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still, and he that was filthy, was filthy still: he for ever—yes, there pre-eminently has the light that was righteous, was righteous still; and he arisen; thither does the Holy Ghost direct every that was holy, was holy still.” Then came for- soul that is thirsting after divine light; for ward a man, John the Baptist, a man "in the yonder it is that there is indeed light. Over spirit and power of Elias,” and preached,“ Repent, Golgotha is the Sun of the world arisen, with for the kingdom of heaven is at hand; prepare salvation in his wings for all who fear the name the way of the Lord, make his paths straight; he of the Lord. Thence, to poor sinners, flow light standeth among you, and ye know him not.” As and life. O, how blessed are they who com

he stood by the Jordan, preaching to the multi- prehend aright that yonder dwells the brighttude, he saw Jesus of Nazareth walking by the ness of the Lord! That which is written in our shore, and knew that he was the Messiah; for his text, “ Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and heavenly Father had testified at his baptism, the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee,” has " This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well been mainly accomplished on Golgotha. It is pleased." Then this great witness, the fore here that we exclaim, “ Arise, shine!” for here runner of his Lord, stretched forth his hand, are fulfilled the words of Jesus, “I am come to and pointing to him, exclaimed, “Behold the send fire on the earth; and what will I if it be

Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the already kindled? I have a baptism to be bapworld !"

tized with; and how am I stratened till it be acNow was the Lord announced to the people. complished !” “For it behoved Christ to suffer, Now he arose, and taught, and preached the and to rise from the dead the third day, and kingdom of God, and wrought many signs and that repentance and remission of sins should be wonders, and glorified the Father, proving that preached in his name among all nations.” Then He it was who should come in the power of was fulfilled the word of prophecy, “ O Zion, that God, “ to preach the Gospel to the poor, to bringest good tidings, get up into the high mounheal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance tain: 0 Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings, to the captives, and recovering of sight to lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, afraid; say unto the cities of Judah, Behold to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” your God! Awake, awake; put on thy strength, His footsteps brought blessings, and his hands o Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, 0 Jeruwrought mercy. Ile was the compassionate salem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall 'Jesus, rich in blessings; the Saviour of sinners, no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the friend of the needy. When the Apostle the unclean. Shake thyself from the dust; arise, Jolin would describe liis entire walk among o Jerusalem; loose thyself from the bonds of them, he says, “ We beheld his glory, the glory thy neck, 0 captive daughter of Zion.” as of the only begotten of the Father, full of The fire of God, which was kindled on Golgrace and truth.” But how was it with the gotha, continued to burn till the day of Pentechildren of men? “ He came unto his own, and cost; and from that day it has burned till now.

his own received him not.” The darkness hated For it is said, “ Ilow beautiful upon the mounthe light; the children of darkness would not tains are the feet of him that bringeth good suffer the light. They sought to extinguish it; tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth and this was so far permitted by God, that his good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; decrees might be perfected. They seized the that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth !” This Son of the Father, led him forth out of their was the day that expelled the dark night: now city, and hanged him on a tree. Then it looked | began “ the fulness of the Gentiles" to come in. as if the Light had been extinguished-as if the Multitudes came from every land, and walked Sun of the world had gone down. But it was in the light that arose over Jerusalem. Comas it had been with Joseph : “Ye thought evil forted by God, enlightened by faith in the against me, but God meant it unto good.” reconciliation-sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and

Out of this cruel wickedness has salvation sanctified by the Spirit of truth, thousands are arisen to man; the darkness has unconsciously now standing before the throne of God on high, given birth to the light. In Gethsemane, where “clothed with white robes, and palms in their he prayed, his prayers being mingled “with hands,” and singing “Salvation to our God which strong crying and tears ;” on Golgotha, where sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, he hang upon the cross forsaken of all, where for ever and ever.” Bright rewards of the by every one he was beheld as if he had been work of Jesus! Bright children of light, who a deceiver, where his work seemed to be over have “ come out of great tribulation," and


through the blood of atonement, have had an heathen, worship the Lamb that was slain ;

entrance ministered unto them” into the read how they cast their crowns at his feet. everlasting mansions of light and life, and to And what hast thou laid down at thy Saviour's whom multitudes will be added !

feet? Hast thou denied thyself a single pleaBut the end is not yet. Even now the fire sure or advantage for his sake? of God burns in many places throughout the But all is not yet accomplished. Still six world; and, praised be his name, it is burning or eight hundred millions of our brethren are in the midst of us; for in our land the standard sitting in darkness : and while the bread of of the cross is erected. The Gospel, the light life is liberally distributed to us, they hunger which arose over Jerusalem, has been with us for the Word of God; and, benighted in misery, for centuries. And 0! it is a heavy reckoning during life, have only sorrow in death. Is it, that awaits us, if we sin against the light. But however, always to be thus! No: the Father the counsel of God respecting fallen man is not

hath said unto the Son, “ Ask of me, and I yet completed. And it becometh thee to ask, shall give thee the heathen for thine inherit

Can it be so? while thou art far from him. Can ance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for the counsel of God be fulfilled, so long as “ the thy possession.” O what a time will that be, kingdoms of this world are not “ become the when the word of prophecy which we har kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ?" this day read is wholly fulfilled, when all ť “No day of peace nor rest can be,

kingdoms of this world shall have become : Till his love conquers all ;

kingdoms of God and of his Christ ! Then will Till earth, with her ten thousand tribes,

they sing of victory in the dwellings of the Before his feet shall fall; Till he, in new and glorious life

righteous; then will they sing “the song of Before his Father's face,

Moses and of the Lamb;" then, from the one Can bring a world from sin and death,

end of the earth to the other, there will be a Saved by redeeming grace."

spiritual temple, wherein the name of Jehovah And therefore have so many evangelists, in is worshipped and ada !. Every knee will our day, gone abroad over this poor world,

bow at the name

is, and ever heart to proclaim salvation through Christ, to tell of will acknowledge him; and by every tongue the light of day to those who “ sit in darkness will be uttered praise, and honour, and glory and the shadow of death;” to testify of that

to the Lamb which was slain, and to our God." light which has illuminated their own hearts,

Great, glorious time! and which may enlighten sinners of every de.

But, dear hearers, there are two things of 'scription. Dear brethren and sisters, behold

which I would speak. God has permitted us and consider what is doing in our days. Shut

to be born in these momentous times; and are not your eyes and ears; read intelligence of

we to contribute nothing to the building of God's work among the heathen; consider and own that we live in momentous times. Read, acted towards Jesus and his great cause? Ask

Zion? What is your answer? How have we and acknowledge that in our day the kingdom of yourselves, Has it been your earnest : nd heartGod, as well as that of Satan, is making rapid felt prayer that light may arise unto t'e heaprogress. Under the standard of which king then ? Ask yourselves, Have you lent your dom are you marching? Are you journeying to aid by word or deed, or are you keeping aloof! heaven, or to hell ? Read, and acknowledge that Let me speak to you with earnestness. O God's thoughts are thoughts of love; for he what might not be accomplished, were each would have men everywhere to be saved, and

one to give even of his overflowings were is calling the far-distant Gentiles to the mar

each, from time to time, to give out of his riage of the Lamb. 0! he has long been call- abundance ! O how much is spent in vanitying us : let us now listen to his voice.

in the service of the devil ! Will you not “ Cloth'd in the wedding garment,

lend something to your Saviour Hear his Unsullied by a stain, To joys and endless glories

own words : “ Inasmuch as ye have done it to

one of the least of these my brethren, ye have And those that were far from him,

done it unto me: I was an hungered, and ye Whose souls were dark with sin, He now presents all glorious

gave me no meat ; I was thirsty, and ye gave Before his Father's throne."

me no drink.” The heathen, dear brethren, will outstrip us : Let none excuse himself on account of his many of them have come to Christ before us. poverty. Is it not oftentimes because one has Behold how the heathen, and kings of the not the will, that he has not the means ! But

He leads the heathen in :




“ Arise,

if you cannot give of your substance, you can of Jesus, while many think we are speaking of give your prayers. O pray as Moses did, when, one with whom they have nothing to do! How during the conflict with the Amalekites, his many are there who know him not, and who hands were upheld because they were heavy. will not come unto him ! It will gladden you in eternity, when all that Dear Saviour ! thou art the light of the has been effected by the prayers of the saints world. Awaken us, that we may hear the call, shall be fully revealed. Can you not spare Arise, shine!” Lord Jesus ! awaken us, and even a mite, that you may give it to the Lord ? leave us not to remain in darkness, but give Not that he is in need of it; but it will be esti- us grace to press forward to everlasting glory. mated by him according to the heart of the Amen. giver. 0, dear hearers, the Lord is putting you on your trial in the matter of the heathen.

MEMORIALS OF THE INQUISITION. If we put not our hand to this work, what if the Gospel be taken from us, and given to the heathen?

BY TIIE REV. W. K. TWEEDIE, EDINBURGII. But this is not all. We must beware of The crimes of which the Inquisition took cogimagining that, because we have given of our nizance were heresy, and all that seemed to bundance, and have contributed to the ad- favour it, together with sorcery, witchcraft, and „ncement of the kingdom of God, we our

similar delinquencies. Fortune-telling and blassilves are necessarily in the light. That which have already seen, the whole weight of its

phemy were severely reprehended; and, as we was announced of old to the Jews-that which power, and the whole malice of its cruelty, were the apostles preached—that which is proclaimed brought to bear with relentless severity on the to the heathen-is addressed to us; and I stand descendants of Abraham, on the Moors, and all here to proclaim to every one amongst you, who were not Romanists in every jot and tittle whether old or young, high or low,

of their creed. for the light is corn, and the glory of the

Instead, however, of entering into any ab

stract account of its general principles, we Lord is risen upo,

It may be, you think it best to select some illustrative cases, have bught light in other things—in human

as the briefest and most graphic mode of conwisdom, or in the praise of man--but have not veying right notions of this engine of oppresavund it, and are still in darkness. But sion. We might dwell on the “Edicts of the “ The wisdom of this world below

Faith,” or monitory letters, sent forth, promisCan ne'er give light to thee

ing indulgences for three years to all who Jesas alone, his glorious light

should inform against persons heretical or Thy light must ever be :

suspected of heresy. We might expatiate Jesus must be thy only sun;

upon the punishment that awaited those who There's light and life in hin alone.”

read or kept prohibited books--excommunicaYe who have hitherto loved the world, forsake tion, whipping, confiscation of property, impriits pleasures; and you will wonder because of sonment, or exile, were the awards of this crime. the light that will arise over you, and be amazed But, passing from these and similar topics, we as you advance from light to light, till you enter draw attention rather to the following instances the everlasting mansions. And 0, if there of ferocious cruelty, as exhibiting the doings of

men whose religion stript them of every feeling be any weary, heavy-laden sinners amongst of humanity, and led them to perpetrate enor. you, to such would I call-

mities which make the ears of them that hear “() why with ever-weeping eyes

it to tingle. Izarn, a Dominican missionary, Wilt thou thy sins and sorrows view ?

employed poetry to inflame the minds of men o why not rather look to Him

against heretics, and fan the fires which the Who shed his precious blood for you?

Inquisition had lit. The following lines, ad-
Thy soul will ne'er find joy or light,
Nor strength nor courage for the tight.

dressed to an obstinate heretic, embody at once Although with doubts and fears opprest,

the spirit and the logic of the Inquisition :O come, and lean on Jesus' breast.

As you declare you don't believe, 'tis fit that you should Look forward to that home of joy Where Jesus reigns, and reigns for aye."

And, as your fellows have been burnt, that you should blaze Behold, thy Saviour comes to thee; light is And as you've disobered the will of God and of St. Paul,

Which ne'er was found within your heart, nor pass'd your risen upon thee: go forth to meet him. O that the light which has arisen over Jerusalem may

The fire is lit, the pitch is hot, and ready is the stake,

That through these tortures, for your sins, your passage you arise in every heart! How often have we

spoken of that light, and yet how many are The first illustration that we offer of the I still in darkness ! How often have we spoken atrocities perpetrated by the Inquisition is the


in turn,

teeth at all,

should cake.'


case of Thomas Maynard, English consul at he agreed to confess whatever the blood-hounds Lisbon in the time of Oliver Cromwell. He desired. On his confession, his property was was accused of having said or done something confiscated; and he appeared as a penitent at prejudicial to the religion of Rome, and was the Auto-de-fe at which Burton and his comimmediately seized by the Familiars of the panions were burned alive. Inquisition. In the name of the Protector, the The most harrowing, however, of all the acconsul's liberation was demanded from the King counts that we have seen furnished by Englishof Portugal, who replied that it was beyond his men regarding the Inquisition, is the following: power to comply with Cromwell's request, In the year 1706, Mr. Wilcox, afterwards i Maynard was in the hands of the Inquisition, bishop of Rochester, was chaplain to the Eng. and over it the king had no control. But the lish factory at Lisbon, and furnished Burnet,

Protector was not thus to be baffled, and in- bishop of Salisbury, with the following account !

structed Meadows, the representative of Eng- of an Auto-de-fe, at which Wilcox attended as a | land at the Court of Lisbon, to inform the king spectator. “Five condemned persons appeared," that he must either declare war against the he says, “but only four were burnt-Antonio Inquisition or stand by the results. The king Travanes being reprieved after the procession. and the Inquisition were alarmed by the message, Heytor Dias and Maria Piqteyra were burned and opened the prison doors to Maynard. Ile alive, and the other two were strangled. The refused, however, like the apostles before him, to woman,” says Wilcox," was alive in the flames go forth privately, and demanded a public libera- for half an hour, and the man above an bour. tion; which was granted. Had it not been for The king and his brother were seated at a winCromwell's decision, the rack or life-long im- dow so near as to be addressed for a considerprisonment might have become his portion. able time, in very moving terms, by the man

But Maynard was not the only Englishman as he was burning; and though he asked only that suffered from the Inquisition. A man a few more faggots, he was not able to obtain named Burton also encountered their ven- them. Those who are burned alive," Wilcox geance as a heretic, and his case drew forth re- continues, are seated on a bench twelve feet monstrances from foreign powers, though they high, fastened to a pole, and above six feet were long disregarded. He was at last burned higher than the faggots. The wind being a alive, and another Englishman and a Frenchman little fresh, the man's hinder parts were perwere consumed at the same stake with him. fectly roasted; and as he turned himself, bis So fierce were those priestly oppressors that ribs opened before he ceased to speak, the fire even the English ambassador at Madrid could being recruited only so far as to keep him in obtain only a personal exemption from the the same degree of heat. All his entreaties authority of the Holy Office-his attendants were could not procure for him a larger allowane? obliged to go to mass. Foreigners who resorted of wood to shorten his misery and despatch to that kingdom as merchants, were often per- him.”' secuted for their religion; among others, Wil- Now all this was done by a tribunal founded liam Lithgow, the well-known traveller, was im to preserve the purity of religion, and uphold the prisoned and put to the torture at Malaga cause of the Prince of Peace! All this is part (1620); and in 1714, Isaac Martin, another of the practices of a Church which at this day Ènglishman, was subjected to the same treat- holds the same dogmas, avows the same conviement at Granada.

tions, and glories in the same unchanging prinNicolas Burton, already mentioned, was a ciples, as when these atrocities were openly seaman, and the freight of his vessel belonged perpetrated in thousands. to a merchant of London. When Burton It would be endless to narrate the instances was seized, he sent John Frampton of Bristol in which the Holy Office has thus usurped the to Seville, in the hope of recovering his pro- province of the Eternal, and trampled on the perty, but the Holy Office both resisted the consciences of men. An English ship on one claim and persecuted the agent. lle returned occasion arrived at Cadiz, and was visited by to England for more ample powers, and on

the Familiars and searched for contraband relihis return was seized by two Familiars, con- gion, as meu now search for contraband goods. veyed in chains to Seville, and lodged in the Several English persons on board were seized secret prisons of the Triana, the central depôt and thrown into jail; among others, a youth of the Inquisition. Its agents, urged in this ten or twelve years of age, the son of the instance by cupidity as well as hatred to the owner of the vessel. He had in his possession truth, were unable to establish a charge against the Psalms of David in English, and that was Frampton, but they insisted that he should clear the ostensible reason of his seizure. The ship himself of the suspicion of heresy, by repeating was confiscated, the child and the other captives the Ave Maria. IIe omitted the words, were carried to the prison of Seville, where

“ Mother of God, pray for us,” and was im. they lay for six or eight months, till the dam | mediately put to the torture. After enduring ness of the cell, and the wretchedness of the | three strokes of the pulley, and while “he fare, superinduced disease. After various hard| lay flat on the ground, half dead and half alive," ships, the boy lost the use of both his limbs,

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and no one ever ascertained where or how he human beings were burned alive by the Indied.

quisition; seventeen thousand six hundred and Nor were the English the only foreigners fifty-nine in effigy, and two hundred and ninetyagainst whom the Inquisition let loose its ven- one thousand four hundred and fifty subgeance. The Moors suffered the same treat- jected to punishment, penances, exile, or im. ment if they did not embrace the faith of Rome, prisonment. Three hundred and forty-one although some of them declared that the Chris- thousand and twenty-one immortal beings were tians were more vicious and corrupt than them- thus either butchered or made wretched, and selves. One of that nation who had been that in only one kingdom, called in mockery baptized, but had subsequently been suspected “The Catholic,” to glut the vengeance of Popery of heresy, was cast into the dungeons of the against the truth of God. The horrid system Inquisition, where he boldly declared that he was abolished there in 1808; but including all was ashamed of the Christian faith, and suffered the territories subject to Spain, perhaps HALF A for his intrepidity in witnessing against atrocity. Million of men have suffered from this inexor

The wretchedness to which men, when im- able Tribunal. It was an outrage on Protestant, mured in those “graves for the living,” were principles and God's truth for the magistrates reduced, is illustrated by the following case: of Geneva to burn Servetus; but what shall we One who had long been imprisoned confesses think of the creed which, on system, and with that, owing to the cruel treatment which he re- a regularity that is almost scientific, burned ceived, he sank into despair, and repeatedly thirty-one thousand nine hundred and twelve attempted suicide-first, by starvation, and people for their religion ?* i when that failed, by feigning sickness, prevailing on the physician to bleed him, and then

“O SAVIOUR! I DO THIS FOR THEE." | tearing open the wound when left alone in his cell. When these attempts had also failed, he [Exclamation of Mrs. Comstock, of the Burman Baptist broke a piece of money, sharpened one of the

Mission, on parting with her two children, whom it was edges, and there with opened a vein, in the hope found necessary to send to America.] of finding relief in death. These efforts were Mors came, and in that silent bay persevered in for months; and when the un. Beneath the Burman sky, happy man was at last found in a swoon, amid So motionless the vessel lay, his own blood, the Inquisitor ordered him to You could not dream, ere close of day, be loaded with chains, and closely watched in How swiftly she would fly; his cell. Provoked by this cruelty, he strove How, like a mist of summer, part to dash out his brains against the walls of From that deep inlet's quiet berth, his dungeon; and all this despair and wretch- And sever from a mother's heart edness was occasioned, let it not be forgotten, All that she loved on carth. because men felt that the truth of God was of more value than the corruptions of his A woman, in a stranger-land, creatures. The brief of the Pope empowered

Ten thousand miles away the Inquisitor-general to persecute and degrade From kindred soul or friendly hand| all who were suspected, “whether they were A mother, too! can Heaven demand bishops, archbishops, patriarchs, cardinals, or Her life's last earthly staylegates, barons, counts, marquises, dukes, Her children? From her throbbing breast princes, kings, or emperors;" and the gigantic Cast forth the babes that on it grow, power that dared thus to assail even imperial And nightly go alone to rest offenders, rioted in ruthless ferocity among the Where once they slumber'd too! humbler victims of its stern Satanic vengeance.

Was the cup bitter to the tasteBut for the present we must pause, although

The cross a weary load? there rises up before us, as we think of this

Friendless and childless to be placed atrocious system, a long line of cruelties, confis

Alone amid a darkling waste, | cations, and murders, which could scarcely be By hostile footsteps trod? credited upon any amount of evidence, did Ah! whence shall strength to bear such ill we not know that the natural heart is enmity To woman's gentle heart be given ? even against God, and much more agaivst them Proud man, be all thy boasting still: that are his. To some of these cases we shall Such strength descends from leaven. recur in our next Number, with the view of further analyzing the cruelty that enters into

But who shall paint the agonies, the very essence of the Papal faith. Meanwhile,

The wrung soul's torturing power,

When woman's startled fondness flies we observe that the Inquisition has been called " the Palladium of Spain.” The following

Thought-swift o'er years of memories,

And crowds them in an hour? facts prove its claim to the title:In that kingdom alone, it is computed that

* Different numbers are given by Llorentc, M'Crie, Ency thirty-one thousand nine hundred and twelve

Brit., and others.

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