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with his system of Villainy and Plan of exciting a Negro Re
bellion, etc. 1836.

Madison, James. Lecture on the Char. and Services of. By
D. Barnard.

Albany, 1837 Rood, Parthena. Memoirs of. 1837 Rensselaer, Stephen Van. A Disc. on Life, Char. and Services of, with an Hist. Sketch of the Colony and Manor of Rensselaerwick. By Daniel D. Barnard. Very scarce and important doc.; 144 pages. Albany, 1839 Franklin, Benj. Lecture on Life of, by Hugh M'Neile. Scarce. New York, 1841

937 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Fourteen.] Iturbide, Agustin D. Emperor of Mexico, a statement of some of the principal events in the Public Life of, written by Himself.

London, 1824 Iturbide, Agustin D. Narrative of the last moments of the Life of. By Col. Charles Beniski. Scarce. N. Y., 1825 New York City. Wealth and Pedigree of the Wealthy Citizens of. 4th Ed.

Wealth and Biog. of the Wealthy Citizens of.

The Aristocracy of.


6th Ed.

N. Y., 1845

N. Y., 1848

Lafayette, G. M. Oration on the Life and Character of.
Q. Adams, Dec. 31, 1834. 96 pp.

[blocks in formation]

94 pp.

By J.

Erskine Thomas and James Mingay, Sketches of the Characters of, Interspersed with Anecdotes, etc.

London, 1794

Bowles, Gen. W. A. Life of. Very scarce, contains incidents of
Border Life and Indian Warfare.

N. Y., 1803
Clark, Mrs. Joseph. Authentic and Interesting Memoirs of;
likewise the charges relative to the Duke of York.

Emerson, Mrs. Elinor. Memoirs of her Life, Conversion and

Port. N. Y., 1809

Happy Death.

N. Y., 1817

Pedagogus, Dr. The Reformer, Sketch of Life and Character of.
By Corrector.

N. Y., 1817

N. Y., 1819

Murray, John Jr. Memoirs of. By Thomas Eddy.
Elizabeth; or, The Exiles of Siberia. By Madam Cottin.

938 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Ten.]


N. Y., 1823

Disc. at the dedication of a new ch. on Church Green,
Summer St. By S. C. Thacher. Boston, 1815
Eliot, Rev. John, Character of. Disc. at the New
North Ch.
Boston, 1813
Histor. Notices of the New North Rel. Soc., with Anec
dotes of Andrew and John Eliot. Very scarce.
Boston, 1822
Disc. in the Second Baptist Meeting House, Jan. 1824.
By T. Baldwin.

Boston, 1824

Boston, 1825

Sermon to the church in Brattle Sq., July 18, 1824.

By John G. Palfrey.

Boston. Address, Jan. 3, 1829, by Josiah Quincy, on taking final leave of the office of mayor. Boston, 1829

-- Address, on the Removal of the Municipal Government to the Old State House. By H. G. Otis.

Ode, at the Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of. By Charles Sprague.

Boston, 1830

Boston, 1830

Boston, 1830

the close of their

Address, on the close of the Second Century, from the

Settlement of. By J. Quincy.
Sermon, to the First Church, on
Second Century, Aug. 29, 1830.


939 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Ten.]

By N. L. Froth-
Boston, 1830

California, from its Discovery, to the Present Time, with a Brief

Description of the Gold Region.

Sketches of. No title page.

N. Y.,


N. Y., 1848

[blocks in formation]

N. Y.,


Notes of Travel in. From the Official Reports of Col.
Fremont and Maj. Emory. Scarce. N. Y., 1849
Four Months among the Gold Finders.

Tyrwhitt Brooks.

By J. N. Y., 1849

Diary of a Physician, including Notes of the Journey.
By James L. Tyson. Scarce.
N. Y., 1850
Report of Hon. T. Butler King on. Washington, 1850
Four Months in the Mines of. By S. Weston. 2d ed.
Providence, 1854

Catskill, N. Y., Description and Natural Advantages of.
very scarce local.



Chicago and her Railroads. Jan. 31, 1854.

940 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Nine.]

Detroit, Trade and Commerce of, for 1857. By M. D. Hamil-
Detroit, 1858
Durham, Conn. Sermon at the Dedication of the South Cong.
By Rev. W. C. Fowler. Amherst, 1848
Histor. notices of St. John's Church. A
By John C. Rudd. Scarce.

Ch., Dec. 29, 1847.
Elizabethtown, N. J.
Disc., Nov. 21, 1824.

Florida. An Original Mem. on the Floridas.

Titles, of Lands, in East Florida,

Hackley. Very scarce.

Galveston, Title to the City of.

Articles of Assoc. of the City.

Elizabethtown, 1825

Baltimore, 1821 belonging to R. S.

Brooklyn, 1822

N. Y., 1847

N. Y., 1847

Georgetown, Mass., Semi-Centennial Disc. in, June 7, 1847. By

J. Braman.

Georgetown, 1847

Grafton, Mass. Centennial Address, April 29, 1835. By Wm.
Brigham. Very scarce, fine copy.

941 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Thirteen.]

Hadley, Mass. Sermon, at the Dedication of the New Meeting-
House in, Nov. 3, 1808. By S. Austin. Worcester, 1808
Hempstead, L. I. Sermon, in St. George's Church, Sept. 21,
1823. By Rev. Seth Hart.
N. Y., 1823
Lancaster, Mass. Sermon, Dec. 29, 1816, the last Lord's day
in which there was Religious Worship in the Old Meeting-
House. By N. Thayer.
Worcester, 1817
Louisiana. Prospectus of Historical and Geog. Tracts. By
Wm. Darby. New York, June 12, 1815.
Nahant; or, "The Floure of Souvenance."

Fine copy.

Philadelphia, 1827
New-Brunswick, N. J. Record of Christ Ch. By Rev. Alfred
N. Y., 1850
Newbury, Mass., Sermon, Sept. 17, 1806, at the Dedication of
the New Meeting-House of the First Parish in. By J. S.
Newburyport, 1806
Sermon, May 4, 1806, the Last Time of Assembling
in the Old Meeting-House of the First Parish.
By J. S. Popkins.

Newburyport, 1806

Newburyport, Mass., Account of the Origin [etc.] of the Epis

copal Ch. in. A Sermon, Jan. 6, 1811.

By James Morss. Newburyport, [1816]

Norfolk, Conn. A Half-Century Sermon, at, Oct. 28, 1811. By
A. R. Robbins. 2d ed. Very scarce.

Hartford, 1812

Oregon. Letters of Albert Gallatin, on the Oregon Question.

Washington, 1846

Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky
Mountains, 1842, and to Oregon and North Cali-
fornia, 1843-44. By J. C. Fremont. Scarce.
N. Y., 1846

Portsmouth. Histor. Sketch of the North Ch. Disc. Jan. 31,
1838. By E. Holt.
Portsmouth, 1838


942 Historical and Biographical Pamphlets. [Fourteen.] Sandusky, Ohio. Articles of Assoc., and a Sketch of its History. Very scarce. Sandwich, Mass., Sermon, Oct. 20, 1813, at the Dedication of the Meeting-House, for the Calvinistic Cong. Soc. in. By E. D. Griffin. Boston, 1813 St. Louis, History of. Commercial Statistics. St. Louis, 1854 Texas. Considerations on the Propriety of Annexing, to the United States. By a Revolutionary Officer. Scarce.

N. Y., 1829

Address of the Hon. S. F. Austins, [on the Annex-
[N. Y.,] 1836
Address of the Hon. W. H. Wharton, April 26, 1836.
Address of S. F. Austin, 7th March, 1836, with
other Docs.
N. Y., 1836
Texas its Geography, Natural History, and Topogr.
By W. Kennedy.
N. Y., 1844
Thoughts on the Annexation of. By T. Sedgwick,
with the Add. of Alb't Gallatin. 2d ed. N. Y., 1844

Virginia, Tour through part of, in the summer of 1808, includ-
ing an Account of Harper's Ferry, etc.
N. Y., 1809
Laurie Todd's Notes, with a Chapter on Puritans,
Witches, and Friends. By Grant Thorburn.

N. Y., 1848
Watertown, Mass., Hist. Sketch of. By Convers Francis.
Very scarce, and fine copy.
Cambridge, 1830
West Haven, Conn., Sermon, in Christ Ch., Aug. 11. 1839, the
Hundredth Anniv. of Laying the Foundation of. By Rev.
A. B. Chapin.
New Haven, 1830
White Haven, Meeting-House, Conn. Report of a Com. 1813
Yonkers. St. John's in 1753 and 1853. Sermon at St. John's
Church, March 13, 1853. By A. B. Carter. N. Y., 1853


943 AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A Discourse pronounced in the Hall of Representatives, Jan. 30, 1836, by Lewis Cass. With Const. and Names of Officers. 8vo, orig. cov., fine copy, 68 pages. Very scarce. Washington, 1836 944 AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A Discourse pronounced in the Hall of Representatives, Jan. 20, 1837-Second annual meeting -by Levi Woodbury. 8vo, orig. cov., fine copy, 67 pages. Extremely scarce. Washington, 1837


945 SALISBURY, GUY H. BUFFALO IN 1836 AND 1862: a paper read before the Buffalo Hist. Soc., Feb. 6, 1863. 8vo, without title. Scarce. 19 pages. Contains, also, CLIMATOLOGY OF BUFFALO.

By Wm. Ives.

5 pages.

Extracted from Thomas's Buffalo City Directory.

946 HOSMER, GEO. W. THE PHYSIOGNOMY OF BUFFALO. Annual Address delivered before the Buffalo Historical Society, Jan. 13, 1864. 8vo, 9 pages.; scarce.

947 MARSHALL, O. H. THE NIAGARA FRONTIER: embracing Sketches of its Early History, and Indian, French and English Local Names. Read before the Buffalo Hist. Club, Feb. 27, 1865. 8vo, stiff paper cover, 46 pages. Printed for private circulation. Very scarce.

948 CONN. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Charter of Incorporation and By Laws: with list of officers, and an address to the public. 8vo, orig. cov. ; fine copy; 11 pages. Hartford, 1839

949 CHICAGO HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Biennial Report of, to the Governor of Ill. 8vo pamph., 14 pages. Springfield, Ill., 1863

950 ESSEX HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Petition for Incorporation; with the Constitution. 8vo, uncut; clean, handsome copy; 8 pages.




951 FAIRBANKS, GEO. R. An Intro. Lecture delivered before the Florida Historical Soc., April 15, 1857; with an Appendix, containing the Const. and List of Members, &c. 8vo, orig. cov., fine copy; very scarce and important; 31 pages.

St. Augustine, Fla., 1857 The subject of the Address is "The Early History of Florida."


Vols. I. and II.,

952 Collections of, Vol. I., II., and Vol. III., Part I.
in green cloth, 8vo, beautiful copies, almost uncut; and Vol. III. in
orig. cov., fine condition, embracing 88 pages of Col. Benj. Hawkins's
"Sketch of the Creek Country, in the years 1798 and 1799."
Savannah, 1840–2–7
Vol. I. is a presentation copy to Dr. Wm. Jenks, by the Society.
torical Society. 8vo pamph., 15 pages.
954 ELLIOTT, REV. STEPHEN. A Reply to a Resolution of the Georgia
Hist. Soc., read before the Society, Feb. 12, 1866, its anniv. 8vo,
orig. cover, 13 pages, fine copy.

Savannah, 1859

Savannah, 1866

Subject of the resolution, "The best method of increasing and extending the usefulness of the Society."

955 ELLIOTT, STEPHEN (Bp. of Dioc. of Georgia, and Prest. of Geo. Hist. Soc.) Eulogy on the Life and Character of, by Hon. Solomon Cohen. 8vo, orig. cov., 18 pages, fine copy.

Savannah, 1867 956 ELLIOTT, STEPHEN. "A High Civilization the moral duty of Georgians" a discourse delivered before the Georgia Historical Society, on its 5th anniv., Feb. 12, 1844. 8vo pamph., uncut, fine copy; very scarce; 31 pages. Savannah, 1844 957 JACKSON, HENRY R. Eulogy upon the Life and Character of the Hon. Cha's J. McDonald, pronounced at Marietta, April 20, 1861. 8vo, orig. cov., 35 pages; fine, clean copy. Atlanta, Geo., 1861 McDonald was Solic. General and Judge of Flint Circuit, in 1823-5; Senator and Governor of the State; Judge of Supreme Court, &c., &c. 958 JONES, JOSEPH. Agricultural Resources of Georgia. Address before the Cotton Planters' Convention, at Macon, Dec. 13, 1860. 8vo, uncut, 13 p., double cols. Scarce. Augusta, Ga., 1861 959 JONES, CHARLES C. Ancient Tumuli on the Savannah River. 8vo. "This tract was privately printed-15 copies only"—in the handwriting of the author. 14 pages, beautiful typography, with a Pen and Ink plan, showing the situation of Tumuli on the river. Well done, evidently by the author.

Dated New York, March 7, 1868. 960 JONES, CHARLES C. Monumental Remains of Georgia. Part First. The Ancient Monuments near Augusta, Geo. Large 8vo, uncut, 119 pages. Very scarce in this condition Beautiful copy.

Savannah, 1861

A most valuable record of the early aboriginal monuments and vestiges of

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