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OUR MARTYR PRESIDENT, Voices from the Pulpit of New York and Brooklyn. Oration by Bancroft, and Oration at the Burial by Bishop Simpson. 8vo, half dk. blue, cr. lev. mor., gilt top, edges uncut; bound by R. M. Smith. New York, 1865 1200 LINCOLN MEMORIAL. A RECORD OF THE LIFE, ASSASSINATION AND OBSEQUIES of the Martyred President. By John Gilmary Shea. 8vo, cl., with portrait.

New York, Bunce & Huntington, 1865 1201 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. A MEMORIAL OF. By the City of Boston. 1. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1865 1202 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. A TRIBUTE OF RESPECT, by the Citizens of Troy to the Memory of. 4to, large paper, uncut; por trait of Lincoln. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865 1203 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. A TRIBUTE OF RESPECT by the Citizens of Troy to the Memory of. Small paper 8vo, uncut.


Troy, 1865 William V. Spencer. Only 250 copies printed. 4to, cl., rough edges. Boston, 1865 1205 LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. OBSEQUIES OF, IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK, under the Auspices of the Common Council. By David T. Valentine. Roy. 8vo, cl.; portrait, frontispiece and plates, New York, E. Jones & Co., 1866 1206 LINDSAY, WILLIAM. View of America, comprehending a general description of the extent, limits, original inhabitants, etc., to which is prefixed a Narrative of a voyage, etc. 12mo, paper.

Hawick, 1824 1207 LINIGAN, GEN'L. An Address, occasioned by the Death of, who was murdered by the Mob at Baltimore. Delivered at Georgetown, Sept, 1, 1812. By Geo. Washington Parke Cus tis. 8vo, uncut, 16 p.; very scarce.

Boston, 1812 1208 LEPPARD, GEORGE; Life and Choice Writings of. With portrait. 8vo, cl. New York, 1855 1209 LITCHFIELD, Conn. Centennial Celebration, Aug. 13 and 14, 1851. Address by Samuel Church. Poem by John Pierpont. Discourse by Horace Bushnell. Letters, Speeches, Poems, &c. 8vo pamphlet; 212 p.; frontis. Presentation Copy and Autograph of John Pierpont. Hartford, 1851 1210 LIVINGSTON, EDWARD; Life of. By Charles Havens Hunt. With an introduction by George Bancroft. Portraits on India paper of Livingston and General Jackson. Imp. 8vo, cl, uncut. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Company, 1864 Large paper, only 100 copies printed.

1211 LOGUEN, REV. J. W. A Narrative of Real Life as a Slave and as a Freeman. 8vo, cl., portrait. N. Y., 1859 1212 LOMAX, JUDITH. The Notes of an American Lyre. 12mo, bds. Richmond, 1813 1213 LONDON MISSIONARY SOC.; An Account of. To which is added the State of Religion at Sierra Leone, Africa. With an Evangelical Hymn, composed in the Bengal Language. 1788. By Ram Ram Boshoo. 8vo, 16 p., scarce. Phila., 1796

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1214 LONDONDERRY, N. H. A CENTURY SERMON delivered in the East Parish Meeting House, Londonderry, New Hampshire, April 22, 1819, in Commemoration of the First Settlement of the Town-containing a Sketch of the History of the Town from its earliest settlement. By Edward L. Parker. Svo pamphlet, uncut, 44 pages, scarce, fine copy.

Concord, N. H., 1819 1215 LONDONDERRY, N. H.; HISTORY OF. Comprising the Towns of Derry and Londonderry. By Rev. Edward L. Parker. With a Memoir of the Author. 8vo, cl. Port. of E. L. Parker, and engravings; now scarce; good copy. Boston, 1851 1216 LONG, J; VOYAGES AND TRAVELS OF, an Indian Interpreter and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the North American Indians; with an account of the Posts situated on the River St. Laurence, Lake Ontario, etc.; to which is added, a Vocabulary of the Chippeway Language, Names of Furs and Skins, in English and French. A List of Words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimaux Tongues, and a Table, showing the Analogy between the Algonquin and Chippeway Languages. 4to, uncut, half mor. With map; very fine copy. London, 1791 1217 LORETTE. The History of Louise, daughter of a Canadian Nun, exhibiting the interior of female convents. 2d Ed. 16mo, bds. Frontispiece and engraved title. New York, 1834 1218 LOSSING, BENSON J. PICTORIAL FIELD BOOK OF THE REVOLUTION; or illustrations by pen and pencil, of the History, Scenery, Biography, Relics, and Traditions of the War for Independence; with six hundred engravings on wood, by Lossing and Barritt, chiefly from original sketches by the author. In thirty numbers as originally issued. Roy. 8vo, paper, uncut. N. Y., 1850 The same Edition in Two Volumes. Royal 8vo,


cloth. 1220 LOSKIEL, GEORGE HENRY. HISTORY OF THE MISSION of the United Brethren among the Indians in North America. In Three Parts. 8vo half mor., gilt top, rough edges, fine copy.

London, 1794 1221 LOTHROP, SAMUEL H. Proceedings of an Ecclesiastical Council in the Case of the Hollis-street Meeting-House and Rev. John Pierpont. 8vo, bds. Boston, 1841 1222 LOUISIANA, HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF. Embracing Translations of many Rare and Valuable Documents, relating to the Natural, Civil and Political History of that State. Compiled with Historical and Biographical Notes and an Introduction. Part III. By B. F. French. 8vo, sheets, folded.

New York, 1851 1223 LOUISIANA, Constitutions of-1812, 1845 and 1852. Also, the Constitution of the United States, with Amendments. Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence Confed. Pamphlet. 8vo, paper. New Orleans, 1861 1224 LOUISVILLE, SKETCHES OF-and its Environs; including, among a great variety of miscellaneous matter, a Florula Louisvillen

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sis, or, a Catalogue of nearly 400 Genera and 600 Species of Plants, that Grow in the Vicinity of the Town, etc. By H. McMurtrie. To which is added an Appendix, containing an Account of the Earthquake of Dec. 16, 1811, etc. First edition. 8vo, boards, uncut; with maps of the Fulls of Ohio; beautiful copy; very scarce. Louisville, 1819 1225 LOVEWELL, Capt. JOHN. HISTORICAL MEMOIRS of the Late Fight at Piggwacket; with a Sermon, occasioned by the Fall of the Brave Capt. John Lovewell and several of his Valiant Company, in the late Heroic Action there. Pronounced at Bradford, May 16, 1725. By Thomas Symmes, V. D. M. Reprinted by Frederick Kidder. Small paper, 200 copies printed. Boston, 1865 By Henry A. Miles. Lowell, 1845

Half mor., 12mo,
Lowell, 1848
with a History

1226 LOWELL, Mass. As it Was, and as it Is.
12mo, cl.; map and plate.
1227 LOWELL, MASS. Hand-Book for the Visitor.
46 p.
1228 LOWELL, Mass. A Hand-Book of Business in;
of the City. By Charles Cowley. 8vo pamphlet; 166 p.; scarce.
Lowell, 1856
1229 LOWELL, Mass. Introduction of the Power Loom and Origin
of Lowell. By Nathan Appleton. 8vo pamphlet; 36
P., tinted
paper copy.
Lowell, 1858
1230 LOWELL, Mass. Memories of the Indians and Pioneers of the
Region of Lowell. By Chas. Cowley. 8vo pamphlet; 24 pages;
double column; scarce.
Lowell, 1862
1231 LOWELL, Mass.; HISTORY OF. By Charles Cowley. 12mo, cl.
Boston, 1868
1232 LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL. Poems. Second Series. 12mo, cl., un-
Cambridge, etc., 1848
UAL OF ENGLISH LITERATURE, containing an account of rare, cu-
rious and useful books, published in, or relating to Great Brit
ain and Ireland, from the invention of printing; with biblio-
graphical and critical notices, collations of the rarer articles,
and the prices at which they have been sold in the present cen-
tury. In ten volumes. 8vo, cl., rough edges. London, 1857
Oldest Inhabitant. 12mo, cl.

With plates.

1235 LYNN, Mass. HISTORY OF. By Alonzo Lewis.
ed., very scarce.

Richmond, 1858
Svo, sheep, 1st
Boston, 1829
By Alonzo
Boston, 1814

1236 LYNN, MASS. THE HISTORY OF, including Nahant.
Lewis. 8vo, cl., plates,; 2nd ed., scarce.

Presentation Copy from the Author to Rev. Jos. B. Felt, with Autograph of Alonzo Lewis.

1237 LYNN, MASS. HISTORY OF, including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swamp-
scot and Nahant. By Alonzo Lewis and James R. Newhall.
8vo, half mor., gilt top, uncut, very scarce, beautiful copy, engrav-
Boston, 1865
HISTORY. A Bibliographical Essay. 8vo, paper, beautiful copy;
quite scarce.
N. Y., 1846

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RIGINAL LANGUAGES. With additions and corrections, by Prof.
Wm. W. Turner. Ed. by Nicolas Trubner. Rub. title, 8vo,
cl., rough edges.
London, Eng., 1858

PAMPHLETS. —Lincoln Eulogies, Sermons,
Addresses, eto.

1240 Very fine lot. [One hundred and Fifty-seven.]
Assassination and History of the Conspiracy.
Assassination and History of the Conspiracy.

Cin., 1865
Cin., 1865
N. Y., 1865
Phila., 1865

N. Y., 1864
Balto., 1865
N. Y.,
Kingston, Jamaica, 1866
Salem, Mass. 1865

Allen, Ethan. Disc., June 1, 1865.
Athenæum Club. In Memoriam.
Bird, M. B. Poem.
Briggs, G. W. Eulogy, June, 1, 1865.
Birch, E. P. Devil's Visit to Old Abe.
Butler, C. M. Address, April 19, 1865.
Blackburn, Wm. M. Sermon, April 16, 1865.
Brooks, Phillips. Sermon, April 23, 1865.
Boston, City Council of. April, 17, 1865.
Bartlett, D. W. Life of.

La Grange, Ga., 1865
Phila., 1865
Trenton, 1865
Phila., 1865
Boston, 1865
N. Y.,

Booth, Robert Russell. Sermon, April 23, 1865. N. Y., 1865
Buffalo. In Memoriam.
Buffalo, N. Y. 1865
Memphis, Tenn. 1865
Dedham, 1865
Boston, 1865
Boston, 1865
Washington, D. C., 1865

Phila., 1865

Abbott, A. A. Assas. and Death.
Abbott, A. A. Assas. of A. Lincoln.
Abraham, Africanus I.

Bliss, T. E. Disc., April 23, 1865.

Babcock, Samuel D. Disc., April 19, 1865.
Benjamin, S. G. W. Ode.

Badger, Henry C. Disc., April 23, 1865.
Butler, J. G. Sermon.


Boardman, H. A.
Bancroft, George. Address, Feb. 12, 1866. L. paper.

Wash., 1866
Boyd, Andrew. A Poem, with an illustration from the Lon-
don Punch. [Re-published.] Seventy-five copies printed, No.
21. Cl.
By Joel Munsell. Albany, N. Y., 1868
Chamberlain, N. H. Sermon, Apr. 19, 1865.
N. Y.,
Colfax, Hon. Schuyler. Address, Apr. 24, 1865. Phila., 1865
Crane, C. B. Sermon, April 16, 1865.
Hartford, 1865
Coit, T. W. Disc., June 1, 1865.
Troy, 1865
Crozier, H. P. Disc., April 19, 1865.
N. Y.,
Crocker, S. L. Eulogy, June 1, 1865.
Boston, 1865
Dyer, D. Disc., April 19, 1865.
Albany, 1865
Daggett, O. E.
Canandaigua, 1865
Dunning, H.
Duane, B. B.
Dix, Morgan.
Deming, H. C.
Demund, I. S.

Balto., 1865
Providence, 1865
Cambridge, 1865
Hartford, 1865

N. Y., 1865

Sermon, Apr. 16, 1865.
Address, Apr. 19, 1865,
Sermon, Apr. 19, 1865.
Sermon, April 19, 1865.
Eulogy, In Memoriam,
Sermon, May, 1865.

Dunning, H.
Davidson, J.
Darling, H.
Davidson, B.

Disc., May 7, 1865.
Address, Apr. 19, 1865.
Disc., April 19, 1865.

Balto., 1865 N. Y., 1835 Albany, 1865

2nd ed.
Huntington, L. I., 1865
Bangor, 1865

Everett, C. C. Eulogy, June 1, 1865.
El'Rey, J. H. Mac. Two disc., Wooster, Ohio, 1865.
Wooster, O., 1865

Eddy, R. Three Sermons, April 16-17, June 1. Phila., 1865 Farquhar, J. Sermon. Lancaster, 1865

Fowler, H. Disc., Apr. 28, 1865.

Fowler, John. Address, April 20, 1865.


Guthrie, W. E.
Ginhorn, David.
Gaddis, M. P.
Gurley, P. D.
Garrison, J. F.
Glover, L. M.
Gordon, W. R.
Hayden, C. A.,
Hall, C. H. Disc., April 19, 1865.

Eulogy, April 19, 1865.
Sermon, April 16, 1865.
Sermon, June 1, 1865.
Address, April 19, 1865.
Discourse, April 23, 1865.
Sermon, May 7, 1865.
Mrs. Poem.

Hammond. C.

Hopkins, T. M. Disc., April 19, 1865. Bloomington, Ind., 1865
Sermon, June 1, 1865.
Haven, Gilbert. Disc., April 23, 1865.
Hornblower, W. H. Sermon, April 16, 1865.

Springfield, 1865
Boston, 1865

N. Y., 1865 N. Y., 1865 Phila., 1865

Phila., 1865 Cin., 1865 Wash., 1865 Camden, N. J., 1865 Jacksonville, 1865 N. Y., 1865 Boston, 1865 Wash., 1865

Paterson, N. J. 1865

Hodge, Dr. Essay, from the Princeton Review, July, 1865
Hall, Gordon. Sermon, April 19, 1865.
Hall, Newman. Sermon, May 14, 1865.
Johnson, H. Disc., April 28, 1865.
Jeffery, R. Sermon, June 1, 1865.
Lowe, C. Sermon, April 23, 1865.
Lincoln, Abraham. Life of.
Lincoln Cathecism.

Northampton, 1865
Boston, 1865
Pittsburgh, 1865

Phila., 1865
Boston, 1865
Phila., 1864
N. Y., 1864

Lincoln, A. Life of, and McLellan.

N. Y.
N. Y.

Life of.

Life, Speeches and Public Services of,
Address of.

In Memoriam. Paste-board.
Sarcophagus raised. Card.
President's Hymn.

Broadside Caricature.

N. Y., 1869

N. Y., 1860

N. Y., 1865

Mayo, A. D. Two disc., Apr. 16-19, 1865.
Myers, L. Address, June 15, 1865.
Morgan, W. F. Sermon, In Memoriam.
M'Cauley, J. A. Sermon, June 1, 1865.
M'Clintock, J. Disc., April 19, 1865.
M'Donald, Disc., June 1, 1865.
Murray, W. H. Address.

N. Y., 1865
N. Y., 1865
N. Y.,
Cin., 1865
Phila., 1865
N. Y., 1865
Ballo., 1865
N. Y., 1865
N. Y., 1865
N. Y.,
Trenton, 1867
Boston, 1865

Moore, R. Addresses.

Nason, Elias. Eulogy.

Nelson, H. A. Two disc., May 7, 1865. Springfield, Ill., 1865

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