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29 Ahpe dush nwondung oowh, kazhedin kebahzegwe, kebenahzekahwod dush.

30 Kah mah mahshe tahgweshinzebun owh Jesus emah oodanong, emah sah kenahquashkahwod owh Martha kayahbe ahyahbun.

31 Egewh dush Jewyug wahdahbemahjig emah wegewahming, menoo daaahwod dush, ahpe wahyahbahmahwod enewh Mary kahyahsekah kebahzegwenid, kezahgahahmenid dush, ooge-noopenahnahwon oowh keekedoowod, , Ezhah sah ewede chebahgahmegoong, wedahnahdamood ewede.

32 Ahpe dush tagweshing owh Mary emah ahyod owh Jesus, wahyahbahmod dush, keahpungeshin emah oozedahning, oowh keenod, Oogemah, keshpin sah oomah ahyahyahbun, kahween tahge neboose own nindahwamahbun.

33 Ahpe dush Jesus wahyahbahmod ewh mahwenid, kiya enewh Jewyun mahwenid kahbewejewegoojin, kemahmahpena emah oojechahgoong, kiya kemegooskahjeahyah,

34 Oowh dush keekedoo, Ahneende keahsaig? Oowh dush ooge, enahwon, Oogemah, pewahbundun sah.

35 Jesus kemahwe.

36 Oowh dush keekedoowug egewh Jewyug, Enah sah azhe sahgeod!

37 Nahnind dush oowh keekedoowug, Kah man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died ?

38 Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.

39 Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.

40 Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?

41 Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.

42 And I knew that thou hearest me always : but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.

43 And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.

44 And he that was dead came forth, bound

nah ween wowh, wahyahbeod enewh kakebeengwanejin, ootahge kahshkeahseen chegeneboosepun wowh eneneh?

38 Jesus dush menahwah kemahmahpena ketahgweshing dush emah chebagahmegoong. Weembahnekahdanebun sah, ahsin dush emah ooge-jahyeewung ahtabun.

39 Jesus dush oowh keekedoo, Ekoonahmook ewh ahsin. Martha dush, oodahwamon owh kahne bood, oowh ooge-enon, Oogemah, ahzhe sahoowh ahpe nebahzoomahgoozedoog: neewh kezhegud mah kahahkoo nebood.

40 Jesus dush oowh ooge-enon, Kah nah kekeenesenoon, ewh keshpin tapwayaindahmun, ketahwahbundon ewh Keshamunedoo oobeshegaindahgoozewin?

41 Me-dush keekoonahmoowod ewh ahsin emah shingeshing owh kahne bood. Jesus dush ketahtahgahbe oowh keekedood, Noosa, kemahmooyahwahmin sah ewh kenoondahweyun.

42 Ninge-kaindon sah ewh kahkеnig noondahweyun: oogoowh sah ahneshenahbaig pamegahbahwejig oowh ninge-oonje ekid, ewh dush nah chetapwayaindahmoowod ewh keahnoozheyun.

43 Ahpe dush oowh kahekedood, kahgatin oowh keezhe pepahge, Lazarus, pezahgahun.

44 Owh dush naboopun, kebezahgahum, hand and foot with grave-clothes : and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.

45 Then many of the Jews which came to Mary, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on him.

46 But some of them went their ways to the Pharisees, and told them what things Jesus had done.

47 | Then gathered the Chief Priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.

48 If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.

49 And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the High Priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all,

50 Nor consider that it is expedient for us, tahkoobezood emah oonejeeng kiya emah oozedong enewh chebahye ahgwewenun; kiya ketahtepeengwabezooh ewh wahbeshkegin. Jesus dush oowh ooge-enon, Ahbahook, pahgedenik dush.

45 Nebewah dush egewh Jewyug kahbe oodesahjig enewh Mary, ahpe kahwahbundahmoowod ewh kahezhechegaid owh Jesus, oogetapwayanemahwon.

46 Nahnind dush ween goo ooge-ezhahnahwon enewh Phariseen, keweendahmahwahwod dush ewh kahezhechegaid owh Jesus.

47 Kemahwunjeedewug dush egewh keche kahgequawenenewug, kiya egewh Phariseeg wegekedoowod, oowh dush keekedoowug, Ahneen nah anahkahmegezeyung ? chenebewah sah wowh eneneh ezhe mahmondahwechega.

48 Keshpin sah oowh ezhe pooneung, kahkenah oogah-tapwatahgoon; egewh dush Romanug kekahbe mahkahmegoonahnig nahyainzh ewh kedahkemenon kiya egewh kedahneshenahbamenahnig.

49 Pazhig dush, owh Caiaphas achenekahzood, kache kahgequawenenewid ewh ahpe pepoong, oowh ooge-enon, Kah sah kahnahga kagoo kekekaindahzenahwah,

50 Kah kiya kenahnahgahdahwaindahzenah

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