Principles of pharmacy

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W.B. Saunders, 1917 - 1056 pages

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Page 291 - ... a mortar, add about an equal bulk of sugar of milk, mix well by means of a spatula and triturate them thoroughly together. Add fresh portions of the sugar of milk from time to time, until the whole is added, and continue the trituration until the substance is intimately mixed with the sugar of...
Page 787 - A mixture of neutral principles extracted from Goa powder, a substance found deposited in the wood of Vouacapoua Araroba.
Page 773 - A neutral principle obtained from elaterium, a substance deposited by the juice of the fruit of Ecballium Elaterium.
Page 18 - Cylindrical or somewhat flattened, gradually tapering, usually in broken pieces, from 6 to 15 cm. in length and from 5 to 15 mm. in thickness; externally brown or...
Page 390 - Ammonia water is an aqueous solution of ammonia (NH3) containing not less than 9.5 per cent, nor more than 10.5 per cent, by weight of ammonia.
Page 848 - Equidae), or other large domestic animal, which has been properly immunized against tetanus toxin. After the serum or plasma from the immunized animal has been collected, the antitoxin-bearing globulins are separated from the other constituents of the serum or plasma and dissolved in...
Page 228 - ACONIT.), TINCTURE OF ACONITE, USP (Aconiti Tinctura, PI).— Contains from 0.045 to 0.055 per cent, of the ether-soluble alkaloids of aconite. If assayed biologically the minimum lethal dose should not be greater than 0.0004 Cc. for each gram of body weight of guinea-pig. One hundred Cc. represent 10 Gm. of the drug in approximately 65 per cent, of alcohol. DOSAGE: 0.2 Cc. or 3 minims should be given hourly until the desired effect on the pulse is secured. Locally the tincture may be applied cautiously...
Page 626 - A product obtained by the action of a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acids on cotton and consisting chiefly of cellulose tetranitrate [CiaHi6(ON02)40e=504.17]. Preserve it in cartons, packed loosely, and protected from light and moisture.
Page 51 - Divide the weight in air by the loss of weight in water, and the quotient will be the specific gravity.
Page 244 - OF SQUILL, US P. — One hundred Cc. represent 10 Gm. of squill in approximately 70 per cent, alcohol. If assayed biologically the minimum lethal dose should not be greater than 0.006 Cc. for each gram of body-weight of the frog. DOSAGE: 1 Cc. or 15 minims.

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