Description of st. Michael's church, Coventry; with the inscriptions &c

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Page 62 - for and during the term of her natural life : and from and after ' her decease I give and devise the said messuage or tenement, buildings, 'lands, and premises unto my youngest son Wiltiam Biddulph, his heirs and " assigns for ever,
Page 20 - He cou'd no longer hold it out: Always a restless life he led, Never at quiet till quite dead, He marry'd in his latter dayes, One who exceeds the com'on praise, But wanting breath still to make Known Her true Affection and his Own, Death kindly came, all wants supply'd By giuing Rest which life deny'd.
Page 20 - Was racketted from spring to fall, With so much heat and so much haste, Time's arm for shame grew tyr'd at last. Four kings in camps he truly serv'd, And from his loyalty ne'er swerv'd Father ruin'd, the son slighted, And from the crown never requited. Loss of estate, relations, blood, Was too well known, but did no good, With long campaigns, and pains o'th' gout, He cou'd no longer hold it out , Always a restless life he led.
Page 66 - ... be repeated to us ; and how you shall have executed' this our writ, . make known to us at Westminster, on Thursday next after fifteen days of St.
Page 7 - Roman saints. Above this tower rises an octagonal prism to a height of 32 feet 6 inches. From this octagonal prism tapers the spire, which is 130 feet 9 inches high. The walls of the spire are said to be 17 inches thick at the bottom, and so finely tapered as to recline but 4| degrees from the perpendicular.
Page 35 - ... inscriptions:— Near this place, lye the remains Of RICHARD HOPKINS*, Esq. and of MARY, his beloved Wife, To the pious memory of whom this monument is erected, By the order of their only Son Edward Hopkins, With design to transmit to posterity the character of both, Justly allowed to them, in the age they lived in. RICHARD was a tender husband, an indulgent father, a sincere friend, A devout Protestant, and a true loyal Patriot : Of the latter he gave proofs in the several Parliaments In which...
Page 66 - As we have been informed from his complaint made to us in this behalf: We therefore, being willing that due and speedy justice should be done to the said...
Page 40 - ... that river so considerably as materially to impede our further progress, and to induce me on the next day to halt the army till I could repair the bridges, all of which the enemy had destroyed. ' The rain continued till last night, and the river is so rapid that the pontoons cannot be laid upon it. ' The enemy had collected a corps at Aire, probably to protect the evacuation of a magazine which they had at that place. Sir Rowland Hill attacked this corps on the '2nd, and drove them from their...
Page 61 - And where a copyhold was surrendered to the use of the husband and wife for their natural lives and the life of the longer liver of them, and after the death of...
Page 4 - Gd. per annum, out of which 21. 15*. 4rf. were paid annually to the archdeacon of Coventry, for procurations and synodals. The Prior of Coventry, likewise, received a yearly pension of five pounds, and the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield I/.

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