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To the Gentle Reader:

THIS book, which has grown day by day since I first thought of it, till it has reached its present goodly size, is meant for you, Gentle Reader, as a help on the way of life. The old simile, familiar to us from childhood of life as a journey, often uphill, sometimes down the valley, now and then across a level land, is ever more appropriate as experience crowns anticipation or disappointments throng, or love's young dream makes glad the springing steps. Old and young, blithe and sad, rich and poor, prosperous or struggling, we are fellow pilgrims, comrades on the road, and our goal is the Father's House at last. In these simple talks about husbands, wives, parents, children, money, housekeeping, business, study, health, rest, and work, I have kept in view the fact that we are Christian pilgrims, disciples around the Master, and those whom He has honored by calling them Friends. May this book make life happier for all who ( read its pages!

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