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A TEXT-BOOK OF MATERIA MEDICA, THERAPEUTICS AND PHARMACOLOGY. By GEORGE F. BUTLER, PH.G., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and of Clinical Medicine in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago; Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Northwestern University, Woman's Medical School, etc. Octavo, 874 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep, $5.00 net.

Third Edition, Thoroughly Revised.

A clear, concise, and practical text-book, adapted for permanent reference no less than for the requirements of the class-room.

The recent important additions made to our knowledge of the physiological action of drugs are fully discussed in the present edition. The book has been thoroughly revised and many additions have been made.

"Taken as a whole, the book may fairly be considered as one of the most satisfactory of any single-volume works on materia medica in the market."-Journal of the American Medical Association.





Professor of the Practice of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Rush Medical
College, Chicago. Handsome octavo volume of 320 pages, illustrated
Cloth, $3.00 net.

Tuberculosis of the male and female genito-urinary organs is such a frequent, distressing, and fatal affection that a special treatise on the subject appears to fill a gap in medical literature. In the present work the bacteriology of the subject has received due attention, the modern resources employed in the differential diagnosis between tubercular and other inflammatory affections are fully described, and the medical and surgical therapeutics are discussed in detail. "An important book upon an important subject, and written by a man of mature judgment and wide experience. The author has given us an instructive book upon one of the most important subjects of the day."-Clinical Reporter.

"A work which adds another to the many obligations the profession owes the talented author."- Chicago Medical Recorder.

A TEXT-BOOK OF DISEASES OF WOMEN. By CHARLES B. PENROSE, M.D., PH.D., Professor of Gynecology in the University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon to the Gynecean Hospital, Philadelphia. Octavo volume of 531 pages, with 217 illustrations, nearly all from drawings made for this work. Cloth, $3.75 net.

Third Edition, Revised.

In this work, which has been written for both the student of gynecology and the general practitioner, the author presents the best teaching of modern gynecology untrammelled by antiquated theories or methods of treatment. In most instances but one plan of treatment is recommended, to avoid confusing the student or the physician who consults the book for practical guidance.

"I shall value very highly the copy of Penrose's Diseases of Women' received. I have already recommended it to my class as THE BEST book."-HOWARD A. KELLY, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

"The book is to be commended without reserve, not only to the student but to the general practitioner who wishes to have the latest and best modes of treatment explained with absolute clearness."-Therapeutic Gazette.



COLLINS WARREN, M. D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery, Medical Department Harvard University. Handsome octavo, 832 pages, with 136 relief and lithographic illustrations, 33 of which are printed in colors.

Second Edition,

with an Appendix devoted to the Scientific Aids to Surgical Diagnosis, and a series of articles on Regional Bacteriology. Cloth, $5.00 net; HalfMorocco, $6.00 net.

Without Exception, the Illustrations are the Best ever Seen in a Work of this Kind.

"A most striking and very excellent feature of this book is its illustrations. Without exception, from the point of accuracy and artistic merit, they are the best ever seen in a work of this kind. *** Many of those representing microscopic pictures are so perfect in their coloring and detail as almost to give the beholder the impression that he is looking down the barrel of a microscope at a well-mounted section."-Annals of Surgery, Philadelphia.

"It is the handsomest specimen of book-making*** that has ever been issued from the American medical press."-American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Philadelphia. PATHOLOGY AND SURGICAL TREATMENT OF TUMORS.

By N. SENN, M. D., Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Practice of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Rush Medical College; Professor of Surgery, Chicago Polyclinic; Attending Surgeon to Presbyterian Hospital; Surgeon-in-Chief, St. Joseph's Hospital, Chicago. One volume of 710 pages, with 515 engravings, including full-page colored plates. New and enlarged Edition in Preparation.

Books specially devoted to this subject are few, and in our text-books and systems of surgery this part of surgical pathology is usually condensed to a degree incompatible with its scientific and clinical importance. The author spent many years in collecting the material for this work, and has taken great pains to present it in a manner that should prove useful as a text-book for the student, a work of reference for the practitioner, and a reliable guide for the surgeon.

"The most exhaustive of any recent book in English on this subject. It is well illustrated, and will doubtless remain as the principal monograph on the subject in our language for some years. The book is handsomely illustrated and printed,. and the author has given a notable and lasting contribution to surgery." -Fournal of the American Medical Association, Chicago.



ROBERT SAUNDBY, M. D., Edin., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians,
London, and of the Royal Medico-Chirurgical Society; Physician to the
General Hospital. Octavo volume of 434 pages, with numerous illustra-
tions and 4 colored plates. Cloth, $2.50 net.

"The volume makes a favorable impression at once. The style is clear and succinct. We cannot find any part of the subject in which the views expressed are not carefully thought out and fortified by evidence drawn from the most recent sources. The book may be cordially recommended."-British Medical Journal.

A NEW PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY of medicINE, with Phonetic Pronunciation, Accentuation, Etymology, etc. By JOHN M. KEATING, M. D., LL.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; Vice-President of the American Pædiatric Society; Ex-President of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors; Editor "Cyclopædia of the Diseases of Children," etc.; and HENRY HAMILTON, author of "A New Translation of Virgil's Æneid into English Rhyme;"' coauthor of "Saunders' Medical Lexicon," etc.; with the Collaboration of J. CHALMERS DACOSTA, M. D., and FREDERICK A. PACKARD, M. D. With an Appendix containing important Tables of Bacilli, Micrococci, Leucomaïnes, Ptomaïnes, Drugs and Materials used in Antiseptic Surgery, Poisons and their Antidotes, Weights and Measures, Thermometric Scales, New Official and Unofficial Drugs, etc. One very attractive volume of over 800 pages. Second Revised Edition. Prices: Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or Half-Morocco, $6.00 net; with Denison's Patent Ready-Reference Index; without patent index, Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep or HalfMorocco, $5.00 net.


"I am much pleased with Keating's Dictionary, and shall take pleasure in recommending it to my classes.' HENRY M. LYMAN, M. D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill.

"I am convinced that it will be a very valuable adjunct to my study-table, convenient in size and sufficiently full for ordinary use.' C. A. LINDSLEY, M. D.,

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, Medical Dept. Yale University: Secretary Connecticut State Board of Health, New Haven, Conn,

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SAMUEL D. GROSS, M. D., Emeritus Professor of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, with Reminiscences of His Times and Contemporaries. Edited by his sons, SAMUEL W. GROSS, M. D., LL.D., late Professor of Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, and A. HALLER GROSS, A. M., of the Philadelphia Bar. Preceded by a Memoir of Dr. Gross, by the late Austin Flint, M. D., LL.D. In two handsome volumes, each containing over 400 pages, demy 8vo, extra cloth, gilt tops, with fine Frontispiece engraved on steel. Price per Volume, $2.50 net. This autobiography, which was continued by the late eminent surgeon until within three months of his death, contains a full and accurate history of his early struggles, trials, and subsequent successes, told in a singularly interesting and charming manner, and embraces short and graphic pen-portraits of many of the most distinguished men-surgeons, physicians, divines, lawyers, statesmen, scientists, etc.-with whom he was brought in contact in America and in Europe; the whole forming a retrospect of more than three-quarters of a century.

PRACTICAL POINTS IN NURSING. For Nurses in Private Practice. By EMILY A. M. STONEY, Graduate of the Training-School for Nurses, Lawrence, Mass.; Superintendent of the Training-School for Nurses, Carney Hospital, South Boston, Mass. 456 pages, handsomely illustrated with 73 engravings in the text, and 9 colored and half-tone plates. Cloth. Price, $1.75 net.


In this volume the author explains, in popular language and in the shortest possible form, the entire range of private nursing as distinguished from hospital nursing, and the nurse is instructed how best to meet the various emergencies of medical and surgical cases when distant from medical or surgical aid or when thrown on her own resources.

An especially valuable feature of the work will be found in the directions to the nurse how to improvise everything ordinarily needed in the sick-room, where the embarrassment of the nurse, owing to the want of proper appliances, is frequently extreme.

The work has been logically divided into the following sections:

I. The Nurse: her responsibilities, qualifications, equipment, etc.
II. The Sick-Room: its selection, preparation, and management.

II. The Patient: duties of the nurse in medical, surgical, obstetric, and gynecologic cases.

IV. Nursing in Accidents and Emergencies.

V. Nursing in Special Medical Cases.

VI. Nursing of the New-born and Sick Children.

VII. Physiology and Descriptive Anatomy.

The APPENDIX contains much information in compact form that will be found of great value to the nurse, including Rules for Feeding the Sick; Recipes for Invalid Foods and Beverages; Tables of Weights and Measures; Table for Computing the Date of Labor; List of Abbreviations; Dose-List; and a full and complete Glossary of Medical Terms and Nursing Treatment.

"This is a well-written, eminently practical volume, which covers the entire range of private nursing as distinguished from hospital nursing, and instructs the nurse how best to meet the various emergencies which may arise and how to prepare everything ordinarily needed in the illness of her patient."-American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Aug., 1896.

A TEXT-BOOK OF BACTERIOLOGY, including the Etiology and Prevention of Infective Diseases and an account of Yeasts and Moulds, Hæmatozoa, and Psorosperms. By EDGAR M. CROOKSHANK, M. B., Professor of Comparative Pathology and Bacteriology, King's College, London. A handsome octavo volume of 700 pages, with 273 engravings in the text, and 22 original and colored plates. Price, $6.50 net.

This book, though nominally a Fourth Edition of Professor Crookshank's "MANUAL OF BACTERIOLOGY," is practically a new work, the old one having been reconstructed, greatly enlarged, revised throughout, and largely rewritten, forming a text-book for the Bacteriological Laboratory, for Medical Officers of Health, and for Veterinary Inspectors.

Medicine at the University of Heidelberg. Translated, with additions,
from the Fifth Enlarged German Edition, with the author's permission, by
FRANCIS H. STUART, A. M., M. D. In one handsome royal-octavo volume
of 600 pages.
194 fine wood-cuts in the text, many of them in colors.
Prices: Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep or Half-Morocco, $5.00 net.


In this work, as in no other hitherto published, are given full and accurate explanations of the phenomena observed at the bedside. It is distinctly a clinical work by a master teacher, characterized by thoroughness, fulness, and accuracy. It is a mine of information upon the points that are so often passed over without explanation. Especial attention has been given to the germ-theory as a factor in the origin of disease.

The present edition of this highly successful work has been translated from the fifth German edition. Many alterations have been made throughout the book, but especially in the sections on Gastric Digestion and the Nervous System. It will be found that all the qualities which served to make the earlier editions so acceptable have been developed with the evolution of the work to its present form.


the French. Edited by J. J. PRINGLE, M. B., F. R. C. P., Assistant Physician to, and Physician to the department for Diseases of the Skin at, the Middlesex Hospital, London. Photo-lithochromes from the famous models of dermatological and syphilitic cases in the Museum of the Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, with explanatory wood-cuts and letter-press. In 12 Parts,

at $3.00 per Part.

"Of all the atlases of skin diseases which have been published in recent years, the present one promises to be of greatest interest and value, especially from the standpoint of the general practitioner."-American Medico-Surgical Bulletin, Feb. 22, 1896.

"The introduction of explanatory wood-cuts in the text is a novel and most important feature which greatly furthers the easier understanding of the excellent plates, than which nothing, we venture to say, has been seen better in point of correctness, beauty, and general merit."-New York Medical Journal, Feb. 15, 1896.

"An interesting feature of the Atlas is the descriptive text, which is written for each picture by the physician who treated the case or at whose instigation the models have been made. We predict for this truly beautiful work a large circulation in all parts of the medical world where the names St. Louis and Baretta have preceded it."-Medical Record, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1896.

A TEXT-BOOK OF MECHANO-THERAPY (MASSAGE AND MEDICAL GYMNASTICS). By AXEL V. GRAFSTROM, B. Sc., M. D., late Lieutenant in the Royal Swedish Army; late House Physician, City Hospital, Blackwell's Island, New York. 12mo, 139 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.00 net.

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