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8. You should consider how you can render yourselves useful to others in the hospital. How you can promote peace and regularity in your ward, repress immorality or improper conduct; alleviate the sufferings of any of the patients; be assistant to the nurses ; speak any thing for the warning, instruction, or encouragement of others; read the scriptures or good books to such as are willing to hear but incapable of reading; pray for them or with them; or do any thing, which can in any respect be beneficial. This is evidently your bounden duty; and the least return you can make for the kindness shewn to you.

9. Should you perceive that your dissolution approaches, consider how you may most properly meet that solemn event. Settle all your other concerns as speedily as possible, that nothing may distract

mind in the hour of death; and remember that sacraments and other religious duties are but means of grace: but that, renewed repentance of sin, and cordial acceptance of Christ, and committing your soul into his almighty hand, to be washed by his blood, and sanctified by his grace, and received into bis presence, is the only effectual preparation. To this, if your strength and senses permit, add serious warnings and exhortations to all around you, to be ready also, for they know not when their time shall come.


10. Finally, if you find your health restored, and your

release from confinement approaching ; consider that you are returning to the converse and business of a world full of snares, and temptations; and with serious apprehensions of the consequences, by earnest prayers commit yourself to the keeping of divine grace, that the world, the flesh, and the devil may not prevail against you: leave the hospital or your sick room“ with fear " and trembling,” lest you should break the vows of God which are upon you, and return again to sinful practices. Not only return thanks to your kind benefactors, or formally in some place of worship; but let it be your first business in secrecy and seriousness, and also in your family if you have one, to render thanks to God for his mercies, to beg his grace to enable you to make suitable returns, and to supplicate his blessing upon the instruments of his goodness. Like Hezekiah after his sickness, and the man whom Christ healed and afterwards found in the temple,' let the house of God be the first place you go to.

Make a daily practice of reading the scriptures seriously and attentively; begin and end each day with fervent prayer; avoid ungodly company, as you would persons infected with the plague; dread, and pray against temptations to sin; be sure to hallow the whole Lord's day, and attend on every means of grace: that you may sin no more, lest a worse

"Read John v.

“ thing come unto you.” And may the Lord make these few plain pages the means of your everlasting salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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Vol. IV.

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