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acquire, or to communicate, the knowledge of thy truth and will. Bless thy holy word, which any of thy servants may have spoken in publick or private; crown all their labours with success, and fill their souls with joy and consolation. Enlarge and purify thy church, and let thy grace and peace be multiplied to all who love the Lord Jesus in sincerity. Remember with thy choicest mercies all that pray for us, or desire a place in our supplications; and whenever we meet with dear absent friends, may we see new cause, and feel renewed dispositions for thankfulness.

And now, O gracious Father, while we commend ourselyes and each other to thy special protection this night; “teach us so to number our days that " we may apply our hearts unto wisdom:" and grant, that whether we live or die, we may be thine for ever. Hear us, we humbly intreat thee, and exceed all we ask, or can conceive, according to the riches of thy mercy in Christ Jesus. For whom we bless thy name, and to whom with thyself, and the eternal Spirit, we would ascribe all glory, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving, now and for evermore. Amen.

Another Morning Prayer for a Family.


LMIGHTY and everlasting God, we thy unworthy creatures desire to bless and thank thee, for thy gracious protection, and the refreshment of sleep during the past night; and the renewed gift of life and a measure of health this morning. We would gratefully acknowledge likewise the conveniences of our dwelling and temporal provision; the comfort of kind friends and domestick peace, and all the security and tranquillity which we enjoy in this favoured country. We confess, O Lord, that we are unworthy of the least of these thy mercies: and we beseech thee, enable us to shew our unfeigned gratitude, by alacrity in every part of thy service, and a proper use of all thy benefits.

But we are bound especially to bless' and praise thy holy name, O most gracious Father, for the salvation provided for us in thy son Jesus Christ our Lord. Without this inestimable benefit, no temporal peace or prosperity could have eventually profited us. By thy righteous sentence we are doomed to die. Our present joys and sorrows, cares and pursuits, must soon vanish like the dreams of the past night; we shall shortly open our eyes amidst the important realities of the eternal world. And, Oh! if thou shouldest, in that unchanging state, deal with us in strict justice according to our deserts; we could no more avoid final condemnation, than we can escape the stroke of death.

But, blessed be thy name, O Lord, our reprieves from the grave may now be improved as opportunités of seeking deliverance from the wrath to come, and of securing an incorruptible and eternal inheritance. Enable us therefore, we humbly pray thee, to regard with solemn attention thy message of reconciliation, through the mediation of Christ, and by faith in bis atoning blood. Enlighten our minds to a clear perception of the nature, glory, and inestimable value of thy great salvation; and fill us with an admiring sense of thy condescending and compassionate love to lost sinners, in this stupendous method of shewing them mercy, and giving them eternal felicity. Here may we see the harmonious display of thy justice and grace, thy holy abhorrence of iniquity, and thy tender love to condemned transgressors. Help us, we humbly beseech thee, to discover, in some measure, that manifold wisdom, and all those glories, which fill the angelick hosts with admiring love, that we may learn on earth the worship of heaven, and here lisp our feeble praises “to him who loved

us, and washed us from our sins in his own “ blood.” Oh, enable us to give such diligence in making our calling and election sure, that we may

present with

always be confident; knowing that when we shall be absent from the body, we shall be thee in glory. And if any of us have hitherto neglected the one thing needful, resting in a form of godliness, or in any way deceiving ourselves; may we be stirred up without delay to seek first thy kingdom and thy righteousness, and to subordinate all other pursuits to this grand concern.

Teach every one of us, O merciful God, to serve thee in our different employments; doing all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and using our possessions, or improving our talents, as those who duly consider how soon it may be said, “ Give an

account of thy stewardship, for thou mayest no longer be steward.” Enable us, we intreat thee, so to act at all times and in all things, that we may joyfully anticipate the summons, and humbly hope to be received by the Saviour with that welcome, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou “ into the joy of thy Lord.” Grant us, I thou Fountain of life, such consolations in communion with thee, as may render us superior to the frowns and smiles of the world, and fix our affections on things above.

Teach us also to profit by all thy rebukes and chastisements: that every painful feeling may serve to humble us, to wean us from earthly things, to embitter sin, to endear the love of our suffering redeemer, to soften our hearts into compassion towards the aflicted, and to bow our wills We pray

into submission to thine appointments.And as thou, O glorious Lord of all, art pleased to permit us to call thee our heavenly Father; grant, we intreat thee, that the lively exercise of all filial affections, by the sacred influences of the Spirit of adoption, may fully testify that we are indeed the children and heirs of God. Oh, let it be the ardent desire of our inmost souls, that thy name should be hallowed, thy kingdom established, and thy will done on earth, as it is by all the inhabitants of heaven.

that thy blessed gospel may be effectually preached to all the numerous and populous nations, which now sit in pagan darkness, or under Mahometan delusion. May plans be form. ed in wisdom, and executed with zeal, for the accomplishment of this great design. Oraise up, qualify, and send forth under thy special protection, proper instruments for this arduous, but ho. nourable service. Pour out thy Spirit from on high upon the nations, that mountains


flow down at thy presence; and that difficulties, now deemed insuperable, may be effectually removed, Oh, prepare

for such extensive displays of thy glorious grace, by purifying the whole visible church, from all superstition, false doctrine, and unchristian practice; by uniting believers in holy love and harmony; and by rendering all the pastors of thy flock, wise, disinterested, humble, faithful, zealous, and laborious. Stop the fatal

the way

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