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1153 KNOX COUNTY, OHIO, A HISTORY OF, from 1779 to 1862 inclusive; comprising Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes and Incidents of men connected with the County from its first settlement; together with complete lists of the Senators, Commissioners, etc., also of those who have served in Military capacity from its first organization to the present time. And also a sketch of Kenyon College, and other Institutions of learning within the County. By A. Banning Norton. With portraits, plates. 8vo, cl.; scarce. Columbus, 1862 1159 KNOX, THOMAS W. Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field. Southern Adventures in time of War. Life with the Union Armies and Residence on a Louisiana Plantation. 8vo, bds.

New York, Chicago, 1865 1160 KRUGER, K. The First Discovery of America, and its Early Civilization. Translated and enlarged. By W. L. Wagener. 12mo, cl. New York, 1863


1161 Miscellaneous. [Nine.]

King, Rufus. Speech of, on the American Navigation Act,
deliv. June, 1818.
N. Y.

Kean, Laurence.

Feb. 9, 1821.

Sermon. "The Diversity of Christ," deliv.

N. Y.
Keene, Rich'd R. Letter from, to L. Martin, Esq. Scarce.
Baltimore, June, 1802.

Knickerbocker. April, 1839.

Kendall, James. Sermon deliv. at Ordination of Hersey B.
Goodwin, deliv. Feb. 17, 1830, in Concord, Mass.

Kendall, Samuel. Sermon deliv. on termination of a century.
Jan. 12, 1813. Very scarce.
Cambridge, 1813
Kinne, Aaron. New Year's Gift presented to the young people
of Groton, Jan. 1, 1788.
New London, 1788
Kemp, James. Letter in defence of the clergy of the D. C.,

Phila., 1841

Kenrick, F. P. 1162 Miscellaneous.

Letter on Christian Union.
Valuable Lot. [Twelve.]

Kip, Francis M. Discourse on 150th Anniv. of First Ref.
Dutch Ch., Fishkill.

N. Y., 1866

Kennedy on Diseases of the Skin.

N. Y., 1862

Kendall, R. C. Treatise on Perennial Cotton.
Knox, Rev. John. Memorial of. Died Jan. 8,
Kent, Elisha Kent. Memoir and Eulogy of.

Know-Nothings. Startling Facts for Native


By E. W. An

N. Y., 1857

N. Y., 1855

Kollock, Henry. Sermon before Gen'l Assembly Presb.
Phila., 1803
Kemp, Francis Adrian Van Der. Oration at Presb. Church
Commem. of Emancipation of Datch from French Tyranny.
Very scarce.
Utica, 1814

BL 63667

Knickerbocker, Diedrich, Jr. Manuscript of.

N. Y., 1824
Kirkland, Pres. Disc. on Life and Character of. By Alex.
Boston, 1840

Krauth. Charles P. Disc. on Popular Amusements.

Winchester, 1851 Koszta. Correspondence bet. Wm. L. Marcy and Chev. Hulse


1163 Miscellaneous.

Valuable Lot. [Twelve.]

Kearney, Frederick. Treatise on Industry and False Pride.
Kossuth, Louis. Life and Public American Speeches of.
N. Y., 1852
N. Y., 1853

Knoepfel's Schoharie Cave. Account of.
Knapp, Martin. Human Liberty against Ultra-Temp. Intoler-
N. Y., 1853


Kenyon College. Three Letters to Bishop Chase on Present
Indebtedness of. By Rev. Samuel Chase.
Peoria, 1843
Statement of D. B.
Phila., 1844
Statement of Facts and Circum. connected
with Removal of D. B. Douglass. Printed for private circula-
tion. 1844.

King, Edward. Considerations on Utility of National Debt.
London, 1793

Reply of Trustees of, to

King, Wm. R. Obituary Addresses on Death of.
Washington, 1854
King's Maiesties Declaration concerning Lawful Sports.

Phila., 1866

Keith, Isaac S. Charge at Ordination of Rev. James Adams.

Kent, James. Dissertations by. Scarce.

Charleston, 1799
N. Y., 1795

JACKAWANNA VALLEY, (Pa.) Contributions to the
History of the Lackawanna Valley.

12mo, cl. With

portrait and map. By H. Hollister, M. D.

New York, 1857 1165 LAHONTAN, BARON. NEW VOYAGES TO NORTH AMERICA. Containing An Account of the several Nations of that vast Continent; and the various Adventures between the French and the Iroquese Confederates of England, from 1683 to 1694. A Geographical description of Canada. Also a Dialogue between the Author and a General of the Savages. To which is added a Dictionary of the Algonkine Language, which is generally spoke in North America. Illustrated with twenty-three Mapps and Cutts. Written in French by the Baron Lahontan. Done into English. In two volumes. A great part of which never Printed in the Original. 2vols., 8vo, cf., fine copy. Scarce. London, 1703 1166 LAKE GEORGE and Lake Champlain, from their first discovery to 1759. Replete with incidents of the early French and Indian Wars, and Revolutionary History. By B. C. Butler. 12mo, cl., maps. Albany, 1868 1167 LAMB, GEN. JOHN. MEMOIR OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF. An Officer of the Revolution who Commanded the Post at West Point at the time of Arnold's Defection, and his Correspondence with Washington, Clinton, Patrick Henry and other distinguished Men of his Time. By Isaac Q. Leake. 8vo, cloth; fine copy. Albany: Joel Munsell, 1850 TOPOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF, furnished for the Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal. By Joseph Willard. 8vo Pamphlet, uncut, 90 pages, beautiful copy; very scarce. Worcester, 1826

1168 LANCASTER, (Mass.)

1169 LANCASTER, (Mass.) An Oration delivered Feb. 21, 1826, in Commemoration of the one hundred and fiftieth Anniv. of the Destruction of that Town by the Indians. By Isaac Goodwin. 8vo, 15 pages, uncut, very rare in any condition, fine copy.

Worcester, 1826 1170 LANCASTER, Mass. An Address in Commemoration of the Two Hundreth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Lancaster, with an Appendix. By Joseph Willard. 8vo pamph., 270 p. Fine copy, very scarce. Boston, 1853

1171 LANDIS, JOHN. The Messiah: A Poem of the Birth, Mission, Sufferings, Resurrection, Ascension, and Second Advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ; with Original Hymns. 18mo, bds.

Chambersburg, Pa., 1838 1172 LANMAN, CHARLES. Essays for Summer Hours. 8vo, el. Boston, 1842 Letters from the Alleghany Mountains. 12mo, cl. New York, 1849



Adventures in the Wilds of the United States and British American Provinces. Illustrated by the Author, and Oscar Bessau. With an Appendix by Lieut. Campbell Hardy. 2 vols., 8vo, cl. Philadelphia, Pa., 1856 1175 LATHROP, JOSEPH. Century Sermon, delivered in West Springfield on the 1st day of the Nineteenth Century. 8vo pamph. Scare. Springfield, 1801 1176 LAWSON, J. ONTWA. The Son of the Forest. A Poem. 12mo, bds., uncut. New York, 1821

1178 LEAVITT, Rev. W. S.

1177 LAW, JOHN, Memoir of. The Mississippi Bubble. To which are added--Authentic Accounts of the Darien Expedition, and the South Sea Scheme. Translated and Edited by Frank S. Fiske. 8vo, sheets, stitched. New York, 1844 Sermon on the Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims. Preached in the Eliot Church, Newton, Ms., December 22, 1850. 8vo, paper. Boston, 1851 1179 LEBANON, N. II. JULY FOURTH, 1761: An Ilistorical Dis course in Commemoration of the One Hundreth Anniversary of the Charter of. By Rev. D. H. Allen. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1862 1180 LEDYARD, JOHN, Memoirs of the Life and Travels of. From his Journals and Correspondence. By Jared Sparks. Seo, bds. uncut. Scarce. London, 1828 1181 LEE, MAJ.-GEN. CHARLES, "Mr. Lee's Plan, March 29, 1777," Treason of, Second in command in the American Army of the Revolution. By Geo. H. Moore. 8vo, cl., uncut. With port.

New York, 1860 1182 LEE, CHAS., MAJ.-GENERAL, Second in Command to General Washington, the Life and Memoirs of, during the American Revolution. To which are added, his Political and Military Essays. Also, Letters to and from many Distinguished Characters, both in Europe and America. 12mo, bds., uncut.

New York, 1813 1183 LEE, HENRY. MEMOIRS OF THE WAR IN THE SOUTHERN DEPART MENT OF THE UNITED STATES. A new edition, with corrections left by the Author, and with Notes and Additions by H. Lee, the Author of the Campaign of '81. 8vo, bds., uncut. Very scarce, fine copy. Washington: Printed by Peter Force, 1827. 1184 LEE, NELSON. Three Years among the Camanches, the Nar rative of the Texan Ranger, containing a Detailed Account of his Captivity among the Indians, his Singular Escape through the instrumentality of his Watch, and fully Illustrating Indian Life as it is. 12mo, paper uncut. With portrait. Albany, 1859 1185 LEES, THOMAS J. The Musing of Carol: Containing an Essay on

Liberty. The Desperado : A Tale of the Ocean, and other Original Poems. 12mo, half mor. Wheeling, Va., 1831 1186 LEGGET, WILLIAM. LEISURE HOURS AT SEA. Being a few Miscellaneous Poems. By a Midshipman of the United States Navy. 24mo, half mor., very scarce. New York, 1825 1187 LEOMINSTER, Mass., HISTORY OF, or, the Northern Half of the Lancaster New or Additional Grant, from June 26, 1701, the date of the Deed from George Tahanto, Indian Sagamore, to July 4, 1852. By David Wilder. 8vo, cl. Fitchburg, 1853 1188 LESLIE, CHAS. A Short and Easie Method with the Deists, Etc. In a Letter to a Friend. The eighth edition. Full cr. crim. lev. mor., gilt. By R. M. Smith. London, 1723 1189 LEVERETT, SIR JOHN, Memoir, Biographical and Genealogical of, of Ilon. Johm Leverett, and of the Family generally. 8vo, cl., Portrait. Boston, 1856 1190 LEVIN, LEWIS C. Intemperance the Prelude to Gambling and Suicide, as Illustrated in the Life of Rev. C. C. Colton, Author of "Lacon." Svo pamph., 21 p. Scarce. Phila., 1845

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"Poor Colton. In Intellect, a God!
In Frailty, less than man!"

1191 LEWIS, D. W. Oration on the Death of Mr. Eli Kelsey. A Senior in Yale College. 8vo pamph. New Haven, 1788 1192 LEWIS, R. B. Light and Truth; Collected from the Bible and Ancient and Modern History, containing the Universal History of the Colored and the Indian Race, from the Creation of the World to the present time. 12mo, cl. Boston, 1844 1193 LIBRARY COMPANY of PHILADELPHIA. Charter, Laws and Catalogue of the books of, with a short account of the Library prefixed. 8vo, paper, uncut. Phila., 1770 1194 LIGHTON, REV. WILLIAM B. Narrative of the Life and Sufferings of, containing an Interesting and Faithful Account of his early Life, and enlistment into the British Army; his experience while in the Service, and escape from his Regiment; Capture, Imprisonment, Trial, and Condemnation to Death; his subsequent sufferings, and final escape from Captivity and settlement in the United States. Written by himself. New and revised Edition, embellished with ten steel engravings. 12mo cl.. very scarce. Boston, 1843 1195 LINCOLN, HON. ABRAHAM, AND HON. STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS, Political Debates in the Celebrated Campaign of 1858, in Illinois, including the preceding speeches of each at Chicago, Springfield, etc. Also, the two great Speeches of Mr. Lincoln in Ohio, in 1859. 8vo, cl. Columbus, 1860

1196 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. HISTORY OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF, including his Speeches, Letters, Addresses, Proclamations and Messages. With a preliminary sketch of his Life. By Henry J. Raymond. 12mo cl.; with portrait. New York, 1864 1197 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. HIS LIFE AND PUBLIC SERVICES. By Mrs. P. A. Hanaford. 12mo, cl., with portrait and plates. Boston, 1865 1198 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. POLITICAL TRIBUTES to the Memory of. 8vo, cl,, portrait, rough edges. Phila., 1865

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