A da.=Sir William PortForby. Knt., of Salisbury, Forby. | man of Salis

land, Knt., of Attorney.



Peter John PriaulxTMary, da. of Richard Priaulx. of New Sarum, Hill of Stratford, co.

aged 39 in Wilts. He was Mayor 1677.

of Salisbury 1699.

| John Priaulx, Catherine=Sir Thomas Mompesson, Knt., Anne Priaulx, died un- Sarah=Thomas Cooper of Salisbury. Licence

Priaulx. M.P. for New Sarum 1678. married ; buried at Andover, co. Hants, 11 April 1726. aged 7in 1677. He died in 1700.

Sherborne, co. Dorset.

died young,

1 William Priaulx of Trinity College, Camb., B.A. 1628-9 ; M.A. 1632; died 13 October 1673, aged 62; TJoan buried in the church at Rusper, co. Sussex, of which parish he was Rector for 38 years.

1 Paul Priaulx, buried at Rus- Frances Priaulx,=Henry Stone Peter Priaulx of Merton College, Oxford, B.A. 1655 ; M.A. 1662 ; per 14 February 1647. married at Capell of

. Capell, Vicar of Melksham, co. Wilts, 1668. Bequeathed the estate of 7 May 1669.


Surrey, “Greenhurst" in the parish of Capell, co. Surrey, to William Priaulx
Jane Priaulx, buried at Rus-

Gentleman. of London and Peter Priaulx of Salisbury, who sold it to John per 21 June 1647.

Priaulx before 1692.


* Communicated by Miss SELINA MAR


Paul Priaulx of London, merchant, of the parish of St. Bartholomew, T near the Royal Exchange, London. Administration granted to Paul Priaulx, son, 26 April 1708.

Frances=Major Priaulx. Knight.

Robert Priaulx (grocer) T of London, Gent.


Elizabeth Priaulx,=James Crosse Mary=.
born 1651 ; mar- of St. Michael, Priaulx. Cox.

. .
ried at St Mary- Crooked Lane,
le-Bow Church 22 London, Gent.
December 1673.

Paul Priaulx of Peter Priaulx of University College, Ox-Coelia Pleydell of
Charlton, co. ford; B.A. 1685 ; M.A. from All Souls Iffley, co. Oxon ;
Kent. Adminis- 1689 ; B.D. 1696; D.D. 1701 ; Vicar marriage licence 20
tration granted of Elsfield, co. Oxon ; Rector of Elinley, July 1699; died 11
to son Paul 26 co. Kent, 1700, of Buckland, co. Surrey, May1751, aged 86;
April 1728. 1701 ; died 3 and buried 7 November East Bridge-

1713 at Buckland. Will dated 29 May ford, co. Notts, 15
1706 ; proved 3 December 1713. May 1751.

, , , ,

Paul Priaulx, died s.p.=Anne Coelia Priaulx, Peter Priaulx, matriculated at University College, Oxford, 9 April 1720, aged 16 ;
Will proved by his

died unmarried Demy Magdalen College 1720-8; B.A. 1723 ; M.A. 1726 ; Fellow of Magdalen
widow and executrix

8 May 1719, College 1728—43; B.D. 1735; Bursar 1737; Dean of Divinity 1741 ; Rector of Anne Priaulx 29 June

aged 18; bur. Candlesby, co. Lincoln, 1738—42 ; of East Bridgeford, co. Notts, 1742, until 1740.

at Buckland,co. his death ; died unmarried 18 March 1783 ; buried at East Bridgeford.

John Priaulx of Magdalen Hall, Oxford; Fellow of Merton College ; B.A. 11 May 1633; M.A. 22 February 1640; D.D. TAnne, da.of
7 August 1660; 4th son of Peter ; Rector of Fovant 1647; of Long Newnton 1648 ; of Berwick St. John 1662 (all in
co. Wilts); Canon of Salisbury 1660 ; Archdeacon of Salisbury 1671 until his death 2 June 1674 ; buried in Sarum Cathe-

dral. Administration granted 27 March 1675 of the goods of John Priaulx to Paul, Peter, and John Priaulx, Guardians of Hants; died
Anne, John, and Peter, minors, children of John Priaulx of New Sarum, Professor of Theology, deceased, Anne Priaulx, 18 October
Relict, 30 June 1675. (13 Sheldon.)

1695 ; bur.
in Salisbury

Facsimile of an old silver Seal, formerly

Arms: Quarterly-1 and 4, Gules, an
belonging to John Priaulx, Archdeacon of

eagle displayed or (PRIAULX); 2 and 3, Salisbury, now in the possession of Miss S. M.

Argent, a fesse engrailed between six fleurs

de-lis gules (ELY). WOODROOFFE.


Ely of


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Anne Priaulx of the John Priaulx of University College, Oxford ; B.A. TElizabeth Borrer, niece of Robert Peter Priaulx of ElizaClose, New Sarum, 1678 ; M.A. 1681 ; Rector of Rusper, co. Sussex ; Edsaw of Rusper and of John Sherborne, beth co. Wilts ; died un- buried there 5 September 1712, aged 54. He Edsaw of co. Sussex ; levied a fine Dorset. Ad

married 14 Novem- bought of “Greenhurst” of William Priaulx of of of "Greenhurst" in 1712; ministration
ber 1702 ; buried in London and Peter Priaulx of Salisbury, and settled executed a deed in favour of da. granted to Eli-
Salisbury Cathedral. the same, by deed, 1692. Had a Copyhold in Anne 1713; mortgaged the whole zabeth Priaulx,
Will dated 11 No- Donhead St. Andrew, co. Wilts. His "study of in 1715; Bill in Chancery 1717 ; widow, 1 Sep-
vember 1702; proved books mentioned in Bill of 1717. Died in- died 7 April 1749. Will proved tember 1705.
23 February 1702-3. testate.

22 April 1749. (37 Degg.)

John Priaulx, John Reynell=Anne Priaulx=John Bridger, son Sarah Priaulx, an idiot, Clerk, who

of Billingshurst, ried in her per in 1761.

co. Sussex, Attor- father's lifeney. 2nd husband. time.

of George Bridger died unmarburied at Rus died 1714.

Anne John Sarah Priaulx, died unmarried.

| Priaulx. Ellis. Will dated 20 May 1741 ;

proved 12 July 1750. John Ellis.

Elizabeth Priaulx, died unmarried.

Matthew Priaulx TAlthamia, 8th da. of Sir
of Rusper, born John Thompson, Bart.,
1694 ; Scholar of of Haversham, co. Bucks,
Winchester Col- 1st Baron Haversham,
lege 1705 ; Scho- by his wife Lady Fran-
lar of New Col- ces, widow of Francis
lege, Oxford ; Wyndham, Esq., and da.
Fellow 1714; of Arthur Annesley, 1st
Master of Bedford Earl of Anglesey. She
School 1719. died 22 October 1745.

Will proved 11 January
1746, da. Althamia ex-

ecutrix. с

Eleanor Denham William Priaulx of St. TAnne, da. of John and Mary Cowcher; execuof Southwark,bur. Mary's,

Southwark, trix of her husband's will 1753 ; buried at St.
at St. Saviour's, 1730; of St. Saviour's, Saviour's, Southwark, 16 April 1760. Will
Southwark, 6 Southwark, 1741–47, dated 3 January 1759 ; proved 2 May 1760.
March 1729-30. Apothecary, and later, 2nd wife.
Administration to a coal merchant. Lega-
her husband Wil- tee of his mother 1749.
liam Priaulx April Buried at St. Saviour's,
1730. 1st wife. Southwark, 6 July

1753. Will dated 26
June, proved 30 June

Arms of CowCHER, on a silver Seal, in the 1753.

possession of Miss WOODROOFFE.




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