Commentaries on the Law of Married Women: Under the Statutes of the Several States, and at Common Law and in Equity, Volume 2

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Little, Brown,, 1875

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Page 391 - The rule of law is clear, that where one by his words or conduct wilfully causes another to believe the existence of a certain state of things, and induces him to act on that belief so as to alter his own previous position, the former is concluded from averring against the latter a different state of things as existing at the same time.
Page 481 - All property, both real and personal, of the wife, owned or claimed by her before marriage, and that acquired afterward by gift, devise, or descent, shall be her separate property ; and laws shall be passed more clearly defining the rights of the wife, in relation as well to her separate property as that held in common with her husband.
Page 128 - The real and personal property of any female who may hereafter marry, and which she shall own at the time of marriage, and the rents, issues, and profits thereof, shall not be subject to the disposal of her husband, nor be liable for his debts, and shall be and continue her sole and separate property, as if she were a single woman.
Page 553 - The real and personal property of any female in this State, acquired before marriage, and all property, real and personal, to which she may, after marriage, become in any manner entitled, shall be and remain the sole and separate estate and property of such female...
Page 238 - If any such order of protection be made, the wife shall during the continuance thereof be and be deemed to have been, during such desertion of her, in the like position in all respects, with regard to property and contracts and suing and being sued, as she would be under this Act if she obtained a decree of judicial separation.
Page 347 - any married woman may carry on any trade or business, and perform any labor or services, on her sole and separate account, and the earnings of any married woman from her trade, business, labor, or services shall be her sole and separate property, and may be used and invested by her in her own name.
Page 68 - The real and personal estate of every female, acquired before marriage, and all property to which she may afterwards become entitled, by gift, grant, inheritance, or devise, shall be and remain the estate and property of such female, and shall not be liable for the debts, obligations or engagements of her husband ; and may be devised or bequeathed by her as if she were unmarried.
Page 489 - A full and complete inventory of the separate personal property of the wife may be made out and signed by her, acknowledged or proved in the manner required by law for the acknowledgment or proof of a grant of real property by an unmarried woman, and recorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which the parties reside.
Page 573 - Act shall during her marriage become entitled to any personal property as next of kin or one of the next of kin of an intestate, or to any sum of money not exceeding two hundred pounds under any deed or will, sucli property PT.
Page 551 - ... 2. When the action is between herself and her husband, she may sue or be sued alone; 3.

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