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716 Fox, EBENEZER; The Revolutionary Adventures of-of Roxbury, Mass. 12mo, cl.; plates. 1st Ed.

Boston, 1838 717 Fox, EBENEZER; Adventure of-in the Revolutionary War. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo.

Boston, 1847

718 FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN ; Life of. Written by himself. Bds., 12mo.

Phila., 1811 719 FRANKLIN, Dr. BENJAMIN; The Works of-consisting of Essays, Humorous, Moral and Literary; with his Life, written by himself. 18mo, sh.; with portrait. New York, 1825 720 FRANKLIN, Dr. BENJAMIN; The Works of-consisting of Essays, Humorous, Moral and Literary; with his Life, written by himself. 16mo, cl., gilt front.

London, 1843 721 FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN ; Life of. By Jared Sparks. In 12 parts, as orginally issued. 8vo, paper; with illustrations, uncut.

Boston, 1844 722 FRANKLIN, JOHN. NARRATIVE of a Journey to the Polar sea, in 1819, 20, 21, 22. With an Appendix on various subjects relating to the science and natural history. Illustrated by numerous plates and maps. 4to, cf.: scarce; fine copy.

London, 1823

723 FRANKLIN, JOHN. NARRATIVE of a second expedition to the
shores of the Polar sea, in 1825, 1826, and 1827. Including an
account of the progress of a detachment to the Eastward by
John Richardson. Illustrated by numerous plates and maps.
4to, cf.
London, 1828
724 (FRENCH, J. C., and CAREY, EDWARD.) The trip of the Oceanus to
Fort Sumter and Charleston, S. C. Comprising the incidents of
the Excursion, the Appearance at that time of the City, and the
entire Programme of Exercises at the Re-raising of the Flag
over the ruins of Fort Sumter, April 14th, 1865. 8vo, or. cov.,
with plate.
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1865
725 FROST, BARZILLAI. Discourse deliv. at Dedication of the New
Church of the First Parish in Concord, Mass., Dec. 29, 1841.
8vo pamphlet, 31 p., good copy.

Boston, 1842 726 FROST, JOHN. Historical Sketches of the Indians. Exhibiting their Manners and Customs on the Battlefield and in the Wigwam. Svo, cl., col'd plates.

727 FRYEBURG, Me. The Scene of Lovewell's Fight.
livered on the Commemoration at Fryeburg,
Charles S. Davis. 8vo, paper cov.; 64 pages,
copy, rare.

Hartford, 1857 An Address deMay 19, 1825, by uncut: beautiful Portland, 1825

J 728 FRYEBURG, Me. The Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of, with the Historical Address, by Rev. Samuel Souther. Paper cover, 79 pages, fine copy.

Worcester, 1863

729 FULLER, S. M. Summer on the Lakes, in 1843. 8vo, cl. plates.

Boston, 1844 730 FULLER, THOMAS, D. D. The Holy State, and the Profane State. New edition. With notes, by James Nichols. 8vo, full polished calf, gilt top, edges rough London, Tho's Tegg, 1841 731 FÜLLER, THOMAS, D. D. The Church history of Britain, from the birth of Jesus Christ until MDCXLVIII.

New edition, by the

Rev. J. S. Brewer. Reprinted from London edition of 1655. 6 vols. 8vo, full polished calf, gilt top, edges rough.

University Press, Oxford, 1845 732 FULTON CITY, (Ill.) Sketches of the Early History and present advantages of, showing its resources and prospects; to which is added a brief Sketch of Whiteside Co. 8vo, 32 p. Scarce. Fulton City, 1856 733 "FUNKS, PETER." The Mock Auction, Ossawattomie Sold, a Mock Heroic Poem; with Portraits and Tableaux. 8vo, cl.

Richmond, Va., 1860 734 FURMAN, WOOD. A History of the Charleston Association of Baptist Churches in the State of South Carolina, with an appendix. 8vo, sh. Charleston, S. C., 1811

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Abercrombie, James. Sermon, in Phila., July 30, 1812.

Sermon, in Phila., Aug. 20, 1812.

Phila., 1812

Phila., 1812

Two sermons: the first, July 30; the second, Aug.

20, 1812.

Channing, W. E. Sermon, Aug. 20, 1812.

Phila., 1812

Boston, 1812

Haverhill, 1812

Parish, E. A protest against the war. A disc. at Byfield, July
23, 1812.
Newburyport, 1812
Giles, John. Two Discourses, in Newburyport, Aug. 20, 1812.
With a copious Appendix.
Austin, Sam'l. "The Apology of Patriots, or the heresy of the
friends of the Washington and peace policy defended." Ser-
mon, Aug. 20, 1812.
Colman, Henry.
Worcester, Noah.
Parish, Elijah.
Stevens, John H.

Worcester, 1812 Bingham Salisbury, N. H.

Sermon, Aug. 20, 1812.

Sermon, Aug. 20, 1812.
Discourse, April 8, 1813.
Discourse, April 8, 1813,

Stoneham, Mass.
Windsor, V., 1814

Discourse, April 8, 1813, Stoneham, Mass.


N. Y. ed.

Bemis, Stephen. Two Discourses at Harvard, Aug. 20, 1812.
Harvard, 1814

Stevens, John H. Discourse, Stoneham, Mass., April 7, 1814.
Boston, 1814

Parish, Elijah. Discourse, Byfield, Mass., April, 7, 1814.

Porter, Ebenezer.


Newburyport ed.
Sermon, Theol. Sem., Andover, April 3,

Wayland, Francis. Two Discourses, at Boston, April 7, 1825.
Two Discourses, at Boston, April 7, 1825. 2d ed.

Palfrey, John G. Discourse, at Boston, Aug. 9, 1832.
Mitchell, John. Sermon, at Northampton, Sept. 1, 1837.

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Hopkins, Albert. Sermon, at Williamstown, Mass., March 28,

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Eliot, Andrew.

Sermon, April 19, 1753.

Boston, 1753

Very scarce.
Price, Richard. Sermon delivered to a congregation of Protes-
tant dissenters, at Hackney, 10th Feb., 1779, 3rd ed.

"The American vine," a sermon, July 20, 1775.
Phila., 1775

London, 1779 Tappen, David. Disc. at Newbury, May 15, 1783. Salem, 1783 Mason, John M. Sermon, Sept. 20th, 1793, in N. Y., on account of a malignant and mortal fever in Phila.

New York, 1793 Smith, Samuel S. Disc. on the nature and reasonableness of fasting, at Princeton, 6th Jan., 1795.

Phila., 1795

Barnard, Thomas. Sermon, at Salem, March 31, 1796.

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Boston, 1798
Boston, 1799
Address at

Belknap, Jeremy. Sermon, 9th May, 1798.
Dana, Joseph. Disc. in two parts, April 25, 1799.
M'Donald, J. Danger of America delineated.
Cooperstown, April 25, 1799. Very scarce.

Cooperstown, 1799

M'Donald, J. Duty of America enforced. An exhortation at
Cooperstown, April 26, 1799. Very scarce. Cooperstown, 1799
Clowes, J. The protection mark, a sermon at Manchester, 27th
Manchester, 1799
Morse, J. Sermon, at Charlestown, April 25, 1799. N. Y. 1799
Emmons, N. Disc. April 9, 1801.
Channing. W. E. Sermon, April 5, 1810.
Lathrop, Joseph. The prophecy of Daniel, relating to the time
of the end, opened, in two discourses, April 11, 1811.

737 Miscellaneous. [Twenty-one.]

Salem, 1802 Boston, 1810

Springfield, 1811

Frothingham, N. L. Sermon at ordination of. By J. M'Kean.


Plea against religious controversy, deliv. Feb. 8,
Sermon preached to First Ch., April 10, 1842.
Sermon, "Plea for Frankness," May 6,

Frothingham, O. B.

Franklin, B. Cicero's Cato Major; or a disc. on Old age.

N. Y.

Franklin, B. Lecture on the life of. By John B. Murray.
Scarce. Nov. 17, 1841.
Frankin Soc. Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of.

St. Louis, 1837

Friends. An Epistle from. Scarce.

Phila., 1788
Friends. Documents issued by the Conference of. Phila., 1849
Fleming, Dr. Letters on the state of Religion in Newfound-
land to Dr. A. O'Connell.
Dublin, 1844
Fleming, Robert. Disc., Rise and Fall of Papacy. Phila., 1848
Franklin Institute. Charter of Incorporation, Consti. and By-

Fraternal Assoc. Constitution of U. S. Naval

Phila., 1824
N. Y., 1820

Facts for Consideration of Ship Builders, Seamen, Merchants,


Feltus, Dr. Henry J. Lines on Death of.

N. Y. 1828

N. Y. 1829

Farmington. Hist. Discourse before Citizens of, by Noah Porter, Jr. Very scarce.

Fanny, Continued. Very scarce.

Hartford, 1841

N. Y. 1820

Boston, 1810

French Government. Letter on Genius and Dispositions of
Force, Peter. Historical Library. Report of. Washington, 1867
Friends. Vindication of Society of, by Enoch Lewis.

France. Remarks on State of Naval Forces of.

738 Miscellaneous. [Sixteen.]

Faugers, Margaretta A. Belisarius. A Tragedy.

Phila., 1834 Boston, 1844

[blocks in formation]

Leominster. New York, 1820

Fox, Capt. Joseph. Disc. deliv. at Fitchburg on Death of,
Feb. 28, 1797. By Thomas Noyes.
Frank; or, Who's the Croaker?
Flint, James. Sermon deliv. on Death of Abiel Abbott. 1828
Fisk, T. "The Pleasures of Sin." Disc. deliv. Dec. 16, 1827.


Females. Condition and Character of, in Pagan and Moham-
medan Countries.

Fansher, Sylvanus. Treatise on Electricity. New Haven, 1830
Frick, Wm. Address in the University of Maryland. 1831
Forrest, Edwin. Oration deliv. 62nd Anniv. of Independence
of U. S., July 4, 1838.
New York.


Fisher, Samuel. Divine Sovereignty and Human Accountabili-
ty. Sermon, May 16, 1839.
Fawcett, Henry. The Bachelor's Guide. Familiar commentary
on the indiscretions arising from Human Frailty; in which
the Symptoms and Baneful effects of self-abuse, Intemp. and
Libertinism are explained in an easy manner, to which are
added very extensive practical observations of sexual debili-
ty, and its attendant sympathies, addressed to Youth and
New York, 1840

Free Churches.

French without a master, by A. H. Monteith.

N. Y. 1843

N. Y. 1843

Fourier Assoc. Self exposed as to its principles and aims.

By Donald C. M'Lauren.

France. Remarks on the States of Naval Forces of.
Fisch, G. Evangelical Ch. of Lyons. Brief notice of.




739 Miscellaneous. [Thirteen.]

Fletcher, Abel. Address. The Hist. Objects and Princ. of the order of The Sons of Temperance.

Fairchild, J. H.


Statement and review of the whole case of.

Boston, 1845

Ferguson, Peter K. Ugliness and its Uses. Lecture before
Y. L. Circulating Library Assoc.


Felt, J. B. Who was First Gov. of Mass. ? Scarce. Boston, 1853
Firmin, Giles. Brief Memoirs of one of the ejected ministers
of 1662. By John Ward Dean.
Boston, 1866
Fontaine, J. A. A. Improved Aerial R. R. new system of Aero

Field, Henry M. Atlantic Telegraph.
Fremont, John C. Report on an exploration
between the Missouri river and Rocky Mts.

New York, 1867 New York, 1867 of the country, Very scarce. Washington, 1843

Fremont, John C. Life, Explorations and Public Services of.

Fremont, J. C. Life of.
Francis, Convers.

4, 1828.

N. Y. 1856 New York, 1856

Address on commem. of Amer. Ind. of July


Francis, John W. Eulogy on, by A. K. Gardner, March 7, 1861.

N. Y.

Fowler, O. S. Matrimony; or, Phrenology and Physiology
applied to the selection of congenial companions for life.
New York, 1847

[blocks in formation]

Sermon, Annual Fast, April 11,


Cambridge, 1811

Boston, 1815

Foster, John.
Foster, John. Sermon, Annual Fast, Jan. 12, 1815.

Disc. deliv. Baptist Miss. Soc., Sept. 1818.


Foster, John.
Foster, Luke B. Sermon deliv. at Northborough, Mass. 1814
Fuller, S. W. Sermon deliv. before the 2nd Univ. Soc., Jan. 24,

Fuller, S. W. Biographical Sketch of, by S. Fuller, Jr. Scarce.

741 Funeral Sermons. [Twelve.]


Onderdonk, Benj. T. Sermon, Funeral of Rev. John H. Hobart.

N. Y., 1830

Reed, John. Sermon, Death of Rev. John H. Hobart.

N. Y., 1830

Schroeder, John F. Disc., Character of Rev. John H. Hobart.
N. Y., 1830

Anthon, Henry. Sermon, Death of Rev. John H. Hobart.

N. Y., 1830

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