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MDCCCXXXVII | Marianna Crump Inglese | di Shrewsbury nella prov. di Shrop. I. modesta pia affetuosa | di forza e serenità mirabile di animo | amata da tutti gli amici | per buontà di cuore e purità di costumi | carissima compagna per A. XI. al maggiore Cav. Gius. Giovannetti di Lucca | a cui due figli infanti Enrico et Zoé lasciò | visse quasi xxxiv anni.

To | the memory of | M' Alexander Mitchell of Glasgow | who died at Pisa / on

1 the xiv of June MDCCCXXXVI | in the XXXVIII year of his age.

Sacred to the memory of John Frederick Davies | who departed this life | Feby 19th 1819.

John Gilchrist | died 14th April 1821 | aged 68 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Abernethy Browne | who departed this life | at Leghorn 23 August | 1819.

Sacred to the memory of William Bancutt of Haddon | in the county of Northampton / who died at Pisa | June 27 1834 | aged 32.

Sacred to the memory | of Cap. G. Wm Forrest late of HR Bo Mø | 30th Regt | a native of Annan, Dumfries-shire | Scotland died the 19th December 1818 aged 31 years.

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Rae | late bookseller, Sunderland | England, who came to Italy | for the recovery of his health and died at Pisa February 6, 1819 | aged 26 years.

John Corne Commander of the Prince of Wales lies | buried under this marble tomb | A.D. 1718. | alte virtus animosa cadit.

[Arms : a chevron, and in base a garb.] Here lie the remains of | James Digges Chambers Esq" | son of the late Francis Chambers Esq' | of Monte Alto County of Waterford Irelani | and Ensign in his Britannic Majesty's 5th Regt of Foot | who died at Pisa | on the 20th of December 1819 | aged 23 years.

George W. Renner member of the British Factory died Decem. 19th 1790 aged 85 years.

Here lye the remains of Anne Smollett* | wife of the late Di | Tobias Smollett | who died on the 30th of January 1791. / and of Anne Renner wife of the late George Renner / who died on the 28 of | February 1811. To the memory of John Webster | native of Yorkshire | who died at Pisa

. 2 April 1834 | aged 65 years.

To the memory of Hannah Davies | who departed this life | the 3 Sep. 1821, aged 55 | This stone is placed over | her grave in testimony | of her faithful services | by her affectionate | friend and mistress | Emily Beauclerk.

Sacred to the memory of Rachel Villettes Cross the deservedly beloved wife of Captain William Jennings Cross who departed this life at a villa near

! Lucca on the twenty-ninth day of May I in the year of Our Lord | one thousand

* The wife of the celebrated Novelist; for his monumeut see post.

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eight hundred and thirty six | aged 28 years I she died in giving birth to her fith [sic] child | who | (with three others) | repose in peace near her | This monument is erected to her memory | by her afflicted husband | not to record her virtues | They he trusts / are noted in Heaven | but I as a tribute of sincere affection | and a token of merited respect.

Eleanor Grace Cross died 9th Aug 1822 | aged 15 years. | The three surrounding little tablets have been placed here | in this year of our Lord | one thousand eight hundred and thirty five | by William Jennings Cross | and Rachel Villettes his wife to mark the remains of their children | Rachel William and Mary

| Matilda | who now sleep | by this monument | the tomb of their Aunt.

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Rachel Cross | died at Pisa | January 13, 1832 | aged 3 days.
Mary Matilda Cross | died at Pisa | May 15th 1835 | aged 3 months and 27 days.
William Cross born and died at Pisa | January 6, 1834.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Cosgrove widow | who died the 24th Oct. 1834 at Pisa | aged forty six | after a faithful service of sixteen years in the family of Colonel | George Napier by whom this | tablet is placed as a grateful | tribute and rcord of the sincere | friendship of himself and children.

Edmund John Jackson Wing died at Leghorn | November the 11th 1838 | aged 4 years.

In memory of | William Edwards | late master of the brig Tino | born January 14, 1800 | died in Leghorn November 6th 1831.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Jane Thompson, who fell a victim to the Cholera morbus | in Leghorn | the vith day of Sept1835 | aged 53. I also to the memory of Mr George Thompson son of the above who died of cholera morbus | Sept 1st 1835 | aged 20 and 10 months. This stone is erected by | the lamenting husband and father. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Brooke daughter of the late Francis

! Brooke Esq. 1 of Ufford Place in the county of Suffolk | who died at Pisa xxvii of Feb. MDCCCXXXVIII | aged LVII.

M.S. E. William Thompson | H.M.S. | Illustrious | obiit 1795.*

Sacred to the memory of | James Watt | native of Stirlingshire | who departed this life | at Leghorn October 6th 1821 | aged 43 years | This monument is erected | by his afflicted sister.

This Monument is erected to the memory of Richard Gwillym Esq" | younger son of the late | Robert Atherton Gwillym Esq" 1 of Atherton and Bewsey in the County of Lancaster | who died at the Baths of Lucca July 18, 1818 / aged 51.

(To be continued.)

* This stone was almost completely buried.


1599. June 19 Thomas Ashwell and Jane Hasenod. July 9 Thomas Roads and Mildred Hilles. Aug. 27

Nicholas Nookes and Alce Potter.
Sep. 3 James Crucher and Elizabeth Blamor.
Sep. 16 Richard Smyth and Elizabeth Mankes.
Oct. 15 Stephen Whiting alias Sellwin and Margarie Newall.
Oct. 15 James Clarke and Katherin Byckeman.
Oct. 15 George Classon and Agnes Rousse.
Oct. 21 ffrauncis Wright and Alsse winkes.
Oct. 22 John Walle and Marie Coocke.
Sep.f 4 Robert Ramsey to Elizabeth Garget ; per testimonium Johannis Swone,

Rectoris de milton.
Nov. 11 John Peniall and Elizabeth Gilliflowre.
Nov. 12 Robert Phillpott and Gartrit [? Gertrude] Tomesone.
Nov. 19 Henrie Whitman and Anne Austen.
Nov. 26 James Barton and Anne Muncastle.
Nov. 26 Thomas Browne and Elizabeth butler.
Dec. 10 Thomas Roads and Luce Hills.
Dec. 16 Henrie Emans and Margaret pet.
Jan. 7 Edward West and Godley Brooke.
Jan. 14 Daniell Beckmans and Susan Terns.
Jan. 21 Robert Jordan and Elizabeth Durrant.
Feb. 4 Charles Goodlad and Elizabeth Breett.

May 12 Robert Shinnings and Elizabeth Chersonne.
May 12 Richard Gray and Marie Jefferie.
May 12 Wylliam Wassall and Margaret Nowers.
May 14 James Crumpe and Luce Greene.
May 18 John Evans and Dorithie Arnold.
May 26 Stephen Walter and Anne Browne.
July 14 Edward Bills and Joane Renolds.
July 14 Alexander Wilkens and Ellen Pollard.
July 28 Edward Ward and Anne Sheephard.
Ang. 12 George Gillyatt and Elizabeth Godfrey.
Aug. 25 James Sarges and Annis labdell.
Aug. 25 Thomas Walle and Margaret Kinge.
Oct. 13 John Symes and Elizabeth Smyth.
Oct. 13 William Singleton and Katherin castleden.
Oct. 13 Wylliam Potter and Ellis Hills.
Oct. 26 Thomas More and Elizabeth More.
Jan. 19 Thomas Ayerst to Mildred Barham.
Jan. 19 Edward Barnard to Elizabeth Wheeler.
Feb. Henry Mirs, chaundler, to Avis Mathew, widdowe.
Feb. 9 John Tayler to Easter Apelton.
Feb. 9 John Laws to Susan brooke.
Feb. 28 William Thomas to Susan Hasell.

April 13 Dirricke Scriver to Joane Steelinge.
April 13 Henrie Robinson, of gravesend, to Alce Wilson.
April 20 Steven Webbe to Elizabeth Dorrell, daughter to Robert.
May 3 Bryaunt Tayler to Agnes Warren.

* Communicated by the Rev. J. CAVE-BROWNE, M.A.-continued from p. 58. † ? Nov. | Evidently a subsequent insertion. § Mayor in 1636.

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