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Niles H. E.


Niccolls, S. J. Disc., Apr. 23, 1865.
Noble, M. Sermon.

Newell, R. H. Poem.

Normandie, de, James. Sermon, Apr. 16, 1865.

New York Legislature, April 15, 1865.
New York Times for April 15-16-19-21-22-24, 1865.
New York Commercial Advertiser for April 15, 1865.
Pulpit and Rostrum. Nos. 34, 35.

Post, Jacob. Disc., Apr. 23, 1865.
Paddock, W. F. Disc.

Potter, W. J. Four Sermons.

Putnam, G. Address, Apr. 19, 1865.
Preacher. The National.

York, Pa., 1865 St. Louis, 1865 Newport, 1865 New York, 1865

Steele, R. H. Sermon, June 1, 1865.
Sample, R. F. Sermon, Apr. 30, 1865.
Southgate, Horatio. Sermon, Apr. 23,
Smith, Henry. Sermon.
Speed, James. Opinion.
Symmes, J. G. Address.
Swain Leonard.

Storrs, R. S. Oration.
Seiss, J. A. Sermon.
Sedgwick. Eulogy.
Tapley, R. P. Eulogy, April 19, 1865.
Thompson, J. C. Disc., In Memoriam.
Thomas, A. G. Disc.. Apr. 19, 1865.
Trial of Abraham Lincoln.

Thayer, W. M. Character of

Townsend, G. A. Real Life of.
Tucker, J. T. Disc., June 1, 1865.
Thompson, J. P. Life of.

Thrall, S. C.
Walden T.
Webster, J. C.

Wilson, W. T.
Wells, T. W.
Woodbury, A.

Providence, City Council of.

Robinson, C. S., Apr. 16, 1865. Sermon.
Rankin, J. E. Disc., April 19, 1865.
Robinson. T. H. Sermon, June 1, 1865.
Rice, N. L. Sermon, April 19, 1865.
Stoddard, R. H. Ode.

Sumner. C. Eulogy, June 1, 1865.
Sears, H. Address.
Simpson, M. Address.

New York, 1865

Stone, Andrew. Disc., Apr. 14, 1865. 300 copies printed.


The Foe Unmasked.
Sermon, Apr. 19, 1865.

Portsmouth, N. H.

Albany, 1865

Disc. June 1, 1865. Sermon, Apr. 16, 1865. White, E. Sermon, June 1, 1865.

New York, 1865 Oswego, 1865 Phil., 1865 New Bedford, 1865 Roxbury, 1865 New York, 1865 Providence, 1865

N. Y., 1865 Boston, 1865 Harrisburg, 1865 New York, 1865 New York, 1865 Boston, 1865 Cin., 1865

1865 Newburn, N, J., 1865 Phil., 1865 1865. New York, 1865 Buffalo, 1865 Washington, 1865 Cranbury, [N. J.,] 1865 Providence, 1865 Brooklyn, 1865

Phil., 1865 Syracuse, 1865 Biddeford, 1865

Phil., 1865 Phil., 1865 New York, 1863

Boston, 1864 New York, 1867 Holliston, 1865

New York, 1865 New York, 1865 Phil, 1865 New York, 1865 Albany, 1865 Jersey City, 1865 Providence, 1865 Providence, 1865 New York, 1865

Wortman, D. Disc. Apr. 16, 1865.
Albany, 1865
Wilcox, G. B. Disc., In Memoriam. New London, 1865
Yard, R. B. Disc., June 1, 1865.
Newark, N. J., 1865
Vincent, M. R. Sermon, Apr. 23, 1865. Troy, N. Y., 1865
Philadelphia. Proceedings of the Union League. Phil., 1865
Washington, D. C. Proc. of meeting, Apr. 17.

Washington, 1865
Bunker Hill Monument Assoc. Proc. of, June 17, 1865.
God Bless Abraham Lincoln. (Disc.,) 1863.
Poore, Ben Perley. The Conspiracy Trial. Part I.

N. Y.

Boston, 1865

Old Abe, The Miller; or, the Campaign of Richmond.
Lincoln and Grant.
San Francisco, 1864
Trial of the Assassins and Conspirators.
Phil., 1865
Lincoln Abraham. In History. "Atlantic Monthly," June,


From "Hours at Home," June 1865.
In Memoriam.
June, 1865.

British Sympathy in our Affliction. "Hours at Home," July,

Personal recollections of. "Hours at Home,"

"A Nation on its Knees," by E. H. Gillett, D. D.

Storrs, R. S. Oration, June 1, 1865, before War Fund Committee. 100 copies. No. 60.

Celebration by the Col. People's Educa. Monument Assoc. in

Memory of Abraham Lincoln, Wash., July 4, 1865.
Loyal Publication Society, No. 85. "Abraham Lincoln, His
Life and its Lessons." Sermon deliv. by Joseph P. Thomp
son, Apr. 30, 1865.
N. Ÿ.


1241 Miscellaneous. [Fourteen.]

Lord, John C. Human Government and Laws. Discourse.
Buffalo, 1852

Discourse on decease of Calhoun, Clay and Webster.
Buffalo, 1852

Discourse on death of Rev. Norris Bull.

Buffalo, 1852

Discourse on death of Hon. Samuel Wilkeson.

Buffalo, 1848
Buffalo, 1854

Discourse on Presbyterianism.
Sermon on Duties Men owe to God and Govt.

Buffalo, 1851 Luther, Martin. Third Centennial Jubilee of Reformation.

Lafayette, Gen. Principal Events in Life of.
Impeachment of, by Wm. Cobbett.
Biography of.

Principal Events in Life of.
Lafayette College. Inaug. Charge by J. M.
Ad. by Rev. George Junkin.

N. Y., 1817 Boston, 1825 Phila., 1793 Wilmington, 1824

Portland, 1825

Porter, and Inaug.

Easton, Pa., 1834

Lafayette College Literary Soc. Address by Joseph R. Inger-
Phila., 1833
Letter from a Churchman, containing Strictures on a pamph-
let signed J. R. O.
New Haven, 1808

1242 Miscellaneous. [Fourteen.]

Lancaster, Joseph. Chief Events in Life of.
Logier, Mr. Strictures on Pamphlets of.
Lodi, Battle. Sketch of Gen. Bonaparte's Cam. in Italy.

N. Y., 1804

Linn, Wm. Discourse on National Sins by.

N. Y., 1798

Lowe, Rev. Peter. Discourse at Funeral of, by Rev. I. P. Var-
N. Y., 1818
N. Y.,
Boston, 1820

L. L., Mrs. The Proselyte.

Leavitt, Joshua.

Lyman, Theodore, Jr. Oration, July 4, 1820.
Address at Funeral of Rev. John R. M'Dow-
N. Y., 1837
Lancey, Wm. H. De. Sermon, June 23, 1833. Phila., 1833
Louisiana. Report to Gen. Assembly of, by Edward Living-
N. Orleans, 1822
Lowell, Charles. Sermon at Dedi. of So. Congre. Ch. in Natick.
Boston, 1829
Lewis, Isaac. Sermon on Divine Mission of Jesus Christ.
N. Haven, 1796


Lathrop, Joseph. Funeral Sermon of Mrs. Mary Gay.

1243 Miscellaneous. [Eleven.]

New Haven, 1833
Dublin, 1818

Lamson, Alvan. Sermon at Ordi. of Charles C. Sewall.

Suffield, 1797

Dedham, 1827

Lowell, Charles. Sermon at Ordi. of Robert F. Wallcut.
Boston, 1830
Layman, A. Demonstration of Divinity of the Scriptures.
(No. L)
Boston, 1811

Lysander. Annals of Corporation rel. to late Contested Elec


N. Y., 1802
N. Y., 1801

Leonidas. Reply to Lucius Junius Brutus.
Leaming, Jeremiah. Dissertations on Various Subjects.

Litchfield, 1798

Lee, Elias. Dissolution of Earthly Monarchies.

Laws relating to Landlord and Tenant.
L'Ouverture, Toussaint. Life and Military
2nd Ed.

Landaff. Letter to John, Lord Bishop of.
ston. Very scarce.

The Evidences for Truth of Christianity.

N. Haven, 1785
Letter to Wm. Roscoe. Con. Strictures on late Publication.
N. Y., 1808
Sermon by.
Danbury, 1794
N. Y.
Achievements of.
By Wm. Living-
N. Y. 1768

1244 Miscellaneous. [Eleven.]

Laune, Thomas De. Plea for Non-Conformists. Scarce.

London, 1733

Langdon, Timothy. Sermon on Pleasure and Advan. of
Church Music. Curious.
Danbury, 1797
Wilkesbarre, 1813
Hartford, 1806

Luzerne Assoc. Report of Committee.
Lyman, Wm. Election Sermon.
Lockwood, James. Sermon at Ord. of Eleazer May.

N. Haven, 1756
Livingston, John H. Funeral Disc. at Inter. of, by John De
Witt. Scarce.
New Brunswick, 1825

Address to Ref. German Churches.
New Brunswick, 1819
Boston, 1799
Boston, 1799

Lowell, John. Oration, July 4, 1799.
Lathrop, John. Sermon on National Fast.
Lamson, Alvan. Sermon on Adaption of Christianity.

Love. Philosophy and Poetry of.

1245 Miscellaneous.


The Patent Laws of the United States, together with informa
tion to persons having business to transact at the Patent
N. Y., 1845
U. S. Mail Steam Line. Proceedings in the Cir. Ct. of the U.
S. in Equity, George Law, Marshall O. Roberts, etc.
N. Y., 1849
The Circuit Court of the U. S. in Equity, Albert G. Sloo, Com-
plainant. George Law, Marshall O. Roberts and others, De-
N. Y., 1849

State and Nat. Law School.

Paige, Alonzo C. Address to the Graduating Class of the
Albany, 1852
Louisville Lit. Assoc. Address on the Amelioration of the So-
cial State. By Alex. Campbell. Scarce. Louisville, 1839
London Corresponding Soc. Address to the Nation. By
Maurice Margarot and Thos. Hardy, July 8, 1793.
Litchfield Co. (Conn.) Centen. Celeb. at, 13-14 Aug., 1851.
Hartford, 1851

1246 Miscellaneous. [Eleven.]

Lowell, Mass., Introduction of the Power Loom, and Origin of.
By N. Appleton.
Lowell, Mass., 1858
Selma, Ala., 1864

Lafitte; or, The Greek Slave.
Legal Reform. Act concerning Costs and Fees in Courts of

N. Y., 1840

Dedham, 1825 New York, 1848

Locke, John. Thoughts concerning Education.

Vol. I.

N. Y., 1869 By Henry C. Cambridge, 1865 Lockport.

Livermore, George, Discourse on Death of.

Lamont, George D. Oration by, at City of

Leavitt, T. H. Tracts about Peat, by.
Lawton, Edward. Lectures on Science,

Lockport, 1865 Boston, 1865 Politics, Morals, etc. St. Louis, 1862

Langworthy, Isaac P. Farewell Sermon to Winnisimmet
Congre. Ch. of Chelsea, Mass.
Boston, 1858
Lehmann, M. The Elf-King; or, Wealth and Poverty.

N. Y., 1856
Boston, 1856
Hartford, 1854

Lawrence, The Families of. By Mercy Hale.
Lawrence, Edward A. Inaugural Discourse, by.
Layman's Argument against Interdiction of Intox. Liquors.
Richmond, 1853

Liguori, St. Alphonso M. Novena in Honor of the Adorable
Heart of Jesus.
N. Y., 1851

1247 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

London. Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys.
Mayhew and George Cruikshank.

By Henry

N. Y., 1851
N. Y., 1851

Little, Rev. John, Obedience to Law, Sermon, by.
Liebig on Evaporation in Plants, and Origin of Potato Disease.
By Wm. Gregory.
Phila., 1850
Lester, C. Edwards. Social Life, and Natural Spirit of
Great Barrington, 1849
Levin, L. C. Speech on Pro. Mission to Kome, Mar. 2, 1848
L'Enclos, Ninon De. The Story of the Celebrated Aspasia of
Boston, 1843
Louisville Literary Brass Band. The King of Angelo, a
Tragico Comico; or, Melo-Dramatico Burlesco, by.
Latrobe, John H. B. Address on Manual Labor School.

Baltimore, 1840

Ladies' Garland, Vol. III., No. 1, July 20, 1839.
Literature, Greek, Synopsis of Course of Lectures on History of.
Leake, John G. Last Will and Testament of. N. Y., 1837
Lyon Charles H. Lecture in Favor of Classical Studies.

N. Y., 1839

1248 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

Lundy, Rev. F. J. Metra Horatiana.
Lamb. Charles, The Essays of Elia, by.
Lillybridge, C. Appeal to the Community of Norfolk.

Burlington, Vt., 1838

N. Y., 1836

Norfolk, 1832

Leland, John. Short Sayings on Times, Men, Measures, etc.
Pittsfield, 1830
By A Freeman.
N. Y., 1826

Long Island, Question of a South Ferry to.

Louverture, Toussaint, History of. Buonaparte in the West
Indies. Part III., 3d Ed.
London, 1803
Lyman, Eliphalet. Two Discourses Preached at Woodstock.
Norwich, 1794
London, 1793
of Life and
Phila., 1786
Rev. George
Boston, 1836
Boston, 1854

Lindsey, Theophilus. Resignation Discourse.
Law, Wm. Address to the Clergy. Account

Character of.

Lunt, Wm. P. Discourse at Installation of
Discourse at 1st Congre. Ch. Quincy.
Discourse on Twentieth Anniv. of his Installation.

Boston, 1855

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