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And that in every thing I may do my duty, and stand complete in it, let my heart be enlarged in love to Jesus Christ, and affected with the height and depth, the length and breadth of that love of His to me, which passeth all conception and expression.

And as an evidence of that love, let my mouth be filled with His praises. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive blessing, and honour, and glory, and power; for He was slain, and hath redeemed a chosen remnant unto God by His blood, and made them to him Kings and Priests. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is within me bless His holy name, who forgiveth all mine iniquities, and healeth all my diseases; who redeemeth my life from destruction, and crowneth me with loving kindnesses and tender mercy; who having begun a good work, will perform it unto the day of Christ. As long as I live I will bless the Lord; I will praise my God while I have any being; and when I have no being on earth, I hope to have a being in heaven to be doing it better.

O let me be borne up in thine everlasting arms, and carried from strength to strength, till I appear before God in Zion, for Jesus' sake, who died for me, and rose again, in whom I desire to be found living and dying.

Now to God the Father, Son, and Spirit be ascribed Kingdom, Power, and Glory, henceforth and for ever. Amen.


PSALM cxlvi. 1, 2.-Praise ye the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul. While I live will I praise the Lord: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.

I CAST myself at thy feet, O my God, to thank thee for all thy benefits, but more especially for that which I have now been receiving. Though outwardly but a single instance of thy goodness, it yet comprehends many blessings, every one of which deserves an everlasting thanksgiving. Well may I adore the boundless goodness and mercy in which thy blessings to me had their origin, when I think of my own unworthiness, and that thou hast not been prevented thereby from pouring them with such liberality upon my head. Surely I should be unworthy of living a single hour longer, if I felt not the obligations under which thou hast laid me, if I were not penetrated to the heart by thy goodness, if I were not actuated by a sincere and ardent desire to testify to thee my thankfulness.

Accept, then, O my God, my humble thanks for this thy great and wonderful loving-kindness. Thou hast carried me to thy house of prayer; thou hast put into my hands the memorials of my Lord's broken body and shed blood, thereby sealing me anew unto the day of redemption, giving me a fresh proof that thou hast chosen me out of this world that is lying in wickedness, and enabling me by faith to feed upon Christ and Him crucified, as made unto me wisdom, and sanctification, and life eternal. Blessed be thy name for this new mark of special favour to my soul. I was dead, and thou hast said unto me, Live; I am weary, weak, and heavy laden, and thou hast given me Christ as the resting place of my soul, nay, to dwell in me as the hope of glory hereafter, and the earnest of many a victory won over sin and Satan, the world and the flesh. From the bottom of my heart, O Lord, do I thank thee. Accept of my thanksgiving, or rather, as thou hast accepted the satisfaction of thy Son as the expiation of all my sins, accept the plenitude of His merits, the infinite preciousness of His sacrifice, and, by its imputation to me, regard not my inability to thank thee as I ought.

But this is not all, O my God. I have still another mercy to petition from thee. May it please thee to give me the succours of thy Holy Spirit to strengthen me for the performance of every duty incumbent upon me for the future. Fill my heart with zeal and ardour in thy service, with love and respect for thy holy will, with hatred and aversion to sin, with contempt for the world and its false gratifications. Sustain me by thy good hand during the course of my life; and whatever, in thy Providence, shall befall me, forbid, O my God, that I should ever abandon thee. Permit me not even to relax in the desire which I now have to please and serve thee, and to do my uttermost to observe thy holy precepts. Rather strengthen more and more this desire. Make it pass into an abiding resolution, and permit not that this resolution should be unaccompanied with those effects which it ought to produce, in order to please thee. In a word, I ask of thee, O Lord, all that is necessary to prepare me for receiving at length from thine own hand those infinite blessings, the earnest and assurance of which I have received in thy holy sacrament.

And whilst I am in this world, O Lord, leave me not to myself. Abandon me not to my spiritual enemies, to my native weakness, inconsistency, and sinful inclinations. May


I be found ever on the advance towards the end and object of my vocation that perfection which is in Christ Jesus, and becometh thine house. May I every day be gaining fresh victories over myself, and learn to bring my heart more and more under the yoke of faith. For which purpose, may please thee to watch over me by thy providence, and continue towards me thy protection and care, till the last moments of my life. Forbid that thy coming, O good God, should surprise me. Forbid that it should find me asleep, or off my guard. Give me to be always waiting, always ready to bid thee welcome. May my faith be ever lively, my charity ever active; may my heart be detached from the world and its vain delights, and fixed upon thee as the object of its main, its only desire. May I always be sighing after thee, until I be united to thy glory, to bless thee, and praise thee for ever and ever.

Go up with me, then, through this wilderness, and let that peace of thine which passeth understanding, which the world can neither give nor take away, reign ever in my soul, until transported to the triumphant Jerusalem, that city of peace, and calm, and repose; elevated above the storms and tempests of this world, and united inseparably to thee, I shall be, in some degree, a partaker of thy immutability, behold thy face in glory, and satisfy myself with the joys of thy sanctuary, the eternal pleasures which are at thy right hand. This I ask of thee not in my own name, but relying on the intercession of thy Son, the Prince of peace, the King of glory, to whom, with thee, and the Eternal Spirit, I ascribe all blessing and praise for everAmen.


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