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body, a better stomach, better health, more comfort in AIM HIGH. relations, and longer life to enjoy all these, than be

11 Look into your Bible, and see how Christians ought | whom thou countest the world's carling. Think of to live. See how the Bible says those who are this before thou concludest for an earthly happiness. Christians must live; and then if you find your -Annesley. Christian friends living in a different way, instead of having cause for eling that you may do so too, you have only cause to fear that they are deceiving them

THE AGED SINNER. selves with the belief that they are Christians, when they are not. Remember that the farther your If ever my compassionate feelings are stirred within Christian friends depart from the standard of Chris- me, it is when attempting to converse with an aged tian character laid down in the Bible, the less reason person who has lived a life of impenitency. I once have you to hope that they are Christians. And do called upon a very advanced couple, who were not hesitate on this subject, because you find professed Christians, who are indifferent, lax in their evidently very near the grave. The man was shaking practice and example. Remember that Christ has with the palsy, and the woman wils bowed almost to said, " Many shall say unto me in that day, Lord, the floor. I endeavoured to direct their thoughts

Lord;" thus claiming to be his disciples, to whom he upward, and they sought to drag mine downwards. will say, “I never knew you.”—Dr. Bedell.

I spoke of heavenly things, and they inquired about

the earthly. Having exhausted my ingenuity in efSARDIS.

forts to interest them in the one thing needful, I took *. As the gloom of evening came on," says Dr. Dur. my departure, and soon after heard that their earthly

sojourn was ended. bin, "and rendered still more impressive the solitude and desolation which reigned around me, I read the tionary soldier respecting his soul; but his uniform

Many a time had I conversed with an old revoluEpistle which Jesus sent by his servant John to the reply was, he did not know why he should be cast * Church at Sardis,' and felt the force of the words : away, and yet he was then in the habit of profaning - Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.' the name of God. In the same insersible state he This is remarkably true both of the city and of the left the world. Church. It was sad to think, that of the few

Calling recently upon a woman of nearly ninety names even in Sardis, which had not defiled their years, I inquired respecting her views of the future garments,' not even one was left. Nowhere is the state, into which she must soon enter; her emphatic impression of total abandonment, of profound and reply was, “O, I can't fix my thoughts on nothing! unbroken solitude—the stillness of death -30 dceply I wish I was as good as Amade upon the mind of the wanderer through the grand-daughter, who had just died a peaceful death

- was,” referring to a ruins of the ancient cities in Asia Minor, as at Sardis. in the morning of life.- New Englaad Puritan. An impression prevails among the Turks that the place is unwholesome : ‘Every man,' say they, 'who builds a house in Sardis soon dies;' and, accordingly,

EGGS AND WAFERS. they avoid it. A few wandering Turkomans dwell about the ruins, in little black tents, and these are all

The Universe, a Roman Catholic newspaper in Paris, the human inhabitants of the once splendid metro- publishes the following from their correspondent in polis of Lycia."

Madrid :

An English vessel imported lately into Gijon, a

port in Asturias, a quantity consecrated wafers, APPARENT HAPPINESS.

large and small, which were immediately offered SINGLE out any one of those thou accountest most cheap for sale to all the curates of the diocese. The happy in their outward enjoyments, and be sure thou Bishop of Oriedo having had some of these wafers art as thoroughly acquainted with all the circum- analyzed, because they were manufactured by Prote3-| stances of his condition as thou art with thine own; tant speculators, the chemists found them to contain and then sit down and seriously consider, Is this the

a little wheat flour, some potato, chalk, and the person whose happiness thou admirest?' View him whites of eggs, to give them consistence and glossiness. inside and outside; and tell me, wouldst thou have

The presence of animal matter rendered these waters his condition, and all the circumstances of it? It is improper for the holy sacrifice. The prelates comtrue, he is great in the world; but wouldst thou have plained to the magistrate; but when an officer caine all his cares and fears? his restless nights and

to seize this new contraband article, the whole was troublesome days? Wouldst thou have just his already sold. The bishop then sent a circular to all qualifications of mind ? that half-wittedness that

curates of his diocese, forbidding them, under pain makes him ridiculous ? his peevish humours, which of sacrilege, to use these wafers. He attributes this make him a burden to himself and others? Wouldest fraud less to the avarice of the perpetrators than to thou have just his temper of body ? to be always the hatred of Protestants against the mysteries of the sickly, or conceited to be so ? He cannot eat this, Romish Church. nor digest that, nor relish anything, as do meaner

The Archives of Christianity, copying the above persons. Those relations that should be the greatest adds: “We wish the Unirerse would tell us why it comfort of his life, hanker after his death; his children, upon one account or other, almost break his

is easier for priests to change into flesh and blood heart; his servants are vexatious; his business dis

flour and water than the whites of eggs. Until he tracting, or his idleness wearisome. Whereas, per- does, we may be permitted to regard the fact abore ! haps, his next neighbour, that hath scarce bread to related as a Romish speculation rather than a Proteseat, hath a quieter frame of mind, a better temper oftant trick."





There are some that do not press on for assur- rather, “by whom," that is, “by whose assisance; they will rather argue against it thus :- tance,” “we cry, Abba, Father.” (Rom. viii. 1. “Assurance is not so necessary.”

15.) Surely joy and comfort is necessary for Ansier. “So necessary!” What do you mean? the measures of grace. If you had a child inIs it not commanded ? is it not promised ? is it firm, sickly, hard-favoured; and a friend should not purchased! is it not attained by the people say, “This strength, quickness, and comeliness of God ? Sure, it is necessary to the vigour of is not so necessary; your child is alive, is it grace, and to the being of joy and comfort : not?” you would think this were hardly suit“Be of good comfort; thy sins are pardoned." able, much less comfortable.

2. “Yea; but many do live, and die, and do 4. “A Christian that doth come to and rely well, without it.”

on Christ for righteousness, may have comfort." Ans. Who told you so? The Scripture saith, Ans. Yes; but then it must be by the way “ The Spirit itself beareth witness with our of a practical syllogism: “He that cometh to spirit that we are the children of God.” (Rom. Christ shall never perish (John vi. 50-58); viii. 16.) “And we know and believe the love but I do so: therefore,” &c. Here his coming, that God hath given us” (1 John iv. 16); with together with repentance and obedience, which many, very many more texts to that purpose. are comitants, begets evidence, and from thence A tempted believer may bear false witness comfort. against himself. Sure such a position as this, 5. “But many good people want this joy and with mercy upon uncertainties, is not the way comfort.” to comfort him. The sure way were to advise Ans. Confessed; but then it is our own fault: him to see his sins more, and humble his soul did we use the means, especially secret duties, more for them, and to study Jesus Christ, and meditation, prayer, which we neglect, it would to come to him more, with the like; and God be otherwise. will return and speak peace: “They that sow in 6. “But those that do these yet are in great tears shall reap in joy."

į darkness." 3. “But this joy is not so necessary.”

Ans. Yea, for some time. The Holy Spirit Ans. What do you mean again? “So neces- teacheth many lessons, excellent ones, in this sary!” why ?-1. It is frequently commanded. school; chiefly the three – 1. They learn Take one text: “Rejoice in the Lord,” that what dismal creatures they must have been for is, Christ, “alway: and again I say, Rejoice." ever without Jesus Christ. 2. They learn to (Phil. iv. 4.) 2. It is frequently promised. give a guess, what were the unintelligible “I will make you joyful in my house of prayer.” amazements and consternations that were upon (Isa. lvi. 7.) “I will see you again, and your the soul of Jesus Christ in their room. 3. The heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh blessedness that comes by Jesus Christ. And from you.” (John xvi. 22.) 3. It is practised when they have learned their lessons in this frequently. “We rejoice in Christ Jesus.” school out of the word by this ever-blessed (Phil. iii. 3.) 4. It is often prayed for. “The tutor, God brings them out with silver, joy, and God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in gold, and comfort. believing.” (Rom. xv. 13.) 5. It is Christ's Be not slothful in the business of faith. Re-! office“ to give the oil of gladness for the spirit move away far from you a sluggish frame; stir of heaviness.” (Isa. Ixi. 3.) 6. It is the spe- up, blow up the coals, exercise thy faith, exert cial work of the blessed Spirit,---who is there- new acts of application of Jesus Christ to thee fore “the Comforter.” Take the word in what daily. We want comfort; and why? Jesus notion you will, his work is either comforting Christ is not in our serious thoughts all the or tending to comfort. 7. It is the privilege day. We eat bread daily for life natural, and of the Gospel ordinances to feast the soul with clothe ourselves daily to cover our nakedness marrow and fatness, and with wine well re- before men: sure the soul hath as much need fined. That is, God hath not given us “the of food and raiment as the body. Jesus crucispirit of bondage to fear again,” as formerly; fied is the only, the heavenly, food and raiment; But the Spirit of adoption, whereby," or stir up thine appetite, exert faith, put forth

No. 52.*

thine hand, put him on: repeated acts of re- And should men wisely regard their own highest

interests for this world, and the interests of their cumbency and application will rise up into ac

children, they would not consent to guin any more quaintance and evidence, and will let in this property, or retain it any longer than they could by precious joy and consolation. Believe it, sirs; obeying divine laws.-Edvurds. it is a sin of a far greater nature than we are aware of—a sin of horrid unkindness, neglect,

A VOICE FROM CHINA, slighting of our best friends, namely, that we

BY MRS. M. A, MILLEK. | make sure of everything but Jesus Christ. A little land, a small tenement, a little money

FROM China's clime, weak woman's voice

Is heard with wailing cry, there we cry, “Fast bind, and fast find;" but

“ Ye who in light and hope rejoice, in the great concern of our souls, we are at un

Behold us--lo, we die ! certainties and bap-hazard; there the blind and lame is for sacrifice. What a noise is there They tell us you have homes of peace, about a civil property in mint and cumin : With no stern master there; and what a silence and remissness about the

And elegance and happy ease, soul's property in the Son of God! It is a

They say, 'tis yours to share. prodigious and inexcusable indiscretion and

And childhood's little bird-like tone, folly, and an unspeakable mischief into the

And earnest, loving eye, bargain.-Fouler.

Are yours; and not the mournful groan,

Of infants doomed to die.

Sisters, on us red murder's hand,

With cruel grasp is laid;
1. It is a gross invasion of the rights of the people.-. While ignorance pervades our land,
The people have a right to the stillness and quiet of

And we its victims made. the Sabbath. The rumbling and screaming, the tumult and bustle, poise and confusion of the rail

Enslaved, oppressed, the aid we crave cars, as they run through a village, and often in the tine of public worship, is a gross and outrageous

God's word alone can give; violation of that right.

O send us o'er the dark blue wave 2. It is exceedingly injurious to the men who are The light that bids us live! employed in it. It tends to blunt their moral susceptibilities, to degrade them in their own eyes, and in

For tears are ours, and woe and pain, the eyes of their fellow-men, and to debase their whole character. It tends to lessen their conviction

If spared an early tomb of moral responsibility, to render them reckless, and

Our lives, alas! are worse than vain,

T thus to increase the danger of all who travel under And all beyond is gloom. their care. It tends also, I they have families, greatly to injure their children, and increase their No joy in life--in death no hopeexposure to evil, crime, and infamy.

Unblest, we pass away; 3. It tends to demoralize the public mind, to seaken

Say, will ye heaven's bright portals ope, the efficacy of law, and thus to endanger the purity and permanency of all our institutions ; while it And give us Gospel day? keeps many away from the house of God, and thus lessens the efficacy of the means of grace. This no The awful King who reigns on high, man, or body of men, for the sake of increasing the Who all your blessings gave, value of railroad stocks and dividends, aiding and

Will ask in thunder from the sky, abetting others in breaking the Sabbath, or for any other secular purpose, have a moral right to do. And

Why ye refused to save ? while they do it, it is wholly without right, in opposition to the moral law, and in violation of one of the great principles by which every man in the commu

BELIEVERS. nity is bound to be governed.

1. Their persons.- Believers being united unto 4. The Subbath-day was not made for secular busi- | Christ, they are, they cannot but be, bis Father's ness, nor was it given to man for that purpose.-OfJedidiahs, Beulahs, Hephzibahs, dearly “ accepted in course, it does not belong to them. If they take it, the Beloved.” (Eph. i. 6.) They are also his own dethey take what is not theirs. That is not honest. light. (Prov. viii. 31.) He rejoiceth over them, as a Honesty is contentment with what belongs to a man, bridegroom over his bride. They are to him as the An honest man, who is acquainted with his rights, “ seal on his arın," as a signet on his right hand. will not take what is not his. The Sabbath-day for (Cant. viii. 6.) He carries their names on his breast secular business is not his. So to take it for that continually. (Exod. xxviii. 29.) And as for the Spirit purpose is not honest.

of God, that, like Noah's dove, finds nowhere to rest 5. Property gained by the open rinlation of divine the sole of his foot, but the soul of a sincere believer; lars, is not apt to wear well. It does not seem to of whom it says, " Here is my rest: here will I produce a good influence on the minds of the pos- dwell for ever; for I have a delight herein." (Ps.

And if it goes down to their children, and cxxxii. 14.) they pursue a similar course, it seems to be followed 2. Their graces.—True believers' graces are with a curse downwards.

themselves very defective and imperfect; the eye of


[blocks in formation]

their faith, like that of Leah, a blear-eye; the hand Where might I now have been? In hell, among of their confidence, like that of Jeroboam, much devils and damned souls; and sball I not pray indeed withered and blasted; the fire of their love, like that with all my might, that I never may be cast into that | of green wood, apt soon to expire; the anchor of place or company ? their hope, very much cracked; shoulders of patience, 4. Whither am I going? To eternity. Where sorely bruised; feet of obedience, like Mephibosheth, shall I shortly be? In eternity; and shall I trifle in lame. Yet, because united unto Christ, all are ac

my way? cepted, all hold scale and weight in heaven, though 5. What am I come about? What is now my businot as to merit, yet as to acceptance. (1 Pet. ii. 5.) ness? About the highest matters that concern my “ There is much alloy in the metal: however, I see soul. my Son's stamp and picture on the coin; and, there. 7. What, if this were to be my last prayer before 1 fore,” saith God," it shall pass for current in die? Should I then fall asleep upon my knees heaven."

7. What, if my everla ting state should be deter3. Their duties.-0 the defects of saints' duties ! mined according to my sincerity or hypocrisy in this How often do they pray, as if afraid to be heard; duty I am now going to ? Should I dully then with hear, as if afraid to learn; learn, as if afraid to do; God ? do, as if afraid to please! And yet, being united unto 8. What, if God should tell me if I trifle with his Christ, how acceptable are their persons and per- majesty, he would strike me siek, or dead, or blind, or formances! Their weak prayers sound like melody; deuf and dumb, upon my knees? Should I not then their broken sighs smell like incense; their very stam- watch my heart in prayer ? merings seem rhetorical. (Cant. ii. 14.) Not a good 9. What, if I were to speak to an earthly king, or word falls from their lips, but it is recorded (Mal. iii. were to see some glorious angel? Should I not be filled 16); not a tear drops from their eye, but it is taken with fear and reverence and is God not infinitely up and bottled. (Ps. lvi. 8.) Mites are received as above these? if they were talents; cups of cold water, rams' skins, 10. What, if I were to give an account to God immegoats' hair (Exod. xxv. 4. 5)—any thing; desires in- diately how I pray, and should appear at his bar as stead of performances; the will for the deed; grief soon as I rise from off my knees? Should I then be for want of will for the will itself (2 Cor. viii. 12): formal and lukewarm ?--- Doolittle, and all, because from such as are united unto Christ, | in whom the Lord is so “ well pleased” (Matt. iii. i 17) that he looks on the very smoke of his saints'

INTERNAL EVIDENCE. performance, mixed with Christ's merits, as a sweet perfuine.-Lye.

A MAN of subtle reasoning asked

A peasant, if he knew

Where was the internal evi nce

That proved the Bible true?
CRUCIFIXION is spoken of in Egyptian, Grecian, and

The terms of disputative art Carthaginian, as well as in Roman history; but it was

Had never reached his ear-never employed as a Jewish punishment. The Romans

He laid his hand upon his heart, executed slaves in this manner ; and it was deemed

And only answered—Here." 40 disgraceful, that Cicero, enlarging on the crimes of Verres, describes his ordering the crucifixion of a Roman citizen as the highest conceivable enormity,

THE WORLD, and declares that “no language is adequate to express The flattery of worldly things prevails with many. the horror he feels at the infliction upon any such The grandeur of the world--that pleaseth the eye; persons of this most shocking punishment." (in the esteem of the world--that pleiseth the fancy. Verrem, lib. v. See also the Oration pro Rabirio.)

Whereas, would but these persons consider, all thinus It was the most cruel of punishments ; and the

of the world appear better at a distance than we find

them near at hand. I dare confidently make this Romans, when expressing the greatest degree of offer, and, without imposing upon God anything in-|| suffering, borrow from it the term, which we retain, decent, peremptorily assure you, God will make it excruciating. Upon the transverse beam the arms good, that if you can but give any one instance of were extended back in an unnatural position, and the any one person made happy, satisfyingly happy, by hands nailed to it, causing exquisite pain from their

any worldly enjoyment, you shall be the second. Í

grant, many are through grace contented with a little many nerves and tendons. Thus suspended, the suf

pittance of the world; but where dwelt the man that ferer occasionally hung some days, till he perished was ever yet contented merely with the world! The through agony and exhaustion. The Emperor Con- wealth of the world promiseth satisfaction: -- Money stantine abolished this punishment out of respect to

answereth all things ” (Eccles. X. 19): but “he that the Saviour, and it has never been revived.

loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he

that loveth abundance with increase." (Eccles. v. Forster's Gospel Narrative.

10.) The pleasures of the world promise refreshment,

to relieve us of all our cares: but instead of it, they QUESTIONS TO BE PUT BEFORE RRAYER. 11.) The honours of the world promise quiet and

are "all vanity and vexation of spirit.” (Eccles. ii. WHEN thou art called to family-prayer, put some of contentment: but surely they are “set in slippery these questions to thyself:

places," as upon a pinnacle, whence though they do 1. What am I? A sinful sinner, dust, ashes, guilty. not presently fall, yet they are “utterly consumed O how should a guilty person, going to the dust, pray

with terrors” of falling: (Ps. lxxvi. 18, 19.) In for pardon!

short: Man that is in honour, and un lerstandeth 2. Where am !! In whose presence do I kneel?

not " how to honour God with it, “is like the beasts Is it not before God? and doth he not know whether that perish " (Ps. xlix. 20); degrades himself into a I trifle or am serious ?

beast; and the time at hand when he would count

it a greater happiness than ever he shall obtain, if on earth; but if God will choose to have them rather his soul and body might die together like a beast.- serve him in heaven, I HAVE NOTHING TO OBJECT annesley.



Dr. Payson, when racked with pain and near to DO YOU PAY ANY RENT?

death, exclaimed, “Oh, what a blessed thing it is to “The Lord has many fine farms here," said an aged lose one's will ! Since I have lost my will

, I have Christian as he was passing through a fertile part of found happiness. There can be no such thing as disthe country, “but I fear the Lord receives but very appointment to me, for I have NO DESIRES, but that little rent for them.” Who owns your farm, and

God's will may be accomplished. what return does the owner receive from you? Re

The Rev. John Newton, when his sight had be. member that the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness come so dim that he was no longer able to read, hearthereof, and forget not his claims upon you, as well | ing this Scripture repeated, “By the grace of God as your landlord's.

I am what I am," paused for some moments, and then uttered the foilowing affecting soliloquy: “I am not

what I ought to be. Ah, how imperfect and deficient! BAXTER'S SAYINGS.

I am not what I wish to be. I abhor that which is THE TRUE CHURCH.–For one sect to say, “Ours evil, and I would cleave to what is good. I am not is the true Church;” and another to say, "Nay, but what I HOPE to be. Soon, soon, I shall put off ours is the true Church;" is as mad as to dispute mortality, and with mortality, all sin and imperfection. whether your hall, or kitchen, or parlour, or coal- Yet though I am not what I ought to be, nor what I house is your house; and for one to say, “ This is the wish to be, nor what I hope to be, yet I can truly house;" and another, “Nay, but that ;" when a child say I am not what I once was--a slave to sin and can tell them that the best is but a part, and the Satan; and I can heartily join with the apostle, and house containeth them all.

acknowledge By the grace of God I am what I SCRUPULOUS CARISTIANS.—“ If you send your servant on your message, you had rather he went on his way as well as he can, than stand scrupling every

At a meeting of ministers, as the brethren were instep whether he should set the right or left foot for- quiring after each other's welfare, one said, “I feel ward; and whether he should step so far, or so far at

that I have peculiar occasion for thankfulness that I a time. Hindering scruples please not God.

am here, for my life was brought into great peril by DEGENERACY.- We are no sooner warmed with

an accident on the way." " And I,” said another, the celestial flames, but natural corruption is inclin

“have surely still greater cause for thanksgiving, ing us to grow cold; like hot water, which loseth its seeing that I was brought all the way hither wituheat by degrees, unless the fire be kept continually OUT ANY ACCIDENT AT ALL.” under it,

I was once called, says the excellent Jay, to at

tend the dying bed of a young female. In answer THE BIBLE SAYS SO.

to my inquires she replied: “I have little to relate

as to my own experience. I have been much tried Children should early be taught that the Bible and tempted, but this is my sheet-anchor-He hath is the great authority; and that, when it speaks upon said, “Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise any point, the question is settled for ever. They cast out.' I know I come to him, and I EXPECT HE should be taught to go directly to the Scriptures, to WILL BE AS GOOD AS HIS WORD. Poor and unworthy find what is good and what is bad, what is true as I am, he will not trifle with me nor deceive me. ! and what is false. Thus, with the blessing of God, It would be beneath his greatness as well as his they will acquire the habit of constantly subordinat- goodness." ing their own notions and inclinations to the plain declarations of Scripture. It is a good sign to hear “For an old Christian to say to a young one, 'Stand a child often use the expression “ The Bible says 80.' in my evidence,' is," says Newton, “like a man who

has with difficulty climbed by a ladder or scaffolding

to the top of the house, and cries to one at the bottom, Fragments.

“This is the place for a prospect,-come up AT A

STEP.'" “I have had six children," said Mr. Elliot, “and I bless God that they are alí either with Christ, or in astonishment to me--the READINESS of Christ to come

“Two things," says Pearce, “are matter of daily Christ, and my mind is now at rest concerning them. from heaven to earth for me; and my BACKWARDMy desire was, that they should have served Christ Ness to rise from earth to heaven with him."

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