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America. Antiquedades de Christoval Colon.
(Central), and transit between the ocean. By M.
P. Sampson, April 1850.
New York

Imminent Danger to Free Institution of U. S., through Foreign Immigration. New York, 1835 Americans. North, Freeman's address to. 1840 American Notes. Change for the. By an Amer. Lady.

Party, Principle and Objects of the.
Pulpit, Series of Sermons by Carlton

America is not Free. By E. B. Runnell.

Boston, 1831 New York, 1841

Oration on Prospects of Young Men of. Boston, 1818 American Bards. A satire. Phila., 1820 America. Cursory view of Spanish Amer. By W. D. AnderGeorgetown, D. C., 1815 93 Seven Pamphlets. [Splendid lot.] American Archeology, Observations on Aboriginal Monuments of Miss. Valley. By E. G. Squier. Very scarce.


94 Amherst College. [Twelve.] Clark, Daniel A.

New York, 1843
New York, 1855

New York, 1847 America, Minutes of a Conspiracy against the Liberties of. Philadelphia, 1865

Disc. on the Tenth Century. By Charles C. Rafn. Very scarce. New York, 1838 American dialogues of the dead, and dialogues of the American dead. Philadelphia, 1814 America. Antiquities of, the first inhabitants of Central Amer. and the discovery of New England, by the Northmen. Lectures by A. Davis. New York, 1847 Oration on the Discovery of, deliv. in London, Oct. 12, 1792. Containing also a description of the City of Washington. By E. Winchester. London, 1792 Descriptive Catalogue of those Maps, Charts and Surveys relating to, which are mentioned in Vol. III. of Hakluyt's great work. By J. G. Kohl. Scarce.

Washington, 1857

11, 1838.
Barnes, Albert.
Cheever, Geo. B.

Address before Alexandrian Soc.

Amherst, 1827

Verplanck, Gulian. Disc. Aug. 27, 1834.
Everett, Edward. Address before Literary Soc. of, Aug. 25,

Cushing, Caleb. Oration before Literay Soc. of, Aug. 23, 1836
Stebbins, Rufus P. Address before Peace Soc. of, July 4, 1838
Humphrey, Heman. Disc. on Sixth Commandment, March,

Address "Choice of a Profession," Aug. 21,

Address before Soc. on inquiry on Missions. New York, Aug., 1843 Catalogue of Plants growing without Cultivation in the vicinity of Amherst Col. By E. Hitchcock, 1829.

Kellogg, E. H. Oration before Social Union Soc. of Amherst, 1836.


Oration delivered before Phi Beta Kappa. Humphrey, Heman. Address delivered at Boston, 1823. 95 Andover. [Twelve.]




Theo. Sem. Consti. and Associate Statutes.
Outlines of study in Theo. By J. Murdoch.
Disc. deliv. Aug. 17, 1823. By J. Murdoch.
Lecture deliv. Sept. 2, 1823. By L. Woods.
Disc. deliv. Sept. 5, 1843. By I. Lewis.
Sermon deliv. Sept. 28, 1808. By E. Pearson. 1808
Address deliv. Sept. 11, 1832. By T. H. Skinner.
Boston, 1832
Address deliv. Sept. 21, 1824. By J. Edwards.
Disc. deliv. 1830. By Edw. U. Hooker.
Sermon at inaug. of Rev. E. Porter. By A. Holmes
Boston, 1812
Poem, before the Porter Hist. Soc. of. By R. H.
Boston, 1829
Andover Association, serious call to Family religion.
Cambridge, 1802

Boston, 1808 1822

ACON, E. Recollections of Fifty Years Since; with glances at the present aspects and future portents of the age and times. A Lecture delivered in Utica, Feb. 2, 1843. 8vo pamphlet, 43 p.; scarce. Utica, 1843 97 BAILEY, ISAAC. American Naval Biography. 12mo, sheep.


Providence, 1815 98 BALANCE, AND COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY. Four volumes. 1802-3-4-5. Half of to. Hudson, 1802

Edited by Harry Croswell. Contains an account of the death of
Alex. Hamilton.

99 BALDWIN, EBENEZER. "The Duty of Rejoicing under Calamities and Afflictions." Considered and Improved in a Sermon at Danbury, Nov. 16, 1775, a day set apart for Thanksgiving in the Colony of Conn. 8vo pamphlet; very rare. New York, 1776 100 BALDWIN, SIMEON. ORATION pronounced before the Citizens of New Haven, July 4, 1778, in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence and Establishment of the Constitution of the United States of America. New Haven, 1788 101 BALTIMORE. REPORT OF the Committee of Grievances and Courts of Justice of the House of Delegates of Maryland on the Subject of the recent Mobs and Riots in the City of Baltimore, together with the Depositions taken before the Committee. Very scarce; 8vo, unbound, uncut.

Annapolis, printed by Jonas Green, 1813 102 BALTIMORE. A COMPLETE VIEW OF. With a Statistical Sketch of all the commercial, manufacturing, etc., institutions and establishments in the same and in its vicinity for fifteen miles around. To which is added a Detailed Statement of an Excur sion on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road to the Point of Rocks, etc., and an Advertising Directory. By Charles Varle. 12mo, red mor.; map and engravings. Baltimore, 1833 103 BALTIMORE, ANNALS OF. By Thomas W. Griffith. 8vo; sheets folded. Baltimore, 1824 104 BANCROFT, AARON. The Nature and Worth of Christian Liberty. Illustrated in a Sermon delivered before the Second Cong. Church and Soc. in Worcester, June 23, 1816. With an

Appendix, containing strictures on the attempt to establish con-
sociation in Mass. 8vo, orig. cov., 35 p. ; fine copy; very scarce.
Worcester, 1816
105 BARBER, J. WAR LETTERS of a Disbanded Volunteer. Embracing
his experiences as Honest Old Abe's bosom Friend and unoffi-
cial adviser. 12mo, bds., uncut.
New York, 1864
106 BARCLAY, SIDNEY. Personal Recollections of the American Revolu-
tion. A Private Journal. Prepared from Authentic Domestic
Records. Together with Reminiscences of Washington and
Lafayette. 12mo, cl.
New York, 1869
107 BARD, SAMUEL A. Waikna; or, Adventures on the Mosquito Shore.
With sixty illustrations. 8vo, half crim: cr., lev. mor., gilt.
Bound by R. W. Smith.
New York, 1855
108 BARLOW, JOEL. THE COLUMBIAD, a Poem. 2 vols. 12mo, sheep.
Philadelphia, 1809

109 BATH, N. H. Address delivered to the inhabitants of, on the 23d
of Jan. 1854, being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the author's
first preaching in the Town. By Rev. David Sutherland. With
an Historical Appendix by Thomas Boutelle. 8vo Pamphlet,
135 p.; scarce.
Boston, 1855
110 BARTLETT, JOSEPH T. An Oration written for the Youth's Cele-
bration in the City of Bangor, July 4, 1840, and delivered by
him. 8vo; fine copy; 12 pages; very scarce.
Bangor, 1840

Written and delivered by one of the "Youth."

An account of recent Archæological, Philosophical and Geo-
graphical Researches in various parts of the Globe tending to
elucidate the Physical History of Man. 8vo, paper, uncut.
New York, 1847
BELLION. A Catalogue of books and pamphlets relating to the
Civil War in the United States, and on subjects growing out of
that event; together with works on American Slavery, and
Essays from Reviews and Magazines on the same subjects.
250 copies in roy. 8vo, half mor., gilt top, rough edges. Boston, 1866
113 BARTON, W. S.. Epitaphs from the Cemetery on Worcester Com-
mon, with occasional notes and references, and an Index. 8vo
pamphlet, 36 pages.
Worcester, 1848

Keep Death and Judgment
Always in your eye,
Non's fitt to live,
But who is fitt to die."

114 BARTON, JAMES L. Address on the Early Reminiscences of Western New York, and the Lake Region of Country. Delivered before the Young Men's Assoc. of Buffalo. 8vo pamphlet.

Buffalo, 1848

115 BAXTER, RICHARD. AN | ABRIDGMENT | of | Mr. Baxter's HISTORY of his LIFE and TIMES. With an ACCOUNT of many others of those Worthy Ministers who were Ejected, after the Restauration of King CHARLES the Second. ] Con



taining the Grounds of their Non-Conformity, etc. By Edmund Calamy. 8vo, orig. old binding; portrait of Barter. London, 1702 116 BAYLIES, FRANCIS. AN HISTORICAL MEMOIR of the Colony of New Plymouth, from the Flight of the Pilgrims into Holland in 1608, to the union of that Colony with Massachusetts in 1692. With some corrections, additions and a copious index. By Samuel G. Drake. 2 vols., 8vo, in sheets. Maps and plates. Boston, 1830. Wiggins & Lunt, 1866. 117 BAYLEY, PETER, Jun., Esq. Poems by. Philadelphia, Pa., 1804 118 BAYLEY, REV. J. R. A BRIEF SKETCH of the History of The Catholic Church on the Island of New York.

8vo, cl.

New York, 1853 119 BEACH, SAMUEL B. Escalala; an American Tale. 12mo, bds. uncut. Utica, N. Y. 1824 120 BEARDSLEY, LEVI. REMINISCENCES; Personal and other Incidents, Early Settlement of Otsego County; Notices and Anecdotes of public men ; judicial, legal and legislative matters; field sports; dissertations and discussions. Portrait ; 8vo, cl.

New York, 1852 121 BECKWOURTH, JAMES P. LIFE OF, Mountaineer, Scout and Pioneer and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians. With illustra tions. Written from his own dictation, by T. D. Bonner. 12mo, New York, 1858 122 BEDFORD, N. H.-An Address delivered at, on the One Hundreth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town, May 19th, 1850. Paper covers, 45 pages; scarce.


Boston, 1850 123 BEDFORD, N. H. HISTORY OF, being statistics compiled on the occasion of the One Hundredth Anniv. of the incorporation of the Town, May 19th, 1850. Cl. 8vo; map. Boston, 1851 124 BEESON, JOHN. A PLEA FOR THE INDIANS, with facts and features of the late war in Oregon. 12mo, paper cover. New York, 1858 125 BELCHERTOWN, MASS. HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, from its organization, 114 years, with notices of the Pastors and Officers and list of Communicants chronologically arranged, tracing Genealogies, Inter-marriages and Family Relatives, also, embracing numerous facts and incidents relating to the first settlers, and Early history of the Place. By Hon. Mark Doolittle. 8vo, cl., port.

Northampton, 1852 126 BELDEN, L. W. An Account of Jane C. Rider, the Springfield Somnambulist. The Substance of which was delivered as a Lecture before the Springfield Lyceum, Jan. 22, 1834. 12mo, cl. Springfield, 1834 127 BELFAST, ME. HISTORY OF, with introductory remarks on Acadia. By William White. 12mo, bds. Very rare.

Belfast, 1827 128 BELKNAP, JEREMY. AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY; or, an Historical account of those Persons who have been distinguished in America as Adventurers, Statesmen, Philosophers, Divines, Warriors, Authors and other remarkable characters, comprehending a recital

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