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The North American review

Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Henry Cabot Lodge

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Mohammedan Marriages, by Minister S. S. Cox; Letters to Prominent Persons, by Ar

mond-No. 3: to the Rev. Henry M. Dexter; Chinese Immigration, by Prof. E. W

Should the Government Own the Telegraph ? by William A. Phillips, Defense of

S. C., by Gen. G. T. Beauregard; The People's Share in Wealth, by Edward Gori

Words, by Gail Hamilton. IMPORTANT HISTORICAL LETTERS-Introduction, by

Boutwell Letters to Gens. Ord and Augur, by Gen, W. Sherman; Letters to Gen.

by Gen. U. S. Grant; Letter to President Johnson, by Gen. W. T. Sherman: Lette

Grant, by Gen. W. T. Sherman; Jobs in Cities, by Dr. Ferdinand Seeger. NOTES

MENTS-A Mistake of Beauregard, by Rear-Admiral W. R. Taylor; Gold and Sily

by Cassius M. Clay; Anarchism Detined by an Anarchist, by C. L. James; Mr. Eat

Law, by S. W. McCall; Postal Telegraph in England, by W. H. Preece.


Bismarck, Man and Minister, by John A. Kasson ; Why am I a Catholic ? by Rev. S. I

S. J. , The Progress of Arkansas, by Gov. Simon P. Hughes į Life Insurance,

Wright; Radicalism in France, by Henri Rochefort ; Labor in Pennsylvania,

George ; My Negotiations with Gen, Sherman, by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.

COMMENTS—To Gen. Sberman, by Gen. Wm. Farrar Smith ; On Arthur Richmo

Henry M. Dexter ; New York Constitutions, by Gideon J, Tucker ; A Defense of A

hy William Holmes ; The Mistakes of Anarchism, by Francis L. Ferguson ; The Papa

by Wm. L. Scruggs.


Payment of the National Debt, by N. P. Hill; Reconstruction Days, by S. H. M. E

unpublished letters by Halleck and Chase; Socialism in England, by H. M. Hyndma

to Prominent Persons, by Arthur Richmond-No. 4: To Samuel J. Randall, M. C.;

Civilization, by Albion W Tourgée; Mormon Blood Atonement, by Kate Field; Lab

sylvania, by Henry George; Why am I a Methodist ? by Rev. George R. Crooks, D.

Suffrage, by Ouida. NOTES AND COMMENTS-President Lincoln's Letter to Gov

the editor, with a fac-simile of Lincoln's Letter; The Newspaper Habit, by Augustus

Origin and Purpose of the Veto Power, by W. A. Phillips; Indifference: A Posthun

ment, by George Sand; Two Unpublished Letters of Abraham Lincoln.


Arbitration, by Prof. Richard T. Ely ; An American Queen, by Gail Hamilton ; Silv

Savings Banks, by Willis S. Paine, L.L. D.; Cremation and Christianity, by All

Bigelow ; Labor in Pennsylvania, by Henry George ; Woman Suffrage,

by Mrs. Mar

more ; Prohibition, by Petroleum V. Nasby; Mr. Blaine on the Tariff, by Prof.

NOTES AND COMMENTS-Earthquake Probabilities, hy Prof. Richard A. Pro

Back the Obelisk, by Col. C. Challié Long ; Mistakes of Rear-Admiral Taylor, by

regard ; Progress of Colorado, by C. S. Thomas.


How Shall the Negro be Educated ? by Edmund Kirke ; Robert Burns as Poet and Perse

Whitman: The Indian Policy of the United States, by Jefferson Davis; A Sla

Letter-Book, No Name Series ; The Cities of Italy, by Ouida ; Six Unpublishe

George Washington ; Why am I a Churchman? by the Bishop of Kentucky ; So

lished War Letters of Generals Grant, Halleck, Burnside. Bragg and Admiral Porte

to Gen. W. T. Sherman ; Railway Legislation, by Frank S. Bood. NoTES AND

The South in the Union Army, by Felix A. Reeve; Industrial Arbitration, Thoma

ford Martin ; Rome or Reason 2 Helen H. Gardener ; Earthquake Studies, by Felix


My Campaign in East Kentucky, by James A. Garfield (A Posthumous Military Auto

Labor and Condensed Labor, by Pierre Lorillard ; Heathendom and Christendo

Hamilton ; Why am I a Churchman ? by the Bi hop of Kentucky ; Educational

Posthumous Essay, by George Sand ; Lessons of the New York City Elections,
posium : 1. Republican View, by " Å Republican ;" 2. Labor Party View, by R

McGlynn, D. D. ; 3. Democratic View, by S. S. Cox : Jefferson Davis and the Miss

paign, by Gen, Joseph E. Johnston ; Salmon P. Chase, by Donn Piat:; Letters to

Persons,' by Arthur Richmond-No. 5 : To the President : Recent Reforms in I

Allen Thorndike Rice. NOTES AND COMMENTS-Mormon Blood Atonement, by

West ; The last Confederate Killed, by Gen. J. A. Wilson.

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