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to the present time. With an Introduction by Rev. Thomas De Witt, D.D. 12mo., cloth. New York, 1853 604 DUNSTABLE, (Mass.) History of the Old Township of, including Nashua. Nashville, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, and Merrimac, N. H.; Dunstable and Tynsborough, Mass. By Charles J. Fox 12mo, cloth; with plates. Nashua, 1846 605 DUNTON, JOHN. THE POST ANGEL, in Five distinct Parts. Viz.: I. The Remarkable Providence (of Judgment and Mercy). II. The Lives and Deaths of the most eminent Persons. III A New Athenian Mercury; resolving the most nice and curious questions proposed by the most Ingenious of either Sex. IV. The Publick news at Home and Abroad. V. An Account of books lately Publish'd. With A Spiritual Observatory upon each Head. To be continu'd Monthly. From January to December, 1701, inclusive. 2 vols. in one, 4to, calf. All Published. London, 1701 606 DUNTON, JOHN. Letters written from New England, A. D., 1686. In which are described his voyages by Sea, his travels on Land, and the characters of his friends and acquaintances. Now First Published from the Original Manuscript, In the Bodleian Library, Oxford. With Notes and an Appendix, by W. H. Whitmore. Twenty copies, L. P., No. 9, paper covers, 4to. Pub lications of the Prince Soc.

Boston, 1867 607 DUQUESNE, OLD FORT. A Tale of the Early Toils, Struggles and Adventures of the First Settlers at the Forks of the Ohio, 1754. 8vo pamphlet; scarce. Pittsburgh, 1844 608 DURAND, R. JAMES. The Life and Adventures of. During a Period of Fifteen Years. In which time he was Impressed on board the British Fleet, and held in detestable Bondage for more than seven years. 8vo, bds., rare. Rochester, N. Y. 1820 609 DURFEE, JOB. Whatcheer; or, Roger Williams in Banishment. A Poem. 16mo, cl. uncut. Providence, 1832 610 DURFEE, HON. JOB. The Complete Works of the Late Chief Justice of Rhode Island; with a Memoir of the Author. Edited by his Son, Thomas Durfee. 8vo, cl. Providence-Boston, 1832 611 DURHAM, CONN. The History of, from the first grant of land in 1662 to 1866. By William Chauncy Fowler, L. L. D. With an appendix. 8vo, cl. Hartford, 1866 612 DURRIE, DANIEL S. Bibliographia Genealogica Americana. Alphabetical Index to American Genealogies and Pedigrees, contained in state, county and town histories, printed genealogies and kindred works. 8vo, cl., uncut. Albany, 1868 613 DUXBURY, MASS. HISTORY OF THE TOWn of. With Genealogical Registers. By Justin Winsor. Large 8vo, bds., uncut; port. Boston, 1849


614 DWIGHT, TIMOTHY. The Conquest of Canaan. A Poem, in Eleven Books. 8vo, sh.

Hartford, 1785 615 DWIGHT, TIMOTHY. Discourse on some events of the Last Century, delivered in Brick Church in New Haven, Jan. 7, 1801.

616 DWIGHT, THEODORE W. AND GEO. P.MARSH. in Columbia College, N. Y. 8vo, cloth.

New Haven, 1801 Inaugural Addresses of,

New York, 1859

617 DYER, MARY M. A Portraiture of Shakerism, Exhibiting a general view of their Character and Conduct, from the First Appearance of Ann Lee in New England, down to the present time. Bds., 8vo. Concord, N. H.; printed for the Author, 1822 618 DYER, MARY M. [now Marshall.] Rise and Progress of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, to the present day: with a disclosure of Shakerism, exhibiting a general view of their real character and conduct from the first appearance of Ann Lee. Also, the Life and Sufferings of the author. 12mo, sh. ; portrait of the Author. Concord, 1847


619 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

Duffield, George. In Memoriam, by Rev. Wm. A. McCorkle.

Detroit, 1868

Drink. The Influence of Wholesome Drink.
Dale's Patent Crevice Searcher for obtaining a Register of Oil.
Elmira, 1868
Dimmock, S. R. Review of Rev. Marvin R. Vincent's Essay
and Rev. Washington Gladden's Sermon, by. 2nd Ed.

Syracuse, 1867
Dickinson, Daniel S. Testimonial of Respect of the Bar of
N. Y. to.

N. Y., 1866
Davis, Henry W. Oration on Life and Character of, by John
A. J. Creswell.
Dawson, Henry B.

Current Fictions tested by Uncurrent

Wash., 1866

N. Y., 1864

[blocks in formation]

Doane, Bishop. Address at the Funeral of Rev. Dr. Ogilby.

N. Y., 1851

Dexter, Lord Timothy. A Pickle for the Knowing Ones.

[blocks in formation]

Newburyport, 1848

Denison, Charles W. Defence of. Showing the Interest of
Elder Nathaniel Culver.

Boston, 1846
N. Y., 1845

Dow, Jr. Short Patent Sermons. Vol. I.
Duncan, Mr. Speech of, on General Appropriation Bill for

N. Y.

Dial, The. A Magazine for Literature, Philosophy and Religion.
No. II. Oct. 1840.

Dean, Paul. Discourse deliv. at Bulfinch St. on taking leave
of the Soc.
Boston, 1840
Davidson, Richard Oglesby. Description of the Plan of Con-
struction and Mode of Operation of the Aerostat.

St. Louis, 1840

Doran, Joseph M.

Account of Celebration of St. Patrick's

Phil., 1837

David and Uriah.

Drama in five acts.

Phil., 1835

Danver's Discussion. Report of, between M. P. Braman and
Thos. Whittemore, Nov. 6, 1833.
Boston, 1833
Davis, Adjutant P. M. Battles of Chippeway, Washington,
Baltimore and New Orleans. Very scarce. Harrisburg, 1832
Davison, David. Sermon preached in Old Jewry Chapel, Oct.
31, 1830.

London 1830
Drew, Samuel. Arguments to prove the Divinity of Christ.

Trenton, 1825

Daggett's Mr., Argument before General Assembly Conn., Oct.



[blocks in formation]

New Haven, 1804

Dartmouth College. Discourse commem. of Daniel Webster, by Rufus Choate.

[blocks in formation]

Report on a Memorial of the Alumni.
Poem before the Zeta Psi Fraternity, by Henry B.


Dickerson, Edward N. Argument of, in the Case of Sickles vs.

N. Y., 1856
Speech in Case of Mattingly vs. the Washington and
Alexandria Steamboat Company. N. Y., 1864
Dewey, Rev. Orville. Sermon on Moral Importance of Cities.

[blocks in formation]

Sermon deliv. under the Old Elm Tree in Sheffield.

N. Y., 1856

Dymond, Jonathan. An Inquiry into the Accordancy of War with the Principles of Christianity.


An Inquiry into the Accordancy of War with the
Principles of Christianity.

Domesticus. Remarks on the Letter of, by Veritas.

Doctrine of Incest Stated.

N. Y., 1847

N. Y., 1827

N. Y., 1827

Dissertation on Incestuous Marriage, by Philip Milledoler.

622 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

Dwight, Timothy. Disc., July 4, 1798.

N. Y., 1843

New Haven

Disc. on the genuineness and authenticity of the New
Testament, Sept. 10, 1793.

N. Y.

"The Nature and Danger of Infidel Philosophy." In two disc's, deliv. Sept. 9, 1797.

Greenfield Hill: a Poem in seven parts.


N. Y., 1794

Disc. on some events of last century, deliv. Jan. 7,

1801. Very scarce.

Dunlap, Wm. Review of Biographical Sketch of John Vander

lyn. Very scarce.

New Haven.

N. Y., 1838

Trenton, 1810

Defence of Christianity against Deism and Infidelity.

Doane, George W. Sermon before the Prayer Book and Homily
Boston, 1831
Sermon before the Sunday School Union. Boston, 1831
Dewey Orville. Disc. deliv. at dedication of Ch. of Messiah.

N. Y., 1839

Dwyer, Alex. Disc. on the structure of the Poetry of Hebrews.

Utica, 1830

Doty, John. Farewell Sermon and Address to the Right Rev.
Jacob, Bishop of Quebec, Oct. 24, 1802.

623 Miscellaneous. [Twelve.]

Scarce, N. Y., 1800

Dayton, Jonathan. Public Speculation Unfolded, in Sixteen
Letters, addressed to F. Childs and J. H. Lawrence.
and interesting.
Doggett, Simeon. Discourse preached to Congrega. Soc. in
Duer, W. A. Eulogy on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson,

July 31.

Duer, John.

Providence, 1796

Albany, 1826

Lecture on the Evils, Social, Moral and Political

N. Y.,


that flow from Party Div. Dudley Observatory. Inauguration of, at Albany, Aug. 28,


and the Scientific Council.

Dog Cart. An Excursion of.

Albany, 1858

N. Y., 1822

Dogo-Graphy. Life and Adventures of the Celebrated Dog,

Tiger, by Francis Butler.

Derby, John B. Sketch of the Origin and
"Statesman Party."

Sketch of the Origin and History of
Party." Part 2.

[blocks in formation]

Boston, 1854

Boston, 1824

Drake, Samuel G. Review of Winthrop's Journal.

Defence of Gen. Henry Dearborn against

[blocks in formation]

Dearborn, H. A. S. Address on the Life and Character of, by
George Putnam.
Roxbury, 1857
Duane, W. Sampson against the Philistines. Philadelphia, 1805
Politics for American Farmers. Washington, 1807
Democratic Reformer. Embodying Documents concerning
Governmental Reformation in New York. Albany, 1844
Democratic Review, United States. New Series. Vol. XLIII.
Apr. 1859. No. I.
Dwight, Timothy. Discourse at Funeral of Elizur Goodwich.
New Haven, 1797

N. Y.

Sermon on Duelling, preached in Yale Col. Jan. 21.

Sermon preached at Ordination of Eliphalet Pearson,
Sept. 28, 1808.

N. Y., 1805

Boston, 1808

Dorchester. History of the Town of.

Nunber one.

Boston, 1851

Epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground in.

Boston Highlands, 1869

Dana, Daniel. Address at Anniv. of Phi Beta Kappa Soc.,
Dart. Col., Aug. 26, 1817.
Exeter, 1817

625 Dedication Pamphlets. [Seventeen.]

Appleton, Jesse. Sermon deliv. to the Congre. Soc. in Hamp-
ton, Nov. 14, 1797, at Dedication of New House for Public
Newburyport, 1797
Lyman, William. Sermon deliv. at Lebanon at Dedica. of New
Brick Meeting House, Jan. 21, 1807.
Hartford, 1807
Griffin, Edward D. Sermon, Jan. 10, 1810, at Dedication of
Park St. Church, Boston.

Thacher, Samuel C.

Boston, 1815

Discourse at Dedication of a New Church
on Church Green, Summer St.
Porter, Ebenezer. Sermon, Sept. 22, 1818, at Dedica. of New
Edifice for Use of Theological Seminary in Andover.
Palfrey, John G. Sermon. Dedication of Twelfth Congre.
Church in Boston, Oct. 13, 1824.

Boston, 1825
Willard, Samuel. Sermon. Dedication of New Meeting House
in First Parish in Deerfield, Dec. 22, 1824. Historical, and
very Scarce.
Greenfield, 1825
Upham, Charles W. Sermon, Nov. 16, 1826, Dedica. of House
of Public Worship of First Congre. Soc., Salem.
Gilman, Samuel. Sermon. Dedica. of Unitarian Church in
Augusta, Geo., Dec. 27, 1827.
Charleston, 1828
Sabine, James. Sermon. Dedica. First Presb. Church, Bos
ton, Jan. 31, 1828.

Lowell, Charles. Sermon.
Natick, Nov. 20, 1828.

Dedica. South Congre. Church,

Boston, 1829

Bancroft, Aaron. Sermon. Dedica. of Second Congre. Church,
Worcester, Aug 20, 1829.

Farley, Frederick A. Sermon. Dedica. of Westminster Church
in Providence, R. I., March 5, 1829.

Boston, 1829

Story, Joseph. Address. Dedica. of Mt. Auburn Cemetery,
Sept. 24, 1831.

Boston, 1831

Johnston, James R. Discourse. Dedication of Presbyterian
Church, Hamptonburgh, Feb. 26, 1845.

Goshen, 1845

Richmond, 1859.

Virginia Theological Seminary. Services and Addresses in
connection with Recent Dedication at.
Stewart, Charles. Sermon. Ded. of St. Paul's Ch., St. Armaud,
L. C.

626 Miscellaneous. [Eleven.]

Montreal, 1811

Directions for the use of Anthracite Coal. By an Amateur. Documents and Facts showing the fatal effects of interments in populous cities.

[blocks in formation]

Duelling. Essay on.

N. Y., 1822

N. Y., 1840 Brooklyn, 1842

Y. Y., 1830.

Hartford, 1777

Hartford, 1778

Stockbridge, 1804

Doddridge, Philip. Plain and Serious Address by.

Plain and Serious Address by.

Sermons on the religious education of children.

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