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Page 104 - present in a graphic manner the stories of the different nations that have attained prominence in history. In the story form the current of each national life is distinctly indicated, and its picturesque and noteworthy periods and episodes are presented for the reader in their philosophical relation to each other as well as to universal history. The
Page 85 - He had torn the cataracts from the hills And they clanked at his girdle like manacles ; His breath was a chain that without a sound The earth, and the air, and the water bound ; He came, fiercely driven in his chariot-throne By the
Page 103 - the hero, the sage, the patriot of America—the man on whom in times of danger, every eye was turned and all hopes were placed, lives now only in his own great actions, and in the hearts of an affectionate
Page 44 - Being a series of the letters of Adina, a Jewess of Alexandria, supposed to be sojourning in Jerusalem in the days of Herod, addressed to her father, a wealthy Jew in Egypt, and relating, as if by an eye-witness, all the scenes and wonderful incidents in the life of Jesus.
Page 103 - essential that public opinion should be enlightened." "Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all."
Page 90 - БО YEARS' EXPERIENCE. TRADE MARKS. DESIGNS, COPYRIGHTS Ac. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain, free, whether an Invention Is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Oldest
Page 105 - selected as specimens of eloquence, and with special reference to their value in throwing light upon the more important epochs and issues of American history from the colonial period down to the present time.
Page 72 - would brush down cobwebs, so that the released limbs straighten up like a man who has gotten out of debt, and almost say to you joyfully, 'Now, then, we are all right again'. This done, she begins to hang up soft new curtains at the forest windows, and to spread over her floor a new carpet
Page 66 - The happiness of life may be greatly increased by small courtesies in which there is no parade, whose voice is too still to tease, and which manifest themselves by tender and affectionate looks and little kind acts of attention."—Sterne.
Page 18 - in due season, important aids to our treasury, an ample provision for our posterity and a wide spread for the blessings of freedom and equal laws.

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