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son. 8vo, hf. mor.


Very Scarce. Boston, New England: Printed by Thomas and John Fleet, 1769. A COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL PAPERS relative to the History of the Massachusett-Bay. By Thomas Hutchinson. 150 copies S. P. No. 132. Prince Society Publica tions. 2 vols., 8vo, paper. New York, 1865 1281 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, HISTORY OF THE COLONY OF. From the First Settlement thereof, in 1628, until its Incorporation with the Colony of Plimouth, Province of Main, &c., by the Charter of King William and Queen Mary in 1691. By Mr. Hutchinson. 8vo, sheep.

Boston, New England. Printed by Thomas and John Fleet, at the Heart and Crown, in Cornhill. 1764. 1282 MASSACHUSSETS, HISTORY OF; from the first settlement in 1628 until 1750. By Thomas Hutchinson. 3rd Ed: With notes and corrections. 2 vols., Svo, sheep. Printed at Salem and Boston, by T. C.

Cushing, for Thomas and Andrews. 1795 · 1283 MASSACHUSETTS, THE HISTORY OF-from 1749 to 1774, comprising a detailed narrative of the origin and early stages of the American Revolution. By Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., LL.D., formerly Governor of the Province. Edited from the author's MS., by his Grandson, the Rev. John Hutchinson, M.A. 8vo, bds., uncut.

London: John Murray, Albemarle Street.


1284 MASSACHUSETTS BAY, CONTINUATION OF THE HISTORY OF THE PROVINCE OF -from the Year 1748, with an Introductory Sketch of Events, from its Original Settlement. By George Richard Minot. 2 vols., bds., uncut. Boston, 1798 1285 MASSACHUSETTS, THE HISTORY OF. The Colonial, Provincial and Commonwealth. Periods 1492-1820. In three volumes. By J. S. Barry. 8vo, half Roxburghe, gilt top, rough edges.

Boston, 1857

One of three copies, uncut.

1286 MASSACHUSETTS. THE HISTORY OF THE INSURRECTION IN THE YEAR 1786, and the Rebellion Consequent thereon. By George Richards Minot. 2d Ed. 8vo, cl., uncut. Boston, 1810 1287 MASSACHUSETTS, A Geographical and Statistical View of. By Rudolphus Dickinson. 8vo, bds., uncut. Greenfield, 1813 1288 MASSACHUSETTS. HISTORICAL LETTERS on the First Charter. By Abel Cushing. Full cr. crim. lev. mor., gilt top, uncut. By R. M. Smith. Boston, 1839 1289 MASSACHUSETTS, WESTERN. HISTORY OF the Counties of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire. Embracing an outline of general history of the section, an account of its scientific aspects and leading interests, and separate histories of its one hundred towns. By Josiah Gilbert Holland. In two volumes and three parts. With map and plates. 12mo, cl. Springfield: Samuel Bowles and Company. 1855 1200 MASSACHUSETTS CURRENCY, AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF. By Joseph B. Felt. 8vo, sheets, folded.

Boston, 1839

1291 MASSACHUSETTS State Library, Catalogue of. 8vo, cl.

Boston, 1858 1292 MASSACHUSETTS, Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of. For the Years, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1868. Seven Volumes. 8vo, in cl. and paper. Boston, 1863-69 1293 MASSACHUSETTS, Statistical Information relating to certain Branches of Industry in. For the year ending May 1, 1865. By Oliver Thorner. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1866 1294 MASSACHUSETTS. Third Annual Report of the Board of State Charities, Jan., 1867. 8vo, paper. Boston, 1867 1295 MATHER, INCREASE. THE PROPHET'S DEATH. Lamented and Improved in a SERMON, preached Sept. 1, 1723, to the North Church in Boston, on the Lord's Day, after the Funeral of their Venerable and Aged Pastor, Increase Mather, D.D. And now published at the Desire of Many in the Audience. By Benjamin Colman. 8vo, fine copy; very scarce.

Boston: Printed by T. Fleet, for Nath. Belknap, at his Shop, near Scarlet's Wharfe. 1723 1296 MATHER, SAMUEL. AN APOLOGY for the Liberties of the Churches in New England; to which is prefixed, a Discourse concerning Congregational Churches. 8vo, old cf. bdg. Boston: Printed for D. Henchman. 1738 1297 MATHER, SAMUEL. Answer to an insidious Pamphlet, entitled, "Salvation for All Men." 2d Ed. Boston, 1783 1298 MATHEWS, CORNELIUS. The Motley Book. A Series of Tales and Sketches of American Life. With Illustrations by Dick, Gimber and others. Third Edition. 8vo, cl.

N. Y. and Boston, 1840 1299 MATHEWS, J. M. Fifty Years in New York; a Semi-Centennial Discourse, preached in the South Dutch Church. Svo, orig. cov.; 48 p.; fine copy. N. Y., 1300 MATHEWS, ROBERT. "Matthias" and his Impostures, or the Progress of Fanaticism, as illustrated in the extraordinary case of,


and some of his Disciples and Forerunners.
Stone. 12mo, cl., uncut.

By William L.

1301 MAUMEE VALLEY, Ind.; EARLY HISTORY OF. mer. Paper, 8vo.

N. Y., 1835 By H. L. HosToledo, 1858

1302 MAXWELL, WILLIAM; Poems by. Bds., 12mo.

Philadelphia, 1812

1303 MAYER, BRANTZ. Journal of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, during his Visit to Canada, in 1776; with Memoir and Notes. 8vo pamphlet; 84 p.; the rarest of the Collection of Md. Hist. Soc. Pub. Baltimore, 1845 1304 MAYER, BRANTZ. TAH-GAH-JUTE; or Logan and Cresap, an Historical Essay. 8vo, sm. p., 200 copies. Albany, 1867 1305 MAYER, BRANTZ. TAH-GAH-JUTE; or Logan and Cresap, an Historical Essay. 8vo, orig. cov. L. P. Albany, N. Y., 1867 1306 MAYER, BRANTZ. The History, Possessions and Prospects of the Maryland Historical Society. Inaugural Discourse, March 7, 1867. Svo Pamph., uncut, 36 p.; contains complete list of Publi cations of this Soc. Very important.

Baltimore, 1867

1307 M'CALL, P.

Discourse delivered before the Law Acad. of Phila., Sept. 5, 1838. 8vo, fine copy, 51 pages; very scarce.

Phila., 1838

Full of interesting matter, relating to And. Bradford, the First Newspaper Printer, etc., and the early Lawyers, from the first beginnings of the Colony. The Judicial History of Penn, etc.

1308 M'CARTY, Wм. Songs, Odes, and other Poems on National subjects, compiled from various sources. Part 1st, Patriotic. Part 2nd, Naval. Part 3rd, Military. 3 vols., cl., 12mo.

Philadelphia, 1842 Sketches of Western Adventure, containing an account of the most interesting incidents connected with the Settlement of the West from 1755 to 1794. With an Appendix, engravings.. 12mo, cl. Dayton, Ohio, 1852


1310 MCCOY, ISAAC. History of Baptist Indian Missions: embracing remarks on the former and present condition of the Aboriginal Tribes; their Settlements within the Indian Territory, and their Future Prospects. 8vo, cl.; plate inserted.

Washington and N. Y., 1840 1311 M'CRUM, JAMES. THE NAVIGATOR; containing directions for navigating the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, with an ample account of these much admired waters, from the head of the former to the mouth of the latter, and a concise description of their towns, villages, harbors, settlements, etc., with maps; to which is added an appendix, containing an account of Louisiana, and of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, as discovered by the voyage under Capt. Lewis and Clark. 8th Ed. Sh. 12mo. Plans and Charts.

Pittsburg, 1814 1312 MCCULLOH, J. H., M. D. RESEARCHES, Philosophical and Antiquarian, Concerning the Aboriginal History of America. 8vo, bds., uncut With Map. Very scarce. Baltimore, 1829 1313 MCDONALD, JOHN. Biographical Sketches of General Nathaniel Massie, General Duncan McArthur, Captain William Wells, and General Simon Kenton, who were early settlers in the Western Country. 8vo, sh.; with plates. Dayton, O., 1852 1314 MCINTOSH, JOHN. The Origin of the North American Indians, with a faithful description of their Manners, and Customs, Religions, Languages and Dress, including various specimens of Indian eloquence. New Ed. With plates. 8vo, cl.

N. Y., 1843 1315 MCKEAN, JOSEPH. Sermon preached at Dorchester, June 25, 1817, on occasion of organizing the Third Church, in that Town; and the Installation of Rev. Edw. Richmond as its Pastor. 8vo pamphlet, 35 p., uncut; fine copy. Dedham, 1817 1316 MCKENNEY, THOMAS L. SKETCHES OF A TOUR TO THE LAKES. Of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of incidents connected with the Treaty of Fon du lac. Also a Vocabulary of the Algic, or Chippeway Language. 8vo, bds., uncut. Illustrated with 29 Engravings-Ind. Likenesses, etc.

Baltimore, 1827

1317 M'KENNEY, THOS. L., AND HALL, JAS. HISTORY OF THE INDIAN TRIBES OF NORTH AMERICA, with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty Portraits, from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington. 3 Vols. in parts. Folio. Philadelphia, 1838 Vol. II., (1842), 48

Folio. Vol. I., pp. 204, 48 Col. Portraits.
Plates. Vol. III., (1844), 24 Plates.

"As early as 1824, the practice was begun of taking portraits of the principal Indians, who came to the seat of government, and of depositing them in the War Department. The project was approved and aided by the Executive, and under the management of Col. M'Kenney, then Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the number rapidly increased, till a very interesting gallery was formed. They were chiefly painted by Mr. King, an artist of high repute in this branch of the profession, who, by his long residence in Washington, and frequent opportunities of studying the subject of his pencil, has been remarkably successful in transferring to his canvas, the strong lineaments of the Indian countenance. Having this rare and curious collection before him, Col. M'Kenney conceived the plan of making it more valuable to the world by publishing a series of engraved portraits, exactly copied and colored from these paintings. With each portrait is connected a biographical sketch of the individual whom it is intended to represent, drawn from original materials, and interspersed with anecdotes and narrations, many of which are spirited and strikingly graphic. The work contains also a historical account of the various tribes of Indians within the borders of the United States, and particularly of those situate to the eastward of the Mississippi. This essay forms a rare and valuable contribution to Indian History."

1318 MCKENNEY, THOMAS L. MEMOIRS, OFFICIAL AND PERSONAL; with Sketches of Travels among the Northern and Southern Indians; embracing a War excursion, and description of scenes along the Western Borders, and on the Origin, History and Rights of the Indians, with a plan for the Preservation and Happiness of the Remnants of that Persecuted Race. Two volumes in one. 8vo, cl., plates. New York, 1846

1319 MCMASTER, GILBERT. "The Obligations of the American Scholar, to his Country, and the World." An Address delivered before Hanover College, Sept. 28, 1841. 8vo, twenty-four pages, good copy. Madison, Ind., 1841 1320 MEANS, J. H. Historical Discourse on occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Second Church, Dorchester, deliv., Jan. 3, 1858. 8vo, orig. cov., 32 p. ; fine copy. Boston, 1858 1321 MEASE, JAMES. A Geological account of the United States, comprehending a short description of their Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral productions, Antiquities and Curiosities. Sh., 12mo, plates. Philadelphia, 1807

1322 MEDFORD, Mass. HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF, from its First Settlement 1630, to 55. By Charles Brooks. 8vo, cl.; with plates, portrait. Very scarce. Boston, 1855 1323 MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio, PIONEER HISTORY OF. By N. B. Northrop. 12mo, cl. Medina, Ohio, 1861 1324 MEDWAY, Mass. "A Pastor's Review." Discourse preached Nov. 2, 1864, on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Author's Ordi

nation and Settlement. By Jacob Ide. 8vo, orig. cov. ; valuable appendix, 39 p. Sermon 33 p.; clean copy. Boston, 1865 1325 MELROSE, Mass. MEMORIAL (THE) ANNALS OF. In the Great Rebellion of 1861-65. By Elbridge H. Goss. 4to, cl. Privately printed by subscription. Boston, 1868 The same, uncut; only a few copies.

1326 1327 MELVIN, JAMES. A JOURNAL of the Expedition to Quebec, in the year 1775, under the Command of Col. Benedict Arnold. By a Private. 100 copies printed. 8vo, uncut, sheets. Philadelphia, Pa.; printed for the Franklin Club, 1864 1328 MEMOIRS OF THE DEAD, and Tomb's Remembrancer. 12mo, sh. Very scarce, fine copy. Baltimore, 1806 1329 MENDON ASSOCIATION, of Congregational Ministers. Centurial History of. With the Centennial Address delivered at Franklin, Mass., and Biographical Sketches of the Members and Licentiates. By Rev. Mortimer Blake. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1853 1330 MENDON, Mass. An Address by Carlton A. Staples. A Poem by Henry Chapin, and other proceedings in Commemoration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Mendon. 8vo pamph., 89 pages. Worcester, 1868 1331 MERCANTILE LIBRARY Assoc. N. Y. An Introd. Lecture, on the Evils, Social, Moral and Political, that flow from our Party Divisions, etc., delivered Feb. 2, 1841. By John Duer, Esq. Svo, 27 pages, good copy. New York, 1841

1332 MERIVALE, CHARLES. History of the Romans under the Empire. Fifth edition. 5 vols., 8vo, cl., uncut; with Map. London, 1864 1333 MEXICO, AS IT WAS, AND AS IT IS. By Brantz Mayer. 8vo, cl., rough edges; illustrations on wood. New York, 1844 1334 MICHIGAN. HISTORY OF, Civil and Topographical, in a Compendious Form; with a view of the surrounding Lakes. By James H. Lanman. With a map. 8vo, cl. New York, 1839 1335 MICHIGAN. EMIGRANT'S GUIDE; or, Pocket Gazetteer of the Surveyed Part of. By John Farmer. 2d Ed. 24mo, paper. Albany, 1831 1336 MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. Book of the First Church of Christ, in Middleborough, Plymouth County, Mass. With notices of other Churches in that Town. 8vo, cl. Boston, 1852 Contains, Historical Notice of the First Church, and Two Discourses by Israel W. Putnam, also Chronological Notice and Descriptive Catal. of its Members, from 1695 to 1853.

1337 MIDDLEBURY, Vt. HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF, to which is prefixed a Statistical and Historical account of the County. Written at the request of the Historical Society. By Samuel Swift. 8vo, cl.; port's, plates. Middlebury, 1859 1338 MIDDLESEX COUNTY, CONN.; A Statistical Account of. By David D. Field. 8vo pamph., uncut; very scarce; 154 p.

Middletown, Conn., 1819 1339 MIDDLETOWN, Vt.; The History of. In Three Discourses. By Barnes Frisbie. 8vo pamphlet; 130 p.; scarce. Rutland, 1867 1340 MIDDLETOWN, Conn. CENTENNIAL ADDRESS, by David D. Field,

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