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the year during which it was issued. The fee for each certificate of soundness shall not exceed $2.00 for each stalentitled to a pension under the provisions of this act, while lion or jack.


Section 13. Any person, persons, firm, company, corporation or association that shall violate any of the provisions of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction in any court of competent jurisdiction shall be punished by a fine of not less than $20.00 and not more than $50.00 for each offense.


Section 14. The funds accruing from the above named fees shall be used by the Oklahoma State Live Stock Registry Board to defray the expense of enrollment of pedigrees and the issuing of licenses, to publish reports or bulletins containing list of stallions or jacks, licenses and transfers, and all money accruing above the amount necessary for said purpose shall be turned into the general revenue fund of the State. It shall be the duty of the Oklahoma Live Stock Registry Board to make annual reports including financial statements, to the Governor of the State, and all financial records of said Oklahoma State Live Stock Registry Board shall be open to inspection.

Liens For Services.

Section 15. The owner of any stallion or jack, upon complying with the provisions of this act, shall have a lien upon any female animal, subject to prior liens, to which such animal is let and upon the offspring of such animal, the result of such services for the sum contracted therefor. Such lien shall attach at the time of service of such male and shall be superior to any mortgage lien placed upon the female animal or offspring after the time of service, and such lien shall not be lost by reason of any sale, exchange, removal from the county, or other disposition of such female animal or offspring, but upon such sale, exchange, re

moval or disposition without consent of the person holding the lien, the same may be immediately enforced.

Printed Bills-Duties.

Section 16. The owner of any stallion or jack who avails himself of the provisions of this act, shall during the breeding season of such animal, keep posted in a public and conspicuous place on the premises where the services of such animal are to be performed, a plainly written or printed hand bill, showing the charges for the services to be rendered and the terms of payment thereof, and any person breeding a female animal shall be held to have consented to the price and terms of services as stated therein.

Liens-Procedure to Collect.

Section 17. At any time within twenty months after his right of action accrues the owner of such sire may file with any justice of the peace in the county, a written statement, duly verified, setting forth the amount of his claim, his cause of action, and a description of the animal or animals upon which he has a lien, and the justice shall thereupon issue summons as in other cases, and embody therein a description of the animal or animals upon which said lien is claimed, and an order to the constable to take the animal or animals and hold it or them subject to the order of the court.

Bond Pending Trial.

Section 18. The owner may give bond for the retention of such animal or animals as in action for the recovery of personal property.

Section 19. If, upon trial, judgment be rendered for the plaintiff, the court shall order a sale of the animal or animals, as in execution sales, to pay the judgment and costs, and, if bond be given for the retention of the animal or animals, the court shall render judgment on the bond against the sureties thereon for the amount of the plaintiff's debt and costs.

Sale of Animals Served-Notice.

Section 20. Any person who shall sell or otherwise dispose of any animal subject to the lien provided for in this act, without notifying the person to whom said sale or other disposition is made, of the existence of the lien shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction for such offense shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than ten days nor more than thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Approved February 25, 1915.



AN ACT providing a pension for disabled and indigent Confederate soldiers,

sailors, and their widows; providing how such pension shall be granted; creating the Board of Pension Commissioners and prescribing their duties; providing for an appropriation to carry into effect this act.

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oklahoma:
Who Shall Receive Pension.

Section 1. Hereafter, every person shall receive a Pension not to exceed ten ($10.00) dollars per month, who enlisted and served as a soldier or a sailor in the army or navy of the Confederate States of America, or of any of the States thereof, for a period of three months, and who is indigent and who is incapacitated for the performance of manual labor in the ordinary avocations of life, by reason of wounds, received in the discharge of his duty as such soldier or sailor, or who is now so incapacitated by reason of age, accident, or disease, ard every indigent widow of such soldier or sailor remaining unmarried; provided, such soldier, sailor, or widow has resided in the State of Oklahoma for twelve (12) months prior to the passage and approval of this act; provided further, that no pension shall

be paid to any widow of any soldier or sailor who wilfully and without just cause abandoned such soldier or sailor, and continued to live separately from him up to the time of his death, or any widow who has been divorced from such soldier or sailor. Such pension shall be payable quarterly beginning March first of each year. Property Restrictions_Income.

Section 2. To constitute indigency within the meaning of this act, neither the applicant himself, nor his wife, nor both, shall be the owner of property, real or personal, in excess of the value of one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars, household goods and wearing apparel excluded, or, in the enjoyment of an income, annuity, pension, the emoluments of any office, or wages for their services, in excess of one hundred eighty ($180.00) dollars per year; or, any person who is the beneficiary of any aid, or any pension from any state, or of the United States, or who is an inmate of any public institution either penal or charitable, maintained in whole or in part at the expense of the State, shall not be an inmate of such institution, or receiving the benefits of such aid. Soldiers and Sailors-Provision for Pension.

Section 3. Persons for whose service pensions may be granted under the provisions of this act, must have been soldiers or sailors who served honorably in the army or navy of the Confederate States of America, or one of the States thereof, and who was honorably discharged, paroled, or released therefrom, and who did not desert; or who served in such army or navy from the time of enlistment until the surrender; or any person who was detailed directly under the provisions of the Conscript Law for duty in any of the armories or shops for the maintenance of the army or navy of the Confederate States, or any State thereof during said war; provided no widow shall be entitled to a pension should her husband, if living, be prohibited from receiving such pension by reason of his inability to comply with the requirements of this act.

Board of Pension Commissioners-Secretary.

Section 4. There is hereby created a Board of Pension Commissioners, which shall be composed of the State Treasurer, the Commissioner of Charities and Corrections, and three ex-Confederate soldiers, who shall be appointed and commissioned by the Governor, and hold their office for a term of four (4) years, concurrent with the office of the Chief Executive, and who shall serve without pay. Said Board shall organize by electing one of their members chairman, who shall preside at all meetings of said Board, and the Inspector of the Department of Commissioner of Charities and Corrections is ex-officio Secretary to said Board and shall act in such capacity without additional compensation and in addition to all other duties now required of said Inspector under the law. Said Board shall be vested with full power and authority to hear and determine all applications for pensions under the provisions of this act, and to prescribe such rules and regulations touching such applications as they may determine necessary for the proper conduct of the business in carrying out the provisions of this act. Such Commissioners shall have power to hear evidence touching all applications, at all times and places and in such manner as they may prescribe, and to allow or refuse pensions, according as justice and the provisions of this act may require; and shall be vested with full power over the entire pension rolls at all times, and it shall be their duty to strike from the roll such names as may have been improperly enrolled, after proper notice and hearing, and the decision of such Board shall be final on all questions that may come before them.

Office-Rolls of Soldiers-Reports.

Section 5. The office of the Pension Commissioner shall be located at the State Capitol, and maintained in connection with the office of State Treasurer or Commissioner of Charities and Corrections, as a majority of said Board may determine, and it shall be the duty of the State Board of Public Affairs to supply said Commissioners with neces

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