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1249 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

Lexington, Proc. of Coroner in Case of Steamer. N. Y., 1840
Account of Loss of the.
Providence, 1840
Sermon on Loss of the. By S. K. Lothrop. 3d ed.
Boston, 1840
Lafayette, Gen. Oration Commem. of. By Wm. B. Sprague.
Albany, 1834

Oration on the Life and Character of. By John
Q. Adams.
Washington, 1835
College, Address before the Literary Soc. of. By
Joseph R. Ingersoll. Philadelphia, 1833
Address before the Alumni of. By Edward
F. Stewart.
Philadelphia, 1854
Address before the Literary Soc. of. By
Daniel Dougherty. Easton, Pa., 1859
London, 1783
on Parliamentary Representation, to John Sinclair.
3d ed.
London, 1783
to Author of an Article entitled, The Liturgy of
Prot. Epis. Ch. in America.
N. Y., 1843
Letters to Lord Stanley. By Rt. Rev. Bishop Maginn.

Letter to Patriot Senator

Boston, 1850

1250 Miscellaneous.


Library, Christian. Life of Wm. Cowper, by Thomas Taylor.
No. 4.
Y., Y., 1835
Life of Wm. Cowper, by Thomas Taylor.
No. 5.
N. Y., 1835
by Rev. Henry
N. Y., 1836

Complete Duty of Man,
Venn. No. 37.
Theological. Treatise on Consanguinity and Affin-
ity between Christ and His Church, by Jas. Relly.
Vol. I., No. 6.
Phila., 1843
Theological. Opinions and Phraseology of the
Jews, by Hosea Ballou 2d. Vol. II., No. 1.
Luke's, St., Hospital. Appeal of the Managers of.

Phila., 1844

N. Y., 1852
N. Y., 1860

Account of.

Livingston, Edward.

Remarks on Expediency of Abol. the
Punish. of Death.
Phila. 1831
John. Portraits of Eminent Americans now Liv-
ing; with Biographical and Historical Memoirs of their
Lives and Actions. Part I., Vol. IV.

N. Y., 1854
London 1842

Short History of the Tower of.

1251 Miscellaneous. [Eleven.]

of the Tower of, by Joseph Wheeler.
London, 1850

Lathrop, Joseph. Two Sermons on Death of Four Young
Springfield, 1809

John. Sermon at interment of Rev. Joseph Eckley.

Boston, 1811



Lathrop, John. Sermon at Dedication of New South Meeting-
House, Dorchester.
Boston, 1813
Sermon at Ordination of Rev. Thaddeus
Brookfield, 1821
Lee, Rt. Rev. Alfred. Sermon at First Commen. of Divinity
School, Prot. Epis. Ch.
Phila., 1863
Lee, Rt. Rev. Henry W. Primary Charge to Clergy of the
Prot. Epis. Ch., Iowa.
Davenport, 1857
Lee, John. Letter to the President, on the Disputed Frontier.
Cambridge, 1839

Laplace, M. Le Marquis De. Historical Eulogy, by R. W. Has-

Linn, Wm. Character of Simon the Sorcerer. N. Y., 1793 Lind, Jenny. Programme of Concert. Lafayette, Gen. Oration, by Jas. A. Hillhouse, Aug. 19, 1834. 1252 Law Pamphlets. [Nine.]

Wilson, James. Introductory Lecture to a course of Law Lec-
tures. Dedicated to Mrs. Martha Washington. Phila., 1791
An Enquiry into the constitutional authority of the Supreme
Federal Court over the several States, in their political capa-
city being an answer to Observations upon the Govern-
ment of the U. S. By James Sullivan. Charleston, 1792
Laws and ordinances for the good rule and government of the
city of N..Y., passed and enacted in the Mayoralty of Edw.
Ň. Y., 1803
Duane, Wm. Sampson against the Philistines, or the Reform-
ation of Lawsuits.
Phila., 1805
Experience the test of Government, in Eighteen Essays.


Phila., 1807 Duane, W. J. The Law of Nations, investigated in a popular Addressed to the Farmers of U. S. Phila., 1809 Hall, John E. The American Law Journal, Vol. V., containing the proceedings of the Government of U. S., in maintaining the Public Right to the Beach of the Mississippi adjacent to N. O., against the intrusion of Edw. Livingston. Also, his reply. Scarce. Baltimore, 1814 Supreme Court of the U. S. Case on a Bill of Exceptions. Martha Bradstreet suit. N. Y., 1816 Bowring, John. Observations on the restrictive and prohibitory Commercial System, from the manuscript of Jeremy Bentham. London, 1821

1253 Law Pamphlets. [Eleven.]

Laws of the Commonwealth of Mass., passed by the General
Boston, Jan. 16, 1812
Acts relating to circuit courts in Penn., with the rules estab-
lished by the Judges of the Supreme Court. Phila., 1826
Laussal, Anthony. An Essay on Equity in Penn.

Phila., 1826

N. Y., 1826

Landlord and Tenant Statistics of State of N. Y.
Interest made Equity. Mr. McCulloch.

Herttell, Tho's.

The Demurrer; or, Proofs of Error in the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, requiring Faith in particular religious doctrines as a legal qualification of witnesses. N. Y., 1828 Leggett, Samuel. An explanation and vindication of, late President of the Franklin Bank in city of N. Y. 1831 Statement of facts in relation to the dismissal of Mrs. Martha Bradstreet's suits from the District Court of the U. S. for the Northern district of N. Y. Albany, Aug., 1831 Conkling, Alfred. Opinion of, in the case of Martha Bradstreet vs. Henry Huntington. 1834 In Chancery, N. Y. Life Insurance and Trust Co. Answer and Report. N. Y., 1834 Copies of the original grant of land on the White River, lying in the States of Arkansas and Missouri, in the year 1793, by the Baron De Carondelet, to Capt. Don Joseph Valliere. Also, copies of the power of attorney, by the heirs of Valliere, to Creed Taylor, authorizing him to sell and dispose of the same, and a deed from him, as such, to John Wilson, for an undivided half thereof. Scarce. N. Y., 1844

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ACHIAS, Me. Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of. May 20, 1863. 8vo pamph., 179 p. ; fine copy. Machias, 1863 1255 MACK, Dr. EBENEZER. The Cat Fight. A Mock Heroic Poem. Supported with Copious Extracts from Ancient and Modern Classic Authors. 8vo, bds., uncut. New York, 1824 1256 MACKENZIE, SIR ALEXANDER. VOYAGES FROM MONTREAL, on the River St. Laurence, through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in the year 1789 and 1793. With a preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and present state of the Fur Trade of that Country. With map. Svo, sheep. Very scarce. Phila., 1802 1257 MACOMB, ALEXANDER. A Treatise on Martial Law and CourtsMartial, as practised in the United States of America. 8vo, bds., uncut. Charleston, 1809 1258 MALDEN, Mass, An Oration delivered at, on the Two Hundreth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town, May 23, 1849. By James D. Green. 8vo pamphlet, 53 pages, uncut.

Boston, 1850 1259 MAINE, Sketches of the Ecclesiastical History of, from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. By Jonathan Greenleaf. 12mo, cf. Portsmouth, 1821 1260 MAINE. FIRST REPORT OF THE GEOLOGY of the State of Paper, 8vo. By Charles T. Jackson. Augusta, 1837 1261 MAINE, The Native Poets of. By S. Herbert Lancey. Large 8vo, / Bangor, 1854


1262 MAINE, ANCIENT DOMINIONS OF. Embracing the Earliest Facts, the Recent Discoveries of the Remains of Aboriginal Towns, the Voyages, Settlements, Battle Scenes, and other incidents of History. By Rufus K. Sewall. Fine copy, cl., 8vo, plates. Scarce. Boston, 1859 1263 MAN, THOMAS, Alias. Picture of a Factory Village, to which are annexed Remarks on Lotteries. bds., 12mo. Providence, 1833 1264 MANN, HERMAN. Human Prudence; or, The Art by which a Man

and a Woman may be Advanced to Fortune, to Permanent Honor and to Real Grandeur. First American Edition. 8vo, sh.

Dedham, 1806

1265 MANUEL, PEREIRA; or, The Sovereign Rule of South Carolina. With Views of Southern Laws, Life, and Hospitality. By F. C. Adams, 12mo, cl., uncut. London, 1852 1266 MARINERS' CHRONICLE. Containing Narratives of the Most Remarkable Disasters at Sea: Such as Shipwrecks, Storms, Fires, Etc. Also, Naval Engagements, Etc. 12mo, sh., with plates. New Haven, Conn., 1834 1267 MARION, Gen. FRANCIS, LIFE OF. A Celebrated Partisan Of ficer in the Revolutionary War against the British and Tories in South Carolina and Georgia. By Brigadier-General P. Horry, and M. L. Weems. 12mo, sh., with plates. Phila., 1841 1268 MARION, FRANCIS, the Life of. Illustrated. Simms. 8vo, half gr. crushed lev. mor., gilt. Smith.

By Wm. Gilmore Bound by R. W.

New York.

1269 MARLBOROUGH, Mass., HISTORY OF, from its First Settlement in 1657 to 1861. With a brief Sketch of Northborough. A Genealogy of the Families in Marlborough to 1800, and an Ac count of Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town. By Charles Hudson. Svo, cl., por traits. Boston, 1862 1270 MARTHA'S VINEYARD, Mass., Sketches of, and other Remin iscences of Travel at Home, &c. By Samuel A. Devens. 8vo, cl. Scarce. Boston, 1838 1271 MARYLAND TOLERATION; or Sketches of the Early History of Maryland to the year 1650. By Rev. Ethan Allan. Svo pamph, 64 pages. Scarce. Baltimore, 1855 Protestant Episcopal Church By Ethan Allan.

8vo, d.

Balt., 1860
By T. W.

Griffith. Plate of the State House at Annapolis. 8vo, unbound.
Very rare.
Baltimore, 1821
1274 MARYLAND, THE HISTORY OF, from its First Settlement in 1633,
to the Restoration in 1660. With a copious Introduction, Notes,
and Illustrations. In two volumes. By John L. Bozman. 8vo,
sh. Fine copy.

Balt., 1837 1275 MARYLAND, Message of the Governor of, Transmitting Reports in Relation to the Intersection of the Boundary Lines of the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, 8v pamph., 87 p. Scarce. Washington, 1850 1276 MARYLAND, HISTORY OF, from its Settlement in 1634 to the year 1848, with an Account of its first Discovery, and the vari ous Explorations of the Chesapeake Bay, anterior to its Settlement; to which is added a copious appendix. By James McSherry, Esq. 12mo, cl. Balt., 1852 1277 MARYLAND, Tragic Scenes in the History of, and the Old French War. By Joseph Banvard. 12mo, cl. Illustrated. Boston, 1856 1278 MASON. N. H., HISTORY OF, from the First Grant in 1749 to 1858. By John B. Hill. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1858 1279 MASSACHUSETTS BAY. COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL PAPERS Relative to the History of the Colony of. By Thomas Hutchin

1272 MARYLAND, CLERGY IN, of the since the Independence of 1783.

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