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Surgical Emergencies, Holmes, 420.
Surgical Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Or.

gans, Keyes, 345.
Surgical Anatomy and Operative Surgery,

McGrath, 159.
Text-Book of Legal Medicine and Toxicology,

Peterson and Haines, 499.
Transactions of the College of Physicians of

Philadelphia, 448.
Tuberculosis, Bridge, 500.
Uterine and Tubal Gestation and Study of the

Imbedding and Development of the Human

Ovum, Bandler, 420.
Boracic acid as a preservative, the use of, 579.

the physiological action of, 502.

harmfulness of, 629.
Bowel obstruction from Meckel's diverticulum,

a case of, 606.
Breathing, the value of correct, 28.
Bridges, 123.
Bromine vs. chlorine, 463.
Bronchitis, the gravity of in elderly men and the

safety-valve action of relative tricuspid in-

sufficiency, with report of a case, 255.
Bunions and their treatment, 574.
CALOMEL in pediatrics, 541.
Campaign against mosquitoes in Brookline, 673.
Cancer mortality, a contribution to the study of,

of the stomach, the importance of an early

diagnosis, with a view to radical treatment,
with remarks on operative results, imme-

diate and remote, 677.
Carbuncle, 653
Carcinoma cervicis uteri, the importance of a

more radicel operation in, 129.
of the vulva, a case of, 506.
two cases of; leucoplakia vulvæ and its rela-

tion to kraurosis, 459.
Cardiac disease, the employment of digitalis and

aconite in the treatment of, 76.
Case reports, 514.
Castor oil, the antiquity of, 516.
Cataract, when to operate for senile, the other

eye possessing useful vision, 179.
Catarrhal appendicitis, 212.

report of a case of, 61.
Cephalalgia, 401.
Chancre, note on the treatment of, 369.
Charming New Orleans, 453.
Chicago's health officer, 549.
Child insurance, 657.

labor, 204.
rights, 202.
study, 576.

at Clark University, 578.
Childen feeding, the author of “ The Stories of a

Country Doctor” on, 175.
Chloride of calcium, 126.
Chorea, treatment of with arsenic, 126.
Cincinnati Health Office, report of the, 49.

Hospital, the, 281.
Library, the, 399, 334, 368.
Medicul Library Association, the, 650.
Obstetrical Society, the, 92.

Sanitarium, the, 252, 672.
Circulation, a new method of studying the, 652.
Cirrhosis of the liver and diuresis, 186.
Clara Barton to be retired, 443.
Cleanliness, the monomania of, 310.

Coal-gas poisoning, for, 495.
Cocaine curse and the negro, the, 599, 653.
Code of ethics, the ethical, 625.
Codeine, the dose of, 634.
Combined serum from the jackass and the billy

goat, 325.

medicine in Germany, 602.
Complete transverse congenital occlusion of the

vagina, and a theory as to its origin, 453.
Constipation in the aged, and constipation pro-

duced by reading while defecating, 616.
Consumption, sanosin in, 655.
Contagious insanity, 358.
Coronary arteries, diseases of the, 14.
Coroner, the abolition of the office of, 148.
Corrosive sublimate solution as a vaginal douche,

the danger of, 628.
Coryza, sodium bicarbonate for acute, 456.
Coughs and their treatment, 114.
Country doctor, the, 481.
Credit mark, a, 172.
Croupous pneumonia in infants, 627.
Cryoscopy, 65, 506, 666.

the clinical value of, 675.
Cyst of ovary, specimen of large multilocular,

Cystitis and pyelitis, the differential diagnosis

between, 548.
DAY in the country, a, 568.
Dayton, O., 333.
Deafness, case of acquired, apparently cortical,

Diabetes mellitus, treatment of by the use of a

diet containing potatoes, 176.
Diagnosis and treatment, 578.

of congenital dislocation of the hip, 243.
Diagnostic and prognostic data in nervous and

mental diseases, 365.
Diet and arterio-sclerosis, 428.
Diphtheria, the diagnosis and treatment of, 347.
Discipline, 164.
Diseases of kings, the, 459.
Dissemination of infectious diseases by domestic

animals, the, 629.
Doctor Smiles, 444.
Doctors should be cheerful and optimistic, 532.
Double tongue, case of, 330.
Douche, the antepartum, 586.
Dressings, shall the surgeon sterilize his own?

Drinker, the, 157.
Ductless glands, the, 654.
Dysmenorrhea, treatment of, 22.
Dyspepsia, treatment of nervous, 179.
EARLY cancer, 342.
Eclampsia, 606.

the prevention and treatment of, 456.
Ectopic gestation, two cases of, 62.
Edison-Lelande battery, 99.
Editorial announcement, an, 670.
Educational conditions, 67.

event, an, 252.
Election of officers, 15.
Empyema, 227.

diagnosis and treatment of, 557.

pathology of, 234.
Endometritis, treatment of gonorrheal with in-

trauterine injections of picric acid, 500.
England's drastic temperance law, 52.
English medical folklore, 15.

Enno Sander prize, 173.

Enteric fever, the diagnosis of, 287.

Enuresis, 321.

Environment, 366.

Eosinophilia in pelvic lesions, 283.

Epidemic of poliomyelitis, 189.

Epilepsy and micro-organisms, 627.

the treatment of, 656.

Epileptiform attacks, relief of by a nasal opera-

tion, 57

Epithelioma of the lower lip; extirpation by

Brun's method, 226.

patient with, 328.
Essential or toxemic dropsy in children, 180.
Establishment of a laboratory of criminology,

Examination of mentally deficient children, 173.
Expectorants, 107, 118.
Extraordinary fact and an extraordinary sen-

tence, an, 448.

Eyes of school children, care of the, 526.

FACIAL neuralgia, 312.

Famine, a, 331.

Father's love for his daughter, a, 305.

Fees and salaries, 170.

Filtration plant at Ithaca, 342.

Fire, a, 250.

Floating kidney, exhibition of patient upon

whom operation was performed, 63.

Food factor in education, the, 676.

Formaldehyde in food, detection of, 109.

Formalin injections, the passing of, 370.

Foreign bodies in the heart, 626.

body removed from the intestines, supposed

to be a piece of carbon, 63.

Foretelling confinement, 51.
Fracture of the patella, 223.
Free public baths, 649.
Freidreich's hereditary ataxia, two cases of, 361.
Fumigate at sea, to, 550.
GASTRIC and duodenal ulcer, the diagnosis of,

ulcer, exploratory incision in, 524.
olive oil in the treatment of, 524.

treatment of with olive oil, 156.

Gastro-colic fistula, 665.

Gelatine, the nutritive value of, 131.

General diseases and pregnancy, 574.

Germ cell and the results of Mendel, the, 490.

Goitre and its treatment, 161.

Gonorrhea in women, 606.

Government topographical and geological sur-

vey, the, 69.

Grant County Medical Society, 441.

Growth, 123.

Gynecology and obstetrics, the future of, 397,


HAIG’S uric acid pathology, 497.

Hand-shaking, 172.

“Hardening” of children, 128.

Harrison County Medical Society, 522.

Harvard graduates deficient reproducers, 335.

Health and beauty in children, 591.

Heartburn, 21.

Heat as a means of differential diagnosis, 129.

Hemophilia, first menstruation of a, 301.

Heredity, relation of to fecundity, 487.

with especial reference to certain eye affec-

tions, 473

Hepatic duct stones, 628.

Highland County Medical Society, 50, 99.

Hippocrates and Galen, 447

How to seat school children according to vision,


to utilize fully the plan of a city school sys-

tem, 251.

House of Refuge, 283.

Hybridism and the germ cell, 169.

Hydrogen peroxide as a depilatory, 359,
Hydrotherapy in chronic interstitial nephritis,


Hysteria, amyl nitrite by inhalation in, 658.

Human vaccine virus, 207.

Humanitarianism, 17.


Incarceration of the vermiform appendix in the

right femoral ring, repost of a case of, 61.

Inebriety in ancient Egypt and Chaldea, 354.

pathology of, 240.

Infant mortality, 629.

Influence of climate on character, the, 338.

of enlarged tonsils on the development of

children, 579.

of weather on our health and general charac-

ter, the, 180.
Influenza of the eye, 80.

or la grippe, 48.

John D. Jones, M.D., 72.

“Institutional quackery," 370.

Insuring children's lives, 78.
Intemperance and infantile mortality, 266,

in the Philippines, 239.
International Congress of Medicine at Madrid,

522, 542.

Intussusception, an early case of, 396.

KASAULI Pasteur Institute, the, 46.

Knife blade in the ear, a, 327.

LABORATORY for the study of abnormal

classes, 624.

“La Revue Medicale's" attack on Dr. Osler,

Lectures on the neurosis and psychosis of spirits

and drug addictions, 98.
on the physician's relation to the com-

munity, 207.
Leprosy, 676.
Letter with congratulatory comments_Dr. C.

M. Lindley, 48.

Lip reflex of new-born children, 604.

Literary courses for hospital nurses, 541.

Live barometers, 603.

Lorenz method, dangers of the, 79.

Lumbar segment of the ureter, the, 29.

Lung surgery, 1.

Lupus and the Finsen ray, 421.

MALARIAL blood, 226.
Malignant diseases, some mistakes in the diag-

nosis of, 624.

Man proposes, God disposes, 461.

Materialism vs. spiritualism, 241.

Mastoid cases, report of a few, 501.

Medical activities in Cincinnati, 539.

College of Ohio, 520.

corps of the navy, increase in the, 439.

education, 135.

inspection of schools, the, 394.

Medical profession, the; a panegyric, 109.

school inspection in New York, the present

method of, 543.

sciolism vs. medical science, 503.

Society of the State of New York, 97.

squibs, 217.
Menstrual suffering, on certain forms of and the

action of permanganate of potash thereon,

Mentally weak pupils to be segregated, 530.
Method of preventing the clouding of mouth

mirrors, 180.

Methylene blue, 125.

Miami. Laura Memorial Medical College, 651.

Medical College, the, 333.

Midwives and antisepsis, 354.
Migraine and constipation, 442.
Mill Creek sewer, 230.

the pollution of, 232.

Mosquito congress, the, 571.

Municipal transportation service, 153.

NASAL catarrh, 124.
National Confederation of State Medical Exam-

ining and Licensing Boards, 462.

Necrosis of the femur, 225.

Needless noises, 94.

Neuralgia, 191.

Neurasthenia in children, 550.

New Orleans, 517.

Nitroglycerine, 547.
Normal salt solution in operations, 182.
Notes on the topographical anatomy of the anas-

tomosis between the portal vein and the

ascending vena cava, 677.
North Kentucky Medical Society, 18, 368, 493.
Nuisance, a, 18.

Placing out of dependent children, 551.
Plague, the, 50.

PAIN, natural means of alleviating, 262,
Painless amputation of the leg after the intra-

preventive serum and tetanus, the, 151.

Plea for “springtime movers,” a, 190.

Pneumonia, use of veratrum viride in the treat-

ment of, 507.

Points on the preparation of the skin for the sur-

geon and patient before operation, 260.
Porokeratosis, 280.
Potatoes, 182.
Predetermining the sex of the child, 98.
Pregnancy, a remarkable case of multiple, 626.
Preliminary requirements in Wisconsin, to raise

the grade of, 112.
President's address, 168, 295.

inaugural address, 358.

Professors and medical men as trustees of colleges

and hospitals, 623.

Prolific, 406.
Proximity in relation to the sense of smell, 497.
Pseudo-hypertrophic muscular atrophy occurring

in brothers, report of two cases of, 66.
Psychological factor in medicine and its applica-

tion to nervous disease, the, 453.

“Pure food” bill passed, a, 128.

the standard of, 570.

Put-in-Bay, 648.

Pyosalpinx, specimen of double, 63.
QUACKERY will not supplant medicine, 157.
Queer things color-blind people do, the, 605.
RAY bill, the, 522.
Reciprocity in licensure once more, 126.
Rectal diseases, a résumé of, 424.
Rectum, ulceration of the, 55.
Reduction by water pressure, 396.
Reflex convulsions in growing boys and girls,


Rejuvenation, 655.

Renal calculus, 364.

function, a half kidney sufficient to maintain

the, 91.

Rôle of atmospheric pressure in the hip joint,


of the spleen in digestion, 106.
Resolution day, 16.
Resolutions on the death of Dr. Gustav Bruhl,


Results of injecting serum in syphilitic manifes-

tations, 280.

SALICYLIC acid and boric acid as preserva-

tives in food, the use of, 524.

treatment, the founder of the, 550.

Samuel D. Gross prize, the, 310.

Sanitation of Cuba, 394.

Scalp wounds, Bayard Holmes' adages on the

treatment of, 669.

Scarlet fever, an early sign of, 341.

-an incident, 308.

Scarring, the avoidance of, 418.

School medical supervision, 334.

Sciatica, 527, 535.

Scientific work in Ohio State hospitals, 663.

Seasonal variations in growth of boy8, 127.
Secondary hemorrhage of the umbilicus, 550.
Self-destruction, the law as to, 129.
Selfish invalids, 254.
Shiga bacillus and the diarrheas of children, th.

Shorter college course, a, 341.

neural injection of cocaine, a case of, 678.

Palsy, radicular, or incipient syringomyelia, 363.
Pan-American Medical Congress, 494.
Paraffine injections in facial deformity, 267, 276.
Parisian medical chit-chat, 23, 73, 132, 183, 208,

263, 289, 314, 342, 404, 432, 464, 580, 630,

658, 667.

Peppermint from sewage farms, 212.

Peptic digestion, a new observation upon, 131.

Pertussis, fatal cases of, 480.

Peruna habit, the, 577.

Pet dog, the, 548.

Piano playing, 678.

Smallpox and chicken-pox, 288.

Transylvania University, the old, 545.
eruptions, exhibition of five months fetus Traumatic keratitis in the new-born, 591.
with. 87.

Trend, a, 416.
in the United States, 672.

Trunk sewer for Mill Creek Valley, a, 187.
outlook, the, 95.

Tubal pregnancy, 63:
prevention of, 368.

Tubercular glands of the neck, treatment of, 259.
Sobriety a great recommendation, 20.

Tuberculosis, etiology of, 260.
Some interesting cases taken from record-book the essentials for successfully treating, 174.

of an extensive hospital and private prac- the use of cinnamic acid and sodium cinna-
tice, reports of, 338.

mate in the treatment of, 178.
things not learned on the benches, 181.

sanitation, 164, 244, 530.
Special education of the mentally deficient, 47. Tuberculous working women, the necessity and
Specimen, exhibition of, 330.

desirability of inducing abortion in, 130.
Specimens, exhibition of, 169.

Tumor, obscure abdominal, 299.
Spermatic colic, 653.

Typhoid bacillus and lemon juice,.51.
Springtime medical rhymes and jingles, 551.

fever, treatment of with castor oil, 608.
Stamina League banquet, the, 253.

at Ithaca and elsewhere, 230.
State and Local Boards of Health of Ohio, 96.

fatal throat complication in the convales-
hospital for inebriates at Foxboro, Massa-

cence of, 365.
chusetts, 286.

treatment of hemorrhage in, 125.
Stomach, influence of spices on the, 54.

perforation, its surgical treatment, 492.
in the child, the, 239.
the examination of the functions of by means ULCERS in the stomach of a child, a case of
of Gerber's acid butyrometer, 609.

multiple, 579.
“Story of Luke," the, 49.

Union District Medical Association, 417.
Strained relations at Ithaca, the, 418.

Unrest, 389.
Subjective sensations and their objective causes Ups and downs of a physician's life, 10.
in relation to consciousness, 496.

Urinary secretion, the; its obstetrical and gyne-
Striæ atrophicæ, 413, 512.

cological considerations, 449.
Subscription problems, 561.
rates, 154:

VACCINATION law sustained, the, 51.
Suprarenal gland as a hemostatic, the, 444. Vaccine virus, the relative immunizing value of
Surgery of the prostate, pancreas and diaphragm,

human and bovine, 236.
13, 44, 58, 86, 116, 149, 166, 195, 218, 246, Vagitus uterinus, 656.
274, 297, 323, 360, 382. 404, 432, 457, 504, Valedictory address, 293.
533, 563, 587, 618, 639, 665.

Value of simple clininal tests, the, 206.
Surgical instruments, 417.

Varicose veins, radical operation for the cure of,
Suture of the liver, 675.
Swamped by physicians' bills, 540.

Vasomotor system as a factor in disease, the im-
Syphilis, a case of, 225.

portance of the, 337.
the Justus test for, 20.

Ventral hernia following laparotomy-causes
and gonorrhea, instructions to patients af-

and prevention, 583, 594.
fected with, 131.

Vertigo, treatment of, 19.

Visual hygiene in the public schools, 79.
TABES associated with anterior poliomyelitis
chronica, 362.

Warren County Medical Society, 50.
Temperatures taken in the mouth, the trust. Western Ophthalmologic and Oto-Laryngologic
worthiness of, 577.

Association, 154.
Tennessee State Medical Association, 437. Why is reciprocity refused ? 130.
Tents and tuberculosis, 322.

Wireless telegraphy, Dr. Branley the real inven-
Tetanus and vaccination, 208.

tor of, 414.
contaminated serum, 218.

Wood alcohol poisoning, 445.
three cases of, 227.
treated with veratrum viride, recovery; re- X-RAY as a therapeutic agent, the, 81, 88.
port of a grave case of, 574.

phenomena and phenomena not due to the
Therapeutical iconoclasts, 446.

X-rays, 371, 385.
Time, 436.

photographs, exhibition of, 87.
Tobacco deafness, 523.

X-raying a mummy, 593.
To drink or not to drink, 237.

X-rays, for what conditions and how should they
Tracheotomy tube retained three years and four be used ? 371, 385.

months, 59.




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