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Althamia Elizabeth Priaulx of Rich- Sarah Priaulx of Walcot Place, Lam- Henry Priaulx of Wal-=Sarah Ann Priaulx, died

mond, died unmarried. beth, died unmarried ; buried in St.

beth, died unmarried ; buried in St. cot Place, Lambeth, Mentioned unmarried before
Will proved 24 November Saviour's, Southwark. Will dated died s.p. ; buried in in will of 1787.
died un-
married. 1787. Mentions her 20 November 1802 ; proved January St. Saviour's, South- sister-in-

“Brother Henry” and 1803. Bequeaths Leasehold called wark. Died before his law Sarah John Priaulx, bur.
Matthew “ Sister Sarah as the “Chapplewick Farm " in the parish sister Sarah, who desires 1803. in St. Saviour's,

"last remaining relations of Ashbury, co. Berks, to nephew and to be buried in the Priaulx,

Southwark, 2 Apr. on her mother's side." died

1730. executor Rev. Nathaniel George same place with him. young.


1 Peter Priaulx of William Priaulx, Mary Priaulx of Wind- Thomas Woodrooffe Martha Priaulx, baptized 17 September=Ambrose the parish of baptized 11 Fe- mill Street, St. Pancras, of Cheapside, Lon- 1743 at St. Saviour's, Southwark. Will Serle, at Camberwell, co.bruary 1741 at baptized 27 October don, hosier, and of proved 1817. Mention of daughters St. PanSurrey, glover, St. Saviour's, 1742 at St. Saviour's, the parish of St. Martha and Elizabeth Woodrooffe, and cras Old died s.p. Men- Southwark; died Southwark. Mentioned Mary, Newiogton, Esther Sarah Serle; of sons Rev. Na- Church tioned in will of young.

in will of her half-sister co. Surrey. Will thaniel George and John Woodrooffe, 29 Octo-
his half-sister

Sarah 1803. Died un- proved 12 October and Rev. Philip Serle; of grandson Wil- ber 1774.
Sarah 1803.

married ; buried in St. 1771. (See Wood- liam Serle, son of Captain William Serle. 2nd husSaviour's 23 September rooffe Pedigree.) Martha Serle mentioned in Will of her band. 1812. Will dated 1812.

half-sister Sarah 1803.

William Priaulx, baptized 6 Novem-
ber 1744 at St. Saviour's, Southwark ;
buried in the same church 27 Nov.

Ellen Priaulx, baptized at Sophia Priaulx, baptized 23 December John Grammar of the parish St. Saviour's, Southwark, 1746 at St. Saviour's, Southwark. of St. James, Westminster, 22 January 1746; buried Mentioned in Will of her half-sister hatter and hosier. 16 October 1747.

Sarah 1803.

1 Sophia Grammar. Sarah Jemima Grammar. Amelia Fanny Grammar.

Priaulr. Inscription upon a stone in the chancel (now removed to the belfry) of the Church

at Rusper. Here lyeth interred (under the Hope of a Glorious | Resurrection) ye Body of Mr WILLIAM PRIAULX ye I late Painfull and Faithfull Pastor of this Church | for the space of about thirty and eight years, who | deceased ye 13th day of October, Anno Domini 1673, | in ye sixty third year of His age.

Inscription upon a monument in Buckland Church, near Betchworth, co. Surrey.

(In the north transept.) Here lyes CÆLIA ye daughter of Doc' PETER PRIAULX | near the body of her said father. | She dyed ye gth of May 1719 in ye 19th | year of her age. | Her sorrowful Mother put up this | monument, Designing to be buried | by her.

Inscription on tablet, south wall, nave, Salisbury Cathedral.

Variæ Eruditionis

Ingens juxta conditur Thesaurus,
D’nus JOHANNES PRIAULX S.T.P. Southamptoniæ natus

Oxonii educatus,
Magnum utriusque Ornamentum ;
Linguarum, Artium, Scientiarum

Humanioris Literaturæ cultor
Cum paucis celebrandus,

Cum {Archidiaconatum

multum adornasset,
subitû correptus morte
Animam Deo reddidit
Pridie Nonas Junii



Anno { Ætatis suæ LX

Laborum suorum fructum


(1) Quod reliquum est Dn JOANNIS PRIAULX S.T.P.

(2) Here lyeth the Body of ANNE the Relict of Dr John PRIAULX S.T.P. | died the 18 of October | 1695.

(3) Here lieth the body of Mr | ANNE PRIAULX, Daughter of Doctor PRIAULX, Canon of this Church, who dyed the 14 of November, Anno: Dni 1702.

Inscriptions on the Priaulx Monument in the Church at East Bridgford, co. Notts. Underneath lieth the body of Mrs Celia PRIAULX, Relict of | PETER PRIAULX

1 D.D. who died May 11, 1751, aged 86 years.

Also the Body of | The Rev. PETER PRIAULX B.D. | their son, who died March 18, 1783, aged 80 years. Having been 41 years Rector of this Parish. In Him the Poor have lost a Friend and Benefactor.

Will of ANNE PRIAULX of the Closc of New Sarum, co. Wilts, spinster. Dated 11 Nov. 1702. (P.C.C., 37 Degg.) To my kinswoman Mrs Katherine Edmonds, spinster, living with me, the yearly rent charge of 10' for her life, out of my personal estate ; also 20 guineas to buy her mourning. To my cousin Katherine West 5! To my niece Anne, daughter of my brother John Priaulx, my gold watch and a ring with a green stone in the middle of it. To my goddaughter Anne Priaulx, daughter of my kinsman John Priaulx, deceased, the diamond ring which I had of her father. To my cousin Sarah Priaulx, the youngest daughter of my said kinsman J. P., a double guinea. To my kinswomen Mrs Katherine Stephens and Mrs Katherine Adry a broad piece of gold apiece. The said annuity is to be paid by the interest of the 2001 due to me npon bond from Edmond Lainbert, Esq., and when that sum is paid it is to be let out at interest in the names of my executor [her brother John Priaulx ; see below], John Powell the elder, gent., and my cousin Edward Edmonds. After the death of Mrs K. Edmonds, the principal shall be employed for the maintenance of my nephew Mathew Priaulx in Winchester College or elsewhere, as his father shall think fit. To my cousin Stockwell, wife of Thomas Stockwell, and Patience Noyse, 208 each. To my brother Peter Priaulx's three daughters 100l apiece, on attaining 21 years : and in the meantime the interest to be paid to my brother Peter. To the poor of the Close of Sarum 40$. The rest of my chattels, etc., and all my plate to my brother John Priaulx, whom I make executor, and my cousin Edward Edmonds and John Powell, overseers, etc.

Proved 23 February 1702[-3] by the said executor.

PETER PRIAULX, deceased. (P.C.C.) Administration granted 1 Sep. 1705 to Elizabeth Priauls, widow, relict of Peter Priaulx, late of Sherbone [sic] in co. Dorset, deceased.

PAUL PRIAULX, deceased. (P.C.C.) Administration granted 26 April 1708 to Paul Priaulx, son of Paul Priaulx, of the parish of St Bartholomew, near the Royal Exchange, London, widower.

Will of PETER PRIAULX, D.D., Rector of Buckland, in Surrey. Dated 29 May 1706. (P.C.C., 278 Leeds.) All my personal estate, viz., money, plate, and all other goods to my dear & loving wife Celia Priaulx for life, and afte her decease to be equally divided between my children, viz., Peter Priaulx and Celia Priaulx, whom I commit to the guardianship of their mother, trusting that she will not wrong them by a second marriage. If any child be born after my death, it is to have an equal share after the mother's decease. I trust she will take care to allow them a handsome education. My wife to be executrix.

Affidavit, 3 Dec. 1713, by Robert Constable, one of the Procurators-General of the Arches Court of Canterbury, that the said Will is in the Rev. Peter Priaulx’s handwriting ; that he was present at his interment at Buckland on Saturday, 7 Nov. last, and that on the Monday following the widow and deponent found the will in a little desk in deceased's study.

Affidavit by John Trubshaw of the parish of St. Bride's, London, that the Will is Dr Priaulx's handwriting.

Proved at London, 3 Dec. 1713, by Celia Priaulx, widow and executrix.
Paul Priaulx. (P.C.C.) Administration granted 12 April 1728 to Paul

) Priaulx, son of Paul Priaulx, late of the parish of Charlton in Kent, widower, deceased.

Note in margin: “Administration of goods unadministered passed in January 1739[-40].”

ELLEN (or ELEANOR, as in Burials in St. Saviour's, Southwark] Priaulx alias DENHAM. (P.C.C.) Administration granted 2 April 1730 to William Priaulx, husband of Ellen Priaulx alias Denham, late of the parish of St. Saviour's, Southwark, deceased.

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Will of Paul PRIAULX, lodging at M Collioun's in John Street, Westminster. Dated 9 March 1734. (P.C.C., 21 Browne.) His debts to be paid. Residue to his wife Ann, executrix, subject “to her paying to and to the use of my very good friend Mr Thomas Vaughan of Hare Court, Inner Temple, one full third part or share of what can be had or recovered of the money due to me from the Lord Lisburn.". Witnesses, Eliz. Colliourn, Jo. Curzon, Richard Prichard.

Proved at London 29 Jan. 1739(-40] by Ann Priaulx, the widow.

PAUL PRIAULX, deceased. (P.C.C.) Administration granted Jan. 1740 to Ann Priaulx, widow and executrix of Paul Priaulx, deceased, only child and administrator of Paul Priaulx of Charlton, Kent, widower, deceased, of goods left unadministered by her husband. [See ante.]

Will of ALTHAMIA PRIAULX of the town of Bedford, widow. Dated 2 Feb. 1743[-4]. (P.C.C., 24 Edmunds.) Gives her messuages, lands, etc., to her daughter Althamia Priaulx, executrix. To Althamia Hill £20, when she is 21. To Mrs Althamia Thom £5. Witnesses, Alice Crouch, Elinor Cooper, Mary Sudbury.

Republished 12 Oct. 1745. Witnesses, Alice Crouch, Ann Thompson, Tho. Cawne.

Proved 11 Jan. 1745[-6].

Will of ELIZABETH PRIAULX of Rusper, Sussex, widow. Dated 16 April 1748. (PC.C., 118 Lisle.) Her debts to be paid. Residue of her estate both real and personal to her son William Priaulx, his heirs, etc. [No description.] Witnesses, Robert Plough, James Illman, John Newton.

Proved 22 April 1749, by Wm. Priaulx, executor.

Will of SARAH PRIAULX of Sherborne, Dorset, spinster. Dated 20 May 1741. (P.C.C., 240 Greenly.) To her brother-in-law John Ellis, and to her sister Anne Ellis, and to John Ellis their son, £5 apiece. Residue (real and personal) to her sister Elizabeth Priaulx, executrix. Witnesses, Agnes Boys, Martha Crane, Sam Foot.

Proved 12 July 1750 by Elizabeth Priaulx, spinster, sister of testatrix.

Will of WILLIAM PRIAULX of St Saviour's, Southwark, coal-merchant. Dated 26 June 1753. (P.C.C., 185 Searle.) All bis estate, real and personal, to his wife Ann, executrix. Witnesses, Mary Gilpin, Joseph Griffis, Scrase [?].

Codicil dated 26 June 1758 [sic]. After the death of his wife, to his daughter Sarah Priaulx £50 ; to his daughter Ann £20. Same witnesses.

Proved 30 June 1753 by the said Ann Priaulx, the widow and executrix.

Will of ANN PRIAULX of St. Saviour's, Southwark, widow. Dated 3 Jan. 1759. (P.C.C., 210 Lynch.) Gives her estate both real and personal to her children, to be equally divided at their respective ages of 21 years or marriage. Appoints Charles Scrase, Esqre, of the Inner Temple, and Mr Edmond Smith of St. Saviour's, lighterman, executors and guardians.

Affidavit, 30 April 1760, of John Griffiths and Thomas Isherwood, of St. Saviour's, gentlemen, that the said Will is in her handwriting.

Proved 2 May 1760 by Charles Scrase only.

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(To be continued.)

Bookplate of James Tobin. *

James Tobin, of the Island of Nevis in the West Indies, was a member of an Irish family settled there in or before 1707. He married on 7 July 1766 the daughter of George Webbe of Nevis, and Salisbury, co. Wilts; was recommended by the Governor in 1776 for a seat in H.M. Council for his native island, but removed to Bristol in 1783, where he died 6 Oct. 1817, at an advanced age. He published some Tracts relating to the Sugar Trade in 1792.



Transcribed by

Here lies interred | in hopes of a happy resurrection | Alexander Mackey Seaman | a native of Aberdeen in North Britain | aged 28 years / who departed this life the 6th day of March 1817. | He served the Almighty with humility | his King and Country with Courage he did that unto his neighbours which he wished them to do to him and died happy | This stone is erected by Alexander Stephenson | master of the Flora of Aberdeen | in token of regard | for the faithful services | of the deceased.

Sacred to the memory of W. Trevelyan master of the Brig Tom Bowlin of Penzance who departed this life on Saturday | the 5th of September 1835 aged 59 years.

To the memory of Emma Matilda Oliver only daughter of Lt Col. Morgan of Llandough Castle in the county of Glamorgan married to John Oliver Esqre | at Bern on the 13th day of November 1837. | and died at Pisa on the 31st day of December in the same year | aged 24 years.

To | the memory of | Andrew MoKey | a native of Dublin | Ireland | who died at Leghorn | the 13 January 1820 | aged 43 years.

Sacred to the remains of | Elisabeth Paul of Crewkhern Somert | who departed this life on the 19 May 1830 | aged 78 years.

D.O.M. | in memory of | Hannah Scales | who died the 18 March 1821 | aged 28 years.

Christiana Mackenzie | died at Leghorn | Augst 22 1819.

Sacred | to the memory of Samuel Chappell | who died at Florence on the 2nd day of July 1824 | aged 37 years | He was groom to Lord Burghersh by whom the memorial is placed and with whom he lived from the year 1808 | he followed him in the Campaingns [sic] of Portugal | and Spain in the years 1809, 10, and 11. in those in Germany and France in 1813 and 1814 | in that of Naples in 1815 and | lamented and respected as an honest man | and faithful servant | he died in his service.

* Communicated by VERE LANGFORD OLIVER, Esq.

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