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Senate Bill No. 138.
AN ACT amending section 7073 of the Revised Laws of Oklahoma,

1910, so as to secure admittance to the Institution of the
Feeble Minded in this state of adults whose parents, guardian
or friends are unable to meet the necessary cost of his main-
tenance therein


Senate Bill No. 160.

A BILL entitled, “An act making an appropriation for the sup-

port and maintenance of the School of Mines and Metallurgy

at Wilburton, Oklahoma, for the biennial period ending June
30, 1917.”


Senate Bill No. 172.

A BILL entitled, "An act providing for additional help in the

office of county clerk.”


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Senate Bill No. 234.
AN ACT authorizing and regulating certain classes of indemnity

contracts empowering corporations to make such contracts
and fixing certain fees and the penalty for violation thereof.. 470

Senate Bill No. 253.

AN ACT entitled, “An act amending sections 4332, 4335 and 4342 of

the Revised Laws of the State of Oklahoma, 1910, relative to
the inspection of oil,” and declaring an emergency--


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