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ousness which has long been the stigma of their na- weight on his heart. His persecutors endeavoured to tion.

induce him to denounce the chief rabbi; and at last The rank and power which many European Jews he accused several Jews, though not the rabbi. As have acquired by their talents, their learning, and many of these as could be found were seized and subtheir wealth, have been quite remarkable, and have jected to similar tortures, under which seven persona been at times an important safeguard to their poor, suffered till almost deprived of life. The innocence despised countrymen. Some of the leading minds in of these persons was afterwards fully established. modern days have been Jews. Spinosa, the author Even in Germany, within a few years, the Jews of modern pantheisın, was a Jew Several learned have suffered greatly from popular violence. Daring Jews occupy chairs in the universities of continental riots took place at Prague and other places, in which Europe, as Leo, Stahl, Neander. Marshal Massena the fury of the populace against this devoted people was a Jew. It is said that Marshal Soult and Prince knew no bounds. The watchword throughout GerMetternich are of Jewish origin. Those mighty men many is, “ Hep! Hep!" (derived from the initial letters of wealth, the Rothschilds, who hold the purse-strings of Hierosolyma est perdita~Jerusalem is lost), firs of the civilized world, guiding the commercial, and raised by the German Crusaders in 1097, and still the sometimes almost the political destinies of Europe, signal for outrage and cruelty against the unhapp: are Jews. A few years ago they were five in number, Jews. with houses at London, Frankfort, Paris, Vienna, and No Israelite is allowed to set foot on the shores of Berlin. There are some Israelites in London of Norway: two Jews recently suffered imprisonmeti princely wealth, among whom is Sir Moses Montefiore, for having landed in that kingdom. In Russia, they who has repeatedly used his influence to protect his are subjected to much oppression. The present es countrymen from Russian and Turkish despotism. peror (Nicholas), on his accession to the throne (1835). In Constantinople and the provinces of the Ottoman banished them from St. Petersburg and Moscor; Empire, the Jews, by their superior energy, have ac- where they are not now permitted to sojourn more quired great wealth by commerce, and enjoy import- than a week without renewed passports. Three years ant privileges; though their condition is very preca- ago, an imperial ukase commanded all the Rassian rious. Indeed, throughout that empire, the Jewish Polish Jews to remove fifty versts_about thirty-three people are the sport of despotic power. Mussulmans miles---from the frontier within a limited time; under are, from their cradle, taught to regard them as the which order, it is said, 500,000 Jews were compelled vilest of mankind a link between man and brute, a to leave their houses. The Russian Government aprace accursed of Heaven. They are the common ob. pears determined to compel the Jews to embrace jects of popular malice or superstition-the lawful the Greek faith: and in default of this to worry and prey of every one who has power to extort from them. harass them to the extent of its power. Throughout the East, Jew is the vilest term of re- There is, in truth, no end to the detail of their sufproach. Dr. Wolff thus writes in his journal: “ We ferings. They have exceeded all other human expepitched our tents at Araas. A dervise Mohammedan rience. Our Saviour wept at the foresight of themn; monk) flogged his ass, and finished by calling it a Jew." and his followers ought to be deeply affected at the In Constantinople, where there are 80,000 Jews, they review. Everywhere, during these 1800 years, they all were obliged to wear a blue slipper, as a badge of have been subject to countless vexations, to innumedegradation. In other places they must wear a patch rable indignities, to unparalleled miseries. of cloth of some peculiar colour on the breast, for the same purpose as the convicts in our state prisons wear a party-coloured dress.

ARE YOU A SABBATH SCHOOL TEACHER Mr. Wolff was told by a Mohammedan in Mesopotamia: “Every house in Shiraz with a low, narrow If you are, you are engaged in a good work. Yes, entrance, is a Jew's. Every man with a dirty camel's hair turban, is a Jew. Every one picking up

it is good, both as acceptable to God, and as profitglass, and asking for old shoes and sandals, is a Jew. able to men. It is good in its direct operation, and He afterwards found this description fully confirmed. good in its reflex action. It is not merely teaching

The Turks throughout Syria may compel the Jews the young idea how to shoot, but, what is still more to work without pay, and administer the bastinado important, it is teaching the young and tender affeeif they refuse. The lowest fellah (native inhabitant) tion what to fix upon, and where to entwine itself. will stop a Jew whom he meets travelling, and de- Nothing hallows the Sabbath more than the benemand money, or compel him to dismount and give up the animal which carries him, as a Mussulman's right. volent employment of the Sabbath school teacher. Throughout the East the Jews are obliged to affect It is more than lawful to do such good on the Sab poverty in order to conceal their wealth; what is ex- | bath-day. It has great reward. Continue to be a posed to view is never safe from Mohammedan rapa Sabbath school teacher. Be not weary in this wellcity. In 1823, all the Jews of Damascus, suspected doing. Do not think you have served long enough of the crime of having wealth, were thrown into pri- in the capacity of teacher, until you have served life son, and redeemed their lives only by an enormous payment. In February 1840, the seven wealthiest out, or until there shall be no need of one saying to men in the city, with three chief rabbins, and some another, “Know the Lord.” What if it be laboriothers of that nation, were seized, carried before the ous? it is the labour of love, in the very fatigue of pacha, and subjected, notwithstanding their protesta- which the soul finds refreshment. tions of innocence, to the bastinado, and other extreme cruelties, in order to compel them to confess

But perhaps you are not a Sabbath school teacher themselves guilty of killing a Greek priest, who had “No, I am not,” methinks I hear one say. “I am suddenly disappeared. In the island of Rhodes, about not a professor of religion. You cannot expect me the same time, the Christians accused the Jews of to be a teacher." You ought to be both, and your facrificing a child ten years old. Witnesses affirmed that tho Greek child was seen followiny a Jew on the not being the first, is but a poor apology for declirpublic highway. The Jew was arrested, thrown into ing to be the other. The neglect of one obligation

bastinadoed; his nostrils were pierced with is a feeble excuse for the neglect of another. You sted stones placed on his head, and a heavy seem to admit that if you professed religion, it would



be your duty to teach in the Sabbath school. Now, way than otherwise? I do not know how it is where whose fault is it that you do not profess religion? you live, but where I live, there are boys and girls But I sce no valid objection to your teaching a class enough, ay, too many, who go to no Sabbath school. of boys or girls how to read the Word of God, though it is only for a teacher to go out on the Sabbath, you be not a professor of religion. I cannot think and he readily collects a class of children willing to that any person gets harm by thus doing good. Ex- attend. And where I reside, there are not teachers perience has shown that the business of teaching in enough for the scholars already collected. Some the Sabbath school is twice blessed—blessing the classes are without a teacher; and presently the teacher as well as the taught.

children stay away, because, they say, they come to “But I am not a young person.” And what if you the school, and there is no one to attend to them. are not? You need not be very young in order to He who said, “Suffer the little children to come be a useful Sabbath school teacher. We don't want unto me, and forbid them not," knows this; and He mere norices in the Sabbath school. If you are not knows who of “his sacramental host” might take young, then you have so much more experience to charge of these children, and do not. They say every assist you in the work. Do Sabbath school teachers communion season, “Lord, what wilt thou have me become superannvated so much earlier in life than to do?" and the Lord replies, “Suffer the little any other class of benefactorg—so much sooner than children to come to me”-and there the matter ninisters and parents? There is a prevailing mistake ends. on this subject. But you are “married,” you say. I visited recently an interesting school, composed And what then? Because you have married a wife or of adults and children. It is languishing now for a husband, is that any reason why you should not want of teachers. There were present some twentycome into the Sabbath school? Many people think that live or thirty females, and only two female teachers, as soon as they are married, they are released from I wondered to see no more than two there, espethe obligation of assisting in the Sabbath school. | cially of those who were last at the cross and first at But I do not understand this to be one of the im- the sepulchre. munities of matrimony. As well might they plead But I hear one say, "I was once a teacher.” And tliat in discharge of the obligation to every species of do you not blush to own that you became weary in doing good. Such might, at least, postpone this this species of well-doing ? “ But I think I taught apology, till the cares of a family have come upon long enough.” How long did you teach? Till there them. And even then, perhaps, the best disposition were no more to learn? Till you could teach no they could make of their children on the Sabbath, longer? Are you dead? If not, you are resting from would be to take them to the school. I wonder how your labours rather prematurely. This excuse remany hours of the Sabbath are devoted to the in- sembles one which I heard of, as from a lady of struction of their children by those parents, who wealth, who, having for several years been a submake the necessity of attending to the religious cul- scriber to the Bible Society, at length ordered her ture of their families an apology for not entering name to be stricken off, alleging that she thought she the Sabbath school; and I wonder if their children had done her part towards disseminating the Bible ! could not be attended to in other hours than those | The world was not supplied; 0, no! not even the usually occupied in Sabbath school instruction; and country; and her means were not exhausted. But thus, while they are not neglected, other children, she had done her part. Had she done what she who have no parents that care for their soul, would could? The woman whom Jesus commended had receive a portion of their attention. I think this is “done what she could." not impossible. But perhaps the wife pleads that But one says, “I want the Sabbath for myselfshe is no longer her own, and that her husband's for rest and for improvement." And who does not? wishes are opposed to her continuing a teacher. Are you busily employed all the week? So are But has she ceased to be her Lord's, by becoming some of our most faithful teachers. You ought to her husband's? Does the husband step into all the be “diligent in business” during the week. “Six rights of a Saviour over his redeemed? If such days shalt thou labour.” “But is there any rest in an objection is made, it is very clear that she has Sabbath school teaching?” The soul finds some of not regarûed the direction to marry “only in the its sweetest rest in the works of mercy, and often Lord.”

its richest improvement in the care to improve But perhaps you say, “ There are enough of others others. to teach in the Sabbath school." There would not But perhaps you say, though with some diffidence be enough-there would not be any, if all were like you express this objection, that you bong to a you. But it is a mistake; there are not enough of circle in society whose members are not accustomed others. You are wanted. Some five or six children, to teach in the Sabbath school. Do you mean that of whom Christ has said, “Suffer them to come to you are above the business? You must be exceedingme," may grow up without either learning or re- ly elevated in life, to be above the business of gratuiligion, unless you become a teacher. Are all the tously communicating the knowledge of God to the children in the place where you live gathered young and ignorant. You must be exalted above the into the Sabbath school? Are there none that still very throne of God itself, if you are above caring for wander on the Lord's-day, illiterate and irreligious ? poor children. “But I should have to mingle with Is there a competent number of teachers in the ex- those beneath me in rank.” Ah! I supposed that isting schools, so that more would rather be in the Christianity has destroyed the distinction of rank, not indeed by depressing any, but by elevating all.

wouldest have asked him, and he would have given Should Christians, all cleansed by the same blood thee living water?"" "Ó, yes; that is in the history

of Christ and the woman of Samaria." “ Then, you and Spirit, treat other Christians as common?

have read the Bible ?" “Yes, never through, but “O, it is too laborious—there is so much self-parts of it at different times.” “Well, I am glad to denial in it.” And do I hear a disciple of Christ hear it; and though I cannot give you this living complaining of labour and self-denial, when these ter, I can tell you of Him who is able and ding

to do so. It is no other than that benevolent person are among the very conditions of discipleship? Is the disciple above his Master? Can you follow Christ who, as we say, accidentally met with that sintui

woman, and enlightened her mind and converted her without going where he went ? and went he not

heart. And He still lives, and is willing to welcome about doing good? Pleased he himself ? Ah! I

every sinner who appeals to Him; and has expressly know what is the reason of this deticiency of Sab- declared that those who come to Him he will in do bath school teachers, and I will speak it out. It is wise cast out. Do you wish Him to bless you, and owing to a deplorable want of Christian benevolence

turn you from iniquity, and save you from final ruin?"

Yes, that I do, but I cannot-I cannot-really, I in those who profess to be Christ's followers. They

cannot believe." ** Who told you that you must lack the love that is necessary to engage one in this believe on Him? Have you been at all in the habit labour of love. They have no heart for the work. of attending any of the ministers of the Gospel :"

Christian reader, beseech the Holy Spirit to guide “Yes, but very irregularly; I have gone sometimes you in your deliberation; then take a turn in the to one place and sometimes to another, but was never garden of Gethsemane. Stand a while at the foot of in my sins before now. 'I was left an orphan in eari

constant. In truth, sir, I wonder I have not perished the cross of Calvary. Remember who suffered in that life. My father was killed by an accident when I was garden, and on that cross, for your sake! Remember, a babe, and my mother has been dead for years, and I the object of the Sabbath school is to tell young was very early left to do as I liked, and followed children of His love in dying for us! 'Think how you many evil ways., I have fought against my cocwill wish to have acted in the day of his appearing, victions, and yet I sometimes think God is aftictin;

me in mercy.” “And I begin to think so too; and and throughout eternity! Think of this, and then,

as you may have read that the sufferings of the proif you can, refuse to teach henceforward in the digal son were among the means of softening his Sabbath school.*

heart, so I hope your present chastisement may urg you to return in penitence to the house of your

heavenly Father. Now, let me entreat you not tu MODES OF DOING GOOD.

trifle with your renewed religious impressions. Lift

up your heart to the Saviour, and say, 'Lord, I be (From the Evangelical Magazine.)

lieve; help thou mine unbelief.' Know, assuredly, On one of the sultry days of last June, I was taking and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ came into

that he is mighty to save; that it is a faithful saying, a walk in a grove, which is contiguous to a populous the world to save sinners, even the chief. When you town in Kent, and sat down on a bench to rest under a shady tree. My attention was presently arrested

go to your lodging think on this passage, and let it by the approach of a young man, whose emaciated

encourage you to apply to one who will not quench appearance at once excited my commiseration. Per

the smoking flax nor break the bruised reed, but

will bring forth judgment to victory." At this ceiving him stagger from weakness, I rose and offered to conduct him to a seat. After expressing my sym

moment the youth was overcome with weeping, and pathy with him, and my hope that his visit to the begged of him to give them an attentive perusal

. I took two tracts and a little book out of my pocket

, place in which I reside might contribute, with the inquired where he resided, and, several strangers blessing of God, to his recovery, a conversation ensued, coming up, I bade him good morning, promising as of which I give you a faithful report :“Sir," said I, “ you appear to be very ill ? ” “Yes,"

his request to pay him a visit. ne replied, “ I am reduced alınost to a skeleton with

I went to see him the next day, when he entered an affection on my lungs, and the doctors have given

more fully into his own history, informed me that he it as their opinion that I shall not get well; in fact, city, to whose kindness during his illness he bore :

was a clerk in a house of one of my friends in the I seem to myself to be leaving this world.”. “Well,” grateful testimony. I read to him the first part of I rejoined, ** will you excuse a stranger, if he asks the 12th chapter of the Hebrews, prayed with bim. you whether you think you are prepared to enter the and engaged, with the permission of Providence, te next?” He turned towards me with an earnest look, and answered, “ No sir; I fear that I am not. I know increasingly anxious to receive instruction, and ac

see him again. On each successive visit, I found him the theory of religion; but I would not deceive you, sir, quiring clearer knowledge of the way of salvation

, I do not think that I have ever felt its power. Our reciprocal communications then proceeded as follows:

A few weeks afterwards he was also repeatedly visite! Do you not think it is high time to ascertain whether by a pious member of a church in the neighbourhoovi

. you are fitted for death and for heaven?" ** Indeed I who several times conversed very freely with him cu do, but I have so long neglected, or almost neglected, | lieved he was a true convert to Christ, and gave the

the affairs of his soul; and who told me that he brdivine things, that I cannot now pay attention to them as I would, and I am so weak that I cannot r. ad much death unto life. As I was about to leave the place

most satisfactory evidence that he had passed from nor apply my mind to any subject long together; and in which I first saw him for the sea-side, I went to I am come to this place alone, and have not any pious | bid him farewell, and was much affected with our friends to converse with me."

“Did you ever read last interview. in an old book of two persons who met by a well

, weakness he engaged in it with some difficulty, war

Ais conversation, though from close to which one sat, when wearied with His journey, of the most pleasing character. Of himself he spoke and said to the other, “If thou knewest the gift of with deep humility; of those who had befriended him God, and who it is that talketh with thee, thou

by their ministrations during his sojourn at his linda The above was published as a tract in Dublin. ging, with affectionate thankfulness; of his Saviour,

[blocks in formation]

who, he said, had “met him in the way," with the Catechising.--O for the ancient and primitive tenderest acknowledgments of obligation to his for- ordinance of catechising ! Every youth can preach, bearance and compassion; and of his hope of heaven, but he must be a man indeed who can profitably with humble confidence and joy. Three days after catechise. my departure, I received a few lines from a friend, informing me that he died in the faith, peace, and hope of the Gospel.”


WHETHER the word Antichrist be held to signify EXTRACTS FROM THIOMAS FULLER.

one who places himself in Christ's stead, or one who SIN.-Before I commit a sin, it seems to me so

is opposed to Christ, it is equally applicable to the shallow, that I may wade through it dry shod from Papacy. It is true in the first sense, for the pope any guiltiness; but when I have committed it, it maintains that he is Christ's vicar, through whom often seems so deep, that I cannot escape without alone, or his licensed subordinates, valid intercourse drowning.

can be held with heaven. If, again, we view the PROCRASTINATION.-In Nebuchadnezzar's image, word in the latter sense, then, in every respect in the lower the members, the worse the metal; the which we can contemplate the matter, Popery is the farther off the time, the more unfit. To-day is the enemy of Christ. By pretending to be Christ's vicar golden opportunity, to-morrow will be the silver season, next day but the brazen one; and so long,

on earth, he is the enemy of our Lord's divinity, as if till at last I shall come to the toes of clay, and be our Lord, by virtue of his divine nature, “ were not turned to dust.

with his people alway, even to the end of the world.” PRAYER ON BEING DETAINED FROM CHURCH. By the doctrine of transubstantiation, which repreLord, thy servants are now praying in the church, sents Christ's body as destitute of the ordinary proand I am here staying at home, detained by neces- perties of a true body, he is ar enemy to our Lord's sary occasions, such as are not of my seeking, but of humanity; and every time that the host is consethy sending; my care could not prevent them, my power could not remove them. Wheretore, though crated, a practical profession is made of the ancient I cannot go to church, there to sit down 'at table heresy of the Docetæ, who professed to believe that with the rest of thy guests, be pleased, Lord, to send our Lord had a seeming but not a real body. He is ine a dish of their meat hither, and feed my soul with the enemy of our Lord's mediatory office, in both its holy thoughts. Eldad and Medau, though staying parts, as the representative of God to the Church, still in the camp (no doubt on just cause), yet pro- and as the representative of the Church to God. phesied as well as the other elders.

The priesthood is the alone mediator between God PREPARATION FOR DEATH.-Solomon saith, “ Man

and men which is practically acknowledged by the goeth to his long home.” Short preparations will pot fit so long a journey. O let me not put off to the Papacy. All communications coming from God are last, to have my oil to buy when I am to burn it!

invalid that have not their mark upon them. Pardon but let me so dispose of myself, that when I am to is invalid when it is merely intimated to the soul by die, I may have nothing to do but to die.

the gracious working of the Spirit, and not authentiDANGEROUS KINDNESS.-Lord, I read, when our

cated by the absolution of a priest; and the sealing Saviour was examined in the high priest's hall, that

of the Spirit is invalid, when not atthenticated in Peter stood without, till John (being his spokesman the dying hour by extreme unction; and even the to the maid that kept the door) procured his admis- Bible, notwithstanding all the iniracles attesting its sion in. John meant to let him out of the cold, and divinity, can only be safely perused when the seal of not to let him into a temptation, but his courtesy in

the Church is appended to it, in addition to the seal intention proved a mischief in event, and the occasion of the great God. And all communications with of his denying his Master. O let never my kindness concur, in the remotest degree, to the damage of my when sanctioned by the Church. Confession is in

God on the part of the creature are invalid, except friend!

RENOVATION.- I have observed that towns which valid, when it is not presented through the medium have been casually burned, have been built again of a priest. Faith, hope, and charity, and all the more beautifully than before; mud walls afterwards graces of the Spirit, will be of no avail, if separated made of stone, and roofs formerly but thatched after from the priesthood. For out of the Church of advanced to be tiled. The apostle tells me that I Rome Christ does not act as a mediator between God must not think it strange concerning the fiery trial and man. It is an enemy to Christ's priestly ofice. which is to happen unto me. May I likewise prove By the sacrifice of the mass, it incessantly impugns the improved by it! Let my renewed soul, which grows out of the ashes of the old man, be a more firm fabric sufficiency of his sacrifice. By soliciting the prayers and stronger structure, so shall affliction be my and the patronage of departed saints, it impugns advantage.

the sufficiency of his intercession within the veil. Bad at Best.—Lord, how come wicked thoughts By claiming it to be the head of the Church upon to perplex me in my prayers, when I desire and en

earth, and the rock upon which it is built, the deavour only to attend thy service? Now I perceive | Papacy is the enemy of Christ's kingly office. By the the cause thereof: at other times I have willingly temporal monarchy, it altogether misrepresents and entertained them; and now they entertain themselves asperses the nature of our Lord's kingdom. And against my will. I acknowledge thy justice, that

what shall we say of its opposition to his prophetical what formerly I have invited, now I cannot expel. Give me hereafter alv ays to bolt out such ill guests. | office? What can we say, but that Popery may be The best way to be rid of such bad thoughts in my

considered as combining in itself all forms of error, prayers, is not to receive them out of my prayers. heresy, false religion, and irreligion? In it we meet,


in a new form, with the demigods and images of an- servant's ear, the cock which crew, &c. The bone cient heathenism. In it we find revived a great part of a whale, or mammoth in this Fault, long passed of the abolished system of ancient Judaism. She for one of Goliath's ribs! has her priests, and her high priests, and her sacrifices, and her incense, and her holy places, and her

THE TRACT IN THE SOLE OF A SHOE. jubilees, and her sanctuaries corresponding to the cities of refuge, and many other parts of those beg- A man having received a tract, used it in filling up garly elements, which were abolished on that day shoe. Sorietime afterwards another man of the same

the space between the inner and the outer sole of a when the veil of the temple was rent in twain. In business, sat down on a Sabbath morning to put a the worship of the saints, we have the vital principle new sole to that shoe; but when he had cut away the of Arianism-which is this, that worship may be old leather he saw the tract, and his attention was rendered to one who is called a creature. In making instantly arrested by its title, “ Remember the Sab

It was an arrow from the Church the judge of Scripture, we have the bath-day, to keep it holy." essential principle of Socinianism. The Socinian diately laid aside, and the man hastened to the house

the quiver of the Almighty. The work was immewill not believe what Scripture says, until it is at- of God; his soul was troubled, nor could he find rest tested by his own reason; so nothing is believed by until he found it at the cross of Christ."— Tract SRomanists until it is stamped by the reason of the ciety Meeting at Ner York. Church. The self-righteousness of Arminianism is the very life-blood of the system, as received by the

AN AGED POOR MAN. people. By auricular confession, and priestly absolution, Antinomianism is carried to the extreme.

ONE of the members of Christ's flock was reduced to In the opposition of that system to the Bible, as it great poverty in his helpless old age, and yet he never came from God, we have the spirit of infidelity. murmured. A kind-hearted neighbour who met him Considered as a whole, it is one of the most tremen

on the road, said to him, “ You must be bally of. dous monuments of rebellion and defiance against I cannot tell how you maintain yourself and your God that has ever existed in the earth, and probably wife; and yet you are always cheerful.” “O, not so," in the universe. The whole tendency of it is, to turn replied the old Christian; "we are not badly of. men away from God, and to lead them to regard the We have a rich Father, and he does not suffer us to priesthood as occupying his place, and clothed with want.” “Your father not dead yet! he must be his attributes.- White of Haddington.

very old indeed.” “My Father never dies, and he always takes care of me.” That aged Christian was

a daily pensioner on the providence of his merciful DIFFERENT PREACHERS.

and covenant-keeping God. Those that are all in exhortation, no whit in doctrine, are like to them that snuff the candle, but pour not in oil. Again, those that are all in doctrine, no

Miscellaneous. thing in exhortation, drown the wick in oil, but light it not; making it fit for use, if it had fire put to it, but as it is, rather capable of good, than profitable for

PLEASURE.—The seeds of repentance are sown in the present. Doctrine without 'exhortation makes youth by what is called pleasure, but the harvest is men all brain, no heart; exhortation without doctrine reaped in age by pain. makes the heart full, leaves the brain empty. Both Religion.-Men will wrangle for religion, write for together make a man. One makes a wise man, the it, fight for it, die for it-anything but live for it. other good; one serves that we may know our duty,

CONTRAST.--The death of Judas is as strong a conthe other that we may perform it. I will labour in both, but I know not in whether more.

firmation of Christianity as the life of Paul.

Men cannot practise unless they know; and they know in vain if

ILLUSTRATIONS.-God's children are like stars, that they practise not.-Bishop Hall.

shine brightest in the darkest night; like gold, that is brighter for the turnace; like incense, that becomes

fragrant by burning; like the camomile plant, that ROMAN CATHOLIC RELICS.

grows fastest when trampled on. The Romanists at Hamburg have in their Cathedral usually directed against the most gracious hearts; be

TEMPTATIONS.-Satan's fiercest temptations are quite a select variety of precious relics. The Rev. is too crafty a pirate to attack an empty vessel. Dr. Kurtz, the editor of the Lutheran Observer, writes

THE DEVIL'S PROPERTY.-The sinner is the devil's from that city, giving the following specimens :- mill, always grinding; and Satan is careful erer to

“Some of the relics brought by Henry the Lion, keep the hopper full. from Palestine, which cost him vast sums, are pre- A HYPOCRITE.-A hypocrite neither is what he served in an ante-chamber leading into the royal seems, nor seems what he is. He is hated by the worli vault; one of these which the monks had palmed for seeming a Christian, and by God for noi teing oue. upon his credulity as a griffin's claw, is now ascer

On earth he is the picture of a saint, but in oternity tained to be the curved horn of a particular species at the judgment in his own colours and deformity


the paint shall all be washed oft, and he shall appear of antelope. Here are also shown the ivory horn and pipe of St. Blaize, and a singular pillar of wood, be, without first making us know what we are.

God's WAY.-God never makes us what we should bearing the emblems of the Passion of Christ, viz., the spear, nails, and crown of thorns, St. Veronica's devil for pay:

but profane swearers are a sort of

PROPANENESS.--Most sinners seem to serve the handkerchief, St. Peter's sword, the high priestos volunteers, who get nothing for their pains.

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