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age daily attendance was: New York, 397,- $936, and teachers of commercial branches, 928; Chicago, 208,081 ; Philadelphia, 139,- paid $1,200 and $1,500 per annum. The 632; Boston, 73,770; St. Louis, 53.128; director of drawing gets $3,000, as does the Cleveland, 46,009; Washington, 36,672; director of French and German, Assistants Cincinnati

, 35.544; Detroit, 30,864; New in drawing and foreign languages get $1,500 Orleans, 22,683. The tuition per capita of and $1,800. The director of kindergartens daily attendance in 1901 was: New York, has $2,880; the director of music, $3,000; $32.02; Chicago, $24.54; Philadelphia, director of physical training, $3,000. As$18.11; Boston, $28.92; St. Louis, $18.52; sistant directors in music get from $1,500 Cleveland, $21.51; Washington, $23.91; to $2,640; teachers of physical training, Cincinnati, $22.51; Detroit, $21.21; New $936 and $1,200. Teachers in the evening Orleans, $16.42.

elementary schools get $2 an evening; in There is no easy way of finding out the evening high school, $4 an evening. salaries paid to teachers and school officials in cities, as such statistics are not always SLIMMER, ABRAHAM.—A philanthropic published in annual reports. Boston, how star of the first magnitude has arisen ever, is an exception. From the Report of in Iowa. Born seventy-three years ago Committee on Accounts (School Document of Jewish parents, the money making No. 2–1902) the following details are faculty is his by inheritance and training. taken: The total expenditures for 1901-02

A native of Germany he came to America were $4,007,264.24, of which sum $2,383,- in boyhood, lived for a few years in Illinois 308.11 was paid to teachers and school offi and then removed to Waverly, Iowa, where cials. The superintendent received $6,000; he has since lived. Mr. Slimmer is a small, supervisors (each), $3,780; truant officers unassuming man, whose dress is the ex(each), $1,400; head-master in Normal ceedingly humble one of a twelve dollar School, $3,780; head-masters in Latin and suit and old-style boots. His money has high schools (each), $3,780; masters

been made by hard, shrewd work; he (each), $3,060 ; junior-masters (each), first bought, fed and sold cattle, he bought and year, $1,476, with annual increase of $444, sold land, and he made money in the iumthe salary of the twelfth year being $3,060; ber business. He has never married, nor assistant principal, Roxbury High School,

will he allow women in the directories of year, $1,620, increased to maximum, the institutions which he helps to found. $1,836; assistants in Latin and high schools, He claims that though they are sympathetic first year, $972, raised to maximum (after and emotional, they cannot do anything nine years), $1,620. In the Mechanic Arts without getting up factions and quarrels, High School the instructors receive (first and that they put their personal friends into Sear), $1,500, with an annual increase of profitable positions whenever they can. $120, the maximum being $2,340; the in

Mr. Slimmer does not think or talk of structor of metal-working gets (first year)

his work as charity. “My possessions are $1,800, with an annual increase of $60 to a

a trust fund,” he said, “which will have to

be disposed of at some time, and there is In the Boston grammar schools, priinary

no better time than while I am still here to schools , and kindergartens there is an an

plan and figure out what is best to do, and nual increase after the first year of service

I know of no one who can do it better than until a maximum is reached. Salaries of myself. I am a careful business man, and masters in grammar schools range from

have had the advantage of a large ex$2,580 to $3.180; sub-masters, from $1,500 perience in accumulating what I have. I to $2,340; first assistants, from $972 to got my money from the masses, and back $1.212; assistants from $552 to $936 (ac

to the masses, and for their benefit, it shall cording to length of experience). In the go. It is not charity; I cannot take the primary schools first assistants receive from money away with me when I go from this $984 to $1,080; assistants, from $552 to

field of human activity ; I cannot wear it or $936. Kindergarten principals receive irom

eat it; I cannot sleep more than other men, $hop to $792; assistants, from $132 to $624. and it would cost nothing if I did. I have

There are special instructors in the Bos come to see my duty quite plainly. I have ton schools whose salaries vary according tested my system by my own conscience, to circumstances : such are laboratory assist

and by the conscience of others." ants in chemistry, who get from $500 to

Mr. Slimmer is exceedingly careful in


maximum of $2,580.

Wir in everything but monev,” deserves

cese hings, and has not, yet at

a me capacity for making himteise lappy; that is why he is

teseif." Es manthropist has a somewhat

Mr. Carnegie, although he - liim the possession of true

pesto a town council and they is i million of other people's Orary. That won't bring Carpiness he is trying to buy. Un-Wn to the true life and relieves di sorrow, and suffering and '11, he will never be satisfied, and

i pauperma pauper in everything *ey.

Slimmer is popular in his own vilin spite of his eccentricities and -iue speeches. Ask the Catholic priest

is opinion and he will say: Why, he does more good in the comnity than all of us combined; he tells me at my religion is a humbug, and then he res a $50,000 home with eight acres of de most beautiful ground to the sisters"

Ask the preacher. “Why, Mr. Slimmer seils me that Protestantism is another name opp hypocrisy, but he goes away and gives 550.000 to start a non-sectarian hospital or

home for the friendless."

Mr. Slimmer avoids legal verbiage by irawing his own contracts, and distinctly announces his own conditions. His own wants are exceedingly modest. He has given his $50,000 home, with beautiful grounds, to the Sisters of Mercy for an old people's home, and is finishing off for himself a room in the woodshed, where he expects to maintain himself for three dollars a week. Recently he gave $5,000 for a lying-in hospital in Chicago, with the proviso that the people of Chicago would raise $10,000 more, which was done.

He does not talk at all freely of what he has done, but many of his benefactions are 1 from $20,000 to $50,000.

Altogether we should congratulate ourShes upon this new philanthropist, who. here then giving "not wisely but too well." giringas do the illustrious Carnegie

. n. and Rockefeller, so as to impel K to give likewise. His phrase, “a in mank as a modern proverb beside Mr

tangie's dictum, "It is a disgrace to die

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heart owing to

ASEBALL.-During the past two days for wrangling with Umpire Johnson. months there

have been several Jack Katoll was let out by Comiskey from changes in the standing of the clubs the Chicago White Stockings. in both the National and the American John McGraw secured his release from leagues. In the American the White the Baltimore ball club and has signed a Stockings have been running close to contract to manage the New York baseball the top and finally took the lead, team in the National league.

He is perand with their team working well after the mitted to sign any player he may secure successful eastern trip, promise to do as that will strengthen the team in his judgPittsburg is doing in the National, namely, ment. refuse to let another club pass them.

The The Chicago National League team refight in the American league between all leased Congalton, an outfielder, and asclubs is a pretty one.

It is to be regretted signed Fred Clarke, a western first baseman that two of the clubs have apparently lost from Utah, and Shortstop Glenn, a Cincin

internal complications. nati boy. Both men will be used as utility These clubs are the Detroit and Baltimore players. Dexter, after O'Hagan's release, combinations. Both have slumped sadly, plays the first bag with Schaefer, a Chicago Detroit playing far below her natural gait. bred boy on third; Tinker at short, and She is in danger of losing Pitcher Mercer, Bobby Lowe, captain of the team, at secwho may go to the coast.

ond. Miller was reinstated in left field and In the National the Pittsburg team is is at present playing the sun field. making a runaway race of it though pressed to fight pretty hard for some of her games, Standing of the clubs July 15: Brooklyn is making a strong bid for second place honors, though Chicago on her recent

Pittsburg. form is apparently playing the position safe. The fight over this place is so close that the loss of a game names a new team for

Philadelphia When the Pittsburg and Chicago teams met here last Conroy and Tinker swung a few blows at each other because of Conroy's alleged dirty ball. Both were suspended. Indianapolis Tinker was reinstated after three days and allowed to play with the Chicago team

Colorado Springs30 38 441 again.

In the American league President Ban Johnson suspended Manager McGraw for taking his team off the field before a game

Bloomington,...33 35 .485 had ended and put Captain Jimmy Collins of the Boston team off the bench for three


W. L. Pct.

. 11 24 .631

38 32 513
St. Louis..

35 31 .530
Philadelphia. 34 31 5:23
Washington .33 37
Baltimore .31 38 .449
Cleveland .31 3943

28 39 418


W'. L. Pet.

52 15 .776 Boston...

37 29 561 Chicago

39 32 519 Brooklyn

39 35 527 St. Louis.


39 443

31 11 .431 Cincinnati. 28 40 .412 New York

2 18 .314

the position.


W. L. Pet.
Louisville .52 20.722

.46 25 .618
St. Paul..


33 554
Columbus .39 39.540
Kansas City 34 41 .153
Minneapolis. .29 43 403
Toledo........... 24 49.329


W. L. Pet. Omaha

16 2.657 Kansas City


30 589 Milwaukee 37 29

.561 Denver

35 32.523 St. Joseph 34 34 .500



Des Moines..

25 20

40 .385 43 .317

W. L. Pet.

Cedar Rapids.

Terre llaute.

W. L. Pet.
40 29 579
35 30

36 32

Rock Island.
32 .508


32 36 471 30 34 469



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Tersia richicago's Coorra! 1.1.

Titudinis bes: Wir Pad SPORTS. AMIMICOS DERBY Drake for $10,000 and received $10.000 'I ho fofinstili Ametican Derby was run from Drake for training the Derby winner. off over the Viashington Park Jockey Second horse was owned and trained by (Dube's talks in Sixty-first, Sixty-third, S. C. Hildreth. Third horse belonged to

ma l'ark avenue and Contage Grove, on George C. Bennett. Wyeth won $20,125; June 21, 142. The offrial finish of the second horse $3,000 and third horse $2,000. i wolve startet was M'yeih, Lucien Ap It is estimated that 60,000 people saw the Deloy, Aladdin. Otin, Heno, Prowl, Belle's Derby, including at least 50,000 paid admis

Pentecont, Corrigan, Lord sions. Bookmaking was allowed, the bookOx, Arsenal, Termin. The time


makers displaying the odds from cards held 2:10 15. Distance, mile and a half. in the hand. Overhead boards were not al

Ilene was the favorite in the Derby and lowed. closed at 210 1. Wyeth, the winner, was a The eastern horses in the race were 1), « boy Wadswortli-fonsie, owned by John Heno, Arsenal, Pentecost and Hermis. A Drake of Chicago and trained by Enoch The complete chart of the great race comWishare Wishard bought Wyeth for

for piled by the Daily Racing Form follows: wels

N. Horare

Str. Fin Jockeys

0. H.C.P.

10. 10% 7,

11% Lyne...

12 12 5 2

J. A. Drake.

61 3 23 J. Woods

S.C. Hildreth.

+12 12 10 3 33 ALADDIN...

33 Coburn

20 20 15 5
G C. Bennett & Co...
41 Singleton.
B. Schreiber

15 20 15 6

Bul man
C. H. Machay.

24 3 3 6-5

30 30 30 10 1130

J. C'. Strode

63 Otis.. 11. NOMMONER

T. Knight
J. B. Respass

8 9 8 3

5 6 6 2
J. E. Madden
8% Redfern.
9. Ranch

Burns & Waterhouse.. 40 41 30 12

-12 12 10 3

S.C. Hildreth.
1010 !!!30 Carwood.

4. Featherstone. 4 7 7 24

71010. +

H. M. Ziegler
Pulled up. Mocne..
Time :25 2-15,:50 1-5, 1:17 1.5, 1:43 3-5, 2:10 2-5, 2:40 1-5.

monste trained by E. Wishard).
Ot at the first break to Nood start. Won easily: second the same,

moopaftor ilin first when furlongs had been run and when called upon easily went to be front the last militli, uiming toll in hand, Lucien Apely came with a great rush at ibe end and was much : be best of

Hadam appeared to have a pond chance in the last eighth, but stopped all over in the closing stractie opis show much pool and hold 11 for one and a quarier miies, but he fell away badly beaten when the pinch came. He was in front and land tomten Heno before oth got him. Hieno appeared the winner rounding for home, but tired a mont bio troete and tim memang the win soon aner the stari. Pentecost and Arsenal were never serious contenders Hermis faltered and walante afor sin furlong, had been run. He was pulled up.

het 33001 ruzados 12
Weild, show, piens, The entry show, 3 10 2 Aladdin, show, 2 101, Heno, show, 3 10 5.
Tabulated history of the American Derby follows:

Jockey !


1894 Mortest
1. Murphy hirciusko..

Bob Cook ... Bob Miles... $10,7002:44 Fair
INS, Tpiante

1. Murplay

Troubadour. Faror
isso Silver Cloud. ...... Murphy .. Blue Wing.... Sir Joseph... Ben Ali...

Blue Ting!
ISSN 17 Tamil Hamilton... Viss Forl..... Tarr

ISS Tipor or lortuid 1 Werpily
11 Sinhalie.

Ios Angeles. Baldwin enırı. 14.340 2:41. Fast

INI Sirathi movih.

B hinn bur Incie Bob. 15.00:53 Hears
Vitividad; t'ixi Stat
1r arising




Lord kerne entry
1. Hii inalti Sover! ( i esot

SUN I'll time
Triin Wars

*; Il titekos issu

it's] Gisor Lipat Gibson 9495 2:44 Fair

The Parede Paradet 1932 2:35; Fast ikti in

etise Insin Nai,"? Tan
ES Tobicei luci ini

Hinawaukee 1. C's 13.

Scaries di the events idier: Yeri ideia

Treth aroided the

Value Time Track

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9,570 2:49. Heary 8.160 2:37: Fast

13,692 2:36. Fast Spokane....-15.440 2:41. Heatí Ringman... Siraihmuath 15.6109:4; Heart

16,937 3:14. Heary 49,500:36 Fast 19.7502:36 Fast 4.02:41 Heart

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Second heat won by Herbert, First regiment ; Magee, l'. of C., second. Time, :16 4-5.

Final heat won by Herbert, First regiment ; Friend, V. of C., second ; W. Magee, U. of C., and Bailey, C. Y. M. C. A., tied for third. Time, :16.

100.yard dash-Won by Blair, U. of C.; Smith, First regiment, second ; Merrill, Milwaukee A. C., third. Time, :10.

1-mile run-Won by Holton, C. Y. M. C. A. ; Henry, l'. of C.. second; Webster, First regiment, third. Time, 4:15 1-5.

High jump-Won by Kaecke, First regiment: Clapper. . Y. M. C. A., second ; Dupee, First regiment, third. Height, 5 feet 10 inches.

Shot put-Won by Webster, First regiment; Merrill, Milwaukee A. C., second ; Speik, U. of C., third. Distance, 39 feet 4 inch.

419-yard run-Won by Merrill. Milwaukee A. C.; Smith, First regiment, second; Halleck, First regiment, third.. Time, :51 3-5.

220-yard dash-Won by Blair, U. of C.; Smith, First regiment, second; Pettet, U. of C., third. Time, :22 3-3.

Hammer throw-Won by Merrill, Milwaukee A. C.; Webster, First regiment, second ; Speik, U. of C., third. Distance, 128 feet 4 inches.

220-yard hurdles-Won by Herbert, First regiment ; Merrili, Milwaukee A.C., second; Halleck, First regiment, third. Time, :26.

880-yard run— Won' by Webster, First regiment; l'ffendal, First regiment, second ; E. Eckersal, First regiment, third. Time, 2:07.

Discus throw-Won by H. Webster. First regiment ; Speik, l'. of C., second ; Hopkins, l'. of C., third. Distance, 112 feet 8 inches.

Two-mile run-Won by Hall, First regiment ; Holton, C. Y. M. C. A., second ; Matthews, U. of C., third Time, 9:56.

Pole vault-Won by J. Magee, U. of C.; Miller, I of C., second; Booth, C. Y. M. C. A., third. Height, 11 feet 514 inches.

Broad jump-Won by Hopkins. U. of C. ; Blair, D. of C., second : Kaecke. First regiment, third. Distance, 20 feet 742 inches.

Relay race-Won by U. of C., no other team entering. Time, 4:12.

('ornell first by 3 lengths. Time, 19:05 3-5. Wisconsin second by 142 lengths. Time, 19:13 3-J. Columbia third by 14 lengths. Time, 19:18 3-5. Pennsylvania fourth by 34 length. Time, 19:26. Syracuse fifth by 2 feet. Time, 19:31 2-J. Georgetown sixth. Time, 19:32.

Yale won the annual eight-oared boat race at New London, Conn., June 26, from Harvard by about four lengths, time 20:20, within ten seconds of the course record. Harvard won the fouroared race and the freshmen dead-heated their event.

The crews in the eight-oared race, with weights, follow : Yale.

Weight. Stroke, B. Bogue

169 No. 7, W. S. Cross

170 No. 6, T. A. Kunzig

187 No. 5, C. A. Weymouth

182 No. 4, C. S. Judson

173 No. 3, R. R. Coffin

170 No. 2, C. Daly

173 Bow, C. B. Waterman

.163 Coxswain, J. F. Byers

110 Harvard.

Weight. Stroke, D. S. McCrew

163 No. 7. G. Bancroft

163 No. 6, W. Shuebruk

178 No. 5, J. B. Ayer

1735 No. 4, W. C. Foster

17. No. 3, H. Bullard

166 No. 2, F. R. Swift

167 Bow, W. James

16 Coxswain, E. W. C. Jackson


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All round athletic championship for this year was won by Adam B. Gunn, of the Central Y. M. C. A., Buffalo, on July 4th. Winners of this title up to date follow:

In 1884, W. R. Thompson, Montreal, Canada Amateur Athletic association ; 1385, M. W. Ford, New Pork A, C.; 1886, M. W. Ford, New York A. C. ; 1887,

d. Jordan, New York A. C. ; 1888, M. w.' Ford, Staten Island' A. C. ; 1889, M. W. Ford, Staten Island 4. S.: 1890, A. A.' Jordan, New York A. C. ; 1891, 4. A. Jordan, New York A: C.; 1892, M. O'Sullivan, Xavier A. A.'; 1893. E. W. Goff, New Jersey A. C.; 1844. E. W. "Goff, New Jersey a. C.; 1895, J. Cos

have Ridgefield A. C., Albany, N. Y.; 1896, L. P: Sheldon, Yale university : 1897, E. H. Clark, 'Boston 4. C. : 1898, E. C. White, Cornell university and New Jersey A. c. ; 1899, J. Fred Powers, St. Paul's Lyceum, Worcester, Mass. : 1900, Harry Gill, Toronto

and A. A.; 1901, Adam B. Gunn, ('entral Y. M.

TENNIS.-H. L. Doherty won the All England championship tennis championship July ist by defeating A. W. Gore, the holder, 6-4, 6-3; 3-6 and 6-0.

Miss Marion Jones won the American woman's championship by default Miss Elizabeth Moore at Philadelphia.

GOLF.-H. Chandler Egan won the Exmoor cup on the Exmoor links at Highland Park, held from July 1st to 5th. Bruce D. Smith was runner up. The cards of the two men follow :

Morning round: Egan---Out


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4 6


4-12 1 43-83

13 13--86

C. A., Buffalo.

4 6 In

4 + Smithout 4 6

Afternoon round:

3 6

5 4 Smith-Out .4


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The final heat in the one-third mile national championship race was won by Frank Kramer of East Orange, N. J., at Providence, R. I., July 16. Those who qualified were Kramer. Lester Wilson of Pitts. burg, Pa., John Fisher of (hicago, George H. Collett of New Haven, Owen Kimble of Louisville, Ky. W. A. Rutz of New Haven, Iver Lawson of Salt Lake City and George Schrieber of New York. Kramer's time was 0:39 2-5.

In two spirited ten-mile heats George Leander defeated W. S. Fenn at the Coliseum bicycle track at Atlantic City, on July 16. Leander's time was 15:141-5 and 15:36 3-5. William Connell won the five-mile lap race

from Hunter, Lake. W. J. King and Johnny King in 11:32.

The mixed motor race again furnished a sensational finish.

The two tandems and single ran side by side for the two miles, which were ridden in 3:09 2-5, Thompson and Boake winning. Hunter, on a single, ended third.

10:54 4-5.

Columbia third.

Four-oared race, 2 milesCornell first by 5 lengths.

Time, 10:43 3-5. Pennsylvania

second by 342 lengths. Time,

Time, 11:08. Freshman eight-oared race, 2 miles Cornell first by 2344 lengths.

Time, 9:34 4-5. Wisconsin second by 21, lengths. Time: 9:12 1-5. Columbia third by iv. lengthis. Time. 9:19. Syracuse fourth by 4 lengths.

Time, 9:53. Pennsylvania fiftb.

Time, 10:0). l'arsity eight-oared race, 4 miles

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