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Compiled by the Library Division, Bureau of Education.

CONTENTS.-Publications of associations-Educational history and biography-Current educational conditions-Pedagogics and didactics-Educational psychology: Child study-Special methods of instruction-Special subjects of curriculum-Rural education-Secondary education-Teachers: Training and professional status-Higher education-School administration-School management-School architecture-School hygiene and sanitation-Physical training-Social aspects of education-Moral educationReligious education-Manual and vocational training-Vocational guidance-Agricultural education: School gardens-Home economics-Commercial education-Professional education-Civic educationMilitary training-Schools for maimed soldiers-Education of women-Negro education-Education of immigrants-Education of deaf-Exceptional children-Education extension-Libraries and readingPeriodicals represented in this number-Bulletin of the Bureau of Education.


The present issue of this record follows immediately that for May, 1916, publication having ceased during June, July, and August.

This office can not supply the publications listed in this bulletin, other than those expressly designated as publications of the Bureau of Education. Books, pamphlets, and periodicals here mentioned may ordinarily be obtained from their respective publishers, either directly or through a dealer, or, in the case of an association publication, from the secretary of the issuing organization. Many of them are available for consultation in various public and institutional libraries.

Publications intended for inclusion in this record should be sent to the library of the Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.


759. Association of colleges and preparatory schools of the Middle states and Maryland. Proceedings of the twenty-ninth annual convention, Philadelphia, Pa., November 26-27, 1915. Published by the Association, 1916. 108 p. 8°. (George W. McClelland, secretary, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.)

Contains: 1. Isaac Sharpless: Military training in schools and colleges, p. 10-18; Discussion, p. 19-29. 2. Athletics in schools and colleges [by] D. A. Sargent, p. 30-41; [by] Walter Camp, p. 41-47; [by] J. E. Raycroff, p. 47-54; Discussion, p. 54-58. 3. R. B. Merriman: The use of the comprehensive examination in college education, p. 59-66; Discussion, p. 66-71. 4. Report of the committee appointed to investigate the comparative records made by students admitted to college on examination and on certificate, respectively, p. 75-94. 5. Bibliography: College admission: Examination vs. certificate system, p. 95-97.

760. Association of colleges and secondary schools of the Southern states. Proceedings of the twenty-first annual meeting . . . Nashville, Tenn., October 28, 29, 1915. 84 p. 8°. (Walter Hullihen, secretary, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.)

Contains: 1. S. P. Capen: Measuring college standards and efficiency, p. 36-39. 2. Emily H. Dutton: Measuring college standards and efficiency, p. 40-51. 3. J. D. Elliff: The junior college: "the Missouri plan, p. 52-54. 4. H. C. Tolman: Quality credits, p. 55-61. 5. L. R. Wilson: Southern high school libraries, p. 62-68. 6. C. G. Maphis: A plan for the definite rating of secondary schools, p. 69-73. 7. W. H. Hand: College credit for school work, p. 74-80.


761. Carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching. Tenth annual

report of the president and of the treasurer. New York City, 1915. 141 p.
(Clyde Furst, secretary, 576 Fifth avenue, New York City.)

Contains: 1. The study of legal education, p. 21-30. 2. College charges for tuition, p. 38-45. 3. Pensions for public school teachers, p. 49-63. 4. Tabular statement of teachers' pension systems, p. 86-99. 5. Summary of teachers' pension systems, p. 100-102.

762. Illinois state teachers' association. Journal of proceedings of the sixtysecond annual meeting . . . held at Springfield, Illinois, December 28-30, 1915. 189 p. 8°. (Robert C. Moore, secretary, Carlinville, Ill.)

Contains: 1. W. C. Bagley: The educational basis of democracy, p. 57-61. 2. W. S. Athearn: The religious education of a democracy, p. 61-63. 3. J. A. Clement: Survey report on student population and problems in Illinois high schools, p. 73-81 4. Means and methods of classroom supervision [by] G. W. Gaylor, p. 103-5: [by] S. K. McDowell, f. 105–8; [by] L. A. Mahoney, p. 108-11; [by] J. O. Engleman, p. 11-15. 5. C. H. Johnston: Junior high school administration, p. 116-23. 6. D. M. Inman: The ru: al community as a subject of study, p. 135-41. 7. A. R. Warnock: The college athlete and summer baseball. p. 143-46 8. B. D. Remy: Biography for religious instruction, p. 154-56. 9. L. P. Frohardt: State plans for religious instruction, p. 156-59. 10 R. V. Morgan: High-school music, p 164-67.

763. Iowa state teachers' association

Proceedings of the sixty-first annual session... held at Des Moines, Iowa, November 4-6, 1915. Des Moines, R. Henderson, 1915. 209 p. 8°. (O. E. Smith, secretary, Indianola, Iowa.)

Contains: 1. H. B. Smith: The rural school, p. 5-10. 2. A. M. Deyoe: Educational needs and tendencies in Iowa, p. 11-21. 3. [Report of the committee on the elimination of obsolete and useless topics and materials from the common school branches] p. 23-73. 4. A. E. Craig: The college and its critics, p. 104-8. 5. G. S, Ford: Methods of socializing history, p. 115-24. 6. R. H. Whitbeck: The teaching of domestic geography, p. 126-32. 7. J. L. Cherney: Supervision of instructions, p. 132-37.

764. National education association. [Addresses delivered at the New York meeting, July 1916] School and society, 4 : July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 1916.

Contains: 1. D. B. Johnson: The rural home and the farm woman, p. 39-42. 2. Ella F. Young: The secular free schools, p. 77-81. 3. C. R. Van Hise: The place of a university in a democracy, p. 81-86. 4. W. J. Bryan: Citizenship in a republic, p. 86-88. 5. W. G. McAdoo: Some international aspects of public education, p. 88-93. 6. G. S. Hall: The war and some of its relations to education, p. 115-20. 7. C. G. Pearse: The common school as an instrument of democracy, p. 120-23. 8. J. R. Kirk: The place of the normal school in a democracy, p. 123-27. 9. Samuel Gompers: The American school and the working man, p. 127-33. 10. Joseph Swain: Salaries and pensions, p. 135– 54. 11. Clyde Furst: Teachers' pensions, p. 154-59. 12. J. D. Shoop: Vocational education, p. 165-68 13. V. K. W. Koo: Chinese education, p. 191-94. 14. Fannie F. Andrews: What the public schools can do toward the maintenance of permanent peace, p. 194-97. 15. S. P. Duggan: Present tendencies in college administration, p. 229-35. 16. Beatrice Winser: Functions and methods of boards of education, p. 235-38. 17. H. H. Seerley: National aid to vocational education, p. 238-42.

For a synopsis of the meeting and brief extracts from some of the addresses, see Journal of education, 84: 61-69, 73-77, 87-97, 102-104, July 20, 27, 1916.

765. New Jersey state teachers' association. Annual report and proceedings of

the 61st annual meeting. . . Atlantic City, N. J., December 27-29, 1915. Trenton, N. J., MacCrellish & Quigley co., 1916. 210 p. 8°. (H. J. Neal, secretary, Phillipsburg, N. J.)

Contains: 1. F. P. Graves: The evolution of educational method, p. 16-17. 2. J. G. Hibben: Sources of power, p. 18-24. 3. J. J. Savitz: Growth through supervision, p. 25-31. 4. Myra I. Billings: Supervision from the standpoint of the teacher, p. 31-34. 5. A. B. Meredith: Scientific measuring and testing of pupils, p. 35-38. 6. Z. E. Scott: How can the quality of supervision be determined? p. 40-45. 7. Fannie F. Andrews: The teacher and the world crisis, p. 47-51. 8: Mary E. Hall: The school and the library, p. 61-66. 9. Louise Connolly: The school and the library, p. 67-70. 10. Sarah B. Askew: Story-telling and its relation to library and school, p. 71-75.

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