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return to the Lord from whom he had revolted; ing, led away even on the Sabbath to listen to the but, in the immense population of London, we pernicious ravings of these false teachers, deemed it lost sight of him for a considerable period. At a duty to call public attention to the subject, and to length some of his early acquaintances dis- endeavour to expose the absurdities of the new syscovered that he had been reduced to the neces- tem of morals, which, in fact, was a renunciation of sity of keeping a public-house. They found all morals, and of all ground on which morality can him out, visited him, but could make no spi- stand. The announcement drew together a vast conritual impression upon his mind. He had sunk course of persons of various descriptions. Most of into a state of total apathy, and though he re- the disciples of Robert Owen in the town, to the

ceived them in a respectful manner, yet it was number of several hundreds, were present. The sertoo evident that he had totally declined from vice commenced with order and quietness, but the the ways of God.

preacher had not entered far into his discourse before Thus was this promising youth reduced from an attempt was made to create a riot. A pistol was a station of respectability, to a line of life little fired in one of the lobbies of the chapel. Happily compatible with domestic comfort, and from the precaution had been taken of placing some policethe most promising beginnings of a religious men to prevent disturbance, and the attempt to course, to an utter abandonment of everything frighten the audience within completely failed. The like vital godliness. He subsequently prospered preacher proceeded, and concluded his discourse within his worldly circumstances, but appeared to out any further interruption. On the departure of have made shipwreck of faith and of a good the assembly, a young man was found opposite the conscience.

gates of the chapel standing upon a low wall and I have now, for more than twenty years, lost attempting to address the people. It was soon dissight of the man “ with whom I took sweet covered that he was advocating the cause of Socialism counsel, and went to the house of God in com- and Infidelity, and inveighing against the preacher.

pany.” I have no reason to think he ever re- Little attention was paid to him, and he was soon returned to the fold of Christ. I know not obliged to desist; for two or three intelligent persons whether he is yet alive, for a wide separation encountered him, and very speedily he quitted his of residence, and other circumstances, have put post. it out of my power to ascertain. But these About six or eight months after this occurrence, melancholy facts have ever lived in my memory, preacher of God's Word was requested to visit as a warning against the danger of forming in the same young man, who was reported to be exceedproper connections in youth; and should this ingly ill. He hastened to the bed-side of the youth, brief narrative be the means of producing or and found him rapidly sinking under the ravages of confirming in any young mind sound and scrip- consumption. He stated his case to be as follows: tural views of the importance of choosing none He was the son of pious parents, and his father a rebut a truly pious partner for life, the end of the spectable lay preacher among the Wesleyan-Methowriter will be thus far attained. From the Pas- dists. He had acquired a tolerably good knowledge tor's Sketch-Book.

of the Bible, but had been seduced into the labyrinths

of doubt and scepticism by vicious companions, who SKETCHES.

had led him into connection with the Owenite lecturers, by whom he had been emboldened and assisted to stand forth as a teacher of their Atheistic blas.

phemies. In consequence of this entire perversion A few years since Atheism, under the name of of his mind from religion, he had forsaken his family Owenism, had become bold in many of the populous and connections, and given himself up to an abandoned towns of the kingdom, and had drawn around its and dissipated life. In less than a year the effect of standard a very considerable number of the vicious such courses became visible in his constitution, and and ignorant. Some who had grown old in the ways his conscience had now touched him in the prospect of Infidelity took the lead, and rejoiced to see in most of death. He felt that he had been indeed a great places a revival of their cause by the accession of so sinner, and had turned out of the paths of righteousmany of the young. What joy they could find in ness and peace. The minister inquired if he had secing them turn from the paths of virtue to those seen any of his Infidel companions, or if they had of vice, and from the faith of their fathers and friends come to administer consolation to him in his present to the no-creed of Infidelity, it is difficult to under- afflictive circuinstances ? Ile replied that he had stand-save that wickedness is weak in isolation, and sent to them and requested to see them, but not one becomes bold by companionship. So it was—100ms of them would come near him. He wished to see and halls of science, as they were called, were opened them, that he might warn them of the wickedness in various places, and every sort of amusement was and danger of their Infidelity. But they were afraid employed to draw the ignorant and inexperienced to to encounter their former companion, now that his listen to the missionaries of Robert Owen. Many mini- principles had wrought his ruin, and he was about sters of religion deemed it proper to point out the de- to prove their futility in the prospect of de:th. For lusion and perils of these sceptics. Among the rest, many weeks the minister attended upon this sufferthe writer of these lines, seeing hundreds of working ing and repentant young man, watched the progress men, and with them many of the young and inquir- of the mighty change which took place, and say


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For many

with inexpressible delight the dawn of that hope for the midsummer holidays by his tutor that very which cannot make ashamed. The gracious Saviour, evening. This person was to pass a day or two at it is believed, accepted him as a restored prodigal - the house; and at breakfast the next morning he friends and neighbours rejoiced over him as a brand stated that he should like to attend a public religious plucked from the burning. His last days were spent service connected with the opening of a place of in a humble spirit of grief for his sins, and of affec- worship at some distance; and that as his friend kept tionate faith in Him who healeth the broken heart. a horse and gig, he should feel obliged if he would He died, expressing his hope of acceptance in Christ lend it him, or drive him to the place. His request Jesus. The faith and hope of many were confirmed, was well received, and speedily the parties were on and Infidelity was made ashamed; and since that day their way. The first and second services passed; and the cause of Socialism has gradually declined in the as the distance was considerable, these gentlemen place.“ Is anything too hard for the Lord?” were about to order their carriage and return home,

but the preacher appointed for the evening service RECOVERY OF A BACKSLIDER.

met them, and being from the same town, and knowA young tradesman of London, who had been con- ing something of the tutor, persuaded them, for comnected, in the way of business, with one of the theatres, panion-sake, to stay and accompany him back. They and was familiar with many of the actors and actresses, agreed to do so. The preacher took his text: "Be

was removed from these scenes of temptation to a converted." The sermon reached the conscience of comparatively sequestered and retired town, where the backslider-it brought him to the deepest repenhe was brought under the influence of religion, and tance, and to an unfeigned acceptance of divine in due course received into a Christian Church. For mercy. From that hour he has not hesitated to rea time he maintained a consistent profession, but at nounce the ways of the world, and to seek his comlength fell under the power of temptation-returned panions among those that fear God. to his former associations, and was, of course, excluded years he has been walking in the ways of the Lord, from the fellowship of Christian people. For some and enjoying the peace and hope of the Gospel-an years he abandoned all attention to religion, and gave ornament to the Christian name, and endeavouring, himself wholly to the amusements and pleasures of both by his talents and property, to make himself the world. In the course of human events he was useful in the Church of God. How apparently triremoved to a distant town, where he was drawn into vial, and to us fortuitous, are those turning-points a wider circle of gay companions. As a tradesman, upon which the most important events are afterhe became eminently prosperous, and was esteemed wards found to depend! The wise arrangement of a welcome and merry companion in the assemblies events perfectly independent as to their apparent that spend their evenings in the inn parlour or coffee- causes becomes essential to the issue. The parties room. It was at one of these evening assemblies, concerned in them see not to what they are tendingwhere tradesmen meet to drink, and sing, and discuss if they did, perhaps, they would labour to counteract politics or town scandal, that an occurrence took or prevent it. But an all-comprehending, all-conplace which I am now about to state. An aged man trolling Providence silently but infallibly pursues its of more than seventy, who had been spending his own gracious ends. evening with a party of neighbours, rose to say "good-night," but prefaced his farewell in words to

GO AND TELL JESUS. the following effect: “ Gentlemen," he said, “ I am about to say good-right and good-by, for I am now

HEROD “sent and beheaded John in the prison."

And what did the disciples do ?--attempt to avenge more than seventy; and, as you know, I have been in

his death? No. Sit down disconsolate because their the habit for many years of spending my evenings master is taken away? No. They bury the body, and with you and others here, but I think it is now time go and tell Jesus. Here, thought I, is the way to find for me to give this up, and try to prepare for an

relief when wants oppress, when troubles come. other world. You will see me here among you no

In all the wrongs we suffer, in all our griefs, in all

our sorrows, in all our bereavements, what so proper, more. I wish you all happiness, and bid you farewell;" and with that he departed. A deep impres- is the panacea for the soul. We may safely recom

so likely to afford relief, as to go and tell Jesus? That gion was produced upon the mind of our friend by mend it to all. None have ever tried it in vain. this significant address. He soon after left the com- We visit the poor. A half-famished group cluster pany, and returned at midnight to his home. But he around the parents, while they unbosom to us their returned thoughtful and serious. Former scenes and

wants and their fears. Stern winter is coming on, feelings passed through his inemory. He thought, be fed. We may sympathize with them--we may

and they know not how they are to be warmed or to “ If this aged friend, after spending so many years in open for them the liberal hand of charity; but these this course, feels he is unprepared for death, and are not enough. We would urge them to go and tell gives up such a way of spending time to seek prepa- Jesus their wants and their fears. He who had not ration for another world, I think I had better begin where to lay his head is the friend of the poor. sconer, for I am not prepared for death and eternity.”

We sit down by the side of one burdened with a Under the infuence of these thoughts he retired to

sense of sin. She is almost sinking in despair. She

tells us of the malady of her soul. She has felt the rest. But his impressions were yet indistinct and stirrings of the Spirit, but now it is gone. She fears slight, and might have worn off soon, but for a re- her day of grace is past, that she has sinned it away. markable coincidence of circumstances.

Her heart is hard—it will not feel. The promises, so He had a child at school, who was brought home precious to some, meet her eyes, but they do not reach

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her case. They are no longer for her. Her prayers are not heard. Means do not avail. God has with

CHILDREN! READ THIS. drawn. She can do no more. She must perish. Her case is truly sad. But of all we can say and do, this The Rev. James M. Wilson, editor of the Corenaris the sum-go and tell Jesus. We can counsel, we ter, in an obituary notice of his son, who recently can advise, we can pray, but all that avails you no

died in Philadelphia, in his seventh year, among other thing unless you can be persuaded to go to him. Tell him your feelings and your fears with far more

interesting particulars, says of himn :minuteness and confidence than you tell any other. So soon as he could read with tolerable facility, He invites you to come. He has an ear that can which wa; about the end of his fourth year, he comhear; a heart that can feel; an arın that can save. menced the reading of a portion of the Scriptures Go tell him all; peradventure he may yet save you. daily, and committed one question, at least, in the

And there is the humble Christian, too, who has Shorter Catechism and a small portion of the Psalms once enjoyed a sweet sense of forgiven sins. Now he

every morning. Having completed the Shorter Cateinourns at times for himself: “that I were as in

chisin, he went on to commit in the same way an months past!” Then he mourns for Zion--for the analysis of it with the Scripture proofs. He then perishing around him—for his own kindred that are

attempted the Larger Catechism, all of which he could out of Christ. Go tell Jesus your desires. Let that repeat with considerable accuracy, before he was sigh fall upon his ear. Let him hear that prayer. attacked by the disease which terminated in his dis |

It is winter. We visit the abode of sickness. The solution. Previously to this time he had committed husband and the father lies on the verge of the grave. sventy-eight psalms in order, and had read the Bible The cold hand of Death is already upon him. He fears one and a half times through in his daily course, be not death. The sting of it is reinoved. But he looks sides as much more at least in a cursory manner. upon the companion of his bosom, soon to be a stricken

Nor were these acquisitions at all forced upon him widow; he looks upon his babes, soon to be orphans; --they were his delight. At the appointed time, he and he fears for them when he has gone. He has not always ran with eagerness to his catechisin. gold or silver, houses or lands, for them to inherit, and he fears how it may fare with them when he can This little boy died before he was seven years old; no longer protect or provide. It is parting with them and when Death came to call him hence, he went with that tries him most. Tell Jesus that, dying saint, him joyfully. and he who has left but this anxious thought may ease you of it before you depart. You may hear him

Boys! girls ! is there one of you that would not wish say: “Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve

to be like this little boy ? But how few of you arti them alive; and let thy widow trust in me."

like him? And why? Is it not because your heart is Again we visit that abode when the father is no not in your catechisms, and psalms, and chapters as

He sleeps in the dust of the earth, where the his was? King David said: “ O how I love thy law! rude blasts reach him not. We would point the be- it is my meditation all the day.” lle delighted to reaved to the only source of consolation. But before read God's law, and to meditate on it; and no doubt we enter, we hear the mild, subdued accents of a female voice in prayer. The place seems holy. The by meditating on it he had large portions of it on his mother has gathered around her her orphan children; memory. This little boy was like David. Ilon she has read the sweet promises of God to such, and happy he must have been !-happy in the knownow she is at the throne of grace telling Jesus their ledge of God-happy in his service-happy in his wants.

And then a sainted mother is called away. The friendship; for God was his friend, and loved him dying conflict has been long and sharp. But it was

and watched over him, and soon took him to himself! not for herself—it was for those that God had given Would you wish to be as happy? O then live as her. “ Jehovah-jireh-The Lord will provide;" and near God; have your hearts changed-renewed-she finds comfort in the promise. She gives them up. made holy. Christ will do this for you through his But the responsibility she drops another must as

Iloly Spirit, if you take them to him and ask him to sume. An elder sister must take it up. She has witnessed the burden of the mother's soul, and drank

do it. Then will your feet run to do his commandmuch of the spirit of a mother's love. Her efforts are

ments. The Bible--the catechism-your hymns, wi!) incessant to be to those thus committed to her, all that all be dear to you, for Christ's sake. a mother had been. She would point them in paths of virtue, and lead the way. But now, for a little, she has stolen away. She is not to be found in the domestic circle. But there is heard a still small voice,

RELIGIOUS REVIVAL AMONG CHILDREX. like the gentle whisperings of a spirit. It comes from the sister's well-known place of prayer.

The town of Mens has for some time past beer. She has

blessed with a remarkable revival of religion among retired with her burden, and is alone, telling Jesus. And when both parents are no more, and I gather its children and youth. It commenced towards the around me the orphan group, it is not simply to tell close of the year 1844, and has continued ever since. them of the divine promise to take thein up when A good minister of the place, writing to a friend, fatber and inother are removed; it is to urge them to

says: go to Jesus, and, in their own simple language, tell him their loss, and humbly invoke his care. In fine, I never saw anything equal to it. The Holy Spirit if the parent or the child, the master or the servant, produced in their hearts such a conviction of sin, the minister or the people, the ruler or the ruled, the and such a love of prayer, that it was necessary sick and the dying, or those in the vigour of life, to have several meetings a-day, in which they prayed want wisdom, want comfort, want light, want peace, and wept inces antly. This movement extended to want joy, want better hearts; are they aMicted, or do the surrounding country, reached persons of mature they mourn; whatever be their state, whatever their age, revived former converts, and reclaimed back. wants, let them go and tell Jesus. Christ and his sliders. The labours of the summer season having saints smile and sigh together."--New York Observer.dispersed the children, and kept others very busy, the

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have never,

work slackened. At present we have meetings every day; but there has been some falling off among the FIFTY REASONS WHY A SINNER OUGHT children; nevertheless, I counted the other day, sixty

TO TURN TO GOD THIS DAY WITHOUT persons between the ages of sir and trenty-fire, who have held out, and continue to pray. At least the

DELAY. half of this number appear to be strengthened in

(Condensed from Baxter.) faith, and give evidence of a sound conversion. This, truly, is a wondrous harvest, which more than tills

1. CONSIDER to whom you are to turn-to God. up the places of the fifteen persons who, this year,

2. Consider to what you are to turn-to holiness. have died in the faith. There is now less enthusiasm, 3. Consider from what you are to turn- from sin. but more light; the piety is more solid. We hope

4. Delaying shows you would never part with sin, that, this winter, the Spirit of the Lord will return and breathe upon the Church, and continue his work

if you might have your own will. of growth and increase.

5. What a case you are in while thus delaying. We have had as many as thirty-five meetings in 6. Delaying gives great advantage to the tempter. the church, weekly. The Evangelical Society of 7. It abuses Christ and the Holy Spirit, who may Geneva has sent us the Rev. M. Breguet, who is of leave you, great aseistance to us, especially for the country. On Sabbath, in Mens, there are meetings from eight in

8. What is it you stay for ? the morning to ten in the evening. I believe that I

9. The longer you stay, the harder the work will in all my life, wept so much as I have be. done this year; but it was tears of joy. We had mo- 10. Sin gets victory daily by your delay. ments in which we saw heaven descend into our 11. Age has inconveniences-youth advantages; hearts, with pure delight. Although there are still from therefore, it is folly to delay. tirenty-five to thirty children who have thus persevered, and who continue to pray in our meetings, even child

12. More advantage than former ages or other ren of six years old, we do not deceive ourselves in nations. relation to them; but the impressions of childhood 13. Delaying runs a hazard; life is uncertainwill not be lost in their intluence on a riper age. grace is uncertain. Among young people of both sexes, piety is more 14. It increases your sin. | firm and consistent, and among them there has been

15. It increases God's anger against you. no falling off. But it is with the children especially that I have passed, and still pass, the happiest mo

16. It may damn the soul and body for ever. ments, and I can affirm that they have taught me

17. Time lost by delays is an inconceivable loss. many things. I more fully understand that passage 18. God has given no time to spare. now: “Except ye become as little children, ye can 19. Consider the greatness of the work to be done. not enter into the kingdom.” At the infantile, and

20. Many perish, and few turn, who wilfully delay. sometimes sublime, prayers of children, from six to twelve years old, one experiences an irresistible im

21. If turning be necessary, the sooner the better. pression-one feels the grace for which supplication

22. If you will not, you are without excuse. is made descending from on high into the soul. In 23. Consider how long you have stayed already. this manner it has happened that a little child has 24. If you have hopes of salvation, is it ingenuous thrown a whole assembly into tears.

to continue in sin ? One day a Swiss gentleman came to our children's

25. If you were sure of salvation, you will still sufmeeting. During the first prayer, having assumed a standing posture at the commencement, he kneeled fer loss by delay. on a chair, and before the child had finished, he had 26. How many stay for you, while you delay!-God prostrated himself on the floor, bathed in tears. I the Father, Son, and Spirit, angels, ministers, and might relate to you very interesting traits of our young godly persons. people, of both sexes; but it seems to me that those

27. Christ did not delay to die. which have relation to our dear children will interest

28. God did not delay to do you good. you more. A young boy had succeeded in bringing to the evening meeting, in a stable, some of his com

29. When you are to receive any outward deliverranions; being on his knees, and having his eye on ance, the sooner then you think the better. them, he observed two or three of then slipping 30. Your worldly delights are passing without dethrough the obscure light towards the door; he ran | lay. to bring them back--he was too late—they had gained

31. Worldly business you delay not, as sowing, the door. Immediately he fell on his knees, and weeping, said: “Lord, lead back again my comrades reaping, &c. who have deserted !”-A woman, who was still young,

32. You delay not to receive gifts from your felind who is just dead, after being confined to bed for lows. a year, without the ability to move, being paralytic, 33. You should wait for God, rather than he wait had been in the babit of causing her three children for you. to sing hymns to her; these, a girl and two boys, 34. You will not delay helping a neighbour in an were from ten to fifteen years of age. The singing emergency, and you will not help yourself. soothed her pains. One night, her younge:oboy was lying beside her, and at midnight, after praying a

35. You deal worse with God than with the devil, long time for his mother, he sang the hymn :

for you delay not to do his will.

36. Speedy turning can do no harm, and will never " In all my sufferings, Lord, To thee alone I flee," &c.

cause repentance. In the midst of a verse he stopped short-he how that you turned no sooner.

37. It will grieve you much, if you do ever turn, fallen asleep; and his poor mother heard him stiil, speaking in his dream : “Do not weep, mother; you

38. Has not God a right to appoint the time? and see I always pray and sing."

he says “ To-day."

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39. Dare you say you know better than God when crown of glory and immortality which thou seest to turn ?

shining on their heads.-Hall. 40. Quick coming makes you the more welcome. 41. Do with God as you would others should do to

ONE STAR DIFFERETH FROM ANOTHER you. 42. Delay is a denial.

STAR IN GLORY."-1 COR. XV. 41. 43. God does not stay for all, as for you.


DIVINELY blest, the infant soul 44. God will not always patiently wait.

On angel-pinions borne away, 45. Delays weary God's ministers.

Ere it could feel this world's control, 46. Unspeakable loss you suffer while you delay.

Or find the path that leads astray ! 47. You are doing what must be undone, or you are undone.

But happier far, the veteran saint 48. Your conversion will be more grievous—more Who lays his long-worn armour down, painful.

And, freed from warfare's hard restraint, 49. Delays are contrary to the nature of the work Receives an amaranthine crown! and the soul. 50. If you slumber, your damnation slumbereth

While some young warrior grasps that shield

Which once he bore, and wears that vest;
His warfare done, he leaves the field,

And enters on his heavenly rest.

So, when of old, to Jordan's wave,
My son, if ever thou lookest for sound comfort on earth With stedfast faith, Elisha bore
and salvation in heaven, unglue thyself from the The mantle that his master gave,
world, and the vanities of it; put thyself upon thy
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; leave not till thou

Elijah's sorrows all were o'er. findest thyself firmly united to him, so as thou art

D. E. FORD. become a limb of that body whereof he is Head, a Manchester, May 1, 1846. spouse of that husband, a branch of that stem, a stone laid upon that foundation. Look not, therefore, for any blessing out of him; and in, and by, and from AN INCIDENT OF EASTERN IDOLATRY. him, look for all blessings. Let him be thy life; and wish not to live longer than thou art quickened by ABOUT twenty-five years ago a “jogi," or devotee. ! him; find him thy wisdom, righteousness, sanctifica

was accustomed to sit under the shade of a tree near tion, redemption--thy riches, thy strength, thy glory. the road which leads from this city (Allahabad) down Apply unto thyself all that thy Saviour is, or hath to the river, where the Hindu population went to done. Wouldst thou have the graces of God's Spirit? perform their morning worship and bathing cere-fetch them from his anointing. Wouldst' thou monies. The jogi had a “chela" (a pupil), whom he have power against spiritual enemies ?-fetch it was instructing in his Shastra (a sacred book.) He from his sovereignty. Wouldst thou have redemp- laboured much and long, but never succeeded in tion ?--fetch it from his passion. Wouldst thou teaching his pupil to read. When he grew old, and i have absolution ?-fetch it from his perfect inno

found himself near the close of life, he said to his cence. Freedom from the curse ?-fetch it from his pupil: “Inasmuch as you are not able to read this cross.

Satisfaction ?-fetch it from his sacrifice. book, when I am gone, you had better bury this Cleansing from sin ?-fetch it from his blood. Mor- book by the root of this tree, and come at certain tification ?---fetch it from his grave. Newness of life ? times and worship the book-that will be the next _fetch it from his resurrection. Right to heaven?- thing to having learned to read it. The pupil did so. fetch it from his purchase. Audience in all thy suits ? As the people continued to pass by for months, going

- fetch it from his intercession. Wouldst thou have and returning from their bathing place, they saw salvation ?-fetch it from his session [ sitting down) at this young man regularly making his puja, or worthe right hand of Majesty. Wouldst thou have all ? -- ship, at the root of the tree where the book was fetch it from him who is one Lord, one God, and buried. They gradually began to turn aside, one Father of all, who is above all, through all, and in all." after another, to join him. After some time a shrewd -Eph. iv.5,6. And as thy faith shall thus interest thee shopkeeper of the city perceived that the spot could in Christ, thy Head, so let thy charity unite thee to be turned to account; so he bargained with the landhis body, the Church, both in earth and heaven. Hold owner for half the profits that might arise from the ever an inviolable communion with that holy and place, and then erected a temple under the shade of blessed fraternity. Sever not thyself from it, either in the tree. The worship and celebrity of the place judgment or affection. Make account there is not one have gone on increasing, and now there is a cluster 1 of God's saints upon earth, but hath a property in of five or six temples in a cluster of trees, and a regu- i thee, and thou mayest challenge the same in each of lar concourse of worshippers every Monday morning, them; so that thou canst not but be sensible of their especially of the devout Hindu women of the city passions; and be freely communicative of all thy and surrounding villages, who go there to worship graces, and all serviceable offices, by example, admo- the divinity which is supposed to reside there; and nition, exhortation, consolation, prayer, beneficence, also a concourse of Mohammedan young men, who for the good of that sacred community.

go to worship-at least to gaze at-them, when they And when thou raisest up thine eyes to heaven, come out from the seclusion of the female apartthink of that glorious society of blessed saints who ments, and appear in open day with their best clothes are gone before thee, and are now there triumphing, on. And once a year there is an immense concourse and reigning in eternal and incomprehensible glory; of many thousand people, who assemble there to bless God for them, and wish thyself with them; make offerings of fruits and flowers, and pay honours '! tread in their holy steps, and be ambitious of that to-they know not what.- Rev. James Wilson.

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