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Wilmington gets a lot wrong. Enough wrong, you should just pass right by.
Here is truth. God says He knew you, BEFORE you were in the womb.
If you want a nice book to read, get an authorized all authority all truth King James Version book of God's Word and His words.
Five steps to get saved.
1) Hear the message from God about Jesus from God's Word.
2) Believe the message. God manifest in the flesh to be a ransom for many. God has faith in His blood paying for your sins and the sins of the world. You too must believe that his shed blood is propitiation for your lifetime of sin.
3) Turn back to God. That's what it means to repent. Because you can't repent of all your sins, you don't even know them all. You will likely experience moral compunction.
4) Put your trust and faith on Jesus, and in what He finished on the cross. Be fully persuaded, just like Abraham, that God, who cannot lie, can and will do all the things He has promised.
5) Declare His righteousness, and He imputes it on you, a believer on Jesus.
After doing the above, you can be assured of your salvation, as it matches Romans 3:24-26
God will send you the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Welcome to the family!
With the Holy Spirit, the King James Version book of God's Word becomes the Easiest to Understand. Start your reading of it, at Romans. Get your preaching of Jesus from 1 Corinthians through to and including Philemon.
And then go look up the word Easter in the King James Version book. And then go look it up in the ASV, NIV, ESV, DRA, CSB, AMP, CEB,and CJB so you can be CONFIDENT and understand that ONLY THE KJV is God's Word.
It is God's Word. All the rest are satanic counterfeits that purport to be God's Word, but ARE NOT.

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Very , very interesting,. very educational..

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A copy of this book was purchased for me by my maternal grandfather for my 18th Birthday in 1986.
Always an avid reader and student of religion and other topics, I have continued to read & study
from this one book so much that the cover and binding are falling apart.
I have found this one particular book to have been so useful to me in my studies and would recommend it for any serious study of Scripture.

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This is a great tool and a must have book. Dr. Wilmington has a gift for putting information in a clear and readable fashion. The ideal is to get this book in conjuntion with the Liberty Home Bible Course, but that certainly makes it an investment. I give this book my highest rating.

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