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of our money. Of course, as far as the sup- Testament to the end of Second Chronicles, pression of Tyndale's translation went, the at- with sundry detached portions left by Tyndale tempt was perfectly futile. Many copies con- in manuscript. These Rogers carefully revised, tinned to be brought over from the Continent. and added the remaining portion from the end Zealous, active men were found who engaged of Second Chronicles to the conclusion of the heartily in circulating them in England. These Old Testament, from Coverdale's translation, carried them to the principal towns, and tra- carefully compared with the original, or from velled through the country disposing of them a new translation of his own. to the people, who were now both well pre- The Word of God was now all translated pared to receive, and anxious to possess them. into the English language, the art of printing : From February 1526, we have Garret, Necton, was invented and in full operation, and nothing Lome, Fyshe, and others, receiving books from could either send back the Scriptures to repose abroad, including the quarto and octavo edi- in the learned languages, or stay the spread of tions, and also the editions of Matthew and them in the vernacular tongue. Edition after Mark, published separately, and disposing of edition poured from the press, many of them them in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bradford, printed in England, in despite of the policy Lynn, and many other places.

and violence of the partisans of Popery, till the Tyndale, who was still on the Continent, now Word of God swept away all opposition to the set himself to translate the Old Testament; and reading of it, and had free course throughout by the year 1530, the five books of Moses were the land. published and introduced into England; and in We turn now to Scotland. Fragments of 1531 he further published a translation of Wickliffe's translation in manuscript found Jonah, with a bold, searching, seasonable pro- their way into that country; and there can be logue.

no doubt but that manuscript copies of the In 1534, whilst the star of Anne Boleyn was New Testament, in the vernacular tongue were in the ascendant, the Scriptures were brought possessed by several Scottish families before freely into England; no one hindered.

Tyndale's translation was printed. With sa But the translator's life was drawing to a gard to that translation, many copies of it close. He had been hunted from place to place were brought over to Scotland by the Scottish by the active enmity of Wolsey, Sir Thomas merchants trading with the Continent, about More, the king, and the bishops, for many the same period that it was introduced into years; but the hand of the Lord had protected England. We find Hackett, the English amhim; at length he was apprehended at Antwerp bassador, thus writing from Mechlin, of date by one Phillips, at the instigation probably of February 20, 1526, to Cardinal Wolsey: “ B; the enemies of the Bible in England, and my last writing to Mr. Brian Luke, I advertised under the authority of certain persecuting de- him how there were dicers merchants of Scotland crees of the German Emperor. This was in that bought many of such like books (New Tes 1535. He was imprisoned in the Castle of taments), and took them into Scotland--a part Vilvorde for about a year and a half, and to Edinburgh, and most part to the town of St. suffered martyrdom on the 6th of October 1536; Andreus.Popery, as usual, opposed the inbeing first strangled, and then consumed to troduction of the Scriptures, and many suffered ashes. Before his death about twenty editions because they bought thein, read them, believed of his translation of the New Testament had them, obeyed them. At length, in 1543, the been published; and at the very time when he Parliament issued a proclamation, declaring it was suffering martyrdom, a folio edition-the to be lawful for all to have and read the Holy first copy of the New Testament printed in Writ

, both the New Testament and the Old, in the England-was going through the press of the rulgar tongue, in the English or Scotck. Still, and king's printer in London.

the fact is singular enough, Scotland was sup, In 1537 the whole Scriptures were translated plied with Bibles almost wholly from England into English, and published by Miles Coverdale. and the Continent. No Bibles were printed in A curious circumstance attended the publica- Scotland for more than a hundred years

, except tion of Coverdale's translation. It was dedi. a folio edition in 1579, and another folio edition cated to Henry and Queen Anne Boleyn. But in 1610. The first pocket Bible printed in after it was printed, and before it was publish- Scotland did not appear till 1638. ed, that unfortunate queen was beheaded. The dedication, therefore, must needs be changed, and accordingly some copies are found in which

DISAPPOINTMENTS. the Anne has been altered by the pen to JANE. «The inhabitants of Maroth waited carefully for

In the same year another translation of the good, but evil came down from the Lord unto the entire Scriptures was published by John gate of Jerusalem." “ Behold," says Hezekiah, "* for Rogers, otherwise called Thomas Matthews, a

peace I had great bitterness. dear friend of Tyndale.

This consisted of peace,” says the Church, "but no good came; and 1 Tyndale's version as far as it went; that is, the

for a time of health, and behold trouble! Indeed. whole of the New Testament, and the old of sorrow; whatever excites our hope may prove the

wnatever engages our affection may become a sourc.

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We looked for!




of disappointment. Such is the hard condition coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he vhich we take all our earthly comforts.

may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered we secure from disappointment with regard from the power of evil! Though thou exalt thy2. This is the tenure by which we hold all our self as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest sions; and nothing can be more uncertnin. amongst the stars, thence will I bring thee down, man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes saith the Lord."-Jay. re taken in an evil net, and the birds that are t in the snare; so are the sons of men snared evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them." to now, ye that say, To-day or to-morrow we

THE LITTLE GIRL AND THE RAIN. into such a city, and continue there a year, uy and sell, and get gain: whereas ye know

BY MRS. L. H. SIGOURNEY. hat shall be on the morrow. For what is your

It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little “MOTHER, it rains,” said a little girl, who was lookand then vanisheth away."

ing out at the window. "I am sorry not to make a > we secure from disappointment in our health ? visit to Emma. She invited me twice before, but it plessing is necessary to our relishing every other rained, and now it is raining hard again." inent; but how precarious is the continuance of Upon how many delicate and combined causes

“ I hope you will not be unhappy, my dear," said it depend! How easily may some of them be her mother. “I think I notice the tears upon your iged? Are we ever safe from those accidents cheeks. I will not say it is a little thing, for the 1 may strike, or those diseases which may invade troubles of children seem great to them, but I trust How many have been compelled by pain and you will be patient, and wait pleasantly for good position to drop an enterprise which they had

weather.” taken-a journey which they had begun! a we secure from disappointment with regard to

"Mother, you have told me that God knows everyren? The forebodings of the parental mind are

thing, and that he is always good. Then he certainly and flattering; but, oh! how unanswerable to must know that there is but one Saturday after!,000

expectation have events often prored!“ This in the week, and that all this time I have to play : shall comfort us," has been said of many a with my little friends. He must kiiow that it i, who has been dismembered or sickly in body, has rained now these three holidays, when I wished puded in understanding, vicious and disorderly in embarrassed and miserable in circumstances.

so much to go abroad. And can he not make sun. father had looked forward and promised himself shine whenever he pleases ! ” ntertaining companion; and behold the care and “ We cannot understand all the ways of God, my expense of fourteen years carried down to the child; but the Bible tells us he is wise and good. e! See Rachel-she has been laying aside the

Look out into your little garden and see how happy e garments her busy hands had wrought, and ing out of sight the toys which lately charmed the rose-buds are to catch the soft rain in their desire of her eyes-and,“ weeping for her child- bosoms, and how the violets lift up their sweet faces

refuses to be comforted, because they are not." to meet it, and as the drop falls into the quiet stream re we secure from disappointinent with regard to how it dimples with gladness and gratitude. The udship? How many of our connections bave i cattle will drink at the stream and be refreshed. pped us already, and by their painful defections Should it be dried up, they would be troubled; and e called upon us to cease from man! How small he number of true sterling friends who will abide

were the green grass to grow brown and die, they day of trial ! Some of those who are now fawn would be troubled still more, and some of them might , would not, if a change of circumstances occurred, perish for want of food.” in know us. They leave the garden in winter- Then the good mother told her daughter of the ere is nothing to gather. The flower which they sandy deserts in the East, and of the camel who uced in their bosom, as soon as it has exhaled its patiently bears thirst for many days, and how the rfume, they throw withered into the dust. Of hat use is the scaffolding when the building is fainting traveller watched for the rain cloud, and ished?-it is laid by out of sight. “My brethren," blessed God when he found water; and she showed ps the renowned sufferer, “ have dealt deceitfully her the picture of the camel and of the caravan, and a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass told her how they were sometimes buried under the 'ay: what time they wax warm, they vanish; when sands of the desert. And she told her a story of the is hot they are consumed out of their place.

mother who wandered into the wilderness with her Are we secure from disappointment with regard to operty? Where can you safely lay up treasure

son, and when the water was spent in the bottle, she Hon earth? Water inundates, flames devour, moth laid him under the shade to die, and went and prayed d rust corrupt, thieves break through and steal. in her anguish to God; then how an angel brought iches make to themselves wings and flee away. the water from heaven, and her son lived. She told ppearances may be favourable, plans may be well her another story from the Bible, how there fell no iid, every assistance necessary to success may be rocured; but “the race is not to the swift, nor the

rain in Israel for more than three years,

and the grass attle to the strong; neither yet bread to the wise, dried up, and the brooks wasted away, and the cattle or yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour died, and how the great prophet prayed earnestly to o men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to God, and the skies sent their blessed rain, and the hem all.” “ Money is a defence," and hence it is so

earth gave forth her fruit. Many other things this anxiously desired, so universally pursued; but how nany have fallen from the

highest'affluence into the good mother said to her child, to teach and entertain lepths of indigence, and have had their necessities

her. Then they sang together a sweet hymn or two. ambittered by the recollection of the plenty which and the little girl was surprised to find the afternoon ance made their cup to run over! * Woe to him that so swiftly spent, for the time passed pleasantly.



So she thanked her kind mother for the stories she | Timothy: “ But thou hast fully known my doctrine

, had told, and the pictures she had shown her. And purpose," &c.; that is, the design and method of my she smiled, and said: “What God pleases is best.”

ministry. Such hearers, if judicious, can follow their Her mother kissed her child and said: “Carry this try, from subject to subject, and from teat to text, and

teacher through the series and deduction of his minissweet spirit with you, my daughter, as long as you from head to head, tiil at length they have, before live, and you will have gathered more wisdom from they take notice of it, a hypotyposis, or collection, of the storm than from the sunshine."_Youths' Cabinet. Gospel truths formed in their understanding. Such

a hearer begins where he left the last time; and so, from time to time, is still going on,

shining " and WHY WILL YE DIE?

growing and enlightening “ unto the perfect day" Poon, self-destroying caitiff, look yonder on that (Prov. iv, 18); from faith to faith, from knowledge amiable Jesus Christ, for a marriage between whom

to knowledge, and from truth to truth; "till be and thy precious soul I am now wooing. Do but ob

comes in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge serve his condescending willingness to be united to

of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the thee. That great Ahasuerus courts his own cuptive (Eph. iv. 13.) Various hearing makes variable Chris

measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ." Esther. The potter makes suit to his own clay; tians-St. James' professors (for the most part) -woos thee, though he wants thee not; is infinitely happy without thee, yet is not, cannot be, satisfied (James i. 8.) They are still beginning, but never able

“ double-minded men, unstable in all their ways." but with thee. Hark how he commands, entreats, begs thee to be reconciled (2 Cor. v. 20); swears,

to make any prosperous and successful progress in and pawns his life upon it, that he desires not thy

the knowledge of Christ.-Case. death (Fzek. xxxii. Îl); seals this his oath with his blood. And if, after all this, thou art fond of thine

THE CHRISTIAN'S CALLING. own damnation, and hadst rather be at an agreement with hell than with him, see how the brinish tears

1. It is a holy calling.And therefore“ be ye also trickle down his cheeks (Luke xix. 41, 42): he holy in all manner of conversation.” (1 Pet. i. 15.); weeps for thee, that dost not, wilt not, weep for thy- Methinks, it should sound as harshly in our ears to self. Nay, after all this obdurate obstinacy, he is hear of a wicked Christian as of a dark sun. resolved still to “ wait, that he may be gracious (Isa. xxx. 18); stands yet, and knocks, though his

2. It is a high calling.–Do you live high? Scorn head be wet with rain, and his locks with the dew of baseness: blush to appear in your old rags-to be the night. (Cant. v. 2.) Fain he would have thee geen catering for your lusts as you used to do. Crowa,

open the door," that he may come in and sup with yourselves with the stars-clothe yourselves with the thee, and thou with him. (Rev. iii. 20.)-Lje. sun-tread the moon under your feet. Let the Gos

pel be your crown-let Christ be your clothing - let METHOD-ITS ADVANTAGE AND

the world be your footstool- let hidden manna be, IMPORTANCE.

your constant diet. Keep open house to all comers : The reason why people generally remember no

set your spiritual dainties before them; bid them feed more of the sermons they hear, is for want of cate- heartily, and welcome: and, for discourse, tell ihem chising, whereby they might come to know the priu- what great things God hath done for your souls. ciples of religion in their order and methodical con- (Ps. lxvi. 16.) texture. Usually in sermons truths are delivered

3. It is a heavenly calling.-Let your conversation single and apart; and the ignorant hearer knows not

be in heaven” (Phil. iii. 20): you have a good Cortes where the minister is, nor what place the doctrine delivered obtains in the body of divinity, nor how pondent there. Maintain a constant trade and trafic they are knit together; and so the memory looks thither – expect returns thence. * Lay up your them out as fast as they are dropped in. Order is treasure” there," where neither moth nor rust doth the very glue of memory. Method in a single ser corrupt, and where thieves do not break through no mon, when the hearer is acquainted with it, gratifieth steal.” (Matt. vi. 20.) Be always preparing for your the memory, as well as the understanding; while it doth not only lodge things in their own place, but passage thither. locks the door upon them, that they may not be lost.

4. It is an immutable calling.–Do not droop ar ] When things are knit and linked in one with another hang your heads for the changes and mutations which (as in a chain), pull up one link, and that will pull up there are in the world. “ The foundation of God another; so that the whole chain is preserved. standeth sure ” (though the foundation of States be

overturned, overturned, overturned); “ having this “ Loose hearing may please, but the fised will profit:" skipping hearing, for the most part, makes seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his” (2 Tim. .i. but sceptical Christians. When people hear at ran

19), and will cause “ all things to work together for dom; have a snatch here, and a snatch there; here their good."— White.

a truth, perhaps, and there an error; here a no. tion, and there a novelty, &c.; such mixed hearing

DYING COUNSEL. makes up the garment of knowledge, but just like a beggar's cloak-full of patches. They are never I once entered a room where a beloved youth ***! able to bring their knowledge into any form or dying; and having directed him to Jesus as his only method; “ ever learning, but never able to come to refuge, and urged him to give his heart to God, I the knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim. iii. 7), their asked, “ And what shall tell knowledge is like a leap of pebbles, upon which a panions?” “Tell them," said he, in effect, and with man can never raise a superstructure. Whereas, a look and tone of voice which I shall not attempt to they that sit under a fixed ininistry, one that is mas- describe, “tell them to repent, and give their hearts ter of his art, they are acquainted with the way, and to the Saviour; tell them to seek religion now course, and project of his preaching; as the apostle tells death-bed is a poor place to prepare for dernity!"

your young coin




& Sermont.


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Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the

to destroy the works of the devil; he can break Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but

the cords of sin and Satan; he can make bright | the Lord shall rise upon thee, and his glory shall be that which was dark; he can set free from the seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy

bondage of death; he can help, where none light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about and see: all they gather them

else can give relief. Come to him, then. The selves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come night has disappeared, the day has arisen. from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side.

Every witness of Jesus must preach this, and Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of tell it to every soul: The day has dawned; Christ the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the the Saviour is born; behold we bring you Gentiles shall come unto thee. The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah;

good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold all people”-a joy, whose light, opening your and incense; and they shall show forth the praises of the hearts, and entering in, will disperse all darkLord."- Isa. Ix. 1-6.

ness. In considering this passage, my heart is im- But if the sun has arisen, there must have pressed with the glorious truth, that in Christ been previously a night of darkness

And so the Saviour, the light of day has been ushered

there was. Before the appearing of Christ, in. With God's assistance, therefore, I would night brooded over the world. Until “ the Sun speak to you of Christ, and how, in him, the of Righteousness” shines in upon a soul, all is day-spring has arisen over the world. But we the thick darkness of night, even although the must first ask the Lord for his blessing. wisdom of the world be there. I shall not

Dear Saviour, king of the nations, thou who speak of the Heathen who, in the vanity of their hast arisen as a bright star, arise in our hearts, mind, live in blindness and“ without God in the and remove all darkness, that we may see! world,” and who have changed the glory of the Open the eyes of the nations, that they may unchanging Creator into lifeless pictures of the walk in the brightness of thy glory! Let thy creature. The condition of the Heathen, their light now illuminate our souls ! Amen.

idolatry, their sins, their ignorance, and their | We come now to speak of Christ, and how, misery — all this is expressed in the words in him, day broke over the world. Such is the of the prophet: “Darkness covers the earth, and intimation made to us in many passages of gross darkness the people.” Standing on some Scripture, as well as in our text. Thus speaks elevated spot, he looks round on the world, and the Saviour himself: “ I am the light of the what does he behold ? Darkness, the thickest world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness. He can scarcely discern the face of darkness, but shall have the light of life.” And the landscape, because of the thick darkness of is not every soul that has received Christ, that the night. And true it is, in this night have has been saved by his grace from the power of all the Heathen walked, and many millions darkness, and that is enabled in consequence to walk in it still. In this night once walked walk in the light of truth and love, in the light our fathers. O how melancholy it was with of the new covenant—is not every such soul a Germany centuries ago! Nothing but idolatry, bright witness to the truth of this his declara- cruelty, drunkenness, and the grossest immotion? “ The night is far spent, the day is at rality, was to be found—where now stand the hand :" thus all the apostles preached. What temples of the living God, where the name of was it they announced? Hear it, ye poor God and of the Lamb is now worshipped and miserable sinners who are still in thick dark- adored. And if we look back to the time beness; it was, The day has dawned. Jesus Christ fore Christ came into the world, 0, how many the Saviour has come into the world, has suf-nations walked in the darkness of night! fered, and died, and risen-has scattered the The most wretched superstition, the most ladarkness, and brought you light. He is able mentable idolatry, reigned. No love to God,

No. 30.*

no love to one's neighbours, no true humility; | afflictions, the Lord prepared the hearts of liis but pride, and arrogance, and the horror of people for his great day; and such was the darkness. The gods they fancied as objects of intensity of their longings, that shortly before worship, were of the most vicious character, the birth of the Saviour, many felt assured adulterers, liars, deceivers, thieves, and mur- that “the Consolation of Israel” would speedily derers. And who were the gods of those come, and that they should see that glorious who perceived the foolishness of this idol ser day. Simeon was assured by the Holy Ghost ! vice? Themselves, their own selves, were their that “he should not see death before he haul gods. “ Darkness covered the earth, and gross seen the Lord's Christ;" and as he took the darkness the people.”

child Jesus in his arms” in the temple, he ex' But it was also night with the people of claimed, “ Lord, now lettest thou thy servant Israel. They had, indeed, the revelation of the depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen thy law and the promises. God the Lord had not salvation”—the Saviour for whom I have longed concealed himself from them, as he did from and waited. There was, indeed, amongst those the Gentile nations. And where the Lord re- who gave heed to the word of the Lord in ! veals himself, there is not the darkness of night, Israel, an earnest waiting for the Salvation of but light; and the coming of the day cannot God—for Him who should come, who is spoken be far distant. It was, however, an imperfect of by Zacharias in his song of praise. revelation; the brightness of the Lord was not At length Christ was born—"the Light of fully displayed. They looked forward with the world” appeared; but in poverty and nearhope to a bright day when the promised Messiah ness—in the lowly estate of a poor man-child. should arise; but the veil of Moses was still There was nothing here to nourish the hopes between them and the sun, so that the heavenly of the carnal mind. It was only he who had brightness was in a manner obscured. As yet, eyes to see that could discern the light. But there were only types and shadows of future this outward lowliness was accompanied from blessings. Under the economy of the Old Tes- beginning to end by a great glory. The extament, there was, as it were, a fire kindled tremes of poverty and riches were blended from time to time in the midst of the darkness, together. While the parents could find no so that those around it were enabled to see, but room in the inn for the child, angels froni not so distinctly as in the light of day. The heaven appeared to the shepherds, praising fire was, however, the token of night; for if it God, and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, had been day, its light would not have been on earth peace, good-will toward men!" Why needed.

all this on account of the child that lies so It was thus with the patriarchs. They died lowly in a manger? And one of these angels in the belief that the promises would be ful- is the first evangelist of the new covenant; for filled. “ These all,” says the apostle in his he says, “ Behold I bring you good tidings of Epistle to the IIebrews, “having obtained a great joy, which shall be to all people; for : good report through faith, received not the unto you is born this day in the city of David, promise; God having provided some better a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” The thing for us, that they without us should not child grew; and few of the Jews knew that this be made perfect.” Throughout the whole of was the Messiah, the Son of God. From afar the Old Testament, there is an earnest longing must men come, and bring to him gold, frankinafter the great day of redemption-after the cense, and myrrh, and tell the Jews that this ushering in of the Messiah's kingdom. The is their new-born king. They were not ashamed patriarchs of the Old Testament were as they to do homage to this poor child as their sovewho long for the day, and that the night may reign. How deep must have been the conviction disappear. Their language was, O that the day that had taken hold of their hearts ! were come, that the dawn of the morning were But thirty years had to run their course be arisen! “ Watchman, what of the night?" is fore he should make known to the people his written on every page of the Old Testament, saving and redeeming power. Now the pas although in different forms. The Old Testa- triarchs were all asleep. Simeon had laid him. ment believers were as prisoners who longed self to rest, for he had seen the Saviour. Tbel for liberty; and the voice addressed to them Son of God himself dwelt at Nazareth in ob was, Wait a little, thou shalt soon be free. scurity, as any other man-yea, as a poor work- !

In the meantime, the great hour of salvation None thought any more of the glory of drew nearer and nearer. Through trials and the dawn. “ He that was unjust, was unjus:


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