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Ablation of adenoid vegetations through the | Antidiuretic substance, on the presence in cer-
nose, 337

tain urines of an, 17
Absorption by the urinary passages, 53

Antipyrin in diseases of the urinary apparatus,
A case of abdominal hysterectomy in which the

ureter was resected and implanted into Antispasmine, 23
the bladder, 175

Appendicitis, case of, resulting from the fin of
A case of acute inflammation of the middle ear a fish lodging in the appendix, 85

terminating in purulent periphlebitis of the the etiology and treatment of, 443
lateral sinus, 336

Arnholt, M. A., memorial of Dr. E. A. Wood,
A case of hæmorrhage from the ears, the mem-

brana tympani remaining intact, 259 Arsenical pigmentation of the skin, 340
A clinical demonstration of simple atrophy, 408 | Arthritis deformans of the larynx, 377
A fatal case of acute parenchymatous nephritis Ashton, William Easterly, a case of appendi.
consequent to impetigo, 274

citis resulting from the fin of a fish lodg-
A midway Southern health resort, 129

ing in the appendix, 85
A new combination : phosphite of guaiacol, 461 a simple device for sterilizing in private
A new mercurial salt for injection, 260

houses, 46
A report of one hundred cases of diphtheria of the etiology and treatment of appendicitis,
the larynx treated by intubation, 330, 373

A simple device for sterilizing in private houses, the symptoms and diagnosis of intestinal

obstruction following intra.peritoneal op-
A synopsis of an introductory lecture on thera-

erations, I
peutics, 41

the valedictory address of the graduating
A vesical detrusor centre in the cerebral pe- class of the Medico-Chirurgical College
duncles, 410

of Philadelphia, 201
Acute otitis media with illustrative cases, 288 Aural cholesteatomata, 88
Addison's disease, cure of a case of, 54

Aural reflex of an unusual character due to im.
Aletris farinosa, 222

pacted cerumen, 76
Allis, Oscar H., carbolic acid used in full strength Autograms of nasal respiration, 338
in surgery, 4

Auto-intoxication in mental disease, 75
Alumni oration, 243
Alumnol in catarrhal affections of the upper re-
spiratory tract, 87

Bacteriological examination of the false mem-
An introductory address to the students of the branes of diphtheroidal syphilides, 136
Medico-Chirurgical College, 363

Barton, James M., freedom from recurring ap-
Anæmia of nasal origin, 338

pendicitis after evacuation of the abscess
Anästhesia of the ulnar nerve in tabes, 382

and retention of the appendix, 214
Analgen, 277

Bell's paralysis occurring with herpes zoster, 311
Anders, J. M., beriberi with report of cases, 246 Beriberi, with report of cases, 246

sequelæ of rheumatism-emphysema and Bernardy, Eugene P., pelvic abscess simulating
cardiac arhythmia, 81

extra-uterine pregnancy, 130
the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of Blackwood, W. R. D., therapeutical electro-

chronic gastric catarrh, with special refer- osmosis, 91
ence to the use lavage in this and other Blennorrhagia of the nose, 59
diseases of the stomach, 205

Blood in the secretion of the mammary gland,
Aneurism of the aorta, latent, a new and dis-

tinguishing sign of, 473

Blood vessels, pain in the, 16
Angina pectoris of malarial origin, 342

Boards of health, the power of, 44

Book Reviews,

Book Reviews (continuea).
Syllabus of Lectures on the Practice of Sur. Essentials of Nervous Diseases and Insanity:
gery, N. Senn, 79

their Symptoms and Treatment, John C.
The National Dispensatory, 117

Shaw, 279
A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of In- A Primer of Psychology and Mental Disease.
sanity, Edw. C. Mann, 117

C. B. Burr, 280
The Modern Climatic Treatment of Invalids Treatment of Typhoid Fever, D. D. Stewart,
with Pulmonary Consumption in Southern

California, P. C. Remondino, 117

Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences,
Funny Bone: a Book of Mirth for Doctors, Charles E. Sajous, 380

Druggists, Dentists, Medical Students, and Transactions of the Indiana State Medical
Others, L. Crusius, 118

Society, 1893, 281
Where to Send Patients for Water Cures and Saunders's Question-Compends, No. 14, 281

Climatic Treatment, Thomas Linn, 118 Nurses' Dictionary of Medical Terms and
The Treatment of Cutaneous Malignant Epi. Nursing Treatment, Honnor Morten, 281

theliomata (Cancers), A. R. Robinson, 118 Materia Medica, Pharmacology, and Thera-
The Young Man in Business, Edward W. Bok, peutics, Charles D. F. Phillips, 320

Manual of Practical Anatomy, D. J. Cunning.
The Physician's Wife and the Things that Per-

ham, 321
tain to Her Life, Ellen M. Firebaugh, 118 A Manual of Instruction in the Principles of
The Dispensatory of the United States of Prompt Aid to the Injured, Alvah H. Doty,
America, 118

A Critical Review of the Seventh Decennial The Care and Feeding of Children, L. Emmett
Revision of the Pharmacopeia of the United

Holt, 321
States of America, George M. Beringer, A Clinical Manual, Andrew MacFarlane, 321

Text-Book of Abdominal Surgery, Skene
Report of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Keith and George E. Keith, 359

Association of Executive Health Officers of Proceedings and Addresses at a Sanitary
Ontario, 119

Convention held at Menominee, Michigan,
Antiseptic Therapeutics, E. Trouessart, 119 April 5 and 6, 1894, 359
“ Nil Desperandum,” George T. Angell, 119 Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Board
Mathews' Medical Quarterly, 119

of Health of Michigan for the Year ending
Differential Diagnosis of Common Diseases of June 30, 1891, 359
the Eye. W. F. Conners, 119

Macrobiotic ; or, Our Diseases and our Reme.
An American Text: Book of Gynæcology, Med. dies, Julius Hensel, 359

ical and Surgical, for Practitioners and Stu- Biography of Eminent American Physicians
dents, J. M. Baldy, 119

and Surgeons, R. French Stone, 359
A Text-Book of the Theory and Practice of Where to Send Patients Abroad for Mineral
Medicine, William Pepper, 157

and other Water Currs and Climatic Treat.
An American Text: Book of the Diseases of ment, Thomas Linn, 360
Children, Louis Starr, 158

Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Sur.
Alaskana or Alaska in Descriptive and Leg. geon-General's Office, United States Army,
endary Poems, Bushrod W. James, 158

Pain in its Neuro-Pathological Diagnostic, A System of Genito-Urinary Diseases, Syphi-

Medico Legal, and Neuro Therapeutic Re- lology, and Dermatology, by Various Au.
lations, J. Leonard Corning, 199

thors, Prince A. Morrow, 360
An International System of Electro-Therapeu. International Clinics, 360

tics for Students, General Practitioners, and A Graphic History of the Fair, 361
Specialists, Horatio R. Bigelow, 199

One Hundred Years of Business Life,-1794-
A Text-Book of the Diseases of Women, 1894, 361
Henry J. Garrigues, 199

A Compend of the Practice of Medicine,
Clinical Manual for the Study of Diseases of Dan'l E. Hughes, 399

the Throat, James Walker Downie, 199 Inebriety or Narcomania : its Etiology, Pathol.
Transactions of the American Dermatological ogy, Treatment, and Jurisprudence, Norman
Association, 278

Kerr, 400
Methods of Pathological Histology, C. von Lectures on Hygiene and Sanitation, Seneca
Kahlden, 278

Egbert, 400
Essentials of Practice of Pharmacy, Lucius E. Hand-Book of Obstetric Nursing, Francis W.
Sayre, 278

N. Haultain and James Haig Ferguson, 400
Transactions of the American Orthopædic As- A Treatise on Diphtheria, H. Bourges, 400
sociation, 278

Essentials of Diseases of the Ear, E. B.
Modern Antipyrelics; their Action in Health

Gleason, 400
and Disease, Isaac Ott, 278

A Treatise on Appendicitis, George R. Fowler,
A Manual of Therapeutics, A. A. Stevens, 278 401
An Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine, Biol. The McClure's Life of Napoleon, 401

ogy, and Allied Sciences, George M. Gould, Therapeutics: its Principles and Practice, H.

C. Wood, 438
Weekly Abstract of Sanitary Reports, 279 Hare's Text-Book of Practical Therapeutics,
International Clinics, 279

Hobart Amory Hare, 439

Book Reviews (continuea).

Codliver oil, 260
The Senile Neart: its 'Symptoms and Treat. College gossip, 269, 309, 350, 391, 430, 470
ment, George William Balfour, 440

Commercial news, 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 242,
Syllabus of Lectures on Human Embryology, 282, 322, 362, 402, 442, 480
Walter Porter Manton, 440

Congenital renal syphilis, 397
Text-Book of Anatomy and Physiology for Contribution to the diagnosis of pemphigus con-
Nurses, Diana Clifford Kimber, 440

fined to the mucous membrane of the
A Synopsis of the Practice of Medicine, Wil- upper air-passages, 258
liam Blair Stewart, 441

Convallaria majalis and convallamarine, 339
A Manual of Modern Surgery, General and Copra oil for suppositories, 383

Operative, John Chalmers Da Costa, 441 Correspondence, 149, 188, 391
Landmarks in Gynæcology, Byron Robinson, Creasote carbonate, in tuberculosis, 420

the derivatives of, in the treatment of
A Manual of Hygiene, Mary Taylor Bissell, phthisis, 14

Croupous pneumonia, 132
A Manual of Human Physiology, Joseph H. Crutchfield, Eugene Lee, large doses preferable
Raymond, 441

to small, 254
A System of Legal Medicine, Allan McLane Crystalline, 25
Hamilton, 476

Curcas as a purgative, 387
Transactions of the Medical Society of the Current medical literature, 39, 79, 159, 361, 401

State of Pennsylvania at its Forty-Fourth Cutaneous gangrene of hysteria, 297
Annual Session, held at Philadelphia, 1894. Cutter, Ephraim, the American one-seventy-

fifth-inch objective; the highest-power
Physiology for Beginners, M. Foster and microscope.lens in the world with which
Lewis E. Shore, 477

satisfactory work has been done, 8
Modern Gynæcology: a Treatise on Diseases

of Women, Charles H. Bushong, 477
Clinical Diagnosis, Albert Abrams, 477 De Armand, John A., the power of boards of
Text-Book of Hygiene. A Comprehensive

health, 44
Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Deaf. mutism as a clinical study, 456
Preventive Medicine from an American Deaver, John B., vaginal hysterectomy, 165
Stand point, George H. Rohé, 477

Dependence of the medical sciences on physics,
International Clinics, 478

or natural philosophy, 366
" Bread from Stones"; a New and Rational Dermatoses of alimentary origin, the, 352

System of Land Fertilization and Physical Dermol, 465
Regeneration, Julius Hensel, 478

Di-jodoform for chancroids, 24
The Pocket Anatomist, C. Henri Leonard, 478 Diphtheria antitoxin, 419
The Physicians' Visiting List for 1895, 478 Diphtheria, the treatment of, 5
Practical Uranalysis and Urinary Diagnosis, treatment of, by antitoxin, 378
Charles W. Purdy, 479

with symptoms of tetanus, 139
Travaux d'Electrothérapie Gynécologique. Diphtheritic virus, tenacity of, 377

Archives Semestrielles d'Electrothérapie Disorders of the heart and stomach produced
Gynécologique fondées et publiées, par G. by the habitual attitude of study, 257
Apostoli, 479

Diuretin, the action of, 341
Double ureter, 298

Dulcin, 299
Bromide of gold and arsenic, Barclay's solution Dysentery, the pathogenesis of, 12

of, 380
Bulette, Wilbur W., acute otitis media with
illustrative cases, 288

Eczema, of nickel-platers, 354

typical symmetrical, 342

Caffearine, 21

The limitations of tuberculosis, 26
Cancer, a new symptom of, 432

A cause of sudden death in infants, 28
Carbolic acid used in full strength in surgery, 4 Malakine, 66
Cardiac murmurs in diseases of the stomach, Autographism of hepatic origin, 67

Gonorrhoeal endocarditis, 106
Case of paralysis consecutive to anästhesia, 300 Syphilis of the testicle, 108
Catha edulis, 33

Cardiac disease in erysipelas, 144
Chancre of the ocular conjunctiva, 19

Acting assistant surgeons of the United States
Changes in the spinal cord in the course of per. Army, 146
nicious anæmia, 113

The use of digitalis in the diseases of children,
Chloral hydrate in hæmoptysis, 464

Chlorosis and amenorrhea with brain symp- “Base ingratitude," 148
toms, 473

Eleventh International Medical Congress, 184
Cholecystitis caused by the bacillus of Eberth, Coined medical words or titles, 185

The vacuum treatment- an echo, 187
Chorea iridis, 316

The relation of chemistry to materia medica
Chromidrosis of the nose, a case of, 421

and therapeutics, 225


in, 13

Editorials (continued).

Glycero-phosphates, 338
Chronic encysted abscess of the tonsil, 226 Godfrey, E. L. B., the treatment of diphtheria, 5
The influence of the nervous system in the Goelet, Augustin H., granular endometritis ;
production of fever, 265

menorrhagia from fungous endometritis;
Empyema of the sphenoidal sinus, 267

dysmenorrhæa due to anteflexion, 123
Intestinal antisepsis in children, 306

Gonorrhæa in little girls, 218
Glanders in the human subject, 308

Granular endometritis ; menorrhagia from fun.
The British Medical Association, 347

gous endometritis ; dysmenorrhoea due to
The therapeutic value of the homologues of anteflexion, 123
quinine, 349

Green pus: the bacillus pyocyaneus, 433
The treatment of scarlet fever, 388

Guaiacol, absorption of, by the skin, 136
Painful fatty tumors, 389

synthetic, 38
Practical medical instruction—what the med.

ical scholars lack, 426
An ill-advised resolution, 429

Hæmoferrum, use of, in the treatment of anæmia,
Diabetes mellitus, 467
Glycosuria of nasal origin and cure after the Hansen, the law of, 398

re-establishment of nasal respiration, 469 Hemiplegia alter diphtheria, 320
Emotional icterus in a child, 298

Hollopeter, William C., a clinical demonstration
Endocarditis, ulcerative, 137

of simple atrophy, 408
Enlarged supra.clavicular glands as a sign of Hopkins, Robert B., intestinal obstruction, 43
visceral cancer, 57

Houston, Edwin J., dependence of the medical
Ephedra vulgaris, the pharmacology of, 299

sciences on physics, or natural philosophy,
Epileptics, variations of the weight of the body 366

Hydatid cyst of the spinal cord, 17
Epistaxis, severe, 457

Hydrocele in the female, 352
Ethylenediamine, an albumen solvent, 178 Hydrogen dioxide, 418
silver-phosphate solution, 178

Hysteria and vitiligo following Battey's operation,
trikresol solution, 179

Europhen in the treatment of syphilis, 458 Hysterical apoplexy, 297
Exfoliative erythema and fugitive pemphigus in Hysterical limitation of the field of audition, 342
a subject of neurasthenia, 340

Hysterical muscular atrophy. 356
Exophthalmic goitre and scleroderma, co-exist-

ence of, 380
Extraordinary temperature, 298

Immediate capsulotomy following the removal

of cataract, 251

Influence of extirpation of the thyroid gland
Factors producing anæmia in diseases of the

upon the toxicity of the urine, 100
respiratory passages, 457

Influence of odors upon the voice, 460
Felted absorbent cotton, or lintine, a new form In memoriam-death of the former publisher of
of wound-dressing material, 94

the Medical Bulletin, 109
Ferratin, 419

Inoculation against snakebites, 358
Formalin, as a disinfectant, 176

Intermittent hydronephrosis, 57
in bacteriology, with more especial reference Intestinal hæmorrhage of typhoid fever, 100

to its action on the bacillus of diphtheria, Intestinal obstruction, 43

the symptoms and diagnosis of, following
in the diagnosis of typhoid bacillus, 176

intra-peritoneal operations, i
Formic aldehyde as an antiseptic, 358

Iodine, the absorption of, by the uterus, 353
Fox, L. Webster, an introductory address to the

students of the Medico-Chirurgical Col-
lege, 363

Jefferson College notes, 150
immediate capsulotomy following the re-

moval of cataract, 251
ophthalmia neonatorum ; contraction of eye. Koumiss, ptomaine poisoning by, 317
lids ; glaucoma; grattage for granular

lids, 161
Freedom from recurring appendicitis after evac- Lactol, or lacto-naphthol, 339

uation of the abscess and retention of the Lactophenin, 136
appendix, 214

Laplace, Ernest, report of two cases of nephrec-

tomy, 121

Large doses preferable to small, 254
Gangrene of the right leg following acute articu: Laryngeal diseases in typhoid fever, contribution
lar rheumatism, 460

to the pathogenesis of, 76
General loss of hair during the course of a Laryngology and otology, 336, 377, 456
diathetic prurigo, 339.

Lead poisoning, a new sign of, 312
Generalized pneumococcus infection, 298

treatment of, by means of sulphide of sodium,
Gleason, E. B., aural cholesteatomata, 88

removal of the sta pes; stricture of the ex. Ligation of the base of the broad ligaments
ternal auditory meatus, 403

per vaginam, including the uterine arteries,
suppuration of the mastoid antrum, 171

for fibroids of the uterus, 256

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