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Fretfulness under Trial, 54.


Fuller, Thomas, Extracts trum, 407.

God, Walk with, 479.

Adrersity, The Uses of, 600.

God, our Portion, 552.

Advice, An, 180.

God's Love, 409.

Advices, Four, 503.
Afflictions, The Believer's—his Prospects, the Influence of Happiness, Apparent, 612.

Guardianship, Religious, 456.
the one upon the other, and the State of Mind requisite Harvest, The, is Past. By the Rev. Thomas D. Nicholson,
to the efficacy of that Induence. By Ralpa Wardlaw,

wick, 518.

D.D., Glasgow, 37, 73, 145, 505, 589.

Hear the Word of the Lord, 323.

Agony, Christ's, 495.

Hear and Fear, 550.

Aim High, 612.

Heaven and Hell, 515.

Assurance of Faith, Errors on, 613.

Heaven, Our Friends in, 600.

Art-Hypocrisy, 228.

Heavenly Country, The, to be kept in View. A Sermon.

Baxter's Sayings, 616.

By the Rev. J. G. Pike, Derby, 241.

Believers, 614.

Bible, The (Translated from the German of Krummacher), Hints for Daily Practice, 18.

Henry, Matthew, Sentences from, 576.

Home, Peace at, 132.
Bible, The, Right Way to Read the. By the Rev. James

Households, Unholy, 556.
Hamilton, London, I.

I will Mock when your fear cometh, 588.
Bible, The, How to Read with Profit, 433, 445.

Ignorance, The Errors of, 540.

| Bible, The Well. Forn, 228.

Impartiality, The Divine, 549.

Bible, The, says so, 616.

Impenitent, Warning to the, 60.

Calling, The Christian's, 348.

Insurance, Soul, 192.

Change, a Great, 336.

Jesus, Go and Tell, 177.

Change, A, for the Worse, 551.

Jesus, The Friend of sinners, but the Enemy of Sin, 469.
Children, The Lessons they Teaeh, 132.

Judgments, God's, and their Due Etheci. A sermon on tbe
Christ and the World. By the Rev. H. Bonar, Kelso, 133. Failure of the Potato Crop. by the Rev. T. D. Huni,
Christ, the Light of the World (Translated from the Ger- Huntly, 373.
man of Hofacker), 349.

Liber ality, False, 45).
Christ, The Love of. By the late Rev. R. M. M'Cheyne, Life's Pendulum, 576.
Dundee, 189.

Living Epislles, 300.

Christ, The Love of, 336.

Lovely, The Altogether, 120.

Choose? Which would you, 144.

Man? What is, 552.

' Church? Do you go Regularly to, 24.

Man, The Upright and Perfect, 253, 265.

Church, Too Late for, 95.

Master and Servant. By the Rev. A. Thomson, Edinbürgh,
Church, The Preservation of the, 599.

292, 309.

Connection of Truth, 335.

Masters, To, 609.

Conquerors, We are more than. By the Rev. R. M'Cheyne, Ministers, For.

Different Preachers, 408

Conscience, A Good, Two Reasons for Getting, 444.

A Minister's Studies, 109.

Contrasts, Earth's, 359,

Preaching Christ, 460.

Conversation, Christian, 468.

The Souls of Children, 476.

Conversion, 84.

Preach Plainly, 515.

Convictions, Trifling with, 95.

Outline of an Address to an Associationof Ministers,
Danger and Deliverance--the Believer's Trials and De-

By J. Pye Smith, D.D., London.
fences, 409.

A Minister's Time, 588.

Dead, The, 239.

Words for Ministers, 276, 586.

Death, Welcome, 191.

Ministry, The Evangelical-the Mission, the Trials, and the
Death, O, where is thy Sring ? 236.

Claims of. By the Rev. W. M. Bunting, London, 86, 97.

Death, Is, Really to be Feared ? 443.

Morning Meditations, 563.

receive not your own Souls, 312.

Mother, Advices to a, 143.
* Die ? Why will ye,” 318.

Mother's Faith and Love, 156.
Disappointments, 347.

Mourner, a Page for the, 4:23.

Early Religion, 564.

Mysteries, 485.

Ear, Sins of the, 557.

Nalure, The Serinons and Songs of (Translated from the
Earnest ? Are you in, 275.

German of Tholuck), 337.
Enemy, Your Chief, 480.

Nature and Grace. By the Rev. J. R. Anderson, Glasgow,

| Enemies, Love of, 516.


Eternity-Oh Eternity, 23.

Negative Religion, 226.
Example, An, 468.

Panting Soul, The. By the late Rev. R. M. M'Cheyne, 385.
Faith's Maxiins, 272, 288.

Falsehood, 372.

Their Apathy as regards the Souls of their Children, 11.
| Family Worship (from the French of D'Aubigné), 361.: How to Teach a Child Sincerity, 36.
Family Worship, Objections to, Answered, 479.

A Good Mother, 12.

* Family, The whole," 344.

Scolding, 60.

Folly, A Common, 468.

The Death of Children, 120.

Foster, Jobn, Extracts from the Journal of, 437.

Advice to Mothers, 143.
Fragments, 96, 156, 204, 276, 279, 324, 360, 384, 528, 540, 552, A Mother's Faith and Love, 156.
564, 616.

Parental Responsibility, 162.


A Word to Parents. By the Rev. D. Landsborough, Whisperers, 321.
Saltcoats, 277.

Wicked, The Hope of the, Hopeless, 108.
Love your Children, but Wisely, 324.

Widow, A Certain Poor, 595.

The Souls of Children, 474.

World, The, 615.

Bereaved Mother, 504.

Worldlings, Associating with, 396.

Parental Pity-Filial Faithfulness, 545.

Year, The Old, and the New. By James Buchanan, D.D.,

A Parent's Anger, 551.

Edinburgh, 531.

Parting," " It is a, Not a Loss, 264.

Young Man-Take Warning! 202.

Pastor, Duty towards, 140.

Youth, Give your, to the Lord, 492.

Pastor, Pray for your, 274.

Zeal, Holy. By the Rev. James Begg, Edinburgh, 313.

Peter's Early Mistake, 552

Poor, Remembering the. By the Rev. James Begg, Edin-

burgh, 541, 565.


Poor, Considerations for the Christian, 601.


Prayer. By the Rev. Edward Bickersteth, Watton, Herts, 13.

Abraham's Tree, 138.

Prayer, The value of,

Prayer, Questions to be put before, 615.

Believers, The Power of, to do Greater Things than Christi


Prayer, A Chapter on, for Young Persons. By the Rev. J.

Bethesda, Pool of, 33, 184.

Fairbairn, Allanton, 327, 399.

Burmese Customs Illustrative of Scripture. By John Kitto,

Prayer, Union for, 535.


Prayers, The Fault of many, 432.

1. Lepers, 31.

Professors, Mere, J 2.

2. Slavery, 66.

Providence, The Accidents of (from the German of Tho.

Christ's not knowing the Day and Hour of his Coming. By

luck), 421.

the Rev. P. Fairbairn, Salton, 231.

Questions, Two, 47.

Chronological Curiosities of scripture, 415.
Questions which Concern you, 335.

David, the Man after God's own Heart, 586.
Raking with the Teeth upwards, 534.

Demoniacal Possessions, 9.
Reading, Rules for, 454.

Disease, Connection between Bodily, and Sin, 141.
Reading and Hearing, 540.

Egypt, The Monuments and Hieroglyphics of, Illustrative
Reasons, Fifty, why Sinners should Flee to Christ without

of Scripture and its Evidences. By James Taylor, 1

Delay (abridged from Richard Baxter), 179.

D.D., Glasgow, 20, 44, 52, 63, 151, 307.

“Refuges of Lies," 65.

Error, Reasons why, is Permitted, 574.
Religion, On making, our Business, 431.

Fig-Tree, Christ Cursing the Barren, 417.
Religion, Rules for making, our Business, 517.

Flood, Picture of the. By Rev. J. T. Headley, New York,
Religious, You Lose Nothing by being, 563,

Repentance. By the Rev. David King, D.D., Glasgow, 121.

Gospels, The Truthfulness of the, as Exinced by the Write
Resolves, Feltham's, Extracts from, 396.

ings of Jewish and Heathen Historians, 76.
Resurrection, The Annual, 239.

Imprecations of Scripture, 188.

Robbery, A Daring, 180.

Jerusalem during the Feasts. 318

Rules, Three Golden. By the Rev. Robert Macdonald, Blair.

John Baptist--His Message to Christ, 462.
gowrie, 301.

Jonas, The Sign of the Prophet, 2:2.
* Run for it," 300.

Labourers, The, in the Vineyard, 438
Rutherford, Samuel, Sayings of, with Brief Comments. By

Malachi, The Times and Writings of, 284.
the Rev R. Macdonald, Blairgowrie, 157.

Malachi, The Predictions of, 362.

Sadness, The Devil's Cure for, 324.

Miracles, The Argument from, 412.

Salt of the Earth, The, 550.

Misquotations, Popular, of Scripture, 546.

Satan, Cunning of, 432.

Pray? Ought a Wicked Man to, 563.

Satan Foiled, 480.

Prophets, The Minor, 306.

Satan's Sophisms-a Key to some of them, 167.
Satan's Endeavours to Gain the Soul, 5€4.

Providence, Objections to the Doctrine of a Divine, Con.

sidered, 310.

Schoolmasters, their Duty, to their Children, 561.

Punishment, Evidences of Endless, 498.

Science, The Greatest, 492.

Righteous, l'e not, Overmuch, 534.

Servants, A Page for, 514.

Shepherds in Judea, 72.

Shopkeeper, A Word to a certain, 191,

Sinner, Turn! 199.

Trinity, Doctrine of the, 544

Sins, All Human, Known to God. By the Rev. James Par.

sons, York, 229.
" Sleep, I, but my Heart Waketh." By the Rev. R. M. CHURCH HISTORY, PRINCIPLES AND POLITY.
M'Cheyne, 25.

Discipline, Church, 464.
Sorrow, The, not to be Repented of, 370.

Evangelism-Ritualism-Rationalism, 389.

Spirit, The Work of the, in Conversion. By Robert Halley, Greek Church, The. By the Rev. Andrew Thomson, B.A.,

D.D., Manchester, 193.

Edinburgh, 111, 153, 249, 20).

Spring, A Drink from the, 455.

Jews, The, a People Scattered, 36.
Swearing, Profane, 366.

Jews, The, Sufferings of the, 403.
Temple, the Pinnacles of the, 394.

Reformers, The, Before the Reformation, By the Rev.

Thanks, Give, 432.

Professor M'Crie.-

Theatre, The, 537.

1. The Paulicians, 3.

Time, Want of, 352.

2. Johu Wicliffe, 162, 289.

Travellers, Rules for Visitors and, 240,

3. John Huss-his Condemnation and Martyrdom,

Trial, The Hour of, 192.


Unbeliever, The, in a State of Condemnation. A Sermon, by Wesleyan Methodism, Notes on. By Dr. J. B. Bennett,

the late Henry Duncan, D.D., Ruthwell, 109.


Unthankful, The, 307.

1. Its Rise and Progress, 79, ICA.
Vain Religion. By Geo. Redford, D.D., Worcester, 49.

2. Its Doctrines and Devotional Services, 116.
Variance, Good Men at, 48.

3. Its Ecclesiastical Courts, 171.
Wanderings from God, 151.

4. Its Institutions and Funds, 206.

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Baptismal Regeneration, 276.
Cunfessional, Conscience, and the, 47.
Cork, Remember the, 203.
Infallibility, 298.
Infidelity, the Union of, and Popery. By the Rev. J. G.

Lorimer, Glasgow, 254, 268.

Inquisition, Memorials of the. By the Rev. W. K. Tweedie,

Edinburgh, 318, 342, 353, 366, 380, 391.

Inquisition, The Spanish, 18.

Italy, Letters from, 201.

Jesuit, The Young Woman and the, 271.

Jesuits, Sir Edward Coke's Opinion of the, 24.

Jesuits and Education, 81.

Madeira, The first Native Protestant Church in-its Rise,

Sufferings, and Overthrow, 554.

Madeira, Lives of the first two Converts from Popery in,

427, 457.

Peru, Good Friday in, 585.

Pilgrimage, Picture of a, 128.

Pope, The, 401.
Pope, The Proceedings at the Election of a, 224.
Pope, Advice to the, 519.
Pope, The, and the Sabbath, 575.
Popery Antichrist, 407.
Popery, a Religion of Ceremonies, 384.

Priests, Richard Baxter to Romnish, 605.

Prisons, Papal, 155.

Profanity, Popish, 444.
Relics, 264, 388, 408.
Romanism and Hinduism Compared, 605.
Rome, Scene at, 420.
Rome, Religion at, 599.

Saints, Praying to, 120.

Superstition-fear of a Curse, 480.

Virgin Mary, Miracles of the, 443.

Wafer, The poisoned, 456.

Wafers, Eggs and, 612.

Wonders, Lying, 453.

Backslider, Recovery of a, 177.

Battle, God a Defence in, 478.

Bible, The, and a Death-bed, 13.

Bible Comfort, 36.

Bible, Power of the, 144.

Bible Convert, A, 246.

Bible, A Mortal Sin to Read the, 396.

Brand, A, Plucked from the Fire, 12.

Charles and his Mother, 540.

Child, The Departed, 216.

Children, Read this ! 178.

Children, Religious Revival among, 178.

Children, Leading, to God, 528.

Christ is Mine, 96.

Christ, Preaching, 264.

Christian, The Tried, 529.

Cobbler, The Pious, 518.

Collier, The Old, 339,

Collier's Tale, The, 166.

Contrast, A, 7.

Cottager's Death, The Poor, 119.

Deaths of the Righteous, 252.

Dying Counsel, 348.

Dying Sayings, 420.

Enemy, Softened, An, 383.

Experience, An, 607.

Evil Speaking, 261,

Family Order, 533.

Father's Prayer, A, 216.

Father's Grave, My. By Rev. J. D. Ford, Manchester, 222

Female Profligate, Repentance of a, 199.

Flying, Wrong way of, 444.

Forgive, Precept and Example, 71.

Fortune, Changes of, 360.

Fragments from a Minister's Day-Book:-

1. The Infidel, 103.
2. The Backslider, 115.
3. The Fellow-Passenger, 149.
4. The Three Wanderers, 181.

5. A Three Years' Wound, 187.

Girl, The Little, and the Rain, 347.

God, The Hand of, 552,

Golden Rule, The, 516.

Good, Modes of Doing, 406.

Grandmother, My, 190.

Graves, There are no, there, 525.

Guinea, A, a-Year, 588.

Haughty, Never be, 600.

“I am Lost-I am Lost," 371.

Idolatry, An Incident of, 180.

Indian Boy, The Dying, 48.

Indian Chiefs, Converted, 610.

Jane, Blind; or the Gain of Godliness with Contentment,

Lamb, The Forsaken, 226.

Leaf, The One, 108.

Leaf, A, from Life's Day. Book, 196.

Legacy, The Missionary, 28.

Light, He mistook the, 611.

Louisa- A Sketch, 510.

Love thy Neighbour as Thyself, 264

Luther's Prayers, 240.

Maria, or Duty Deferred, 431.

Marriage, The Fatal, 174.

Martyrs, The Forty, of Sebaste, 46.

Missionary, Recollections of a, 461.

Monitor, The Silent, 240.

Mother, The Delaying, 523.

Mother's, A, Faith and Love, 156.

Mother's, A Dying, Love, 610

Mother's, A, Prayer answered, 452.

Muckle Kate, A Tradition of Loehcarron, 577.

Murmuring, Reproofs of, 155.

Neighbours, The Two Reconciled, 240.

“No Time to Think," 592.

Nobody asked me to Come, 288.

“Not Invited," 595.

Officer's, A Young, Account of Himself, 223.


Bunyan, The Life of, the best Illustration of the Pilgrim's

Progress. By the Rev. J. A. Wylic, 16, 56, 182.

Bunyan, His Indictment and Examination, 283.

Calvin, The Death-bed of, 90.

Cecil, Richard, The Mother of, 334.
Covenanting Worthies, Notices of. By the Rev. R. Simp.

son, Sanquhar, 296.
Francisco Pires Soares, 451,
Heugh, Hugh, D.D., Glasgow, Memoirs of the late, 330.
Howe, John, The last Days of, 263.
Judson, Mrs, Death-bed of, 82.
Julian the Apostate. By the Rev. W. X. Tweedie, 487.
Lauderdale, Earl of. By the Rev. W. K. Tweedie, 558.
Luther, Last days of, 58.
Luther in the Pulpit, 281.
Luther Passages from, 548.
Luther's One Idea, 125.
Nicolo Tolentino Vieyra, 427.
Nivison, James, 537.
Officer's, a Young, Account of Himsell, 223.
Peden, Alexander, 491.
Pollok, Robert, A.M., Author of the “ Course of Time,"

Memoir of, 302.
Russell, John, Muthil, Death-bed of the late, 379.
Rough, John, Life and Labours of. By the Rev. J.

Fairbairn, Allanton, 496.
Sharp, Archbishop, Life of, 511.
Spira, Francis, the Apostate, 519.
Tyndale, William, 257.

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Christian Union, 397.

Work while it is called To-day, 168.

Youngest, The, 584.


Arran, by the Rev. D. Landsborough, Saltcoats, 160, 187.

Basle, 509

Bethany, 22.

Bethesda, The Pool of. By J. Kitto, D.D., 184.

Canada, Winter in, 382.

Carmel, Mount, 298.

Damascus, 156.

Egypt, The Diseases of, 383.

Gethsemane, 22.

Jerusalem, The Approach to, 5.

Missionary Journeys, 299.

Neufchatel and Farel, 5 3.

Olives, The Mount of. By Rev.J, T. Headley, New York,


Palestine, Condition of the Labouring Classes in. By John

Kitto, D.D., 94.

Pisgah, Mount. By Rev. J. T. Headley, 440.

Samaria, 312.

Sardis, 612.

Waysıde Notes. By a German Traveller 232.

D.D., 22.

Astræa, or the New Planet, and the Harmony of the Solar

System. By Sir David Brewster, 100.

Bible, Annals of the English, 346, 358.

Cheap Publications, 107.

Ciliogrades and Sea. Weed. By the Rev. D. Landsborough,


Crucifixion, 615.

Death-knell, The, in the Country, 148.

Execution of two Young Men, Reflections on the, 214.

Glacier, The, 598.

Hand, Proofs of Design in its Structure ? 51.

Infidelity, Ilustrations of, in the Life and Correspondence

of David Hume, By the Rev. J. G. Lorimer, Glasgow,

339, 356, 411, 147, 476, 501, 578, 595, 602.

Interments. By J. Kitto, D.D., 288.
Medusa, By the Rev. D. Landsborough, Saltcoats, 91.
Psalmody, The Origin of Metrical, 395.
Sabbath, The Political Economy of the, 587.
Sabbath, The, at Rome, New Orleans, and in Germany, 575.
Sabbath Railway Travelling, Objections to, 614.
Science and Christianity Compared, 205, 25.
Ultraism, Religious, 528.
World to come. Ideas of the. By J. Kitto, D.D., 200,

Thou God Seest Me." By James Montgomery, Esq.,

Sheffield, 7.








“Tue Word of the Lord endureth for ever,” and bettering to the intelligent believer." How we ought to study it with all the earnestness sweet are thy words unto my taste; yea, sweeter of those wlio feel that there is nothing ephe- than honey to my mouth! Through thy premeral or insignificant in it. We sometimes cepts I get understanding : therefore I hate feel a sadness in reading the clever works of every false way.” worldly men—their witty paragraphs and bril. To some the Bible is uninteresting and unliant essays, and sometimes their eloquent and profitable, because they read too fast. Amongst laborious treatises on themes of transient in the insects which subsist on the sweet sap of terest. The talent squandered on them is like flowers, there are two very different classes. an Arabesque painting on the walls of a snow One is remarkable for its imposing plumage, temple_exquisite while the fragile structure which shows in the sunbeams like the dust of lasts, but as soon as the melting weather comes, gems; and as you watch its jaunty gyrations only destined to give a vermilion tint to its over the fields, and its minuet dance from trickling decay. The words of the Bible may flower to flower, you cannot help admiring its not so glare and dazzle, at first glance, as some graceful activity, for it is plainly getting over words lavished on fugacious topics; but their a great deal of ground. But, in the same field worth is their substratum. They are graven there is another worker, whose brown vest and with a diamond on the rock for ever, and ex- business-like straight-forward flight may not press the same truths which we shall hereafter have arrested your eye. His fluttering neighread on the adamant of eternity. Man's bour darts down here and there, and sips elethoughts perish, but the truths of God will gantly wherever he can find a drop of ready never pass away; and this permanency of the nectar; but this dingy plodder makes a point Bible's contents should impart a solemnity and of alighting everywhere, and wherever he purpose-like earnestness to its perusal. alights he either finds honey or makes it. If

But not only are the contents of the Bible the flower-cup be deep, he goes down to the permanent-to those whose taste is true, they bottom; if its dragon-mouth be shut, he thrusts are attractive and pleasant. The right know- its lips asunder; and if the nectary be peculiar ledge of God—the plan of redemption, in its or recondite, he explores all about till he discontrivance, in its accomplishment, and its covers it, and then having ascertained the God-manifesting and soul-renovating develop- knack of it, joyful as one who has found great ments—the true history and future prospects spoil, he sings his way down into its luscious reof our human family, with all the Bible's re- cesses. His rival, of the painted velvet wing, sources for making the individual holy and bas no patience for such dull and long-winded happy-render it a book as satisfactory to the details. But what is the end? Why, the one thoughtful inquirer as it is healthful and heart- died last October along with the flowers; the

No. 1.-*

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