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ALBERS, DR. JOHN G., Fulda, O.

The Country Doctor, 481. AXLINE, DR. J. W., Shawnee, O.

The Medical Profession: A Panegyric, 109. BAILEY, DR. G. L., Cincinnati.

Sciatica, 527
BALDWIN, Dr. J. F., Columbus, O.

The Removal of the Appendix as an Inci.

dent in Abdominal Operations, 319. BODINE, DR. J. A., New York.

Fracture of the Patella, 223.
Radical Operation for the Cure of Varicose

Veins, 300,

Renal Calculus, 364.
BONIFIELD, Dr. Chas. L., Cincinnati.
The Relation of Heredity

to Fecundity, 487. CARPENTER, Dr. Julia W., Cincinnati.

The Care of Obstetric Cases, 399.
CATES, DR. BENJAMIN B., Knoxville, Tenn.

Nasal Catarrh, 124.
CHAPMAN, Dr. W. C., Toledo, O.

President's Address, 635.
CROTHERS, DR. T. D., Hartford, Conn.

Inebriety in Ancient Egypt and Chaldea, 354. CULBERTSON, DR. L. R., Zanesville, O.

Report of a Few Mastoid Cases, 501.
DARBY, DR. F. H., Columbus, O.

Enuresis, 321.
DAVIS, DR. F. w., Cincinnati.

Post-Nasal Catarrh, 642.
CRIMPTON, Dr. C. W., Seattle, Wash.

Coughs and Their Treatment, 114. De Soto, DR. ALEX., Seattle, Wash.

Coughs and Their Treatment, 114. DODD, EVELYN B., Covington, Ky.

A Plea for “ Sringtime Movers,'' 190. DowLING, DR. FRANCIS, Cincinnati.

Heredity with Especial Reference to Certain

Eye Affections, 473. EVANS, DR. O. S., Cincinnati.

Results of Injecting Serum in Syphilitic

Manifestations, 280. FREIBERG, DR. A. H., Cincinnati.

Exhibition of Specimens, 169.
GREIWE, DR. John E., Cincinnati.

Disease of the Coronary Arteries, 14.
Report of Two Cases of Pseudo-Hypertrophic

Muscular Atrophy Occurring in Brothers,

GUYER, DR. MICHAEL F., Cincinnati.

Hybridism and the Germ Cell, 169.
The Germ Cell and the Results of Mendel,

HEIDINGSFELD, DR. M. L., Cincinnati.

President's Address, 168.
Porokeratosis, 280.
Actinomycosis and X-Ray Therapy, 326.
Striæ Atrophicæ, 413.,
Lupus and the Finsen Ray, 421.
Striæ Atrophicæ, 512.

HALL, Dr. Rufus B., Cincinnati.

Report of a Case of Incarceration of the

Vermiform Appendix in the Right Fem

oral Ring, 61. Report of a Case of Catarrhal Appendicitis,

61. Appendicitis, 61. Report of a Case of Bloodless Operation for

the Removal of a Large Sessile Ovarian

Tumor, 329.
HOPPE, DR. H. H., Cincinnati.

Two Çases of Freidreich's Ataxia, 361.
Tabes Associated with Anterior Poliomye-

litis Chronica, 362.
HORNE, DR. BROSE S., Marion, Ind.

Medical Squibs, 217.
A Combined Serum from the Jackass and

the Billy Goat, 325.

Medical Sciolism vs. Medical Science, 503. INGRAM, DR. ROBERT, Cincinnati.

Expectorants, 107.
IHLE, DR. CLARENCE A., Cincinnati.

Patient with Epithelioma of Lower Lip, 328.
Striæ Atrophicæ, 413.

Case of Adenoma, 511.
ISHAM, DR. A. B., Cincinnati.

Valedictory Address, 293.
JEFFRIES, Dr. F. M., New York, N.Y.

Malarial Blood, 226.

Ovarian Tumor, 514.
KANE, DR. EVAN O'N., Kane, Pa.

Half-Inch to Inch Incision in Appendectomy,


Empyema, 227.
Keyes, Dr. E. L., JR., New York, N. Y.

Symptoms and Treatment of Calculous An

uria, 302. KoHN, DR. ALBERT, New York, N. Y.

Obscure Abdominal Tumor, 299. LADINSKI, DR. J. L., New York, N. Y.

First Menstruation of a Hemophilia, 301. LANGDON, Dr. F. W., Cincinnati.

Case of Acquired Deafness, Apparently Cor.

tical, 363. Heredity in Nervous and Mental Diseases,

488. LENHART, DR. C. M., Zanesville, O.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Empyema, 557. LONGFELLOW, Dr. R. C., Fostoria, O.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diphtheria,

347 LUCKETT, Dr. W. H., New York, N. Y.

Epithelioma of the Lower Lip; Extirpation

by Brun's Method, 226.

Three Cases of Tetanus, 227. LYLE, Dr. B. F., Cincinnati.

Exhibition of Five Months Fetus with Small

pox Eruptions, 87.

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MARXMILLER, DR. H. G., Cincinnati.

Cryoscopy, 64.

Differential Diagnosis of Appendicitis, 642. MATHER, DR. E. L., Akron, O.

Otorrhea, 592
MEYERS, DR. C. H., Cincinnati.

Specimen of Large Multilocular Cyst of

Ovary, 514:
MINOR, DR. T. C., Cincinnati.

Parisian Medical Chit-Chat, 23, 73, 132, 183,

208, 263, 289, 314, 342, 464, 580, 630, 658,

667. Mid-Winter Medical Rhymes and Jingles,


Springtime Medical Rhymes and Jingles,

MONROE, DR. Geo. J., Louisville, Ky.

Ups and Downs of a Physician's Life, 10.
Ulceration of the Rectum, 55.
A Résumé of Rectal Diseases, 424.
Constipation in the Aged, and Constipation

Produced by Reading While Defecating,

616. MURPHY, DR. JOHN W., Cincinnati.

Paraffine Injections in Facial Deformity, 267. OGIER, WM. R., Columbus, O.

“The Cocaine Curse and the Negro," 653. OALMACHER, DR. A. P., Gallipolis, O.

Scientific Work in Ohio State Hospitals, 663. ORR, DR. GEO. B., Cincinnati.

President's Inaugural Address, 358. PALMER, DR. CHAUNCEY D., Cincinnati.

The Urinary Secretion : Its Obstetrical and

Gynecological Considerations, 449.
PIRNAT, DR. F., Chicago, Ill.

Neuralgia, 191.
PORTER, DR. WM. D., Cincinnati.

The Future of Gynecology and Obstetrics,

397 POWELL, DR. A. E., Marion, Ind.

Diet and Arterio-Sclerosis, 428. PRITCHARD, DR. W. B., New York, N. Y.

Diagnostic and Prognostic Data in Nervous

and Mental Diseases, 365. PUNTON, DR. John, Kansas City, Mo.

The Psychological Factor in Medicine and

its Application to Nervous Disease, 453. QUINLAN, Dr. F. J., New York, N. Y.

Fatal Throat Complication in the Conva

lescence of Typhoid Fever, 365. RATTERMAN, DR. FRANK L., Cincinnati.

The Examination of the Functions of the

Stomach by Means of Gerber's Acid Buty

rometer, 609. RAVOGLI, DR. A., Cincinnati.

International Congress of Medicine at Mad

rid, 523, 542. RICKETTS, Dr. B. MERRILL, Cincinnati.

Lung Surgery : Historical and Experi


Case Reports, 514.
Surgery of the Prostate, Pancreas and Dia-

phragm, 13, 44, 58, 86, 116, 149, 166, 195,
218, 246, 274, 297, 323, 360, 382, 404, 432,

457, 484, 504, 533, 563, 587, 618, 639, 665. ROBINSON, DR. BYRON, Chicago, Ill.

The Lumbar Segment of the Ureter, 29. Rowe, Dr. Jas. W., Cincinnati.

Exhibition of Specimen, 330. SATER, DR. P. M., Gratis, o.

Goitre and its Treatment, 161. SCHWAB, Dr. Louis, Cincinnati.

A Trunk Sewer for Mill Creek Valley, 187. SHIELDS, DR. E. H., Cincinnati,

Exhibition of X-Ray Photographs, 87.
For what Conditions and How Should X-

Rays be Used ? 371.
SHIELDS, DR. PERCY, Cincinnati.

X-Ray Phenomena and Phenomena Not

Due to the X-Rays, 371.
SINCLAIR, DR. D. A., New York, N. Y.

A Case of Syphilis, 225.
SPIERS, DR. H. H., Oberlin, O.

Tuberculosis-Sanitation, 164, 244, 530.
STANTON, DR. BYRON, Cincinnati.

The Pollution of Mill Creek, 232.
President's Address, 295.
Use of Veratrum Viride in the Treatment of

Pneumonia, 507.

Cephalalgia, 401.
SWERINGEN, DR. H. V., Fort Wayne, Ind.

Materialism vs. Spiritualism, 241.
TATE, DR. MAGNUS A., Cincinnati.

Two Cases of Ectopic Gestation, 62.
Case of Double Tongue, 330.
Appendicitis with Complications, 513.
Ventral Hernia Following Laparotomy-

Causes and Prevention, 583.

The X-Ray as a Therapeutic Agent, 81.
TAYLOR, DR. C. F., Philadelphia, Pa.

Subscription Problems, 561. THOMPSON, DR. JOHN A., Cincinnati.

Tracheotomy Tube Retained Three Years

and Four Months, 59.
A Knife Blade in the Ear, 327.

Ohio State Medical Society, 652.
TOWNSEND, Dr. W. R., New York, N. Y.

Necrosis of the Femur, 225.
TREON, DR. F., Chamberlain, S. D.

Methylene Blue,125.
VAIL, DR. DERRICK T., Cincinnati.

Aprosexia in Relation to the Eye, Ear, Nose

and Throat, Especially in Child Growth,

WALLS, DR. Geo. W., Mitchell, Ind.

Carbuncle, 653.
WHITACRE, DR. HORACE J., Cincinnati.

Medical Education, 135.
WOLFSTEIN, DR. D. I., Cincinnati.

Radicular Palsy, or Incipient Syringo

mental, 1.
Specimen of Foreign Body Removed from
the Intestines, Supposed to be a Piece of

Carbon, 63.
Exhibition of Patient Upon Whom Oper.

ation for Floating Kidney was Performed,

Specimen of Double Pyosalpinx, 63.
Tubal Pregnancy, 63.

myelia, 363.
ZENNER, DR. PHILIP, Cincinnati.

Subcortical (Pure) Alexia, 363.
Locomotor Ataxia with Vesical Crises, 646.
Acromegalia, 647.


" Biochemisches Centralblatt,” 232.

Blank - cartridge wound infected with tetanus

bacilli; prompt excision; no tetanus, 312.

Bloodless operation for the removal of a large

sessile tumor, report of a case of, 329.

Board of Medical Examiners of the State of

Texas, meeting of, 368.

American Year-Book of Medicine and Surgery

for 1903, Gould, 240, 346.
Atlas and Diseases of the Mouth, Pharynx and

Nose, Grunwald, 79.
Atlas and Epitome of Human Histology and

Microscopic Anatomy, Sobotta, 79.
Book on the Physician Himself and Things

that Concern his Reputation and Success,

Cathell, 160.
Care and Feeding of Children, Holt, 396.
Care of the Baby, Griffith, 500.
Cushing's Pharmacology and Therapeutics,

ALCOHOL and insanity, 575.
Accidents in coal fields, 78.
Actinomycosis and X-ray therapy, 326.
Acute paresis, 361.
Adenoid vegetations in the naso-pharynx as a

cause of enuresis, 134.

Adenoids and trachoma, 418.

Adenoma, case of, 511.

Air-cooling device, an, 27.

Albumin, bedside test for, 50.

Albuminuria and glycosuria in general paralysis

of the insane, 158.

Alcohol in surgery, 657.

use of in disinfection of the skin, 158.

Alcoholic neuritis, 238.

soap solution as a disinfectant for surgical

instruments, 99.

Alexia, subcortical (pure), 363.

American Academy of Medicine, 393, 462.

Medical Editors' Meeting, 627.

Medico-Psychological Association, 124, 493.

Proctologic Society, 393, 565.

Congress on Tuberculosis, the, 254.

Social Science Association, 494:

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

Animals, 155.

Ancient history, 446.

Anemia, diagnosis of pernicious, 446.

Antidiphtheritic serum, danger of, 274.

Antitoxin to morphia, an, 556.

Anuria, symptoms and treatment of calculous,


Appendectomy, half-inch to inch incision in, 112.

Appendicitis, 61, 212.

report of a case of catarrhal, 61.

fine flour and, 19.

with complications, 513.

Appendix, removal of as an incident in abdom-

inal operations, 319.

Aprosexia in relation to the eye, ear, nose and

throat, especially in child growth, 213, 221.

Arm position after removal of breast, 76.

Arsenic in food and medicine, 177.

Arterial tension, potassium nitrate in, 179.

Arterio-sclerosis, treatment of, 77.

Artificial mineral waters, 216.

Aryan and European systems of medicine, the,

Aseptic preparation for surgical work in country

practice, 311.

Aspirating for pleurisy with effusion, 223.

Attitude of microbes on the silver question, 120.

BABY'S baths, 586.

Bacteria in milk, 234.

on the growth of in the intestine, 258.

Baldness, the prophylaxis of, 341.

Barlow's disease, treatment of, 21.
Beggary, the crime of encouraging, 369.
Bile pigments, a new test for, 182.


Diagnosis of Diseases of Women, Findlay, 607.

Diseases of the Stomach, Einhorn, 346.

Diseases of Metabolism and Nutrition, Von

Noorden, 346.

Diseases of the Stomach, Reigel, 419.

Diseases of the Pancreas, Diseases of the Su.

prarenal Capsules, and Diseases of the Liver,

Oser, Neusser, etc., 419.

Diseases of the Heart and Arterial System,

Babcock, 498.

Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat-Practical Medicine

Series of Year-Books, Wood, Andrews and

Hardie, 472

Garrigues Obstetrics, 28.

How to Succeed in the Practice of Medicine,

Mathews, 159.

International Clinics, Cattell, 160, 607,

Manual of Diseases of the Eye, Veazy, 608.

Manual of Practical Hygiene, Harrington, 345.

Manual Treatment of Diseases of Women, Nor-

strom, 607.

Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity and Toxicol.

ogy, Chapman, 499.

Obstetrical Nursing, Tuley, 346.

Obstetrics, Williams, 345.

Practical Treatment of Stammering and Stut-

tering, Lewis and Hynson, 240,

Practical Medicine Series of Year-Books,

Murphy, 448.

Practical Medicine Series, Dudley, 448.

Practical Medicine Series of Year-Books, Head,


Practical Points in Nursing, Stoney, 499.
Prevention of Disease, Evans, 396.
Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences,

Buck, 159.
Regional Minor Surgery, Van Schaick, 420.
Sociologlc Studies, Rosenberg and Oronstam,


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