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God true for years, would hesitate to by the power of God, unto salva. trust thus wholly ; and they, poor tion ? people, know so little about God. Another patient, daughter-in-law to Yet others have tried and proved His the first, was converted during her faithsulness. We must pray on and stay in the hospital. The whole believe and expect for them that His family have since become Christians, grace will conquer. No other means but this young woman is the brightest. of livelihood, so far, seem to offer, and She came to us when Miss Bryer was we dare not lead them to trust in the holding her station class in an empty foreigner for support.

room of the hospital, and thus met

several other women who were either "Health and Cure."

already Christians or interested. As Another patient was a poor little she expressed it, it gave the lessons so woman who lived in a house full of much more taste when there were men-father-in-law, husband, brother- several learning together. in-law, and uncle—all sunk in the vice We feel that God's blessing has of opium-smoking. What wonder been resting on the hospital, and praise that she, too, fell a victim ? She had Him for it, hoping that next year the had several children, who all died in numbers will increase. We do not infancy : the last-a boy of a few know if we shall have an English years old-had been sold for an opium doctor before Dr. Rigg's return in debt! She heard of Him Who had about another year. We are praying come to set the captives free, and she that he may be sent back to us in the longed to be delivered. Miss Rodd Kien-Ning District. His devotion to and Miss Bryer-visiting her village his work, and kindly, sympathetic for the first time with the Gospel- manner with the patients, make hiin a pitied her and offered to take her

great favourite. back with them to Nangwa to be cured. She got through the cure

The new C.11.S. Hospital. marvellously easily, looking so cheer- You will perhaps have leard that a ful all the time, a great contrast to new C.M.S. hospital has been built most people under such circumstances. just outside Kiong-Ning City. The It was God Who helped her, she said. old one at Nangwa will only now be She heard eagerly the story of the kept open as a dispensary and opiumSaviour's love, and went home de- refuge. The C.M.S. grant was not termined by His grace to serve and sufficient to include a women's part, confess Him. We have heard good

but funds for this have come in accounts of her. Her brother-in-law specially, so we hope soon to begin to has since been cured, and I hear her build and remove up there and close husband has also lately given up our temporary hospital quarters at opium-smoking. Will you join us Nangwa. The mandarins have rein praying that they may be kept, quested that there be no more building started till what has been already opened is more established, and public feeling more quiet. The delay is not very important, as there is a Native doctor at Nangwa, as well as at the new hospital-one of the men trained by Dr. Rigg.

Owing to the kind help of Miss Sinclair in the hospital, I have been able to leave it occasionally for

visiting in distant villages this year, and so have been able to follow up some of our former patients, finding some of them very satisfactory. One dear old blind woman is trusting in Jesus, and has been telling others of His love. Her grand-niece said, “I, too, worship Jesus; my aunt taught me to pray to Him."

Sept. 13th, 1894.


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First-fruit of Su-bu-cheng.
HE following letter from Miss Bryer, though it was written in

the autumn of last year, has lost none of its interest. The firstfruits bear even in the name the promise of harvest.

Miss Johnson, Miss Rodd, W. Acue, shipped God; but now I have spent and I have come to this mountain so much time and money in accumu. village, twelve miles from the city. It lating gold paper to redeem me from is a fearful climb up to it, in many purgatory, and this would all count places perpendicular, but we are well for nothing if I were to begin somerewarded by the glorious view at the thing new." top. The people here were very

It reminded me of Isaiah lv., friendly from the first, and came in “Wherefore spend ye money for that great numbers every day to see us ;

which is not bread, and your labour the first Sunday our room was literally

for that which satisfieth not?” I packed, nevertheless we had perfect

had to tell her how fruitless was all quiet and attentive listeners. For a her labour. She went through a hard time after this the prospect seemed struggle, but I believe it is nearly over very dark, for though the women now, for God has through sorrow been were always anxious to listen, there weaning her from her idols. Her son were not any who seemed anxious was an opium-smoker, and had utterly about their sins, or in the least touched neglected his wife and two small by a Saviour's love.

children. His wife had been ill for The first to be moved was an old a year when we came, and was women who had been telling her

wasted and weary. We gave her beads. She had been a vegetarian tonics and strengthening food, and for years. She told me her heart was helped her husband to go down to inclining two ways, towards the idols Dr. Rigg's hospital at Nang-wa, only and towards God; she said very

nine miles away.

He came back pitifully, “ If only you had come when with such a glowing account of the I was young, then I would have wor- people there, that his wife was quite

willing, at our proposal, to go down to her home, but it was doubtful if she Nang-wa to see Dr. Rigg and to hear would reach it. The husband went his opinion of her case ; up to this down the next day, and returned with time she had not been gaining his wife the day following. strength of body, but, praise God, When she arrived, I was surprised she had learnt to trust in Jesus, and to see the brother-in-law get up a had since dreamt that He came all in bundle of straw and set it on fire in white to her bedside with strengthen. the passage ; then the husband lifted ing focd. This dream she told her his wife out of the chair and walked neighbours, and like all Orientals, they over the fire into the bedroom. I 1ere greatly impressed, saying it was asked what that was for, and they worth while to call to Jesus, for He said, to prevent the evil spirits from could hear.

following her into the house. They We set off to Nang.wa, the sick thought her illness was due to maligwoman tied into a chair and carried, nant influences which were hastening and I walking as far as Dishe, five her death. I remonstrated with the miles away; there we cook a boat old lady, and she was greatly disdown to Nang-wa. Dr. Rigg' was tressed, and said, “ You never told me away at the time, but one of the before; I did not know I must not Native students pronounced her very

do it." weak. That evening the Bible- I went to Anigcia in her bedroom woman, another patient, Anigcia (my and found her hands and feet deadly patient), and I had a little prayer- cold, and knew her end was near. By meeting together. Anigcia prayed the help of restoratives she gradually very simply that God would heal and regained consciousness, and was able protect her, and that Jesus would to recognise her relations who had wash her heart white in His precious flocked in to see her. I was struck blood. I had to leave at daylight the by one remark they all addressed to next morning to escape the great heat, her, Ne-cha,” which meant, “You so did not disturb her.

are beyond help now.” I stayed that Dr. Rigg saw her, and aster careful night with her, and during the quiet examination of her lungs, pronounced hours, spoke to her of Jesus. She her to be in consumption, which in always responded, and in answer to her case had been hastened by starva. my question said," Jesus was with her tion and neglect; the husband, how'- and she was not afraid." The old ever, seemed penitent, and went down lady was very distressed, and told her on purpose to see her. Soon after to ask Jesus to let her eat four more this visit a letter came, telling us to years' rice, but the girl said she did send the husband to fetch his wife at not want to live. Soon after the old once as the illness had taken a sudden lady asked her what was to be done turn, and for two days they thought with her silver ornaments ; but she. she was dying ; she was longing for seemed indifferent to all earthly things,

the grave.

and had great difficulty in speaking, Sunday. The two tiny children, the and did not answer. The old lady baby not yet two, being carried by went into the kitchen to prepare hot his uncle, and a little niece, followed tea, for which the girl was continually with us to the grave, on a neighcraving. I was sitting on the bed bouring hill. The children were in holding her hand; and seeing her white and I had a covering of sacklips moving, I bent down, thinking cloth. The husband was one of the she was asking for something. She bearers, and even assisted in filling up said clearly three times, “ Ta su la

We wondered how he qui 1102” (“ Jesus, come and save could do it, but it only made us me”).

realise more than ever how loveless The husband came in from a neigh- the marriage union in China is. We bouring house at five o'clock, and I sang “ There is a happy land," and came home, him to call me if “Heaven is my home.” None of the any change came. After breakfast a other relations were allowed to come woman came for me, but before I got to the grave, as according to Chinese to the house she had passed away,

ideas she had failed to reverence so peacefully and happily," her them by dying first. She was only mother-in-law said. As the family twenty-two or twenty-three, and thus were miserably poor, we undertook the cannot serve them in old age and expense of the funeral, on condition

mourn for them when dead. that no Heathen custom should be ob- She is the first-fruits from this served. The relations, believing that place, gone to be for ever with the Jesus had really taken her to heaven, Lord. Since her death the Lord has

quite willing to go on the been speaking to other hearts.



By Miss MAUDE NEWCOMBE. MUST thank very warmly the and our work here are continually very many unknown friends who

remembered at the Throne of Grace. have sent me Christmas cards,

Reviving the Smoking Flax. in answer to an appeal in INDIA'S WOMEN ; they have indeed been of The Gospel has been preached now great in gathering together, for many years at Sang-Yong. At Sunday after Sunday, between seventy

one time there was a flourishing and eighty women and children, and Church here, where over a hundred thus giving us an opportunity of met together for worship on Sundays. preaching the Gospel to them ; but


But-yes, there is a great deal behind I must thank them still more for that “but”-Satan hindered, and the the very many assurances that we members gradually fell off, and those


that remained were not very satissac- wherever we went, we were welcomed tory. It is not always easy to discover and listened to gladly ; no house was why there should be sometimes a shut against us. But soon all kinds gradual falling away in a district of reports were spread abroad : how where much interest has been we captured children, made away awakened and where a real work with them, and took their eyes to seemed to have been done. One very make medicine. Soon nearly every potent reason was given me by one of house was closed, the children ceased our head-catechists. He said, " Kul- to come to school, and on the whole niong, no work is on a permanent our faith had rather a hard time of it, footing in a place till the women have But the sun shone out again; the op. been reached. We may go to the position ceased as suddenly as it had men, and may get together quite a arisen, and now we

are welcomed congregation, but while the wives and everywhere. The women and chilmothers are uninfluenced the children dren are all coming back to church. are invariably brought up as Heathen, For the last few Sundays they have and so the work in that place is numbered seventy or eighty, but as but short lived, at most but for one far as we can see, it is but the coming generation.” These are the words of together of the dry bones, the breath a Native who has seen a great deal of of life is still wanting. work.

Women's Classes. Last autumn we began work here, coming in and out from Sa-Yong ; but In the spring we opened a school early this year Miss Burroughs and I for women. We purposed to give thought if we could come and live them three months' teaching, hoping with the people for some time, we by this means that they would astershould be able to reach very many

wards take a more intelligent part in So we had a couple of rooms the Church service; but as a school of made ready for us in the chapel, and this kind was quite unknown here, we here we have been living for the past could only get five women together. few months, very happily indeed. We Some may ask, What could they learn brought with us two very earnest in three months ? For repetition they Christian men as teachers, who have had a catechism, which is taught in been a great help to the catechist, all the schools, twenty-six hymns, the going out into the streets and sur- parts of the Morning and Evening rounding villages, preaching and seek- Service in which the congregation ing to win back the backsliding ones. join, also the Church Catechism. We The result has been a decided in- also taught them each day one incicrease in the congregation every dent in the Life of our Lord, which Sunday morning.

had to be told over and over, till each Our work amongst the women has one could tell the story in her own had its ups and downs. At first, words. On Sunday afternoons they


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